Dead can dance ( Mature warning )

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EDIT 11/09; So sorry for bumping this old blog now, I just noticed a bunch of writing errors that was annoying me and I had to do something about them, please just ignore this. xD

Under cut. (:

Warning! Violence and gore. Read at your own risk!

Like a zombie, an undead creature, she roamed the Forest. A black deer, a black doe, with a body now filled with wounds. Some were from attacks, others were from her simply running into stuff, blinded by her obsession to find the stag they named Pierce. The large, blood red antlers she had worn so proudly had broken off, and the skull mask The Collector himself had given her was also lost somewhere. But the black doe didn't care, she didn't care about anything else than the colorful stag she was searching for.

The doe stopped at the ruins, sniffed the air several times, but she could not catch the scent she was searching for. A brown doe approached her, a doe she would have recognized as a friend and a sister, Umay, if things had been different. But now, she only taunted at the doe to get out of her way. As she continued her search, the black doe saw a glimpse of white in the corner of her eye. A white stag stood there, his eyes hidden behind a pair of goggles. The stag had once been one of her closest friends, now she only stared at him with red, empty eyes.

A giggle escaped the stag's lips, and he had a grin on his face. "Oh... oh fat lizard... what happened to you... you hehe..." The stag obviously eyed her, but the black doe showed no sign of recognition, not even to the horrible nickname that once would have made her cringe and snarl. "You are a mess, my love.. yes...?" The doe merely blinked, before she finally stepped closer to the stag. She stretched her neck, and sniffed him just like she sniffed any other deer that crossed her path. And like always, she was filled with disappointment. This was not the stag she searched for, this was not Pierce! She flattened her ears and taunted at the stag, baring her teeth in a snarl. "You are not him!" She growled with a hoarse voice. "Not him. Go away!"

She taunted at the stag again, ignoring the warning signs as his ears flattened."Watch your tonuge, you old wrench...!" The stag shook his head. "... What.. eh what is wrong with you eh... you.. you should know I don't... don't like this this tune..." The stag growled, but she only stared at him, mildly confused. Why was he still here, talking to her? Why didn't he flee like the rest of them did? He had to go, his scent confused her nose and she had to find Pierce. The fur on her neck bristled and she stomped the ground with sharp, cracked hooves. "You are not him! Go away!" She snarled at the stag, baring her sharp teeth at him. She then lowered her head, forgetting - or perhaps never realizing - that she didn't have her large, blood red antlers anymore. "Wh.. what the hell are you talking about" The stag growled as well, and the black doe stretched her neck, tried to bite him while she snarled in annoyance.

The white stag stomped the ground, tossing dirt and dust in the air as he did so, while his antlers began to grow, sharp and deadly. "Don't test me Illrose... don't test me... yes...?" He stomped the ground again, tossing up more dust. "... You... you really want to make me angry this time.. yes....yes...?" The stag giggled, something that just made her even more annoyed. Her attempt to bite him had also missed. But at least he had her attention now, it seemed she would have to get rid of this persistent stag if she should be able to continue her task. "You don't listen." She growled. He didn't listen, and he would have to pay the price. Either die, or to become a servant of the King, like her. A twisted smile formed her lips as the doe reared, before she leaped forward with her jaws apart, ready to bite.

The stag moved to the side, but her chest hit his hip, and her lips brushed against his fur, but she didn't succeed in biting him this time either. The impact nearly threw them both out of balance, and when the black doe had manage to pull herself together, the white stag was already charging at her. She could do nothing but jumping to the side to avoid the attack, but she was not quick enough. She felt a stinging pain in her left eye, where one of the tines on the stag's antlers had hit her. If she had been ever slower to get out of the way, the tine would have gouged her eye out of the eye socked. She shook her head, her left eye immediately filled with tears, which made her sight blurry.

The doe pulled her lips back in a growl, and she stomped her hooves in the ground before she lowered her head and charged, ran toward the stag like a runaway train. She smacked into the side of the stag, her broken antlers pierced his skin and colored his white fur red. The impact threw the stag a few meters away, and she nearly fell forward, while her left eye blinked frantically, tears still running down her cheek. She turned her head, used her right eye to focus, and she soon found the stag again, standing a distance away with his antlers lowered. She snorted, and then lowered her own antlers while she pawed the ground like a bull. She then jumped forward and charged at him again. The stag stood there, as if he waited for her to run into him, but in the last minute he jumped to the side, out of the way of the charging doe.

This surprised her, and she fell onto her knees when she attempted to stop and turn after him. She snarled in annoyance, and got back up. But the stag was already charging, and this time it was too late to get out of the way. She roared in pain and anger as his antlers pierced her side, puncturing one of her lungs, causing old wounds to bleed again, and ripping open new wounds. Her breathing immediately got heavier, as blood poured from her side. She lowered her head and charged again, but clearly much slower now. The impact made the stag rear up, before he bit down on her neck. Like a wild dog he bit, making her scream as she tossed her head back and forth, trying to hit him with her antlers. The stag growled and grunted as he bit down her neck and kicked out with his front legs. In the end the doe saw only one solution; she dug her hind legs into the ground, tightened her muscles and jumped backward, ripped herself lose from the stag's grip. At the same time, her hoof slammed into his shoulder, and a cracking sound of bones breaking could be heard.

By ripping free from the stag, the black doe created a large wound on her own neck, which immediately began to pour blood. The doe gasped for air as she struggled to stay conscious. Just like the stag in front of her, who stood there bleeding with broken bones in his body and fur and flesh in his mouth. The black doe blinked, swayed where she stood, barely noticing him spitting the fur and flesh out of his mouth, before he charged at her. She saw him charging, but there was nothing she could do to get out of the way, she had no strength left and she had to struggle to get enough air down to her damaged lungs. The stag slammed into her body, and she gasped as one of his antlers pierced her body, entering just below her throat, and exiting just above her shoulder blades.

She blinked, and her feet grew weak, forcing her to lean toward the stag to even be able to stay on her feet. And while she was pierced on his antler, the doe stretched her neck, and bit down into the stag's shoulder, making him scream. She didn't bite hard enough to turn him into a black deer, but enough to have something to cling to while struggling to stay alive. Her breathing were weak, her throat filled with blood and her eyes half closed, until the stag began to rip and tear to get his antler out of her body. But the black doe didn't seem to feel it anymore, her whole body felt numb. The stag finally managed to rip his antler loose from her body, loosing a tine or two in the process and he fell to the side. The black doe had leaned toward him for support but when he fell, she fell too, right into the ground like a rag doll. The stag continued to kick and bite while laying down, but the black doe was laying still, with her legs stretched out. Spasms ran through her body now and then, like cramps.

The stillness from the doe seemed to calm the stag down. He coughed, and giggled. "Heh..s...see... love... you... you shouldn't..." The sentence was broken of with a cough. "Should't... make me angry... niemals... nein... lose it so... so easily... ja.. so... einfach..." The black doe stared into nothing while battling her own body, battling to stay alive. Each deep breath was a fight, interrupted by strangled coughs and blood running from the corners of her mouth. Her ear moved slowly to the sound of his voice, but she lay completely still, and soon her chest and sides stopped moving as well, as the doe lost the battle, and her body gave up.

The stag giggled again, staring into the blank eye of the doe. "No... no... nei nein nein nein... du bist stark du bist stark... (you are strong, you are strong)" He forced his body to move, creeping closer to her...pushing his face uncontrolled into her bloodied fur... staining the glasses of his goggles even more, making it impossible now to see. He let out an angry scream, shaking his head violently to get rid of the goggles... now it was the piercing bright light that limited his vision... "Nein nein!... du wirst nicht serben ich erlaube das nicht...!" (no no! you won't die i won't allow that...") His voice failed him.

Slowly the realization soaked through his insane brain... he had killed her. He had murdered her... murderer... murderer..."Nein nein..." He slowly crept away again... another realization crept into his mind. Although he always had denied it. She had been his friend. He had murdered his friend. .. probably the only one he would ever have... he screamed... the there was only one thought... he had to get away from here... away from this place... way from this nightmare... he threw back his head, still screaming... but the noise slowly fading... like the body of the stag... in the end.. he vanished in a dark cloud of smoke again... escaping this world...


Alright, if anything looks weird, it's because I'm on a laptop, and I don't trust it. xD Anything weird I will fix when I get home tomorrow, then I'll also add some artwork. :')

Illrose belong to me.
'Smiling' Jack belong to AliceV.
This writing is from a rp between us, and Jack is quoted with her permission. ( Actually, the whole last part is quoted with her permission. x'b )

Again, thank you so much! ♥

Edit; Added the artwork I promised. My muse decided to fail me today, so it just became a acreenie edit. Oh well. :')
Edit 2; I now realized I had the wrong song on this. ._. Well, changed song now. xD

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this is an awesome wall of

this is an awesome wall of text, yes, yes...

oh and thank you so so much for this... really <3

anf gawd... poor illrose... coem on girl... now just stand up again, yes, please? ;;

Oh I love this...I do I do I

Oh I love this...I do I do I do...o.o

ahh this was really good

ahh this was really good <3 you make it very believable, as I often find texts like this rushed and too "hasty" to make it realistic and enjoyable to read. I feel sorry for them both though.
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Aldebaran; Haha, thank you.

Haha, thank you. Thank you so much for everything. ♥

Poor Illrose? Poor Jack I'll rather say. xD But yeah, she will stand up again, before you know it. >D*evil laughter*

Thank you, I'm really glad you do. :') I did wonder if anyone would even bother to read, since it turned out a bit ( much) longer than I expected. xD

Thank you so much, dear. ♥ I admit the rp itself, and AliceV of course, was a good help to write this. ^^'

Ahhh that was awesome! That

Ahhh that was awesome! That must have been one really fun RP because it made for great reading. Laughing out loud
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Ah, thank you so much, Tera.

Ah, thank you so much, Tera. :'D Yes, the rp was very, very fun! n__n
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For some reason the title

For some reason the title reminds me of "You're gonna go far kid" by the Offspring.

This was amazing to read, and I espeically love the ending. You are an awesome writer, you are probably better than me.
I have a Master's degree in Wumbology.
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Hm, I've never heard that

Hm, I've never heard that song. The title is named after the song I posted in this blog, a soundtrack from a movie named The Mist. :')

And thank you. I won't say that though, I'm never able to write as long answers as you do in rp. ;b
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That was amazing, and I feel

That was amazing, and I feel so bad for both of them. Must have been hell to go through.
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Thank you so much, Quad. :')

Thank you so much, Quad. :') Yes, it definitely was hell for the characters, but I admit we players had a fun time during this rp. :b
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Oh yeah, that's one of my

Oh yeah, that's one of my favorite songs Sticking out tongue

Thanks I guess? XD
I have a Master's degree in Wumbology.
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Lol, you're welcome. n_n

Lol, you're welcome. n_n

Oooh~ This really was

This really was enjoyable to read.
The two of you are great!
The paragraphs were well spaced for my brain. If the wall is too big, I get a bit annoyed and find it difficult to read (I'm guilty of this. Very guilty).

Signature by Terabetha
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Thank you. &hearts; Haha, I'm

Thank you. ♥
Haha, I'm guilty of that too. When I saved this and saw the wall of text I was like 'oh my, no one is going to bother reading this' xD I'm glad it was readable though. n__n
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-fetches a defibrillator for

-fetches a defibrillator for Jack to use-
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Haha, Dag. xD

Haha, Dag. xD
aldebaran's picture i am reminded of i am reminded of left4dead. thanks dag |DD

aaaand.. awesome edit <3
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Thank youu. &hearts;

Thank youu. ♥
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omg so intense 8l I know you

omg so intense 8l I know you were questioning whether or not you were going to keep Illrose on one of your bios. Is that a forgotten thought, or are you still unsure? I just want to know, because I'm both curious and confused.
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Thank you. :') Oh, and yes,

Thank you. :')

Oh, and yes, I had that thought, but I am going to keep her. n_n
The reason I was unsure is because she is originally a dragon, and she turn into a dragon whenever she leave the forest. And she obviously prefer to be a dragon, not a deer, so it became a bit 'unrealistic' for her as a character to keep returning to the forest when she just could have stayed in her own world as a dragon.

But that problem was solved - at least temporary - when she turned into a black deer, because when her black deer form was killed, her memory was wiped out and she wouldn't even remember being a dragon. xD
She is dead right now, but just until I get to write the follow-up story where she wakes up again. Which have to be later, because now I'm heading for bed. End of ramble. x')
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Oh yay! I would have

Oh yay! I would have respected your choice if you had gotten rid of her (makes total sense), but I enjoy her so much n_n and she's so famous on here, I'm sure the whole forest would be so sad to see her go. But I think that that's a brilliant solution for her, and I can't wait to find out what happens when she can't remember anything Laughing out loud exciting!
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I enjoyed reading this ^^

I enjoyed reading this ^^
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mismatched; I wouldn't call

I wouldn't call her famous, but thank you. ^^' And yeah, it will be fun to see how she respond to her memory loss. xb

Thank you. :'D