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A poem for my Daddy

He passed away on the 14th of November this year but i wrote this for him to be read out at the funeral. It seemed to help a little with the pain but I miss him terribly.
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Ashcroft and the Fireflies

Song Lyrics: Owl City - Fireflies
Character: Ashcroft

The character is copyrighted to me, the song to the band Owl City. It's best to listen to it while reading.
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[What Was, Will Be Again]

... Shadows of a wandering mind, too soon left behind. Breaking a fragile heart, too soon to tear apart...

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{Shadows of a Professional Tip-Toer}{language warning}

Shadows of a Professional Tip-Toer
Whyss Shywind

Will had never been a particularly strong boy. He was not given to loud or boisterous play, and did not do well with the rough and tumble groups that presided over his elementary school.

Indeed, Will was rather that kind of child whom nobody might like – he sneaked. He went about very quietly and inobtrusively, so that no one might know he was there, and he watched. And listened. Always listening, was Will. He learned many things that were not taught in his school, and he knew secrets that would have turned the whole staff on their heads.

But this is not to say Will was an unpleasant child. Quite the opposite – he was kind, polite, willing to please and playful. He desired to be a joy to others – but was unsure how.

You see, Will had a father and mother, like most children, but his Father was not a man who often shared his joy with others. In fact, Will’s father was the cause of much of the boy’s mannerisms – Will snuck about quietly on tiptoe to avoid his father’s wrath.
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~*~ The Nightmare's Voice ~*~ (Prose ~ Lex)

Writer's Note:

Nightmare has decided overall that he will tolerate Luis' presence when Myu is with or around him. However, his mentality has sunken into the state of a mild sadness due to all the happily families rising up. Perhaps this is another form of Judgment to Nightmare? Or perhaps he is giving up the hopes of ever truly finding peace.

The Red Devil - Beliar
That is how Nightmare sees Beliar in his mind thanks to the BZD's Rebirthing of him. Plus it's such a snazzy title me thinks Sticking out tongue

I hope you do not mind Lex. Nightmare is, as I have said not a very pleasant beast however I hope this expresses what I want to get across in a way. He will tolerate Luis, so long as Myu is around and likely will grow to tolerate him more as time goes by. But this is still a terrible thing for the three. I dunno, it's almost 5am and I typed this for 45 minutes... yeaaaaaaah... I need sleep....

Nightmare himself talks in an almost riddle like pattern, though you can tell what he is speaking about his subjects tend to change very quickly. As is seen with this story. I'm sorry if it is confusing to some, but it's how Nightmare is now. His mind is new due to his Rebirth and how he is currently acting. But, as I've said... this is him saying that yes, he will accept Luis around him while in the presence of Myu. But it will still take some time before he allows Luis around without her.

-- This account belongs to Moss/3, now. 's picture


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Just Keep Going

His hooves trotted along the land quickly yet quietly, and his eyes were alight with the wonders of this unknown forest. He had always been one who loved to explore and see new sights and sounds but as he went further he slowed his pace, then to a stop. *Where in the heck am I?* he thought tilting his head, maybe he had wondered to far away from his home. Maybe this was the place the others said that no one returns from, but by the looks of the place why would anyone go home.

So he did the only thing he was ever really good at and continued his way. Soon he heard water close by, deciding to take a look he stopped seeing two others at the water front. A white one drinking and the other one ranting on about something or another.

"Hmmm....maybe they could help me...." he muttered lowly and worked up his courage and trotted on over to them, their conversation becoming a bit more clearer to his ears.

"Halden, you have to learn to behave yourself, not all deer are truly bad" the white one said as she leaned down taking another drink of water.

"Exactly and some deer are...you're too nice for your own good" the other muttered, he seemed slightly intimidating with his huge horns and his slightly harsh words, but the doe just chuckled and shook her head.

"Halden honestly-", she froze mid-sentenced and looked over seeing the odd deer standing there leaning in slightly to their conversation and blinked at him, [=#996699]"Yes?
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November 30 [ L E M O N ]

November 30

It was a fairly chilly day – even for early winter. My silver winter pelt had already begun to grow shaggy and soft in preparation for the coming season. After a night of snow, the earth had accumulated a thin dusting of ice; and there was nothing I liked better. The muffled crunch of snow beneath my hooves was always so exhilarating, and I had already determined to make the best of the day by seeking out the areas of the forest which had not yet been trampled down by the other deer.

I moved swiftly, cutting directly through the birch forest. The air was bone-chilling; but I liked the way it felt against my skin. There is something fresh and friendly about cold air. Suddenly, a gruesome, hoarse call lit the air around me, arresting me completely. I stood rooted to my spot, one hoof lifted in preparation for the next step. I waited with baited breath, hoping to hear the eerie sound once more. After a few moments, my patience was rewarded by another croak, and my skin crawled with sheer horror. Never before had I encountered such a raw, deathly sound. I lifted my head, testing the air carefully for any clue as to what sort of creature could possibly create such a terror in me.

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