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is there forgiveness in the end ; ezekiel

wimpy smol baby man finally gets an official TEFc bio cuz it's easier for me to voice my thoughts about him in this format ;w; Bio subject to mature themes! THIS IS HELLA WIP, plz let me know if i forgot your relation tie to him, I didn't keep track until now!! Trying to track them down via TH... :sob:
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Onyx's Rut Diary


rut '21

HI i made a toyhouse rut blog here ty for looking
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* Dauma *

Name: Dauma
Gender: Female
Species: TEF deer/Peryton
Home: Vagabond
Size: 10 on the size chart
Character: Curious
Age: Adult / Mature
Scent: A hint of pear, white cedar, gentle musk
Diet: Omnivorous
Set: NA / Mask: Magpie / Pelt: Magpie / Antlers: Swan

Instagram for sketches
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* Pahaliah *

Name: Pahaliah
Gender: Female
Species: Whitetail/Peryton
Home: Likes to sleep in The Old Oak
Size: 7 on the size chart
Character: Friendly introvert
Age: Adult / Mature
Scent: Morning rain, fresh sprouts, delicate spices
Diet: Omnivorous
Set: NA / Mask: Barn Owl / Pelt: Golden Butterfly / Antlers: Barn Owl

Instagram for sketches

beetle's biography.

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