WIP Forest Map - Bio previews back on Firefox, trying to fix on Chrome. Names with punctuation soon :D

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Biography Page Preview - click picto to visit in a new tab

If a group of pictos cover over a picto you want to see, press Escape to shrink the group.

Click to toggle hover biography previews

Feel free to comment here or throw suggestions at https://discord.gg/MrmWCXNJmS, and in particular let me know if your picto isn't rendering correctly, and I'll look into the problem!


I do not intend for this to replace the incredible work of GMSuerte et. al., merely a supplemental tool, demo, test platform, or proof of concept.

I am not a system designer like GMS and you javascript geniuses are; I cannot guarantee an absence of catastrophic bugs. The code is monolithic. There is no design pattern. I don't even know what a design pattern is. I don't even know what javascript is.

Author Note

HHhhhhh rut roles are hacked in temporarily, I'll try to do a better job asap, and generally catch up ;w; <3

So yes! A handful of you have been waiting (a long time), but finally: here's a thing for all you, my friends, to use if you want to!

The aim was to prototype a little tool to help find players, with specific aims being load times, ease of picto clicking, and custom previews! ...I think I managed to only failed one of those, but I'll let you be the judge. ^^' If all that this accomplishes is to serve as inspiration for more talented coders to make the map or site even better, then I'll call it a success.

If you've gotten this far and are curious, please allow me to explain some strangeness in the design...
- Nowhere in the code are links to TEFc, rather, URLs are read from text in this post. That way, you can get from TEFc to the js code, but you can't naively get from the js code to TEFc, which I (maybe wrongly) figured was important.
- I've at least tried to get some encapsulation by making the map its own object.
- I've tried to maintain cross-browser compatibility, yielding some code which I'm sure is not modern best practice. In as many cases as I could, I chose functions that are supported by all the browsers (even IE, bane of js).
- No cookies yet. They'd easily allow you to save your fav map options, but I haven't learned the code or the legal considerations about requiring permission to save cookies... it seems like a whole thing. If there's enough interest I'll look into it soon. In the mean time, to let you save your options, I'm (ab)using the anchor portion of the page href so you can bookmark the page with your chosen settings. This is most likely temporary.
- Sorry that the js file is one monolithic function fest. It at least has the benefit of a single external URL to resolve.
- More that I've forgotten about, I'm sure...

A tiny spin-off from this I'd like to make is a tool that renders out a big version of a player's picto given their username or pictoword.


If enough people find it useful, I have a bunch of future improvements in mind. If you have some, please let me know! In the mean time here are mine:

- Option to click a picto to open preview rather than hover over it. Then double click, middle click, or click a link inside preview to visit the bio page
- If a lot of people recognise the deer by the URL, I can add that to the preview box for an easier place to find it rather than in the bottom left hand corner
- A list of pictos who have logged off in the current session, in case you missed someone you wanna check
- Custom preview titles and text, which you can set with special syntax inside your own biographies. This is already half implemented but is currently too slow to post in good conscience
- Cookies to replace #args and give a nicer way of saving settings
- Settings for sizes of various things like pictos, locations, expanded pictos, perhaps the map itself
- What are comments
- Fix a logic error in the spreading (which for now looks pretty good but is technically wrong)
- Better spreading, where pictos go outwards in the direction nearest to their position instead of randomly as now
- BETTER PREVIEWS which are actually the correct height. You'd be surprised how hard it is to tell js how tall something is, or position something in js when it's not deterministic, or have css clamp a box inside another box when the height isn't deterministic, etc Fixed, perhaps satisfactorily
- Maybe, y'know, make the code less horrendous. Sticking out tongue

Thanks to

Everyone who has done work into pictograms and player data, including:
- Aivilo
- GMSuerte
Everyone who helped me to design and build this thing, including:
- HootinOwl
- ShrinkingRose
- MisMantis
- LolCoyote
- Unplugged
For this game and this community:
- M&A
For being here, and being strong for those who need it:
- You <3

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Look, Ma! I'm famous.

Look, Ma! I'm famous.

WOAHH I really love this

I really love this
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So exciting. This is

So exciting. This is wonderful! Laughing out loud

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Oooooo.....how exciting!

Oooooo.....how exciting!
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391


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Very nice!! Track!

Very nice!! Track!
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This is hella rad!!! /t

This is hella rad!!! /t

Tracking, this is very neat

Tracking, this is very neat and useful!
Sadly the information doesn't work with phone (when you hover the pictogram), but it's very nice with pc.

gif © In
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This is amazing. Thankyou so

This is amazing. Thankyou so much!
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Awww thank you!

Awww thank you!

Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)
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Thank you for creating this

Thank you for creating this wonderful map! Smiling

thank you, group spreading

thank you, group spreading thing is awesome!!
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Wow I love this!

Wow I love this!
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Infinitely impressed by

Infinitely impressed by TEFc's coders! What an excellent iteration, thank you.

Formerly ocean.
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Oooh this is super nice!

Oooh this is super nice!

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Wooow thanks!!

Wooow thanks!! <3

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wow this is amazing (and

wow this is amazing (and maybe a bit scarying)!
Such a good and hard and a lot of work!
I really like this
siggi by Sybilline
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Amazing seeing this up and

Amazing seeing this up and running now, awesome work!!
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This is fantastic! Many

This is fantastic! Many thanks.
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Just beautiful. Thank you a

Just beautiful. Thank you a lotta for investing your time, I know these things are a sweat.
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This is awesome. Really nice

This is awesome. Really nice work that I'm sure is gonna be invaluable to everyone.





Been checking on the map,

Been checking on the map, seen zero bugs. There's only this format hitch with the single-digit minutes.

Didn't think the picto spreading thing would look this good until I saw it. Such clean work.
As for the cookies, GMS map has been using them from the start to minimize the number of userpage requests to the server.
I'd say don't worry about the legalities, but I'm the last person you should hear on that.
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Sig by Lathyrus. ♥
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Sigi by Wake

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Tracking as well c:

Tracking as well c:
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I was just thinking it would

I was just thinking it would be super helpful if this could be somehow combined with the rut version of Uitleger's map.

Track! This is makes life so

This is makes life so much easier, thank you!!

Siellby wrote:I was just

Siellby wrote:
I was just thinking it would be super helpful...

I don't mind sharing the rut code in case Sylv needs it.
This project has just the potential to get its own rut mod, though, the way I see it.

Love this, thank you !

Love this, thank you !

Hella fantastic

Hella fantastic <3



Just keeps getting cooler and

Just keeps getting cooler and cooler, a joy to look at. Well done!
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This map looks amazing!

This map looks amazing!
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WHOAa Had no idea till now

Had no idea till now that the working forest map existed..
Thanks |D
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Bless the picto spreading

Bless the picto spreading feature! /|\

Signature © Draak
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Convenient map, tracking!

Convenient map, tracking!

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Ty for this map....came here

Ty for this map....came here to comment bc there's an icon for dancing and that is INCREDIBLE
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^ omg so great ! I love those

^ omg so great ! I love those details added to the interactive map <3

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© Sybilline
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© Sybilline
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Looks soo cool! GJ!

Looks soo cool! GJ! Smiling

Ayo this is really cool ^^

Ayo this is really cool ^^