Monster, monster

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Under cut. (:

Silently the large doe stepped through the portal that was between the two places she called home; Favola and The endless Forest. As
always she went through the painful transformation from dragon to deer as she went through the portal. But it was worth the pain
to come to this place again, to hear the familiar sounds of the forest, to smell the familiar scents. In the outside world she was a predator,
her life there was always filled with blood, death and violence. When she entered the Forest she could leave all that behind, as she
changed into an herbivore, into a far more peaceful creature. Sure, she had her aggressive tendencies here as well, but her
behavior in the Forest was nothing like when she was a dragon. Nothing at all.

Illrose lifted her head, sniffed the air as she began to walk deeper into the Forest, searching for any familiar scents. She was too distracted
too notice that something was different. Too distracted to notice the black glob that hid in the tall grass in the Birch Forest until she stepped
on it. Illrose came to an halt and stared down at the substance she had stepped into. The first thought that hit her - as she tried to
drag her foot loose from the glob - was that the skeleton wolves, the rock hounds, had somehow returned to the Forest. But no, this
was something different. This glob didn't smell infection like the skeleton wolves. But why wouldn't it let go? Illrose pinned her ears to her
neck as she tried to free herself from the glob, but it only seemed to fasten it's grip. Suddenly she could see how the black substance
curled up around her foot, like a snake. Her heart began to race, and she dug her hind legs into the ground, tried to rear up.

This seemed to make the black substance loosen it's grip, but then it suddenly lashed out and curled around her other front leg as well,
dragging her back down to the ground. Illrose tossed her head up, called out in distress, called for help, but she knew she probably was
too deep into the Birch forest to be heard. The black substance pulled her down, curled itself around her chest, and then around her
neck, forced the large doe down to the ground. Illrose called out again as the glob overpowered her and she fell to the ground with a large
thud. Illrose tossed her antlers, kicked out with her feet and screamed, but nothing could stop the black glob from cover her body

Suddenly her body fell completely still as the black substance went inside her, knocking her unconscious. It could seem she was
dead, if it wasn't for the jerks her body did now and then, almost like death cramps. As she lay there, the black substance was taking
over her brain. All her memories were effectively wiped out. What she was, who she was, where she lived and who she knew. Illrose forgot
all this. The glob didn't only wipe out her memories, it replaced them with new ones. Destroy...kill...kill Pierce...find Pierce...
kill him...kill them all. And as her memories was wiped away, her body also changed. The skeleton markings faded into black, just like her
skull, her white hooves and her blood red antlers. Her long, white hair also turned black, while her piercing white eyes turned into a bright
red, almost like a glowing pieces of coal. The glob left her body when the job was done, it seemed to melt out of her black fur when it left,
in it's search for more victims to brainwash, more victims it could turn into black deer.

The doe lay motionless for a while until she finally regain consciousness. Slowly she got to her feet with a grunt, blinking her fire red eyes
as she took in her surroundings. She then lifted her head, sniffing out in the air, sniffing for prey. Her tongue ran along the sharp teeth of
her skull, and she had hunger in her eyes as she slowly made her way forward, in the direction where she could smell fresh meat
and living deer. But first and foremost she had to find this stag whose name continued to ring in her head; Pierce.


So, Illrose have turned into a black deer - and I must say I like her new appearance. c:
This mean she will now wear the beluga pelt instead of the DotD pelt in-game, and she does not recognize any of her previous relations.
She will not use the powers the black deer have unless she is involved in a planned war, and she will not bite anyone, unless they want their deer to get bitten and turned into a black deer as well.
Her behavior may be aggressive, but she will not attempt to harm anyone seriously or kill them, her goal is mostly to find Pierce.

If anyone do have any complaints about all of this though, please let me know. :')

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Oh dear. Seems I will have to

Oh dear. Seems I will have to watch myself when I sight Illrose now D8
Lovely writing and image though!
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Haha, it's certainly not wise

Haha, it's certainly not wise to provoke her at this state. x')
Thank you! ♥
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o_o Oh snap. She looks scary.

o_o Oh snap.
She looks scary. 8D;
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Yeah, she kinda do. ._. And I

Yeah, she kinda do. ._.
And I love it! xD ♥
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Lovely writing! I enjoyed

Lovely writing! I enjoyed reading it 8D And the manip is beautiful, despite the creepiness of it <3

Honeyfur is currently stalking her right now to see what she's up to Cx *brick'd*
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Quad: "Hello Illrose, please

Quad: "Hello Illrose, please come and join us over here...


...Why do you look so different?...

...Please...just talk to me...

...Oh Illrose...what has happened to you?"
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Honeyfur; Thank you so much.

Thank you so much. :'D
Haha, I doubt she is interesting to stalk at the moment, doing nothing. xD

The large doe turned her head toward the blackbuck as he approached, talking to her. Her gaze was empty, as if she didn't understand what he was saying...or didn't care. She then growled, blinked with those burning red eyes and turned away, indifferent. This was not the stag she was searching for.
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LOL nah, I'm watching a movie

LOL nah, I'm watching a movie at the same time, so I'm multi-tasking xD
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Haha. xD

Haha. xD
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That's cool~ I like this.

That's cool~ I like this.

She looks frightening~ I

She looks frightening~
I liked how you described her struggle. Lovely imagery c:

Signature by Terabetha
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Thank you so much, guys! :'D

Thank you so much, guys! :'D
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Ah, this was so fun to read.

Ah, this was so fun to read. And a great picture. Awesome work!

Edit: Would be awesome-sauce to get Cay involved. x)
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Thank you. :') Lol, if you

Thank you. :')

Lol, if you want Cay to get chased or bitten, just let me know. :b
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E-mailed you. (:

E-mailed you. (:

good writing, as I've said

good writing, as I've said before, you make it easy to imagine what is being told :') will be interesting to see if she succeeds her mission. xD and thinking of Illrose wandering around as a brainwashed zombie kind of amuses me, rofl.
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z.m; Replied.

Replied. n_n

Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. :') Yes, it will be interesting to see, it is at least interesting to play her as a 'zombie', that's for sure, lol. xD

There was a low snuffling

There was a low snuffling noise that could be heard nearby; the marsupial was communicating, calling to her through her own feral language.

She could smell it, feel it; something wasn't right. She ceased making noise and watched Illrose, now a deep charcoal colour, as she moved this way and that, clearly not the way she used to.

Suddenly, the girl couldn't explain it; it felt like a weight had suddenly clamped down onto her stomach, and she slammed herself against the ground in an attempt to cure it. But once she caught the ruby glow of her friend's eyes, she fully acknowledged it; pure darkness.

With an audible hiss, ending in a crescendo growl, she turned and left, taking the time to look over her shoulder now and then to ensure wasn't following. She stopped and yawned, once, though she doubted the threat would even be enough to deter.

For now, Instinct bore its weight on her shoulders.


That edit looks so gorgeous. Poor Illrose though; although, at the same time, I got this Left for Dead 2 vibe going on in my head, and it's making me laugh. I'm so horrid. fkskfsk
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The doe's ears perked at the

The doe's ears perked at the faint sounds of snuffling. A growl rumbled in her chest, as her tongue again ran along her sharp teeth, as she searched for the source to the sounds. Her movements seemed to freeze as her eyes met the ones of the thylacine. For a moment she just stared at the other creature - until it began to run. The black doe lifted her head to catch the scent of it, but she did not bother to chase it, this was clearly not the stag she was looking for.

( Thank you. :'D And what is Left for Dead 2? ._. )

It's an online Zombie game

It's an online Zombie game that makes for great laughs. <3
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What was going on? Everything

What was going on? Everything is going wrong, just because he was some stupid prince? Pierce kept running, to the Great Oak. He always felt safe there, like no one could get him. The low humming always calmed him, relaxed him. He sure was not relaxed now. Every black thing he would see scared him, until he took a closer look. But he didn't care now, he had to run. Pierce didn't understand why the King wanted to destroy the forest, couldn't he just kill the multicolored stag? But nothing seemed to make sense now, except the term run.

A smell hit his nose, a familiar smell. It smells... like darkness? Pierce carefully turned his head to his left side, and what he saw next made his heart stop in fear- a black deer.

Those piercing red eyes... those sharp fangs... how it always looked for death in it's eyes.

Pierce slowly took a step back. It'll kill me if I get any closer! He slowly, step by step, walked backwards, away from the black deer.


It was just a simple snap, from a twig, but to Pierce's ears it was the most horrible sound he could ever hear at this second, as if the noise spelled death. Pierce's green eyes widened when he heard the sound, his first instinct was to run. But he stood, paralyzed, hardly moving a muscle.


OMFG wow. This is a beautiful writing. I especially love the description in her fight, and how you portrayed what went though her mind when she wanted to kill Pierce- to kill and destroy. Excellent job!
I have a Master's degree in Wumbology.
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The black doe didn't even

The black doe didn't even notice the colorful stag, not until she could hear the sharp snap of a twig breaking in two. Slowly she turned her head in the direction of the sound, her eyes immediately catching sight of the stag. The doe lifted her massive head, sniffing the air with forceful grunts. Her heart was then filled with a morbid joy as the scent hit her nose. This was the one! This was the stag she was searching for! The doe snarled in satisfaction as she turned her whole body toward the stag...kill him...destroy him....kill Pierce! The words sang in her head, and she bolted forward, charging toward the stag.

( Thank you! :'D )
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The human-faced being looks

The human-faced being looks up. Eyes glossy and white. Deep gashes lining the front of his body. He looks up through lashes that are amazingly long.
He doesn't say a word. Rather, his body changes, lengthens grows his face pushing outward with sickly cracks, jaws opening to show row upon row upon row of teeth in every shape and size dripping with translucent saliva, dribbling in heated foaming gobs to the earth below.

The wounds which seemed horrible upon the smaller creature seem trivial on this behemoth. The red hardly seems to matter against the fur and feather. His eyes changing from the white of stagnated waters to the roiling of newly erupted volcanoes.

His fingers twitch, crack and pop before settling again, his wounds crawling as if maggot infested at the edges as it works to heal.

He is not here for violence.
This shows, for he turns slowly from the creature and makes his way amongst the trees, a scarlet ghost

The mini today with the crying mask and red pelt was Mr.Sanguine (:

Lovely piece of writing

Lovely piece of writing ♥
It's inspiring me to write my own XD
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Mr. Sanguine; Hm, to be

Mr. Sanguine;
Hm, to be honest, I can't recall Illrose met Mr. Sanguine today. D: She sat mostly by herself by the ruins, and didn't really do anything. Perhaps I was afk at the moment.

Thank you. :'D
And I'm glad to hear it was inspirational. n__n
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oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. =D
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Pierce yelped and jumped out

Pierce yelped and jumped out of the way. He quickly ran, in the direction he came from. He had to get out of there. Fast. If he died that would allow the king to destroy the forest.

I have a Master's degree in Wumbology.
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The black doe came to a halt,

The black doe came to a halt, and for a moment she seemed confused that the stag was not crushed underneath her hooves. She then caught sight of him again and with a snort she charged again, chased after him. Unfortunately, her body was built for strength, not speed, so it was highly unlikely she would catch him if he kept running like that. Not that it stopped her though, she had only one thing on her mind after all, and that was to destroy this stag.