Royal Deer the Ultimate Slaves

Changing out the mask or the coat lets a deer make choices as to the mood or friend they are with that day. Royal deer come from the very cells their body happens to be made of so some parents deer love making session created a fawn who from the day of birth choice has been taken from. Within those realms limited choice becomes accepted in exchange for wealth of the forest. Within that herd a hierarchy established by ancient deer who knew how to create rule systems that last long after an ancient deer 's death maintains territory. As good as that all becomes for some the lack of choice and over generations not being the center of such a group has a high toll and price which often involves the taking of life of a fawn. Constraints do make creativity as royal deer know but mostly of the wicked type done with a gleeful play, friendly tug and if circumstances merit a removal, cut or entanglement to maintain the system. In the forest freely frolicking from group to group leaving some things unknown creates opportunities with few consequences. Adding a royal layer to mold deer to a purpose not of their own making enhances a type of creating that results in vast changes to relationships and a threat to royal power. Enslaved deer either submit or they elevate to a game. There can be only one in those games...


The smell of deep and old darkness fills the air. It crackles and grinds, surfaces and dives back into the dark, the deep gold sheen of the bark spirals. This friction births warmth, and from that warmth grow antlers. From that warmth grow the deer.

A white, sharp shard cuts into the cream velvet, and as it touches the skin, dissolves. Then come more. It contracts the veins. The ground swallows the white, that's how it transforms itself rigid, cold: The cradle of the fawn. Everyone is born alone.

From the parting eyelids peek out thawed eyes. In the distance, trails of light prance in the dark with hushed noise. Aromatic scents fill the lungs. And silver threads, from which usually stars hang, lift the legs up to raise the tender body. Another inhale and the muscles bloom. Pebble hooves descend to the ground. The legs already know what to do - animated by the spark it was born of, it springs towards the other crown-bearers. The body stretches at the apex of the jump, warm velvet skin stretching across the bone and muscles.
The cold air encases the form. It will remember this shape, among all the others that came before.

The Deer Knew

The leaves had fallen off the trees leaving shadowy grey images in the light before dawn and in the light before dusk. The paths followed well worn, well known, and had served well for play and raising fawns. Gazing from the ancient tree with hollow a deer could see the meanderings of any deer or deer group. The last couple of weeks had been different. The daily pattern had changed. For long periods of time no deer would travel along the wood paths. So, the paths filled with rabbits, squirrels, and squawking crows.

Where had the deer gone? A trot by the lake showed they had gathered there to play. No predators exist physically in the forest. Sometimes vague feelings of unease happen. As if pressure builds in the skull to the point and explosion happens right behind the ear. Often a dip in the lake removes the unease but this time unease had hit the lakeshore.

The deer instinctively knew their ability to frolic disappears with the unease spirit. Underwater excursions and pit playing became a favorite. It is said those that can fly high with a flyby also could shake it off. Most of all a good chortle with a good deer friend can do it too. Grass rolling, leg kicking, butt wriggling, and snorting puts a reducer on the unease. The Deer knew all those antics had a purpose but who would have thought a roll in the grass would do so much good.

I invited her to dance

I invited her to dance
first circle
forest has joined in flowers
I fall asleep next to her
with spells
folded dimensions
we look at each other
will trace its shape
image in memory
I close the door
the sweet smell of the forest
from the depths
I fall asleep again sweet
the hyacinths will taste
tomorrow morning


Oh, the days grow dark early in the forest in preparation for an unusual winter. The squirrels gather more nuts than necessary storing their precious treasure in several areas of the forest. The frogs have added leaves to the pond to have additional blankets during their hibernation period. The rabbit dens have layer upon layer of grasses weaved to make more airspace in between the reeds for additional warmth. The pairing of deer continues because in a cold night two bodies are warmer together than one. Home and hearth seems to be the mandate by Mother Nature for days at a time with a few warm period interspersed to remind all winter does end and Spring comes. After such a winter, births of creativity emerge because everyone had a rest and time to think, to plan, to experiment. Nest fun seems so small and innocent until a deer wanders back out into the world and they realize it's prep for what is to come. Such intimacies remains the thing that makes a deer so deer.

Time of the snowflakes.
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Feeon rut blog

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http://www.endlessforest.org/community/node/113059 <-- this her infor

Name: feeon
age: 1 year old 7 month
Gender: female

feeon is somewhat standoffish but will join a group. feeon is very loving mother and is want to have more fawns.
feeon is not really fighter but will fight if need be.
(for those who want to rp with me. my discord: thewhitefawn#9080 feel free to add me : ) )

Raiders versus Ancients Coming Soon......

On the whispering outside winds of the shrrroommmmm deer a new formation of activity in the forest has occurred. Dates all fluid but you will know. The third group is spectator deer. I hear the Aussies deer are attending for full acculturation. It seems language deer in the realm of forests down under decided to convert to technology deer and planted selves in Dallas forest. As we all know technology deer always have access to secret forests through the graphic artists deer. Once all in cyber space location will not matter. Rutting season 2020 disruption style. Raiders versus Ancients... Now that everyone has to wear a mask on some occasions how shall the deer distinguish now hmmm


Shromm, shroom --SHROOM went the wind in the Endless Forest. The change at long last had come. In joyous rebellion, the 38 deer danced across the forest floor announcing they had responded to instinct physically. As the romping and the twerking became in synch other deer sat and swayed to the unheard but definitely felt beat. Like the ocean endlessly kissing the shore they began the age-old ancient rhythm in new form for the next generation.

The ancient deer laughed as they remembered how it had been done to them.


Rolling in the grass near the pond while watching fawns hop to and fro brings up two perspectives while laying on your furry backside. Being a wondering deer often brings up that overly critical dissertation thinking that compares things in way that by the time one is through you propose you should have never been born. Pondering on the other hand makes a deer question and then go look for answers.

You get up and you wander around. You make notes. You become so noted but not noticed. That puts one in the realm of ancient deer.

Ancient deer of the skull face, grinning teeth and horns protruding skyward in defiance of some unknown god floating who knows where but possibly in the ruins invisible roofing cause wonder. They do things apart and together that get notices even when they are just sitting. You can feel their ancient mind putting forth invisible persona boundaries before you ever see them. You will find yourself veering off in an orthogonal manner if you try to head straight for one who does not wish to interact. It becomes quite a game trying to get to them for a run through. At one time someone discovered how to make flying deer and other the ancient ones they would hoover and then drop. Once done with fun one will find one self invisibly directed to areas of the forest for nexus making. When enough of that happens, a gathering occurs and in a moments notice all the deer everywhere begin to dance. Some alone while others form long lines or rings and all over the forest shaking deer booty everywhere. Just the exact opposite of the dignified ancient deer face. Sometimes the ancient deer would participate but other times they would go to the graveyard and sit or sit on the hill nearby and admire the stone work of the graves.

So we move to pondering once that experience is done. Why did my deer do that? Those of us who do not wish to be puppet deer for a game we do not understand just do something different we prefer over the imaginary director.
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