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- p h o t o g r a p h s -

[Updated: 1/11]
These are memories. Newest additions are at the bottom.
[Warning: Language, violence]

j u n e | t w e n t y f o u r t h | 1 9 9 1

Pebbles shuffled under their bare feet, washed up and glinting under rays of light strung through the oaks. A peaceful silence held its breath over the water and blew gently across it’s glassy surface, inviting company. Sitting placidly on a jutting rock, the younger boy squinted his eyes and looked out over the lake.

Rolling fields in the distance. An abandoned farmhouse. Wild geese.

He edged forward and hung his legs in the calm, dark water until he could feel the smooth silt on the bottom. A heavy splash sounded, not but a yard away, as an apple-sized rock hurled into the water and disturbed it into ripples. The boy shaded his eyes with a hand and turned back to look at the pebbled shore to give a stern glance at the teenager, who was already rooting up another stone. This one plunged into the water, not quite as close to his head, but still within an unnerving distance. The teenager, already bored of throwing rocks, mulled around as the water lapped at his heels. He wished to be elsewhere.

Wading out further, Fledermaus attempted to place himself out of his brother’s range. The cool water crept up to his navel, even standing on his toes. The sun beat down. He cupped water in his hands and spilled it over his head to reverse the heat. It trickled through his hair and down his bare back. The other boy was climbing up a steep and jagged pile of rocks. Had their mother known, she never would have shooed them out so she could vacuum in peace.
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You are... - Memories

[=Sylfaen][=15]The sun was bright, golden rays that slipped past the protective canopy above. There was a slight chill to the air, it was late October so that was to be expected. Or maybe it was the forest preparing itself for the coming of the Dark Lord.

However, I luckily had yet to encounter any darkness on this fine day, though I did not know it was going to follow soon...

I pranced through the forest, chasing the butterflies and the squirrels, letting the bright sunlight warm my white pelt. The air was crisp and my breath left a smokey fog as I called out across the forest, to tell all where I was. I lifted my head high, ears pricked forward, strained against my pole as I listened for any returned calls. There was only one. It came from closer to the large old oak.

I trembled and shook myself off, moving toward the tree slowly. The shadows cast lay long over the forest floor, beating away the warmth and comfort of the sun above. I slowed, then finally stopped, gazing ahead at the base of the tree where an old stag stood. I lowered my head slowly, breathing out again before my nares flared, taking in a deep breath. He did not seem to be a foe. I crept forward, lowering my head and bowing down to him in greeting. I did not know how he would respond, so I stepped back, waiting.

He turned toward me, eyes red, or so they appeared. I felt my body tremble, and I cringed back away from him in fright. He roared, lowering the great set that adorned his scalp. I quickly backed away, almost falling over my own hooves in my desperate attempt to get away. He did not pursue, merely turned back to where he stood over a sleeping deer that I could now see hidden half behind one of the edges of the dead oak.

I lowered my head sadly, the memories flickering through my mind of running alone, hooves flailing behind me as the large stag had attacked. I turned away.

The forest surrounded me, keeping me in the darkness of the leaves.
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My eyes stared off into the distance. A figure, quite large sat there, motionless.
His bones hide his eyes and they merely appeared as black holes. Empty.
His jaw hung there loosley. The flesh barely holding it together. Teeth barely red.
A small fly dabbled near the open jaws. It landed in them.
Slowly the jaws closed.
I winced and turned away. I glanced back and it was no more.
The nightmares return again....

A lil' do hickie. Bleh. Just some idea that popped in my mind while eating a burrito. :3
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Those who are dead, are not dead...


Those who are dead…

Are not dead…

They’re just living in my head…

And since I fell for that spell…

I am living there as well.

With bloodshot eyes she awoke from a dream that seemed to have lasted a lifetime. Red feathers were scattered around her body, her dark pelt was worn out and patchy. The magpie-coated doe softly bit her lip as the tears streamed down her face. She wasn’t crying, she couldn’t be crying. What was there to cry about? She had awakened from a dream, just like she had done every night before this one.
Slowly she rose to her feet, the diamond-like teardrops falling from her cheeks onto the ground. The sounds of the everlasting forest were like poetry, like coming home from a long journey. Her mind was blank, but somehow she remembered this place. A place filled with a feeling, a feeling of energy and warmth. A feeling which motivated and which gave her all the right reasons to hold on. A feeling called happiness.

Slowly she made her way through the forest, not caring to take a look around. It was quiet, the sun had already set and there was nobody in sight. Somehow she longed for company, for the warmth of a living body right next to her. She wished she could meet someone and ask her all the questions on her mind. Who was she? What was she doing here again? Her head was aching and her body was soar, like she had been thrown down a cliff and merely survived.

Time is so short...

And I’m sure…

There must be something more…

In a flash a familiar place suddenly came to mind. A place filled with graves and broken buildings. She seemed to remember something. The place wasn’t as depressing as one would expect from a graveyard. The sun would often spread her light across the area and turn it into a sanctuary.
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Yay, community back in action, kicking bottom or what???

Wow, i just love the new look communtiy site, it is amazing and everyone will love it, i am sure :3 Thank you to anyone who contributed in making it this awesome and epic!!! Can't wait to post some new things xDDDDD Sorry, no excuse me for the title, i just had to put ittttttt
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Black Ear

HA and this is the first thing I post when the site comes back up. Well enjoy~

Black Ear

De Drinkplaats, a mystical new appearance in the Endless Forest. Deer from all around had flocked to this fountain in order to experience the new magic. It was a new place for deer to gather, for them to socialize. But deer weren't the only creatures to gather here. Animals of all kind came, doves, ravens, bats, frogs, squirrels, and rabbits.

The exquisite fountain lay atop a smooth, flat rock with a slight indent in the middle, where the water collected. The rock was surrounded by full, thick blueberry bushes, their fruits sweet and ripe in their endless season. Faint, sparkling lights arose from the mystical water, visibly showing that it had powers given by the Twin Gods. Around the area was a fairy ring, extremely large in circumference. Blue mist emitted from the large mushrooms, and it had the power to change the deer that entered the circle. The deer became basic, natural. Their magic spells and special pelts melted away, their masks disappearing, and their antlers becoming that of a true deer. This place was indeed filled with magic.

This place is my home. And this is not a story you will hear from the viewpoint of one of those deer. I am not one of them. I am not a spirit, nor a passer-by. I am but a simple rabbit, by the name of Black Ear. My name was given because of my obvious mark, my left ear which is darker than the rest of my body. All rabbits are named either for what their parents' first see or by any birthmark on their body. My mother's name was Willow Leaf, my father's Red Patch. My size is decent, though I may be large to some. And I have an ornament on my left ear, given to me by a strange goddess.

:.{Dirty Little Things Meme}.:

[=10]YES. Thankyou, Fled. >D

Have you ever:
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Hooves of Lightning - Blixt's Origin

(I wanted to write this last night but the servers were down, so here it is now. Might edit it later on)

On a cold November afternoon, the subtle silence of the forest was shattered by the sounds of a great battle. In a clearing near a cliff side, two bucks clashed at each other, their antlers locking up as each struggled to overpower the other. Their muscles tightened and both snorted and gritted their teeth as the spar continued. They slowly inched toward the cliff, both with the same idea of throwing the other off into the abyss.

Nearby a doe looked on, watching as her mate fought the opposing buck. He looked back at her for a moment, and at that time his rival caught him off guard and stabbed into his shoulder with an antler. The buck cried out, but then thrashed back at him, getting a clean scratch at his face and raking an eye. "Blixt!", the doe cried to the mate. He staggered back a little, surveying his shoulder wound for a second - it was deep and already bleeding, but he was not losing any strength due to it. "I'm fine, I'm fine!", he called back to his doe, and then lowered his antlers at the rival. His foe had a split second to open his scratched eye back up, at the time that Blixt charged at him. Lowering his antlers at the last second, the two clashed once again, Blixt driving him closer to the edge of the land. "Blixt, wait!", his rival began to say, but Blixt interrupted, "No, Dond, you will not speak! You threatened my doe, and I will not tolerate it!" Dond pressed back at him, "She was never yours to begin with!", he cried, and making the right movements, he threw his head toward the cliffside, making Blixt's body go with it.

Blixt barely caught the edge of the cliff, their antlers still locked.
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::Nothing I Say Will Wash It Away:: [T H E . P R E S E N T]

*Will put more info later*

EDIT: Coding is a pain in the ass; I'm sorry that the one chorus line isn't colored, but the coding won't let it work, and I've been trying to fix it for the last 5-10 minutes. I'm fed up with trying to fix it.

I really wish I could have remembered what I wrote out originally, because I know for a fact that it was twice as epic as what I've rewritten. FML =/

Story's told in Myu's POV, but it's not all blue, because I want people to actually read it, and not bitch about how the text is hurting their eyes. Blue text signifies speech only in this one.

Song lyrics used are from the song "Manic," by Plumb.

::Nothing I Say Will Wash It Away::

She breathes in,
She breathes out...

The sun peeks through the trees, touching me, caressing me, as if trying to bring out of this sorry, miserable state.

It could be worse, it seems to say.

Bullshit, I spit back, my anger seeping, like a wound left to fester.

Oasis and the fawn may have cheered me up, but only slightly.

Just slightly.

When Oasis left, and the fawn went to romp with others of their age, I retreated back to the comfort of the Ruins, allowing my thoughts to tear me asunder again, like a predator lustfully ripping his prey apart.

It's not my fault. It's not my fucking fault.

She wakes up,
And lays down...

A quiet snorting noise cuts the air. Glancing down at the white doe sleeping beside me, my mind beings to boil over, like water left to heat too long.

She sleeps so quietly, so soundly, as if nothing can bother her. She is a blanket of diamond snow in a world of plain dirt.

Kita...your fur is so white, so pure, how can you be an abomination, as he puts it?

Another Roleplay Blog

-deer are preferable...however, I won't mind trying humans if anyone wants. My "unofficial" deer (Maera and Andras) are fantasy humanoid characters in their original forms, so I am used to playing them that way. The others might be more difficult.
Anthro is okay.
-I'm no good with coming up with or starting plots, so there won't be any here, unless someone else wants to try one
-anyone can join any time (I don't care how "good" you are at RP'ing)
-I can handle multiple scenarios and multiple time-lines
-If anyone would prefer to RP elsewhere (a separate blog, through MSN/AIM, a different site, etc.) just let me know.

Amary -bio-
Melinoe -bio-
Oisín -bio-
Hope -bio-
Phoenix -bio-

unofficial deer
(they can still be roleplayed with, these are characters I am used to roleplaying)
Maera -bio-
Andras -bio-
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