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Had this idea for awhile.
So here, have another short story. \o/
If there's anything off, I'll fix it later when I have time.


He was watching him draw.

And he wasn't doing a thing to prevent it.

Not shifting to the side subtly, not leaning over the page, not even the obvious "pause and move arm to block page until other person takes the hint and goes away".

Only Richter was allowed to watch, and that was only because she ignored all these signs, leaning over his shoulder until he gave up.

So why was he letting Tundra?

He hadn't started out watching of course. The reindeer-turned-human had flopped on one end of the couch with a book -- they tended to avoid the armchair since Suiren favored it -- unconsciously choosing the same spot he had the other times they both sat here. (Seemed these were "their spots" now.)

For awhile, he'd just been reading his book, the occasional flap of turning pages joining the quiet scratching of pencil across paper. But eventually, the flipping slowed, and then stopped.

Kinsha took his attention off the leopard perched in a tree he'd sketched, half-looking to make sure he didn't screw up adding details to the tree, peeking from the corner of his eye to find that, yes, Tundra was indeed watching him draw. He seemed to be trying to be subtle about it, his head barely turned in the book's direction, but it was enough. He definitely had his eyes pointed at the page.

Yet still the ninja did nothing.

He didn't dwell on the "why" of this, instead focusing his full attention back on his drawing.

And paused.

There at the base of the tree, half-sketched as if he'd just started on it, was the wolf. Not staring up at him this time. Staring up at the leopard, which he realized he had also drawn looking down at something. They were looking at each other curiously.

He'd even written his name by the leopard at some point. Meaning it was the leopard meant to represent himself. And with who he suspected the wolf might be...

He probably knew what this meant, but he wasn't going to acknowledge it. And he could feel the question the other was thinking... Probably wondering who the wolf was as well.

He ignored this, instead letting his hand finish outlining the form of the wolf before adding details to the rest of the drawing.

Tundra was still watching him draw.

And he was ok with that.