My aching hour

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Under cut. (:
A follow up on this.

The white stag disappeared in a sky of smoke, but the dead body of the doe remained by the Ruins. The black deer was killed,
and slowly the blackness that had taken over her body was forced to release it's grip on the doe. But this was a slow process,
must slower than it had been to overtake her body. And while the blackness released her from it's grip, the doe laid there,
her heart as still as her body, the only moving thing was the blood that poured from her wounds, creating red, sweet-smelling
pools around the cadaver.

And while she laid there in her own blood, the doe was visited by several friends and acquaintances, her eyes still wide open, staring
into nothing. It wasn't until later, when everyone was gone, things began to happen. The heart began to beat again. Slowly at first, as
if it needed to figure out how to do this again. But soon it was beating in a normal rhythm again, and the sides of the doe began to move
as she took a deep breath. The most fatal wounds she had received while she was a black deer was gone, but some were still there, some
wounds that didn't seem they would heal at all. Her red eyes turned pale again - except for a red streak on the left eye, where it had
been hit by a tine from the stag - but that was also the only change that was noticeable.

Her hair did not turn white again, and her skeleton markings did also seem to be gone, while her black fur had taken a darker gray
shade. Her antlers were still broken, and her skull remained gone - at least for now. Slowly, Illrose blinked. Her eyes felt dry and
uncomfortable after being open for a long time. Her body felt stiff, and it was aching. Now she could also feel how hungry and thirsty
she was, since she had not been eating and drinking for days. Illrose slowly got to her feet, but her legs were shaking, as if she were
a newborn fawn. And as she stood there, taking in the sounds and sights around her, she felt two things; confusion and fear.

'What...what is this place?' The thought drifted slowly through her head, since her mind seemed to be as slow as her body right now.
'Where am I?' She looked around, nearly panicking when she realized she had no idea whatsoever where she was at the moment.
And then a even worse thought hit her, a thought that made Illrose freeze completely.'I don't know who I am.' She tried to dig deep
into her mind, but it was completely empty. 'I have no idea who I am!' Now she was really panicking, so caught up in her own thoughts
that even the tiniest sound or movement made her flinch, and almost flee, even though the source of it all just was a squirrel, or a harmless bird.

Illrose closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, trying to calm down. There was no use in freaking out, and there surely had to be someone
on this place that could tell her where she was. Perhaps even someone that knew what her name was? Perhaps someone that knew what had
happened that caused her to lose her memory in the first place? This thoughts calmed her down, and Illrose stepped out of the dried pools of
blood, heading in the direction where she could smell fresh water. Where she could drink, and wash the dried blood out of her dark gray fur.


Finally done with this as well. xD
Illrose obviously suffer a memory loss atm, but I decided to let her relations stay as they are on her bio, because I believe her memory will come back after some time. (:

aww illrose

aww illrose <3

so good to have you back... and with that memory loss... don't worry that will fix itself... i hope |D

awesome writing again <3

edit: wtf why i am i on alice account? i was logged in with aldebaran...

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&hearts; Haha, yeah,

Haha, yeah, hopefully it will all come back someday. xD
Thank you. :')

And that is really creepy. ._.

Illy ;A; Also enjoyable to

Illy ;A;
Also enjoyable to read.
Gosh, I hope she doesn't suffer too much with this memory loss.

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Mmm...I liked reading this a

Mmm...I liked reading this a lot. Wonderful writing, as always. ♥
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Ammy; Thank youu. ^^ No,

Thank youu. ^^ No, hopefully she won't. ^^

:'D ♥

Thank you so much! ♥