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::Spooky Scape:: [T H E . P A S T]

Ohmigawd, fail chapter is FAIL. I really wanted to get at least one chapter out before the end of the weekend, and to be honest, this is the weakest writing yet. It didn't help that my mind was on a few other things, and it sucks that even the music was fully helping my mind sort things out.

So...in short, I'm sorry for the sucky chapter, but this is gonna have to do for now Dx

EDIT: OHSH- I almost forgot.

You may be wondering why I called this "alternate" forest, "Chornaya." Well, I wanted to create a name that would go with the "mood" of that overall world. "Chornaya" is the Russian word for "Black." So in essence, it's implying that it's a "black" world, where barely anything can survive.

And before anyone calls me out, claiming me as a wannabe Russian, think again. I took Russian for several years in high school. That's how I know.

Anyways, onto the story.

>>>::Spooky Scape::<<<

We fear what we do not know. We do not fear what we know.

And yet, what happens if what we know is what we’re supposed to fear?


Creatures of beauty.

Creatures of destruction.

Stories of them are nothing but intricate tales of betrayal, of chaos, of death. Dreams of growls, of fangs, of saliva plague the minds of the feeble, often causing many to break out in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. For many years, the wolves and deer had their own opinions of each other, one whispering venom about the other. The wolves occupied a forbidden region of the Forest, a place where no sane deer dare tread.

:.{Drops of Jupiter | Short story feat. Danila + Thomas}.:


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"We will become exinct," The king's cracked voice was solemn as he looked around the temple, in every nook and cranny of which there sat or stood one of his followers. Large eyes were fixed on the three royals; the king, the queen, and their young daughter. "We will wither and die..."
The king's silver eyes fell on a pale-skinned form near the back of the crowd. "And to prevent that from happening, we need one of our own kind to visit this...extraordinary planet that the humans call Earth. We need someone to stay hidden there and provide us with vital information that the humans will undoubtedly have. Information about the worlds that surround us. The stars. Galaxies." There was a murmer among the crowd. "We cannot remain on this planet forever. It is, after thousands of ages, dying. The star that gave us warmth will fade soon - not in our lifetimes, but in the lifetimes of our descendants. We will freeze to death. Our enemies, the scuttling creatures that live beneath our feet, will pick us off one by one. We need one of us, just one, to travel to Earth, to live there, and one day we will join them. The shuttle required for this immense journey is already waiting and ready to lift off..."
A shout from the crowd. "When?"

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::Scare Shadow:: [T H E . P A S T]

Alright, I combined two days, and also left out some things as well. Still, I actually kinda like this chapter...at least we get a little change to the dream here. I might actually be able to wrap this story up sooner that I thought I would.

And that...might be a good thing >.>;

EDIT: Blah, now that I think about it, I think I rambled about the ruins a tick too long...granted, it's my favorite place in the whole game, and I did try and incorporate the real story behind it, but...yeah...Dx

Anyways, on with the story~!

>>>::Scare Shadow::<<<

The Ruins - A place of broken beauty, of solace and despair, a place of songs and cries.

Never sleep within its shadow, they always said.

It will tear out your soul, leaving you as an empty container, a perfect prey for the starved.

The brave few who did dare to sleep within its shadow were never heard from again. Any who stumbled across the crumbling fortress found nothing living there…within the shadows of the Ruins, nothing strived to live, not even the tiniest blade of grass.

But they did find a rather curious sight.

Small, white orbs raced frantically through the air, as if trying to escape from their very selves. And yet, whenever they reached a certain distance from the Ruins, they were seemingly thrown backwards. It was as if the Ruins had a mind of its own, not allowing its victims to free themselves from the misery their mistakes had cost them.

For the longest time, no one ever set foot there again. The deer within the forest learned to respect the Ruins; to them, the Ruins were alive, and were starved of the souls of helpless deer. They believed that one day, the souls would finally fade away, killing the Ruins, and making it safe to venture there again.
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::Seek:: [T H E . P A S T]

*Sigh* Remember when I said I would revive the diary entries I deleted? Well, here's the first one finally~! Don't expect anything special or good, it's kinda late, and my head's a little foggy Dx

Just as a note, yeah, Myu does seem pretty angsty, but, considering the circumstances, and what I'm planning, it's all I got at this rate. Come to think of it, I might have to edit her bio AGAIN.


P.S. Diary titles are actually the titles of the tracks from the OST for a visual novel called "Saya no Uta." 'Tis an awesome soundtrack <3


Sunlight; ever so warm…soothing to the heart.

A field of purple flowers…a light, sweet scent dances through the air.

A low, humming song…eerie, yet beautiful, breaks the silence of the woods.

A presence…nurturing, loving, ensures her safety.

Sleep…a world of endless possibilities, quietly whispers to her.

Who is this, who lays by me?

Who is this, whose song betrays this silence?

What is this feeling, this emotion, that makes my heart flutter?

Is a friend? A relative?

Is it even a deer? Or something else?

The voice is airy, obviously a female’s voice. She wishes to raise her head, to see the being
lying beside her.

And yet, sleep whispers more desperately, wanting to seduce her into nothingness…

It’s almost as if…she’s not meant to know who it is.


What is this upon my nose?


Is that…


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Birthday Blues (Drabbly Nonsense)

Ehe, meant to have this up a couple of days ago. Think of it as a prequel to this.

Not to worry, it's all just feverish rambling.

... I think.

Good lord, I think I caught the dramabug. *D*

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Through Your Eyes... (Baal's Writing Contest)

"Mother? Mother where are you?", the silence broke in the Forest. A young fawn wandered around, hopelessly lost and shivering from the slight breeze. The crisp October air caressed her newborn fur, cooling her as she ran and looked around. She had only been alive for a week, and did not know much about the Forest or its inhabitants.

She came to a stop at a patch of violet flowers. Catching her breath, she slumped down and began to sob. "Why can't I find you, Mom?", she cried. At that moment, she heard a twig snap nearby. Her ears perked and she sat up, looking past the trees with her brown eyes.

In the clearing walked a great stag, the wind making his thick brown fur ripple as he made his way. His antlers rose up like the limbs of white trees, curling in all directions. The fawn could not see his face very well, so she hid behind a nearby tree and peeked at the stag curiously.

The great deer stopped, already aware of her presence, and turned to look at her. Startled, she concealed herself behind the tree, but she caught a glimpse of the face - red with a white nose and brow, his eyes seemed gentle, and there was a smile on his face.

The fawn's heart raced. She knew he had spotted her, and she didn't know who he was or what he might do to her. She wanted to scream, but her voice gave in. Her legs were tired and wobbled, and soon she lost her strength and hit the ground hard. Maybe he won't bother me..., she began to think, about the time the great stag peeked around the tree at her.

The fawn stared up at him with her eyes wide open. Her heart literally skipped a beat, and her blood went cold. She was terrified, and completely froze up. The stag smiled, bowed his head slightly, and began to walk away.

She let out a little sigh of relief, though still frightened, she found the strength to rise to her hooves. Okay. Run! Get away!, her mind tried to tell her, but her heart was already feeling a different idea.
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Care to walk with me? *shortstory*

Inspired by the description of the deer totem, and based on an actual dream I had...


(Thanks again to Pega for the artwork)
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