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Cursed Visions;; A poem

I feel fucked so I wrote a poem. Yeah, I only write poems when I feel bad, otherwise nothing comes out, really. Actually, Silvery 'wrote' this, it's about her current feelings. Which are a lot worse than mine.

Drops of virgin snow upon,
The charcoal grief beneath her eyes
Eternal insomniac, doomed to dream
About horror and fatal, aching wounds

Frozen heart eagarly beating for,
A love that lasts a lifetime
Eternal fortuneteller, doomed to dream
And face the evil of an unholy curse

Night after night the angel comes,
Spreading broken wings above her head
Tears of blood fall far below
The ending of one's final path
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Bright Eyes - Chapter Nine

Finally, chapter nine! And the story doesn't end here... ;D



She was sick of it. Sick of feeling sick. There was nothing she could do, she felt tired, angry and she hated everyone. For weeks this had been going on and Fenqua didn’t have the slightest idea what was growing inside of her. She felt broken, dying, like the world didn’t care about her anymore. Like the Gods didn’t care anymore. She was on the edge of either exploding or drowning in her own misery.

‘Fenqua? I think we need to talk.’ Fulu carefully approached the grumpy doe. ‘It’s about… your mood swings.’
‘Talk? What is there to talk? I’m going to die, so please leave me alone.’
‘Fenqua, you’re not going to die, just listen to me.’
Fenqua just let out a soft growl and turned her head to the young birdlike deer. Yes, young deer. Much younger than herself, she felt so old being like this. She used to run through the forest before the sun rose, but this morning she felt sick and threw up on her own mate.
‘Okay, listen Fen. You know darn right what’s going on. You know there’s something different about your body,’ Fulu swallowed when she saw Fenqua’s face ‘you… really… s-shouldn’t deny it and just accept the fact that…’
‘That what?’
‘That you’re…’
‘That I’m what, Fulu?’ Fenqua’s face was now right in front of the white doe and she gasped. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea at all, she thought. She looked away.
‘Tell me Fulu… what’s wrong with me?’ Suddenly Fenqua’s voice sounded softer, almost sad. Like she was about to hear terrible news from her. Fulu took a deep breath and looked her in the eyes.

‘Fenqua, you’re pregnant.’

A loud and angry bellow followed, together with the flight of a hundred birds.
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Light Is Gone 1

Light is gone
Blackhoof's Past

We had altercations.

We had struggles, we had love. But that fallowed hate. We had grief, and we had thrills. We had beauty, and we had death. And for a fawn, it was all to much of a lesson to learn. To deep in depth, to hard to explain. How can you? How would you know what death is when you’ve only just started living?

“Child, my precious child,” The doe coddled her fawn her coat a bright red, her ears deep in love for her fawn. A stag walked to her and lowered his head nuzzling the fawn. The fawn moved very anomaly, its eyes closed very tight close to its mother. It looked like a runt, but it was hard to tell because he lay down with his legs close to his body, covering all the details of him.

“Wow, he has such a blue coat? So richer than mine,” The stag laughed.

“I know, and can you believe how darling he looks? Just like his father,” She looked up at him, smiling lightly.

The stag cuddled against the does’ cheek then pulled slowly away asking her politely “What shall we name him?”

“Well, I was thinking…Blackhoof? I mean look at this left one right here,” she nudged the fawns’ hoof to the surface of day. “It’s pure white, shining!”

“But why not Whitehoof then,” The stag laughed lightly.

“Because, if you would’ve seen his eyes when he opened them darling…They where as black as obsidian with a hint of blue. They told stories my dear? His stories…our future,” The doe cuddled him. “I want to see him grow. I want to see him strut infront of the does like you did. I want to see him live.”

The stag laughed then cuddled the does face again “Fine, Blackhoof it is. Black because of his eyes, and hoof because of his hoof.”

We had it all, we lost so much. We saw the dawn, we died at night. We where blessed, we where destined, and we where forbidden.
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Bright Eyes - Chapter Eight

Anyone remember this? Of course, I've been teasing you all a while with this. But it was worth the waiting, I hope. This is the longest chapter ever, it has eight pages! It has a lot of information too, I hope it's not too much.

Enjoy everyone! Don't pay attention to mistakes, I was too hyper to check them. XD

Deanna, I hope I got Vessel right... He speaks a bit... high class English, so that's hard to write...



The forest seemed peaceful and quiet, just the way she wanted it. The little fawn felt confident while starting her exploration. Her big, brown eyes scanned the trees, the mushrooms and the small animals. Nothing ever missed her sight, because everything caught her attention, but only for a little while. The fawn was infamous for her attention problem; she was easily distracted and always seemed dreamy. Other fawns avoided her, because she seemed weird and sometimes even scary.
But the little one didn’t mind at all, she preferred to be on her own, quietly discovering the secrets of the forest. Most of them weren’t really secrets, but how much would you expect from a little fawn? In the distance, she could see a huge patch of purple. Flowers, she thought. I must avoid them, they’re evil.

‘Silvery? Honey where are you?’

Oh no, not mommy, she thought. I won’t be able to explore on my own if she keeps following me!

‘Yes mommy, I’m coming!’ The little fawn turned around and slowly walked towards her mother. She gave the flowers one more glance and stuck her tongue out. Stupid flowers.

‘Where did you go?’ her mother asked worried.
‘You know you can’t go out by yourself, you’re way too young! Why you don’t play with the other fawns?’
‘Because they all avoid me. That makes them stupid.’
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Bright Eyes - Chapter Seven

Hi everyone, finally I finished chapter seven! I think this was the hardest chapter, because I didn't want to repeat to much of HF. Again, I picked the most important pieces and added them. I just hope it looks alright. I have the feeling the quality isn't as good as it used to be...

Have fun reading it anyway!

P.S. Skokey, I hope I got your characters right. Skokey isn't that hard though, because I just copied and pasted from HF. Hope you don't mind, but it was the best way...



It had been another few weeks and Fenqua tried to let Skokey socialize with the other deer. After spending so much time alone, she thought it would be good for him to meet some new friends. Most deer weren’t very pleased to see him, listening to all the words that were spreading. Some of the deer even said he beat up his mother, who left him when he was a newborn. Thanks to his reputation, it was hard for him to make a good impression.
But, one of the stags didn’t seem to care and they had a long conversation with each other.

The next morning, a gentle breeze awoke Skokey from his sleep. He noticed Fenqua was still asleep, so it had to be early. He decided to get up anyway and dipped his head to graze. A butterfly that was circling around his head tried to land on his nose, but took off every time he moved. After a while he spotted something in the distance, a young fawn that had almost reached adolescence. He slowly walked over to her as she came closer. The fawn had large, sad eyes and ears hanging below her chin. Her face was wet and her tail was slowly sawing from side to side. Skokey looked at her black eyes, but she soon looked down again.

‘Hi…’ she said very quietly.
‘Hi.’ he replied, bringing his head to her level. ‘What’s the matter?’
She stared at him for a while and suddenly noticed his pictogram. ‘Skokey… my brother.’
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Origins + other stories

Herein contains the written works I have posted on this site - not including roleplay posts. Those are too scattered around to compile.

The first thing you'll notice is the multi-chapter story that dominates the top part of this blog. It's discontinued, but I keep it around for nostalgia's sake. Everything else is one-shots unless stated otherwise, followed by a list of gift writings I have received that have been posted on this site.

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Bright Eyes - Chapter Six

I don't want to loose my reputation (do I even have one?) so I wrote another chapter of BE. I always promise to write it quick and it works! Also, this is the longest chapter, almost six pages. It's getting easier and easier to fill the chapters, so there might be more than I thought before.

Have fun! Please please please listen for once to this: I LOVE CRITICS. If you give me some, I'll love you too! I really want them because they help me improve. And I'm a serious writer, so I want to improve as much as I can. I received critics on dA last week and it helped so much I want more!



It was a very dull, rainy morning. Most deer stayed in bed, because there was no sun to greet them today. Nobody was bellowing, no birds were chirping. Only the ticking sound of the rain reached her ears. Fenqua loved the quietness of the forest and decided to take a stroll. Drops of rain fell upon her nose, which caused her to sneeze. She smiled faintly and headed for the pond, not thinking about anything.
Since the strange encounter with the humans, Fenqua needed to be alone. Even though she saved Micarena, the doe hadn’t been grateful at all. Instead, she seemed scared of her. Actually, Fenqua couldn’t care less, but she wasn’t going to save Micarena’s deer butt the next time. It surprised her that the doe hadn’t told anyone about the strange glowing light coming from Fenqua’s head. Usually she was the gossiping type, but she kept this for herself. Maybe because she was scared of her father’s reaction to her coming near to humans. It could also be pure egoism. When telling a story about Fenqua chasing away humans, she would attract less attention to herself, which she hated.
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Rubies in the Pond - Chapter Seven: The Morning After

OOC: I had real trouble thinking up placements for certain characters, but I've done my best. x_x I hope it doesn't come out too short or too lame. And I'm still looking for characters in the upcoming end to the story. But for now we're just past the half-way mark of the series, I would say.

Oh, and Tabitha in this chapter is written before she had a crush on Quamar.. methinks.

BUMPING. For people who haven't read it yet.


"Hey.. Hey! Wake up already!"

A short pain rudely dragged Twenty-One from her sleep. Unwilling to rouse from the pleasant peace she had been lingering in, the doe merely grumbled and shifted her head slightly. ".. Five more minutes, Walter.."


The voice that questioned Twenty-One's words were hardly masculine in tone, causing the sleepy female to peel open one eye. Standing over her with a raised hoof was another doe, looking seemingly surprised and bemused beneath her deer mask and stubby antlers. "You've been dreaming again!" Tabitha's sing-song voice rang out as she skipped upon the spot, her mahogany and amber fur bouncing with her excited movements. "Get up already! Quamar told me that Vipin had told him that you had told him you were telling Quamar you were staying with him!" She giggled at Twenty-One's blank look. "But you didn't show up! I found you though, I did! So get up already!"

With a yawn, the chocolate-brown doe stood up and glanced around. It was late morning, but curiously enough she was laying on the bank of the pond. She'd fallen asleep here, yes.. But yesterday.. Wasn't that just a dream?

"Come on! Come on!" Tabi hopped in a circle around Twenty-One. "Wipe away that silly look! I was told that Vipin-Whippin' wanted to see you!" Her prancing carried her off down the hill along the water's edge, down towards the shallows.
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Seed's Poetry Corner: A Collection

Welp, I decided to put up handy-dandy links to all of Seed's little poems. Because why not? The links will lead to the poem (or poems) in the link-text. enjoy.
(feel free to comment on any of the poems. Really.
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Rubies in the Pond - Chapter Six: The Heart of Me

OOC: This chapter is the one I've been thinking about writing the most, and I know that regardless I'm not gonna do it any justice. x_x But here I go, and hopefully you'll enjoy it, although it doesn't contain a lot of action.

BUMPING! For the people who haven't read it yet. >.>

Another quick edit.
This was released early to celebrate Walterwoman's wedding. xD The next chapter won't be out for a while, so let your minds wander on how the plot might develop. XP



"W-why.." The brown doe couldn't understand. Walter! The stag that had died, the stag's body whom she had seen with her own eyes, was standing right there! How was he alive? "Walter! I.. I thought.. I thought you were dead!" There was no reply from the now-motionless stag as he lurked over her fallen body. Nervously, at the lack of response, Twenty-One crawled backwards a little further, only triggering the stag's steps forwards. ".. Did you kill Cutlery and that fawn?" No answer. "Your own brother!" Confidence grew in the female's voice as she began to shout at Walter. "Why would you kill your own brother!?" This time, there was a reply. The stag raised a hoof and brought it slamming into the dry soil, cracking the surface without a flinch. His head rose and released a fierce bellow of fury into the night air, and from a glimpse Twenty-One could see his body was contorted and twisted like a mangy animal. Such anger, the doe had not even seen from Walter before, and as he began to approach again, her fear drove her further backwards as she tried to regain her footing.

Such fury indeed, as Walter's lip curled back in a feral snarl. There was no sanity left in the stag's mind, it seemed. The mention of his brother, the name "Cutlery".. It rang in the beast's mind as without warning he reared high onto his powerful haunches. There was no doubt in his motive as he aimed to land dead on top of Twenty-One's head.
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