Mystery Solved

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Did some more writing. \o/ It's short because I quickly wrote it up as the before to what I originally wrote (which I will post later).
This would take place sometime before the sketch I did last week.


The wolf stared up at him. Again.

He wasn't sure how many times this made it now. But it was really starting to weird him out.

Ok. Not starting. He'd been weirded out at least 5 wolves ago.

How many times was he going to find himself drawing it? This was getting worse than the Silvery bird! And he'd figured that one out sooner; he was sure of it!

Kinsha sighed, resting his chin on his fist while leaning his elbow on the couch arm.

A feeling of eyes on him for a second made him look towards the doorway in time to see Tundra disappearing behind the door frame, apparently on his way into the kitchen.

Shrugging since this was nothing new, he turned his attention back to the mystery he was trying to solve.

The wolf sketch staring up at him.

Come to think of it...he hadn't noticed it before, but the wolf had a turned paw. Not extreme, but enough to be obvious if you were looking for it. It reminded him of...



It had a turned paw just like Tundra had a turned hoof. Even as a human, one of his feet was turned in too.

On the right side. Just like the wolf.

Mystery solved then.