[Bleeding, The Last Goodbye] Gustiro/Illrose [Many Large Images]

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Sappy, messy, and poorly made. But I did want to throw out some screenshots and the first song keeps reminding me of these two.

- If you are actually looking at this please give the large images time to load and play the music. There are two songs and two play buttons. One below for the first set of images and one farther down for the second.
- For those who did not know Illrose before the pictogram and set change. Illrose use to have a gray pelt and changed her pictogram twice.

- I am not exactly happy with this. Those who were not involved with the screenshots probably wont have a clue what is going on. Maybe not even those who were there. lol But I tried to do this quick and with a lack of proper screenshots. You would think with all the screenshots I take I would have some proper ones. Oh well.
- Sadly I did not get many screenshots of Illrose's and Gustiro's first acquaintances. So the beginning pictures are rather scrappy.
- Some of the images or the way they are put together might not make sense to you. They are more for memory purposes I had not the right screenshots to better explain the scene.

- I am trying to hurry and post this so I can go to bed. So I might come back and tidy things up if it needs it. Heh.

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ffffffwhat. Is Gustiro...?


Is Gustiro...?
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So sad

So sad
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Kaoori, lol No, he is not

lol No, he is not dead if that was what you were thinking. Though a part of him might have died. XP



This is depressing. :C
But sweet, in its own way.

Also, I see Levi in a few of those. ;A;
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This is really good! Tracking

This is really good! Tracking to check out any future edits. Cool
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This is amazing. So many

This is amazing. So many beautiful little screenshots.
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Oh my god, this was gorgeous!

Oh my god, this was gorgeous! ;_;
Poor Gustiro. ♥
And it reflects the way Illrose feels about all this as well, although she is trying to hide it when she is around her friends.




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;A; Aww This is so awesome!~

;A; Aww This is so awesome!~
Lovely screenshots 8']
We're all mad here~
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These are wonderful

These are wonderful screenshots . I love the way you have aranged them on the page !!
Must have been beautiful memories !!
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Beautiful Screenshots!

Beautiful Screenshots! Sounds like you had a great time in the Forest!
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Took a closer look at this

Took a closer look at this now that I'm back from work. :')
Lol, I remember when Gustiro was stuck in the ruins, and Illrose didn't really know what to do, so she tried to make him angry enough to get himself lose. xD And the one where Seiji and Illrose is mocking Gust and Evania, pretending to be afraid of them.
And I see screenies from the rut, and when Illrose was pregnant ( wearing the DotD antlers) n_n

So much has happened between those two. ♥

Also, the first song doesn't play for me, I would love to know who it is that sings it, so I can find it on youtube or something.
And the second song fits very well to what I believe is the thoughts of both of them right now. ;_;
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Aw that's really sad! Get

Aw that's really sad! Get back together sillies. Ah kidding.
But really well done ♥! The first song didn't play for me either but the second one was very fitting. I just played something melodramatic in my head for the first song XD..
Such cute screenies!
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Thank you everyone for your

Thank you everyone for your comments. : )

I do not know why the first song is not working for some of you because it works fine for me. That is rather disappointing. But now I added a link to the Youtube video for you all. Hopefully that will help.

I am leaving the house soon and trying to get some things done so forgive me for not giving a better response. XP

Ah! It was Seiji teasing Gustiro with Illrose that day! I could not remember who it was and none of my screenshots showed their pictogram. Now I know. :3
I am glad you realized what that first screenshot was from. I was so amused when he got stuck. I did not mean for it to happen. He actually got his head stuck by accident. I just played it up for a while. lol
I think the second song was fate. I actually stumbled upon it while looking for the first song. The chorus was in an advertisement right before it would play the song I was looking for.

I second eyestrain.

I second eyestrain. Concerned.
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Awwww, you guys. <3

Awwww, you guys. Sad <3
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Yes, it was Seiji. :') Awh,

Yes, it was Seiji. :') Awh, and that one with Jack fawn, when he went to Gustiro and really pissed Illrose off. x'D
Haha, yeah, it really was amusing, poor Gustiro, lol. And now I got to hear the first song, it does really fit as well. ♥

What happened? ...I couldn't

What happened?

...I couldn't help but notice there are a LOT of skull masks in those shots...

The fawn ones. Sooo cute.
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I added another fitting song

I added another fitting song at the very bottom. I had that one in mind the first time Illrose told Gustiro goodbye. But I forgot about it until I heard it again today. Pfff. So, yes.

Just a final goodbye.
And yes. The skull mask is a popular mask.
I adore the fawn ones too. :3
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The last song was beautiful.

The last song was beautiful. ♥

As I see this from another

As I see this from another point of view, I can't say I think it's sweet. xDD though, Kheiron aside, Gus and Illrose have a rather touching relationship. I'm sure you could write a book about it, haha. It was fun to see all these screenshots :') (and I feel like a geek for knowing what happens in almost all of them, rofl)

What I mean is, why is it a

What I mean is, why is it a final goodbye?
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I love this so much. The

I love this so much. The music is so fantastic, and you got such meaningful caps. With only a couple of exceptions, where I have absolutely no idea what the situation is, I feel like I can follow easily enough.

And... fffff... that lost song. ;n; Getting all teary-eyed now...

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SnowSauria, <3 Mini, Ah,


Ah, Illrose and Gustiro's relationship is as bad as it is good. Now you make me want to make another one showing the darker side of the relationship. XD Though I am not sure if I have the right kind of screenshots for it. Pff. It was a thought anyway. Poor Kheiron. XD

Well, Gustiro and Illrose have "broken up" several times. (Though they were never official.) Usually because of misunderstandings or problems with each others' friends. So they have said "goodbye" more then once but had always been drawn back together. This time however is likely the last time they will return to each other. So that is why it is a "Final Goodbye".

I do enjoy putting music to things. :3 So thank you. <3
And if you would like me to explain any situation please feel free to ask. I know some of them would be hard to follow since I did not have many screenshots of them.
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The only ones where I feel

The only ones where I feel like I'm missing something are the ones with large groups of deer in the first section. In the second, I can see Gust watching from a distance and feel the separation/jealousy, but in the first section I feel like it's one of those "you needed to be there" sorts of things :3

Despite the fact that Cadaver

Despite the fact that Cadaver and Gustiro don't have the best relationship, I must say, that was beautiful. Perhaps now without the battle for Illrose's affection (which Gustiro obviously won over Cadaver) the two might be on speaking terms?

Ah, that clears things up,

Ah, that clears things up, thanks.