Illrose; Ancient wings unfolding.

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May contain mature language/ violence.

November 19, 2020

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Don't mind me, just found it a bit sad to see the broken images so had to fix them, maybe we'll visit the forest again one day. Hope everyone is doing good and staying safe ♥


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- 8th page is mine.

- 8th page is mine. -

Kheiron had to laugh too, because yes, it did sound stupid. "So you're sure it's not just too many pinecones?" he said teasingly.
But even if it sounded stupid, she was probably right. Kheiron wouldn't know.
When she said the thing about her fawn calling him uncle Kheiron, he had to snort - but with an underlaying smile.
"Hah, yeah, maybe. Well see!" he proclaimed.
The thought amused him a bit.
But then his expression changed; his smile faded and he got silent.
"Hm. Uh..."
He hesitated. Then opened his mouth again and continued; "Well, uhm... What about... Gustiro? I mean, what are your thoughts about him...? Do you think... do you think you two will continue being 'buddies'?"

The dragon pulled his wings

The dragon pulled his wings back to his sides and turned back to face her. "Alright, I'm willing to risk it for you. Remember, this is not permanent, it will only last as long as I can hold it. Which will only be about and hour." The dragon craned his long neck down so the tip of his beak was resting on the doe's back. He took a few, deep, thought clearing breaths and mumbled words again. He spread his massive wings and began to create another wind sphere. Though this time not around himself. He backed up a few yards and opened his skull. "Get ready for the fire!" A light began to erupt from his skull as three shots of blazing fire crashed into the ball of wind. "The rest is up to you. Remember to clear your mind, so your soul can grow."
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Mini; "No, I'm not sure.

"No, I'm not sure. Maybe I just had to many mushrooms." She happily joined in the joke, just glad they were friends again.
"Yeah, we'll see." She nodded, before the smile vanished from her face as Kheiron asked about Gustiro. It was a difficult question, and she had no idea. First
they were enemies, then they acted like they were dependent of each other. She had even gotten jealous when she had seen Gustiro with other does. She had
wanted all of his attention on her. But now the scent of the rut had probably vanished from the red stag, and it was that scent
that had brought her to him.
"I don't know." She finally said.
"I don't think he is as bad as my first impression of him, but I don't know what will happen when I meet him again. It will probably be a very awkward meeting."

"Thank you, Cadaver. And it doesn't matter how long it lasts, I just want to be able to be the real me again." She
replied, before she planted her hooves firmly to the ground as the strong wind began to circle around her. It was weird not to have Cadaver at her side this time,
and she could only see his shape in a blur through the wind. And then the fire came, and now she couldn't see him at all. Illrose closed her eyes, knowing this
was the time. She was not even sure how she would manage to empty her mind, but without even opening her eyes she could feel how her body changed. When
she opened her eyes again, she stood much taller above the ground then earlier. Surprised, she noticed that her scales were in dark black and red colors
- not gray - as if burned by the fire. Her razor sharp teeth became visible as she smiled, before she spread her bat-like wings, and flew up from the circle of flames
and wind. She opened her mouth and let the flames escape her jaws. She could feel the heat across her tounge, but it didn't burn her. Even her flames had changed
color, into a darker red. Gracefully, her clawed feet touched the ground next to Cadaver. She didn't have to look up at him now.
"Thanks." She simply said, to happy to be back in her original form - even though the colors had changed - to say much more.

sorry about that ;; i am

sorry about that ;; i am tying to figure out who this is attacking Night
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Is someone attacking Night?

Is someone attacking Night? o_o Other than a naked Illrose, I mean? xp

yea lol i'm a bit confused as

yea lol i'm a bit confused as to whyyy b/c i dunno who it is and my map wont work *kicks it*
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Hm, weird. o_o What kind of

Hm, weird. o_o What kind of set did it have?

Edit; I can log on msn for a moment if you are there, easier to talk there. xP

Black eye holes peered into

Black eye holes peered into the fireball waiting for some sort of movement. Suddenly it began to grow and a red blaze, much redder than his own flame, burst from inside the wind trap. A sleek, attractive red and black dragon soon followed. She landed next to him, Cadaver was slightly shocked it had worked, though he didn't let it show. "Hrrr..... Red, black and green? We look like my Kingdom's flag. Now then, for that flight across the evening sky?" The emerald dragon couldn't help but look her over, she was beautiful as a doe, but now, as her dragon, she magnificently stunning. The most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. He turned again to the pond, the only area large enough for them to take off from, and spread his wings.
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A growling laughter escaped

A growling laughter escaped her.
"We do?" She asked, but didn't really wait for any reply. Now her white eyes looked across the pond, before she glanced upwards, at the sky. How
badly hadn't she longed to be able to reach that sky again? And now the moment was here.
"I'm in. The question is, can you keep up?" She sent Cadaver a teasingly glance before she again spread her wings, and with a powerful kick with
her hind legs, she jumped into the air. Laughing, she beat her wings to reach height.

A loud, fire filled laugh

A loud, fire filled laugh came from the empty skull as he too took off for the sky. His massive wings pushing him up generously with each beat. His tail whipped behind him as he climbed upward faster and faster. He quickly shot past Illrose with amazing speed, flames of glee escaping the corners of his mouth. Sharp green scales shimmer in the sun as he turns to hover in from of her. "I have been flying for more than twenty eons, and I'm thrilled I didn't lose the ability when I came here. Tell me Illis, Have you ever stepped on a cloud?"

((how long do you plan on Illrose being pregnant?))
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Illrose had to laugh when

Illrose had to laugh when Cadaver shot past her. She then sped up to catch up with him again, while she enjoyed the feeling of flying again. Of course, she had been
flying in the forest before, when she had transformed into a dove, a bat or a crow. But no bird or bat could reach the heights of a dragon. She flied up next to Cadaver,
but didn't try to fly past him.
"To be honest, a part of me never believed I would experience this again. I owe you a lot, Cadaver." Then she laughed, and nodded.
"I have, but of course it was a long time ago." She replied, before she glanced upwards, at the skies above.

One more week, or so. n_n

”Not that bad? Well, maybe

”Not that bad? Well, maybe you ladies think so, but I honestly have trouble seeing any intelligence in that stag.”
His voice was sharp, but there were no anger in it anymore.
He twisted his neck to the right, then to the left to check if anyone were near. Paranoid? No. He just needed affirmation.
He tightened his lips. Looked straight at Illrose; “I will respect your relationship to him – whatever it is, but I’m not befriending him.”
Then he lowered his voice a bit and leaned closer to her; “I considered it though. A while ago. Thought he would be good to have on my side; he could fight for me if it was needed. You know I’m not a fighter. But favors don’t come alone, and I figured I have you.”
He smiled to her and sat up straight again. There were some sort of insecurity in his eyes, but it was impossible to tell what it meant.

(pff he never even gave Gustiro a chance xDD he think he knows so much more than he does, lol.
Oh, so you're gonna use the beluga pelt now? I'm gonna need some time to get used to that then :'D)
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"His behavior may be unusual

"His behavior may be unusual and different, but he is not dumb." She replied, with a thoughtful nod, ignoring the sharp edge at Kheiron's voice. And when Kheiron looked around,
she did the same, wondering if he had seen or heard anything. But it seemed to be quiet around them, so she looked back at her friend, with a smile.
"I really appreciate that, Kheiron. But remember, it's not even certain we have a relationship anymore. I don't know what will happen now." She said with a shrug. Then Illrose had
to lean closer to hear what he said. And when Kheiron was finished, she had to laugh.
"You're sly sometimes, you know that? But it's true, you have me, and I will always fight for you."

Yep. :') And she has a different picto, lol.

Don't mind Imp. He's just

Don't mind Imp. He's just gonna parade around as a fawn for a bit so I can see the glitch. -shot-
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He's really cool. :') And it

He's really cool. :') And it was adorable to see him sleeping next to Illrose when I returned from dinner. <3

"Good to hear", he smiled,

"Good to hear", he smiled, satisfied to hear that. He stretched out to gently nuzzle Illrose to show her he appreciated it. And he really did. He had to have someone to fight for him or he would be a dead deer someday.
Or just very scared.
And it's not like there's really anywhere to run in this forest, 'cause all you do is run in circles. Literally.
"It's kind of ironic though. I have a doe to fight for me..! Pfff. But hey, I don't have any trouble admitting that I'm a sissy when it comes to fights. I don't have any techniques nor any strength, and I won't fight to gain them either!"
He laughed. When Illrose hadn't been around and someone (usually Gustiro) had been chasing him, he would run to random stags with big antlers and use them as a shield. It has happened a few times.
"Maybe I'll learn someday, but I doubt it. I'm not really interested in it either. It's so much more fun to tease someone and then run for your life!"
He giggled. Sometimes he wished he had the strength to face even the most frailest stags, but no. In the long term, he was satisfied with how he dealt with things today.

(lol, I'm sorry Kheiron is such a heavy sleeper these days xD maybe he sleeps the extra hours I could need, haha)
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She returned the nuzzle. Of

She returned the nuzzle. Of course she would protect him if he was in trouble. That was the least she could do for her friend.
"I think it's a good thing that you are able to admit that other stags can scare you, and that you really don't want to fight them." She replied.
"To me, that's much more braver than those stags that are trying to be strong and impressive, and that just end up being some fools with no brain." She snorted, but then had to laugh instead.
"Well, I have to admit I don't like to run for my life. I much more like to be the chaser. Maybe I could chase you." She said teasingly, and gave Kheiron a playful push.

Awh, maybe. xD Illrose gets really frustrated, trying to wake up both him and Jack, and she don't get any respond from any of them. x) But I'm fine with it, so no worries. <3

wow, really? just a week?

wow, really? just a week? thats not much time at all. but it seems reasonable too. will her fawn be a dragon fawn? or a normal fawn?
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She has been pregnant over a

She has been pregnant over a week already. :b I figured she would go two or three weeks before the fawns are born. n_n
And I'm not sure about the dragon part yet. ^^

Edit; Btw, how long are Nacadia gonna go pregnant? n_n

um i was going to have her

um i was going to have her pregnant a month. but i may do it shorter because i want Tungsten to be born more than three days before halloween. I have to talk to Iskalo.
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I was also thinking about a

I was also thinking about a month at first, but I honestly don't think I have patience to wait that long. xD

do you mind if we end our RP?

do you mind if we end our RP? im at an all time low for role play right now. i had to type one for another person and it was forever long :/
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No, I don't mind at all. I'm

No, I don't mind at all. I'm just glad Illrose got the chance to morph into a dragon again. :'D

me too! i was wondering what

me too! i was wondering what she looked like as a dragon. glad you're great at describing stuff XD oh, the fawn that cadaver ran up is my friend tiffany's new character.
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Lol, I kinda had to make a

Lol, I kinda had to make a good description since her appearance changed during that moment. She used to be a gray dragon, you know. :b
I have actually plans to draw Illrose and Cadaver as dragons, I just don't know when I'll get time to do it. :')
Oh, I was wondering about who that was. : D
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Oh wow, Ravynn, that is

Oh wow, Ravynn, that is beautiful.
I don't really know what to say, but I really love it, you made her look absolutely gorgeous. Thank you. <3
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I hope I made her alright...

I hope I made her alright... haha.
You're welcome. (:
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I'm ashamed that I have not

I'm ashamed that I have not yet tracked this :< Well, fixed now~ I love her char so much :'D

Jerg: "Damn straight I ain't happy, girly. >C"
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Ravynn; Alright? As I said,

Alright? As I said, she look gorgeous. :') <3

Awh, thank you. :'D


Edit; seem like you have a leaking color there. xD

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Oh god, I am SO sorry D8 I'm

Oh god, I am SO sorry D8 I'm such an idiot... *bricks self*
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Haha, no worries, I'm just

Haha, no worries, I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one with leaking codes now and then. :')
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I was wondering... Could

I was wondering...

Could your dream deer have a sibling? If you dream deer was dark, the other would be good, and if yours is good, the the other would be dark, just an idea.
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My dream deer is actually

My dream deer is actually going to have a sibling. :b
And the good/dark thing sound like a good idea, but I'll have to wait and see. n_n
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Could I play the sibling then

Could I play the sibling then if you don't have one planned out?

I've had this one pictogram for ages and can't seem to get a right character for it...

And even before then I had always imagined her as dreamy but sort of dark.

Brave? He had not thought of

Brave? He had not thought of it like that, and he was not exactly sure if he agreed. He just did not take himself too seriously.
But it made him glad that Illrose thought of it like that.
Kheiron could not help thinking of the irony when she said the thing about stags trying to be strong and impressive but instead ends up being dumb.
A voice in his head mimicked what she had said just a few moments ago in an extremely sarcastic voice;
'But he's not dumb'. Blergh.
He kept his mouth shut however. Did not want to anger Illrose, and he did not really care that much either.
"Well, yeah, on a second thought; no", he laughed. "I don't prefer to be chased."
He smiled.
"Hm. You mind if we change the subject? You see... I just wonder. You weren't always a deer, were you?"
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Celeste; I'm sorry, I already

I'm sorry, I already have someone playing the other one. :/


It was as if Illrose could see wath Kheiron was thinking. But no, Gustiro did not fit the description she had just given. He always had his reasons for what he did. No,
he wasn't dumb. But since Kheiron didn't say anything, neither did she. Instead she gave a chuckle.
"What if I don't give you any choice?" She teased, but only joking, of course. Some of those minis were hilarious to chase, because they got really scared. But she didn't
wanna do the same to Kheiron. Never. "No, I weren't." She answered to his question, but still hesitated to tell him her real species. What if he didn't trust her anymore,
if he got to know? Illrose shook the thought away, before she looked at her friend.
"I was a dragon." She then said, with a slight smile.

aww.. poor illrose... ...and

aww.. poor illrose...

...and jack has nothing better to do than treating her with his stupid games |D he is such an ass sometimes.
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Lol, normally she wouldn't

Lol, normally she wouldn't mind, she's just overly sensitive at the moment.

And I just thought it all was hilarious. xD

yaaa.. well he seriously

yaaa.. well he seriously considered trying to eat her |DD

I hope you don't mind Paix

I hope you don't mind Paix(Motyl) following Illrose around. :'p

is extra late, I know

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Oh, that's okay, I'll keep on

Oh, that's okay, I'll keep on developing Solstice anyway.
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AliceV; Oh...she would mind

Oh...she would mind that... xD Then he should just be glad she's not in a state to fight. >)

No, I don't mind at all, I've actually been curious about who that is. :'p

Edit; Celeste ninja'd me. >.> Solstice, what a pretty name. ^^ Perhaps they'll become siblings in the spirit, even though they're not siblings in flesh and blood. xp
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*insert epic ninja move

*insert epic ninja move here*

And thanks, maybe that would work out. ^^

Waarhijd: ´Illrose, my dear,

Waarhijd: ´Illrose, my dear, Pregnant? ohmy..,
Congratulations, I'm so happy for you! Take good care, hun. If you need any help you can trust on me.`


He looked up at her; "What's

He looked up at her; "What's a dragon?"
Obviously unaffected and obviously had no idea that what they were talking about was something... big. Literally.
"Ah, wait. It's not those strange creatures that walks on two legs and looks like us? Please say it's not."
He actually seemed a bit bothered or annoyed, but he acted like it was nothing.
And someone had obviously learned him what a human is.
Or something.

(I think I know what you're going to use that dream deer of yours to)
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Celeste; ;P Nopje; With a



With a smile on her face, she looked at the other doe, that had changed her colors with the season.
"Thank you so much, Waarhijd, I really appreciate that." She replied, and nuzzled the other doe lightly.

For a moment she had forgotten, not everyone knew what a dragon was. Illrose smiled, and shook her head.
"No, it's not." She replied, and looked at Kheiron for a moment, puzzled by the expression in his face. But she decided not to ask, not now.
"Dragons are rather huge...or, most of them are, but there is small species as well. And when I say huge I mean really that tree."
She pointed her skulled face at the tree nearby, that stood 40 or 50 feet high.
"Mostly does also have wings, and some kind of magic. Many can breathe fire, like I did."

Lol, yeah. :'b

Kheiron did not seem scared

Kheiron did not seem scared at the thought of his friend being a huge, flying creature, no; instead his eyes brightened up and he suddenly looked very interested.
He did not know what fire was either, but he did not think it was very important.
He took a glance at the tree she had pointed at.
"But... but how can something that big fly? And I'm guessing you're from another... world... then. If there is such thing... Is there? 'Cause I haven't seen any creature like that around here. How come you're in The Forest now, as a deer?"
Illrose had successfully gained his full interest. Question after question fled from his mouth in no specific order and he stared at her with glowing eyes impatient to hear her answers.
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Illrose giggled. "Well, just

Illrose giggled.
"Well, just imagine the size of the wings, they weren't exactly at the size of a bird's wings." She replied.
"To be honest, I have no clue if I'm from another world, or if this Forest just is an unknown part from the world I really am from." She said with a shrug. But it didn't matter.
Cadaver could escape this forest now and then and return to where he came from in his dragon form. If he could do it, Illrose had a hope she one day could do it as well.
"I was sent here by a group of magicians." She then realized Kheiron probably didn't know what that was either.
"And magicians are the two-legged creatures that somehow look like us, and their power is strong."

"Ohh", he said. "Are they...

"Ohh", he said. "Are they... bad?"
He tilted his head slightly. He felt he maybe was asking too many questions, but it didn't seem like Illrose minded it.
"How was it like, where you came from? Was it very different from The Forest?"

(Sorry Kheiron fell asleep. I got a phone call, and I have to go take care of something. I'll be back a bit later though, so I'm just gonna let him sleep where he is)