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Don't mind me, just jumping on the bandwagon of creating more characters than I rly need Cool
This character is a mashup of several character ideas that have kept coming back to me over the years, but never quite worked out on their own.
May contain mature language/ content.
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Thíaðr; Stormen stilnar, hugen fer.

This bio may be subject to mature themes/ language.
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Lifa; Travel with great élan.

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The lunar eclipse;

Will try to make a simple bio for the lunar eclipse bab here eventually, because I've given up trying to control my amount of characters, lol. ;_;
Artwork by Jalawhey, design by Apparanza. <3
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Moose vs. wolf, round two.

( Fff, finally got this down, much later than expected. ;; Aaand not too pleased with the writing either, but meh. Done for Quad's rock hound event c': )
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Test blog II

Test blog, please no comments.
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Fawn; Wounded is the deer that leaps highest.

Warning; this bio may contain mature content/ language and a cliché character, lol.
Always open for roleplays. c:
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Test blog

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