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Bright Eyes - Chapter Five

Sorry for the long wait you guys! It's almost five pages, so enjoy it Laughing out loud



‘I still don’t accept this!’ Micarena shouted, while glaring at her parents. Her mother sighed and looked at Mythiro who stood up from his resting place. ‘Micarena, you are going to stop this instant or I’ll sacrifice you to the Twin Gods!’ After hearing that, Micarena’s eyes grew wide with fear. Would he really do such a thing?
‘Sacrifice?’ Fenqua asked curiously. ‘What does that mean, being sacrificed to the Gods?’
‘Well,’ Micarena’s mother answered, ‘it’s an old story, that deer who misbehave or don’t fit in society properly, will be sacrificed to the Twin Gods. This way, our community won’t be disturbed and we will keep the Gods happy.’
‘Isn’t that a terrible thing?’
‘It’s only a story; I have never been a witness of a real sacrificing. I guess it doesn’t exist in the cruel way I just explained.’
‘Fenqua should be sacrificed! That way, we’re all better off and I can be your sweet, happy daughter again!’ Micarena yelled. Her mother started to look pissed and walked over to her.
‘Listen young lady, I don’t want to hear ANY more from you, you understand? While she is trying her best you’re not showing any respect at all! Fenqua is your SISTER now and she will stay. If you have anything against it, you’ll be thrown out this family, not her.’
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Rubies in the Pond - Chapter Five: A Second Night's Work

OOC: off school today with a throat infection of sorts so I figure I'd let my creativity go in writing the next chapter. I probably could have done it better if I wasn't feeling crap, but meh.

Just bumping this for the people who haven't read it yet.



When Vipin was informed of the three does findings the next day, he was both relieved and worried. For one, they were safe, but still, another fawn had it's life taken away. It couldn't happen again, so he strictly forbid any deer to be alone during the long nights, especially the young and vunerable.
"Lieka, I want you to stay around the Triangle." He had told her, hoping that some sort of magical solution would reveal itself there to the Queen. As for Twenty-One, he decided, she would take a break and let someone else take over for a while.

And so it was decided, as Ada and Lieka bid farewell and trotted off together towards the birch forest, Twenty-One was left to stand under the Oak with the magpie stag. In the few hours left of the daytime, they planned a burial for the fawn who lost it's life. An orphan, it had seemed to be, since no mother had come forwards to claim her lost child.

When it finally began to grow darker, and the orange glow of sunset hit the Forest, Vipin nodded to Twenty-One. "It grows dark now. You should go and try to rest a little. Make sure you're not alone either!" Alone. The word dawned heavily upon the chocolate-brown doe. She had nearly always slept alone beneath her favourite spot amongst the poppies, being neighbour to a now-deceased Walter. The next closest stag was Quamar though, and the female was positive that he wouldn't mind putting her up for the night. So with her mind set, the doe bowed gracefully to Vipin and set out into the dusk, heading around in the direction of the Ename and towards Quamar's sleeping location.

As she trotted, Twenty-One's mind wandered to a place she had discovered not too long ago in the Birch forest.
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Rubies in the Pond - Chapter Four: All In A Night's Work

Another crappy chapter from me. Hopefully it provides more entertainment than the last one though, so enjoy. The links to the other chapters will be found on my 'Story Links' blog entry, along with any time I want to call up people for more characters.



Once again another night, as still as the one of the murder, had finally dawned upon the mysterious Forest. Small black bats fluttered in swarms from tree to tree, seeking sanctuary from the sudden sound of cloven hooves which filled the air. Together, Lieka and Twenty-One were slowly trotting side-by-side, ears standing high and eyes sharp. If this monster was out tonight, they would need to be ready to spring in a split second. Still, hanging around behind them and taking advantage of the tree cover, Ada quietly followed the pair as they searched. Dressed in her usual deer mask and stumpy doe antlers, her burgendy pelt provided suitable camoflague too, despite the odd markings which resembled a butterfly so closely.

The young doe watched closely and listened intently to the conversation.
"Where should we start looking?"
"Let's plan a route and go from there."
As quiet as her small feet could make her, Ada remained constantly alert as the pair discussed out a path where they could search. For what, the young doe didn't understand, but nevertheless she was more than willing to follow the pair rather than hanging around on her own in the darkness. Her fear of the shadows between the trees was too much for her to bear by herself, especially when the sound of the word "murderer" came drifting to her ears from Lieka's lips.

"If the murderer is a deer.." The Queen spoke, turning her grey eyes onto Twenty-One, ".. What can we do to stop them in future? Would he be prosecuted and put to death as punishment?" Her voice carried worry; nothing like this had ever been dealt with in the Forest before, and with any hope it wouldn't happen ever again after the suspect was caught.
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Bright Eyes - Chapter Four

HERE IT IS! Behave kiddies, now I have brought you a new chapter full of pleasant reading and cookies... X3 *weird*

Oh, I'm not afraid of critics! So negative comments (with good arguments!) are welcome.



‘HEY! Where do you think you’re going?’ an angry voice shouted. Fenqua heard hooves pounding to the ground while the voice was getting louder. It was only minutes ago since her fight with the doe, which had looked more like a trash. Even though she finally let her anger out, she wasn’t happy with it. She was afraid the herd would banish her, after hearing a sob story from the other doe. Fenqua actually thought she wouldn’t need that, her wounds and bruises already said enough.
Suddenly she stopped and looked over her shoulder. Tears were still streaming down her pretty face, which was already showing the beauty of an adult female. The other deer slowed down and approached her.
‘W-who are y-you?’ Fenqua asked stuttering.
‘My name is not important. The point is, why did you beat up my daughter?’ Fenqua thought his eyes were glowing red from anger, she knew he was almost at the point of revenging his daughter.
‘I-I’m s-sorry. I-I lost c-control.’
‘You can say that all right! But I want to know the reason why you hurt her so much. Well, if there’s a reason, you really look like the kind that would trash her for fun.’
Fenqua was amazed. Why would he say such a thing? She understood he was angry, but she wasn’t an aggressive deer at all. In fact, she had a pretty quiet nature. And she hadn’t got in a fight before, so his opinion lacked arguments. Fenqua became all warm inside, as if her blood was boiling. She looked up with a fierce look in her eyes.
‘You don’t have the right to judge me like that!’
‘Oh yes I do. You almost killed my baby girl, for the Gods their sake.’
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Bright Eyes - Chapter Three


Two months had passed since Orphrite died. Still, the herd hadn’t found anyone to take his place. Before his sudden death, they thought Nimlin would make a fair chance, but because of her impulsive action that was out of the question. Her so called mission had failed, the position of does only got worse. Because Nimlin was one of the better does, the stags thought the other ones would be too impulsive and reckless to serve in their little army.
Even though most does accepted their position, Nimlin wasn’t pleased. Even Fenqua started to think about their decision, which wasn’t fair at all. She believed gender didn’t matter in this case. Abilities mattered, intelligence mattered. And not only stags possessed this, next to the fact that not even all stags possessed it. Qualities were divided amongst does and stags, Fenqua believed. She wondered if she could somehow prove it…

During these months, Fenqua had grown a lot and the white spots on her fawn pelt started to disappear. Her face was starting to look much older and wiser. Even though she had never been clumsy, her movements became more graceful. Also, Nimlin had started their training again, hoping that Fenqua would restore the doe’s pride. She had become harsher during these months and her training had only become harder. Fenqua was guessing that Nimlin chased her in order to increase her speed, so she would be the fastest doe in the herd. Or maybe even the fastest deer. Due to her training, Fenqua had no time to look for Skokey and this concerned her. She still had the feeling he was in danger, but Nimlin just wouldn’t leave her alone until she was exhausted and had to sleep. Otherwise, she wouldn’t survive the next day.
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Rubies in the Pond [Discontinued]

NOTICE:: Although I am taking my leave from the TEFc, I will be leaving this here.

All illustrations in my fanfiction are done by the fabulous Ephra.


Prologue: Click! - Illustrated

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[b]Chapter Twelve - Empathy Resonance:
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Bright Eyes - Chapter Two

Damn, I'm writing like mad! I already finished chapter two, I never wrote a story this fast. More danger in this one. And you'll finally find out who Fenqua's friend is, although that didn't take to long. It kinda connects two stories on TEF with each other ^^




‘AWAY FROM THE EDGE!’ A strong, black stag with huge antlers shouted. He was running in circles around a group of panicking deer, preventing anyone to wander of. His emerald green eyes scanned the group, to see if everyone was there. He was missing one of the younger stags, but he had already been away for weeks, so it wouldn’t be clever looking for him now the herd was in danger. The black stag stopped in front of the herd and bellowed loudly to get their attention. Immediately the deer stopped panicking and looked at him.
‘Listen up everyone, there is no need to create a chaos here. We’re going to stay calm and leave this place together. There is no need to panic if we all stay together and away from the edge of the woods.’
A fiery doe stepped forward and bowed politely, meaning she wanted to ask him a question.
‘Go ahead Nimlin, you don’t have to bow for me.’ The stag answered with a slightly irritated voice.
‘Sir, I was just wondering what we’re up against. You’re saying we have to leave our territory and stay away from the edge. But I think me and the other deer would like to know what the threat is. And if it’s worth fleeing for.’ After hearing this, other deer nodded and the crowd started to shout things like: ‘Yeah, tell us!’ or ‘Why don’t we fight?’
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Bright Eyes - Chapter One

I finally have a title for my story, inspired by one of the most beautiful songs.
You may know what I'm talking about if you have seen the movie Water Ship Down. ^^

No dying humans this time, but more of an introduction chapter. I hope it's not too boring, there will be more blood soon XDD Enjoy!



A few months later…

It was a cold and windy September’s day, the sun had hidden behind the clouds and wasn’t planning on coming back anytime soon. Even though the animals in the forest didn’t know about real seasons, they could feel the autumn spirit was near. It was time to pray and welcome the new season. To thank the Gods for everything they might give, or take.
At least one of the young does was certain the Gods would take something from her. They were her number one love, the flowers. The soft patches of grass, surrounded by poppies or blueberries were her favorite resting places. She was going to miss them, as she believed she was some sort of princess to them. A princess of the flowers, like them she would weaken during autumn and die when the first frost would come.

Even though she was still a fawn, Fenqua had grown older from the things she had been through. And more important, she had grown wiser. She had nothing to complain, she had a wonderful position in the herd and she never had to worry about thirst or starvation. Fenqua’s caretaker had done anything to raise her properly, but her methods sure left their scars on her.
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Bright Eyes - Prologue

But it's way different from the other ones, I hope. Well at least the beginning is, you won't expect a TEF story from the start, but it slowly gets there, trust me! This is just a prologue though and it isn't very exciting either, since I'm not a star at English. My grades tell another story, but I'm talking about real writing, not learning words or grammar. Have fun reading anyway, before I start my own life story here.



It was early in the morning and a warm, bright sun was shining through the blinds. Rays of light fell upon her face as she slowly opened her eyes. She yawned and stretched herself, she didn’t feel like coming out of bed, but she had no choice. Another day of work had begun and she was already behind on her current project.
She stepped out of bed and slowly walked down the stairs. Not fully awake yet, she opened some curtains. Without mercy, the sun burned her eyes and blinded her for a few seconds. She cursed and backed away from the window. First some coffee, she thought. I’ll dress up later.

She turned on the coffee machine and decided to get the newspaper, when the phone suddenly rang. Probably work, she thought and she picked up. ‘Hello, Sheila speaking.’ She said.
‘Hi there Sheila, how have you been?’ It was her colleague, Matt.
‘I’m fine, thanks. How about you?'
‘I’m pretty excited today! I just heard we are going to work on a new project.’
‘Yeah! You and me together, it’s really going be fun, isn't it?’
‘I’m sure it is. But I haven’t finished my other project yet, I don’t have time for this.’
‘Well, the boss insisted that we would do it. So you can leave your other project for a while, this one concerns him more.’
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