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The Lost Mask

The Lost Mask Story

Suddenly as fall approached the seams of my deer mask began to burst apart. What was once a mask became a black amorphous cloth wriggling where it should not be. You know like underneath the chin, only on the left side of the face, blowing up above my deer eyes etc. So of course in the digital age you can order masks globally.

The search began and every day my mask would unravel. Never the same seam. Sometimes one of the sides and sometimes the front on back one on so upon spelling I suddenly was like a burlesque strumpet before a performance but on my deer face not near my star on the back part. Wriggle butt I am and dance regularly by the cage, but less than 6-month-old mask should last a little longer even if wriggled in. I spell up black. I like black masks. Despite global access, all the masks being black became an issue. I spelled and got any color but black.

Every day for four days I searched for all black masks by spelling and then dipping in the lake whilst going back and trying again. The original mask I used at the ruins had gone to pastel colors and like a wedgie cut. Which is fine for swimming but when the cold wind blows up your snorting nose you need the coverage. Goose pimples on deer noses you cannot warm up in public without getting in trouble. It means endless neck rubbing outside your normal deer group which since the pandemic can be risky. Sometimes you get all heated but not in the fun way. On a cold night, pandemic heat may be useful and of course, a strategically placed hot nose might make a new friend. Everyday I experienced the wedgie as my black mask on my deer body broke seams and traveled to crevices.

Finally, I spelled enough by the lake to get an all-black mask like the Rugby teams of Australia during Haka before a game. Rough but so satisfying. In a couple of days later while playing another black mask appears. All excited I do several and find a need to have a spectrum of black masks.

A Lost Doe (Part one of a WIP story)

"The Sun is rising. Let us see a new day." a slow chant started amongst the deer, as they stood by the statues of their gods, the largest of whom who had a white pelt. To his right, was a golden deer, who was joined by two fawns. The chant started to grow louder throughout the forest, as one of the fawns were nudged to the statues, and ordered to lay down.

The old white deer would kneel down before the fawn, placing a crown of periwinkles on her head, as he backed away, allowing the golden deer to step before her, and cast a spell of her golden pelt upon it. The rest of the herd who gathered watched in silence and awe as a black, masked deer walked before the fawn, bestowing a dark, almost pitch black mask that resembled the graveyard ravens, complete with real feathers, to the fawn. As the black stag stepped back, the uproar of hooves stamping on the forest floor rose as the fawn stood up, looking around the herd as her ears pricked up, tail up high as everyone was "clapping".

A/N: This is a story for my main deer, Suru, who I play as in-game. While in the story, she has a Magpie mask and Great Argus pelt, in game she only has the periwinkles as I did not get the spells yet.

This story may contain blood. Viewer discretion is advised.

two girls, unknown ages

today was a warm winter day. as it rained outside, dewy droplets formed on everything you could touch or see. a little earlier, when it was darker outside, i had thought the air was stigmatized; my heart inverted on itself because i saw an apparition of myself across the yard, gently tapping the undersides of leaves. i was so determined to not see my own face, that i left home early for the bus.

across the way, hoover ave, i saw my friend, nina, looking at her phone under her red umbrella. dressed in pastel, i was struck by the impulse to caress her hair, soft and hanging over her chilled cheeks. to get to the other side, it must have been my crunching footsteps that made her raise her gaze. "hey." i exclaimed, "do you have gum by any chance?" as usual, she didn't respond. instead, she curled her fingers into a bunny and reached for my hand. i don't remember getting so close, but soon i was under the umbrella as well, holding her sweaty palm.

"i didn't finish the homework." this time she did respond, "not new." "hmm." i hummed and asked, "john offered me a joint yesterday; have you tried it before?" "nah." something about the ways her fingers shifted prompted me to ask, "how did you sleep last night?" after a long pause, the bus softly rumbled as it pulled in from the distance and came to a stop. she let go of my hand and stepped onto the bus' steep platform, almost determined to get out of the drizzle. as i got on, she smiled, shook excess water off her umbrella, and said, "i didn't, really."

waiting for her to shift down the aisle, she added, "someone had their lights on all night; i was convinced it was actually the daytime; and it was so warm, too, that i had pull the blanket up till my feet touched cooler air." last night, too, i hadn't slept with a blanket over my feet, so i said, "hm, same." and settled into the tight seat next to her.

10 years in TEF

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There are so many words that you can generate in the game Scrabble, and sometimes this becomes overwhelming, especially when you are dealing with bonus squares, wildcards and more.

The World Spilled into the Forest

For the longest time, the forest gave a way to escape the breaking of relationships encountered in realms outside its lovely trees, wind, and waters. Fawns played and deer played and no one thought anything of changing deer groups. Sometimes a group would form and stay tightly knit for an extended period of time but others would come in and out and play. Always there were the pairings. Most respected that and left them be to whatever they chose at that moment. Most of the time any pain anyone experienced came from outside the forest and was brought in. Most tried to soothe it not ever asking what caused it or if the deer/fawn had caused it to self. The forest became the place to examine the pain, put it aside for a bit, and pick it back up when leaving. Deer would gather around a wounded one and give support and in the blogs would mention that which needed to be done. Never knowing what caused it but as in teaching so and so to fly. Include so and so in the next dance. Graveyard would let us know how bad it truly was and we would watch for that. The gravestone with the flies truly made the point. At some point, it is learned the gravestones truly were attached to early deer that went to the other endless forest in another realm that only has one gate which never lets you return. Once in a while, a new gravestone would appear. One has to ponder will the graveyard be much larger now or will we ever know. Some like to think the light that beams sometimes around one comes from the other endless forest or from those that do not return for what ever reason.
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[Open RP] The Pond Has Eyes

I know I've been busy lately, but I feel like roleplaying right now, and I seriously need to get some interaction for my characters. Besides, it makes good writing exercises.
I don't know if anyone else misses forum roleplays too. But if you're interested, feel free to join, even if someone else already did. I'm fine wih more than one player.

This pretty much goes without saying, but in my time being part of this community, I've seen some people being insecure about their writing. So I'm gonna say it anyway, just in case of:
Don't be shy. As long as I understand what you mean, there's nothing to be worried about. We're not writing a novel, after all. We're just having fun!
That said, if you prefer starting an RP on Discord instead, feel free to poke me there. I may not be in the mood for chat at the moment, but I'll reply to RPs. My Discord is HeartClock#6888.


the boohoo cloud

Deer was not proud
Deer was not loud
Deer was playing
Deer was saying
Who spewed the boo hoo cloud?
Who decided there would be no loud?
Here it is
Take it back

Not allowed

Less than perfection

Using the ears more than the eyes results in deer imagination running into the most wild ecstasy-filled romance ever. Laying on a mossy bed of green with new-fallen not quite brown leaves gathered by the winds of the forest lulled one into a sense of comfort. The quiet rustling of crinkling leaves has a distinct rhythm to it. The hushed whispers of other animals nearby checking to see if one is enemy, friend or worth mating makes one relax. So dozing on and off on early dawn a young deer approached as an emissary. I in my mother mode just watched the tiny little hooves pass without a thought. Seconds later in my mind entered the Alpha male in full glorious rutting mode. Standing up baying fully unable to move from my self made bed the sudden neck caresses overwhelmed any thoughts of running away. Legs shivering prevent escape as all Alpha male deer know. Breathing hard while the rutting brainstorm went on suddenly this Alpha male switched to a new move as he slid down my neck, and did not stop. A sudden ninety degree caress along my side from thorax to backside caused an intake of breath and a seizure of pure delight. Taking that as permission the Alpha positioned himself behind my quarters and starting from my hocks upward he took his hooves and cusped the side of leg to the very realm of my heavens. A tale ran through my mind of the koala deer. Slow, methodical, gentle and totally attentive to every sensation resulted in teh age old rhythm of how water kisses the shore endlessly. At some point became taken for a nine day rut that had not beginning and no real end but caused an experienced that overwhelmed all instincts except that one. Blurred into one entity insight into the blendings of the blue and green world filled in all sensory inputs with where and when just occurring. Though physically the Alpha male left his essence left a presence that protects and guards assuring comfort and pleasant excursions.
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