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Bright Eyes - Prologue

But it's way different from the other ones, I hope. Well at least the beginning is, you won't expect a TEF story from the start, but it slowly gets there, trust me! This is just a prologue though and it isn't very exciting either, since I'm not a star at English. My grades tell another story, but I'm talking about real writing, not learning words or grammar. Have fun reading anyway, before I start my own life story here.



It was early in the morning and a warm, bright sun was shining through the blinds. Rays of light fell upon her face as she slowly opened her eyes. She yawned and stretched herself, she didn’t feel like coming out of bed, but she had no choice. Another day of work had begun and she was already behind on her current project.
She stepped out of bed and slowly walked down the stairs. Not fully awake yet, she opened some curtains. Without mercy, the sun burned her eyes and blinded her for a few seconds. She cursed and backed away from the window. First some coffee, she thought. I’ll dress up later.

She turned on the coffee machine and decided to get the newspaper, when the phone suddenly rang. Probably work, she thought and she picked up. ‘Hello, Sheila speaking.’ She said.
‘Hi there Sheila, how have you been?’ It was her colleague, Matt.
‘I’m fine, thanks. How about you?'
‘I’m pretty excited today! I just heard we are going to work on a new project.’
‘Yeah! You and me together, it’s really going be fun, isn't it?’
‘I’m sure it is. But I haven’t finished my other project yet, I don’t have time for this.’
‘Well, the boss insisted that we would do it. So you can leave your other project for a while, this one concerns him more.’
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