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Najisi - Soooooooon

[ Pale Dawn ]

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{Warriors Never Show Their Wounds}

Mental: 90% Psyhical: 60% Emotional: 80%

Met some strangely looking deer seems like a good individual to be around.


Name: Simone
Nicknames: Simo, Simi etc.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 3 years
Species: Undefined
Diet: Omnivorus
Scent: Vanilla combined with a bright scent of blood.
Size: 7
Picto: boop
Home: N/a

[ Dark Sun ]

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Of Seraphim & Seashores.

tashi infor

name: tashi
age: 1 year
b-day: 12-10
species: chiru/tibetan antelope

tashi meaning to his name is Happiness, prosperity, auspicious.
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Occasional Visitors - Iain

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