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Herein contains the written works I have posted on this site - not including roleplay posts. Those are too scattered around to compile.

The first thing you'll notice is the multi-chapter story that dominates the top part of this blog. It's discontinued, but I keep it around for nostalgia's sake. Everything else is one-shots unless stated otherwise, followed by a list of gift writings I have received that have been posted on this site.


Summary: The deer who live in the Endless Forest had to have come from somewhere. Surely, they didn't just wake up in the forest one day and that was it? They had to have parents, grow up some, most likely somewhere outside the Endless Forest before arriving there one day.
This is how the Dragonfly Deer came to be in the Endless Forest...

Origins Chapter List

-Outside the Forest-
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
-Entering the Endless Forest-
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
-Outside the Forest once more-
Chapter Eleven
*discontinued due to writer's block.

Other Stories

Timeline of Events - The history of the dragonfly deer laid out in a list.
Idol Conversation - Briefly accounts Kinsha's past.
Idol Conversation 2 - A continuation. Accounts Radeon's past, and answers some questions.
Like Father, Like Son - Spade has a question for Magnet.
Let's Not Overthink This... - Suiren's thoughts are interrupted.
It all started with a bird - A memory.
The fence proved no match - An introduction.
Home Away From Home - Toukan answers his brother's question of "Where do you go when you're not in the Forest?"
Home Away From Home 2 - A sequel.
The Sketchbook - Tundra finds Kinsha's sketchbook lying around, and, well, curiosity killed the cat.
How much sake did we drink? - Kinsha wakes up where he didn't expect to.
How much sake? 2 - A continuation.
Knife-Throwing - Kinsha's knife-throwing practice comes to an abrupt halt.
Knife-Throwing 2 - Tundra was spying.
Memory Lapse - Tundra talks to Suiren and realizes he can't remember last night. But maybe someone else does...
Scribbles - Why the hell was he drawing a dog?
Revealed-and-Found - No more hiding.
Birthday Cake - Richter and Kinsha's birthday.
Watching - Kinsha sketching; Tundra watching.
Mystery Solved - Contemplating the latest wolf drawing.
"What's the best way to do this..." - First there's admitting to yourself. Then there's admitting to your best friend.

Writings by Others
(not including diary entries)

The Ninja Code by Quad
I want to help...I want something by Mick
Lightning and Ice by Mick
[HotOO 2010]The Strange Red Orb - featuring Toukan
[HotOO 2010]The First Flight - featuring Scape
Christmas Presents 1 by Mick
Raindeer, Raindeer by Quad
Writings for People by Mick
Deer Who Sleeps in Water by Seed
A Cake in the Endless Forest by Quad
Eternity by Quad
[HotOO 2011]The Snowdeer - featuring Blue
[HotOO 2011]Christmas in the Afterlife - featuring Kinsha
[HotOO 2011]The Witching Hour - featuring Midnight
[HotOO 2011]The Endless Forest Grinch - featuring Scape
[HotOO 2011]Iugulare Claus - featuring Toukan
[need to add some stories in this spot I neglected to]
Just this Once (further down the page) by Mick
Valentine Writings - Love's Bonding (2011), Love's Insecurity (2012) by Mick
Happy Birthday, Raise a Glass! by Mick
Tales from the Nexus - Shippai by Quad
History of the Jack-O-Lantern by Quad
Letter Left Lying by Mick
Happy Birthday by Mick
Finally, You and Me are the Lucky Ones by Mick
Fall from Grace - The Rise of the Supreme Talux by Quad
Unconditional by Mick
Damn. Gods Above. The Idiots. by Mick
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Your story Origins has me

Your story Origins has me glued - You are an excellent writer ^^
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Thanks. =D *uses that to

Thanks. =D *uses that to kick self back into writing it* Stupid writer's block. XD

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It's what Blue used to look

It's what Blue used to look like! =D

The Dragonfly Deer's Biography
The Wannabe Ninja