Echo of the Forest

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[Benny] "You're never fully dressed,"

"Without a smile!"

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[Mello] "The wind plays a haunting tone,"

"As I make my way through the night all alone"

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[Ophelia] "You cannot kill me..."

"In a way that matters."

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[Ches] "Strange Things Happen..."

"For no reason,
That's all I know"

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[Lamb] "What is a Shepherd without a flock?"

"And the Shepherd shall make a way in the wilderness; rivers in the desert; and light in the dark.
Suffering shall turn to triumph; that which once did perish shall now prey."

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This character is 100% IC. Their thoughts and actions are not mine, though I take responsibility for all that they do. He will stalk any characters he finds 'attractive'. (just know this means I find your characters design cool, lol)
This bio can contain gore, violence, adult situations and language.
All updates will be via toyhouse.
I am open to any and all interactions.
You can reach me here: Lbaal#4389
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Hoard Updates

devil, devil, i defy thee


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