And you said you would protect me....

The dusk falls...but the raven is still flying....

but why has this happened....being tough you stood beside me... i loved you mom... but still you fell.... and this time you fell for good....
here is my story......

Her horns whatever she had left, she rammed into his sides, he lifted his head thrashing, nocking her off her feet, her shoulder bleeding, for she fell onto a rock. She lifted her head so she could see me. He bit her shoulder again. She got up fighting for her life, he pushed and shoved. but she wouldnt budge. She kicked his mask off completely. And rammed her antlers into his face, making him run off into the darkness.... She fell onto her nees, sweaty and bloody, she got up but fell down again, but that was the last time she ever fell....
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Wolf's Coming (Mild Language and Violence) - Distant and Recent Past

The buzzing was loud, annoying and right inside his ears. He groaned lowly, drifting back towards the waking from the insufferable insects deciding to make his ears their home.

“Bastard Gods," he mumbled, voice thick with sleep.“Don’t even have the decency to allow me peace after my death.” He raised a paw to swipe at his ears but his leg stiffened up, unable to bend as it used to.

His eyes slit open and he turned his head looking at his leg, oh that’s the reason, it wasn’t his leg. There was no paw or thick gray fur covering the muscles of a wolf’s leg. This new leg was a deer leg, all thin, gangly and hoofed.

It took a second for the reality to sink in and his eyes widened...A deer leg....He turned his head slowly gazing down the rest of his body. He was sprawled on his side in a bunch of leaves, back pressed to the rough bark of a tree, and he had the body of a deer. Well, technically a fawns, but it certainly wasn’t his.

He screamed and leapt to his new stick legs, they wobbled and twisted and he stumbled backwards. Wolves worked differently then deer, and he had no practice with being one so it wasn’t a big surprise when he fell. His legs came together, catching on each other and he fell, heel over head, down a hill all the while still screaming. Birds screeched and scattered, frogs croaked and splashed, and into the water he went. He came up coughing in the shallows, gasping for breath, his short fur dripping wet.

“Are you alright? Oh you poor thing, come on out before you catch a cold.”

His gaze shot up, meeting that of a does. They were clear, a mixture of blue and green, like the sea he had once seen in his younger days. He flattened his floppy ears the best he could and growled, it was pathetic he knew it, deer were not meant to growl.

She blinked; he could see her confusion and then she smiled at him.
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My RP Blog

Yeah, I figured I would give it a shot. Unless you have a specific scenario in mind, these'll likely just be little random scenes with one of my deer and however many of your deer you want. If you want to do an RP through another system (email or messenger or something), just let me know, I'll be happy to do so. So, if you wanna RP with one of my deer, post here saying which deer you'd like, and we can start something. I'm not sure how I'll keep this organized, but I'll do my best.

My Active Deer (links to their bios if they have them):
Krim: (X)

...Yeah. I don't know how to close this out. Post if you wanna RP. But, as a head's up, I only RP my deer as deer. If I wanted to play humans, I would make up new human characters for it.
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A little Dip in the Pond

A little piece I wanted to put together. Sticking out tongue

Using my fawn for this lil' drabble...

This is nothing uber special I cooked this up in half an hour. xD But I hope the messages are clear. :3

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Seed's Poetry Corner: Haiku for a Snowy Day

I had a very nice morning today, so I decided to write a few poems. They're nothing special, just reflections on a snowy day with a friend...Or something.
Haiku for a Snowy Day

The snow falls slowly,
settling over hoofprints
from two deer playing.

The still of the snow
reflected in the water
breaks while she's drinking.

And, hidden in snow,
the tiny seeds of flowers,
cradled in the cold.

((This has been another visit to Seed's Poetry Corner. Collect them all!))

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A group of deer...[ask questions!]

...sits in a semi-circle. They are widely varied, pelts of rainbow hues and antlers in all shapes and sizes-or none at all. Upon looking closer, one can see that some sit just a little further away, or in peculiar manners. Some have taken to the shadows, others to the light. All of them are waiting...

Skip to the very bottom of the blog for a summary and song list.
[Click read more!]

[Some loud and very loud music. You've been warned.]

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I remember...

[=10]...I remember talking to Pega. It mainly consisted of Middle Eastern cuisine (stuffed grape leaves and lamb, Turkish coffee, JAFKLDS<3) but I miss that.

I remember when Her was what I considered to be an ass. Looking back on it, she had a really hard life and if I ever am tempted enough to write a novel, it will be about Her, indirectly. She's interesting and I mourn the fact that I ever considered killing her. I'd forgotten when she ran away to Egypt with Key after faking her death as "Oren". I still apologize for hurting people with all she's done, but I consider her amazing now. She's still me; I signed up as Her for TEF and she's me. I hope that never dies; please never stop calling me Her. <3

I remember when I was obsessed with Hetalia to the point of making deer for the characters and driving people mad with my rants about it. Despite the huge laughs and bonding from it I've toned that down and I still love who I am. <3

I remember Lamb and Ri. I still remember Lamb and Ri.

I remember Nem and Piano; she wanted to eat a picture of cinnamon rolls I had as a header for one of my characters on my updates. God, I remember them. I miss them, too. Unexplainable absences like theirs make me space off.

I remember iScribble being my main source of IMing. Jen, Trinket, Fayne, Pega, Kaicow, myself, Raku, Raz, Dannii, Sarie--everyone all at once in one room, that was just ... I remember it. I miss it, too. Haven't touched iScribble in a LONG time..

I remember Poepourri, Verrii, Wait, and Porcelain.

I remember having Fayne as my best friend. We split because Key and Tuna did and I still can't explain that. As I see it, we made up and started over, but I haven't seen or talked to her in what feels like years. I miss it.

I remember being the leader of starting the werewolf colony.

A First of Many

November the 22nd

It was getting late. Bones looked over her shoulder at the piles of paper on a table lurking in a dark far corner of the room. Information, scribbled notes, leads, connections, phone numbers they were all there. She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed.
I'm getting too old for this shit. Just a few years ago I could track down a lost cat without a collar in New York City. she sighed again and took a long sip of wine. Nothing had given her any trail of Masque's lost kid. Des Rameux. This was the last day she had given herself. A week of research as always, and then she'd be "booking flights". Brooklyn was where all the clues were leading her, Masque told her the same... Suspiciously she glanced up at the pale calendar roughly nailed to the wall. November the 22nd. It would be a miracle if she could find this kid in time for Thanksgiving...

Des Rameux...
Des Rameux...

She ripped the phone from the wall, with a melody of numbers following soon after.
"Masque, I need to know everything." a mumbled and irritated reply came seconds later.
"Shit Bones, it's 2 in the goddamned morning, what the hell could you possibly want?"
Bones tapped a pencil on the desk and bit her lip.
"Is there anything you've left out about what you know about your kid?"
"No, I told you everyting." Pause. "Look, babe I never asked you to do this."
"Shut up. Are you positive there's nothing else I should know?"
"No." the stern reply came and with it Bones hung up.

She swept the papers up from the desk and stuffed them in a leather suitcase, various corners and pieces stuck out on all sides. "No time like the present." she mumbled to herself as she swept her coat onto her shoulders and set out on her search for Des Rameux.

Early November 23rd

[i]I slept on the train ride to New York, walked the familiar streets as an x-resident. How long it had been?...
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~*~ The Nightmare's Rebirth ~*~ (Finale, Auto-Music)

Major WIP for an Event that is about to take place with Nightmare. For some minor information about it you can view {X}
Auto-Music under the Break. Bonus points for those who know the roar that I'm using for his update Sticking out tongue
Track if you are interested in seeing the update.
It should be noted that when this is updated, Nightmare will be up and running about in the forest. Be it for good or bad... that all depends on how you take the story Sticking out tongue After Nightmare is Reborn he has started speaking in an Alien language. I use Norwegian to display this as it's one of the most alien things I've come across on a translator XD

Updated! Enjoy~ Music list also updated enjoy that as well!

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It is here where we are born, in the mists of the wood. The air is thick, heavy, and visions are blurred. All around us our shadows, enigmas who wrap around their newest affectionately. In the distance the sounds of water crashing into an ancient creek bed can be heard, ears afloat to all that they can capture. However, it is that sound that becomes the memorable tune that reminds us that we could just as easily been drowned beneath its waters. Though we never do drown, do we? All these forces keep us away from any death. Even in the depths of the darkness we succumb to as we slumber we live, never knowing why the flames never snuff out.

I knew such a birth for a moment. I awoke to strange sensations, sensations I knew when I first experienced life as one of them, but today I was not young. My legs were stout and my antlers long. I could feel the magic grasp onto me, always making this place aware of my presence. Things were not the same, though. My antlers no longer flickered with the flames of candles, my face no longer was hidden by the thickened callous of a skull, and my pelt could blow in the breeze as the wind whipped between the trees. Things were not right, and I was panicked.

With each leap I tried to get away from this strange body, and each time I fell with my hooves sinking deeper into the ground to remind me that escape was not so easy. It was through a shake of my head as I fought that I caught the glimmer of an ethereal stone. I could hear its trickle, and I remembered such sounds meaning water. Perhaps it was the solution to changing me back. As I crept forward I found the waters shallow, too shallow to throw myself into. As I looked down into it, I could see reflections of the sky…and of myself. It was the image of a sickening creature, one I had chosen to forget. In that reflection I was nothing.
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