Illrose; Ancient wings unfolding.

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November 19, 2020

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Don't mind me, just found it a bit sad to see the broken images so had to fix them, maybe we'll visit the forest again one day. Hope everyone is doing good and staying safe ♥


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"Hm...bad...I guess the

"Hm...bad...I guess the answer can be both yes and no, depending on your point of view." Those magicians hadn't really been the bad guys,
they had been the good ones, fighting to defend the place from a terrible destroyer...her.
"I think it was really nice there. I mostly lived high up in the mountains, but I had to fly down to the valleys and forests to hunt. And there
was villages, where magicians, humans and other two-legged creatures lived."

Okay. ^^

(ahh sorry, I thought I had

(ahh sorry, I thought I had replied to this >.> my bad)

Kheiron nodded slightly, as for telling her he listened and understood.
"I see. So they are both good and bad, just like us. I just ask because I've heard so much and I'm trying to imagine all this.... because.... I've heard... that... uhhh... Eh, I'm sorry."
He quickly turned around as if he were ashamed of himself.
This doesn't look good.
He lowered his head, his ears pointing backwards in discomfort.
"I'm not hiding anything from you, I promise..."
His voice was so faint it was almost silent. "I'm not a bad deer... Am I?"

(I know there's happening a bit much drama in this RP but we can just as well take it all in one session, eh? xD and besides, drama is fun)
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Illrose never got properly

Illrose never got properly peacocked in the end, but she did become a dove. xD
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mini; She got confused for a

She got confused for a moment. Both by Kheiron's behavior, and what he said.
"No, you're not bad. Why would even think such thing?" She quickly replied, before she tilted her head slightly.
"And what exactly have you heard? Have someone told you anything about humans?" She still remembered his earlier reaction, when he had mentioned
humans. He didn't exactly seem to like them, despite not knowing what they were.

Lol, the reason she didn't respond was that she was trying to get the animal spell to spell Celeste with. xD But she never fell asleep. >.>

(I feel almost bad, hahaha.

(I feel almost bad, hahaha. Kheiron just tricked Illrose into one of his traps that'll send her right up a corner if he says too much. xD he kind of protected himself from possible accusations. I'll explain later if it doesn't get explained in the RP, but you might already know what I'm referring to just by what I'm saying here)

His ears shifted, but he didn't turn around. "I'm... I just... I've heard things around here... Gossips spreads fast."
What to say, what to say...
He turned his head around, his eyes almost brightening in despair.
"I... Don't look at me like that. I'm not... I'm not..."
I can't lie to her and say it's nothing. That would be too obvious.
He shut his eyes tightly and shook his head.
"Could we change the subject..? I'm sorry I got into this in the first place... I'm sorry..."
The last words that left his mouth almost got choked before leaving his throat, but they were audible.
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"What kind of things?"

"What kind of things?" Kheiron's behavior made her more and more confused, and him not wanting to talk about it, made her more eager
to figure out what was going on. Illrose tilted her head, before she shook her head firmly.
"No, we can't change the subject. Not until you tell me what you've heard, and why you seem to dislike those humans. You haven't even met
a human, have you?"

"So, so heavily pregnant...

"So, so heavily pregnant... eh? Heheh.... and I thought you were jsut fat... my bad.. my bad... he he he..."

*spams bio* xD
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*Snort* "Fat? How dare you

*Snort* "Fat? How dare you even think that?" *glares at again*

I don't mind this type of spamming. <3

He moaned and stretched his

He moaned and stretched his back as if he tried to avoid the questions and make his way out of the situation. Not that he thought it would help him.
"Ehh... No... No I haven't..."
He wrenched and didn't look at her at all when he was talking.
Then his voice became more confident and stated as if he had been accused and tried to protect himself. But that was more or less the situation, anyway.
"And I didn't hear anything specific! Really! I'm telling the truth!"
That's it. Short sentences. The more words - the more trouble. Stay to the facts and keep it short. Yes.

"Ah.. but... but you can't

"Ah.. but... but you can't deny you grew a bit, yes? He he he... how can i know the reason..."

oh, okay then <3 *goes on*

"Your are not allowed to have

"Your are not allowed to have those children without me there at your side. I don't even care if I am not their father, I love you and I want to be there for you when this happens."

((just thought Illrose should know what Cadaver is feeling. xD what day do you plan on them being born?))

edit: ((im in-forest but im not really in forest at the same time. im doing homework.))
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"Darlin', I ain't one to

"Darlin', I ain't one to harp, but d'ya really think it's a good idea to be jumpin' around like that when it looks like those lil buggers are ready to pop out? Come on, sweetie, I've had four... three lil' munchkins myself, and I know from experience that kinda thing ain't good. But really? I dunno even know yer name, so I'll just shut my trap right now, m'kay?~"

The lotion mother L'oreal got to meet Illrose :'D Nightfelt-pelted durr in the mushroom circle. Eeee... I'm so honored ;;
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mini; Illrose 'raised her

Illrose 'raised her eyebrows'.
"Really? Well, if you have never met them, or haven't heard anything spesific, why do you act so weird?" She asked. Something wasn't right,
and she wanted to know what.

"No, I can't. But I'm insulted you actually thought it was fat."

"Thank you, Cadaver. I really appreciate that. And I...I care about you, as well." *nuzzle*

Awh. :') They were supposed to be born today or tomorrow, but I haven't got the chance to talk to Estme yet, so I don't know. xp


"Oh, I know it's really not a good idea, I can feel it both in my legs and in my back, but it's also hard to stop when one have so much energy.
I think it's the large mushrooms fault."
Illrose smiled at the stranger, not really bothered by the other doe speaking her mind.

Oh, I had no idea who that was. :') Sorry I turned L'oreal into a rabbit, I was just showing my friend ( playing the fawn Illrose was with) a bit. :b
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"Yer a young'in, sweetheart.

"Yer a young'in, sweetheart. Don't blow yer first time. Lord knows I did, aha~" -she pauses, frowning a little before settling down in front of her- "Name's Crystal, sweetie. Ya can call me L'oreal, though~ Mind if I sit with ya? I can be a pretty lonely bitch~"

Pfft, s'all good C: And no worries~ Actually... I was wondering... How was that fawn a perma-devout? Or was it just, like, a glitch or something? 0o Cause he/she/it showed up like that for me... Weird...

"You don't need to thank me,

"You don't need to thank me, it comes from the heart. Have you decided on names for them yet?"
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Illrose tilted her head

Illrose tilted her head curiously, but didn't ask what had happened. It wasn't her type of conversation anyway.
"I'm Illrose. And no, I don't mind at all." She smiled again, had to admit it was relaxant to just sit still for a while. After all, she had been running a lot during the day.

I think it was a glitch, it showed up like that for me as well, while it looked normal for the player. :b

Oh, ninja'd by lolamad. :'b

"I appreciate it still." She replied, and kinda felt bad she didn't fully returned his feelings. Cadaver was a very good friend, closer to her than many others, but still...
she didn't love him. He deserved to find someone way better than her.
"No, I'm not sure about names yet. Perhaps time to think about that soon." She smiled slightly, as she glanced back on her large stomach.

"Illrose. I suppose we should

"Illrose. I suppose we should get this out of the way before your fawns are born. You know I love you. I know you don't love me. This doesn't bother me. In fact I'm glad, if we were to fall in love and have an offspring of some sort, it would destroy everything we know and love. If you combine our capabilities you will get a monster. My magic and overall power mixed with your destructiveness and overall power would create a super.... thing. I think you forgot that I can sense what you are thinking. But yes Illis, I love you. The feeling is not mutual, I understand entirely."

((i remembered he could read minds. yay!!! it always spices up RP))

"Hmmm was rude of me, yes? He

"Hmmm was rude of me, yes? He he oh... so sorry I am , love... so sorry oh, yes ,yes... he he he..." A nasty grin crosses his face " could i just insult this gracious doe that decided to spend her precious time with me... mmmhhh he he... 'must be mad.. yes, yes"

*walks of to bed now after staying up much too late again* curse you friggin pc games *shakes fist*
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lolamad; Silently, Illrose

Silently, Illrose listened to Cadaver's words, and she realized how right he was. An offspring with their abilities could be a living disaster, especially
if it got out from the forest, away from the strong magic surrounding this place.
"Yes, I did forget. But I'm really glad you understand. I truly am. I don't know what I've done to deserve a friend like you." She smiled slightly, before
nuzzling him again, to show how grateful she was for his understanding. Perhaps she one day could be able to love him, as well, although she didn't
think so. She couldn't imagine being in love with anyone, to be honest.

"Yes, it was rude, but not really surprising, coming from you. But apology accepted." Her voice was sharp, but an almost teasingly smile was playing
in the corner of her mouth. She then laughed.
"But you are mad, aren't you, Jack? Perhaps that's what I like about you." Illrose gave his shoulder a light push with her head, still with the
almost teasingly smile on her lips. No doubt she was in a playful mood today, despite her aching feet and back, thanks to the large stomach she was
walking around with.

The stag looked straight

The stag looked straight ahead as he listened heavily to her words. He decided it best to stay out of her mind after saying what he just said. He pulled a specific line from her statement.

"I don't know what I've done to deserve a friend like you."

He turned his skull and appeared to be looking at her very intently. His skull was pointing down to the ground slightly but he was still staring into her soul.

"You existed." His words came out as a whisper and the sted of existed was lengthened, as though the wind had just carried him and his words away. In fact, it did. A very slight breeze picked up and his body seemed to disintegrate into it. Like sand being blown off of a beach he disappeared into the wind.

The stag stood from his place next to Illrose, none of his movements could be sensed or felt now, he was invisible to the world. He took a few steps to sit on the other side of the doe, and waited for a reaction of some sort. Or perhaps she would talk to herself. Who knows? He got the urge to laugh but didn't because it would blow his temporary cover. He wouldn't stay like this long. Just long enough to get a reaction of some sort.

"Maybe it's not the humans

"Maybe it's not the humans itself but the experience around it", he said sharply, suddenly acting more annoyed than sorry.
He understood why Illrose was curious, but he did not want to tell her the whole story. Not when he had already avoided her questions and she was so suspicious about it. And besides, she had no idea what she was really asking about.
A part of him wanted to tell her, but the other part said he would regret it big time if he did. He could not risk it.
He frowned at her.
"Why are you so curious anyway..."
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lolamad; Illrose smiled at

Illrose smiled at Cadaver's words, but the smile quickly vanished when Cadaver seemed to disappear in front of her eyes. She rose to her feet, the efforts made her moan slightly, because of her large stomach.
"Cadaver?" She asked, but she was talking to empty air. He was gone. With a sigh, Illrose sat back down on the ground, staring out into the nothingness, while she thought about the conversation they just had had.

Illrose flinched at the sudden sharpness in his voice.
"I'm curious because something about this make you act weird, and I want to know what." She calmly replied, while she looked at her friend.

"oh... oh i apologized, yes?

"oh... oh i apologized, yes? Hm hmm... okay, okay.. hehe..." he gave her the most sweetest smile he was able to. It was not clear if it was just fake ore a honest smile... "Oh, mad, yes? verrückt yes? tze so many tell you, hehehe but i ... i think they just don't understand how... how i see things that's all he he...just a misunderstanding" he nodded quikckly before he started to prance around her
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"I'm pretty sure you did. Or

"I'm pretty sure you did. Or maybe I misunderstood you?" Illrose tilted her head and returned the sweet smile, but her smile was clearly a fake one.
"Yeah, you're probably right. I guess we all have different views on this freaky place." She gave a snort and glanced around for a moment. For others it could seem she had adjusted
to this place, but really she hadn't. It was the thought of one day being able to escape this place that kept her going. Escape and return to her real form, the dragon form. Illrose
then followed the prancing Jack with her eyes, before she smiled and joined in, began to hop around, quite clumsy with that large stomach.

His breath got heavier and

His breath got heavier and his body was tense.
"Why are you doing this! I can't lie to you, you know!"
He was beginning to stress. He was speaking the truth;, he couldn't lie. Not directly, and at least not to a friend.
"You shouldn't even see this side of me...", he whispered.
He closed his eyes and took a deep inhale. It could seem as if he was going to cry, but he was far away from that yet.

(pfff I'm not even joking, he's a dramaqueen)
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"I'm doing this because I

"I'm doing this because I care about you. And if something upsets you like this seem to do, I wanna know why." She replied, before she snorted,
but at the same time gave a slight smile.
"I think I can handle that." Illrose didn't say more, just waiting for him to realize he didn't get away from this, not until he had told her what was

He suddenly stopped sliding,

He suddenly stopped sliding, turned around and grinned at her. "is... is that hopping around good for you, yes? Heheh not that your little brat gets stupid in the head, eh? heheh... i remember when hannah..." he stopped all of the sudden, turned around and started to prance again, like he never said a thing... he giggled slightly and constantly.
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Illrose laughed for a

Illrose laughed for a moment.
"No, it probably isn't." She replied, but she wasn't too worried. She ignored the aching in her legs as she continued to hop around, at least until Jack broke off in the
middle of his sentence. Illrose stopped immediately, and looked at him curiously when he pranced around. Clearly he had said more than he wanted to, something
that made her even more curious.
"Who's Hannah?" She knew she probably shouldn't ask, but she did anyway.

He lowered his head.

He lowered his head.
"Someone's watching me...", he whispered, afraid someone would hear.
Then he got silent. Didn't want to say more.
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Illrose leaned closer to be

Illrose leaned closer to be able to hear his whispering.
"Who?" She then asked, surprised, while she glanced around. But she couldn't see anyone hiding behind the trees, watching them. Of course not.
Illrose looked back at Kheiron, while she moved a bit closer, as if to show her friend that she would protect him from whatever was keeping an eye on him.

He crouched and began looking

He crouched and began looking quite worried. He appreciated having Illrose near, but he also knew she couldn't do a single thing to help.
No. No one could.
"It's not a who", he answered hesitantly.
"It's a... what..."
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"Okay, what is watching you,

"Okay, what is watching you, then?" She asked with a small sigh. Kheiron didn't exactly make this easier with his vague replies.
"Is it a human?" She then asked, but frowned. A human couldn't possibly be here in the forest, right?

"No, no no... Not a human...

"No, no no... Not a human... Not as far as I know, anyway..."
He looked up at her, innocence covering his eyes.
"Only I can see him...", he continued.
He quickly realized how messed up that sounded.
"But it's not like that! He's real, I swear!"

A slight laugh escaped the

A slight laugh escaped the dragon stag's skull. He blew his cover, oh well. He stood again and walked back to his spot on the other side of Illrose. He waited a moment or two before re-materializing next to her. His particles seemed to poor in from the sky and take his shape automatically. "Just a new trick I wanted you to see. Hope I didn't worry you." The stag laughed lightly again and looked over to Illrose. Even though she was pregnant she was still beautiful. He turned his head to look forward again, so it wouldn't seem like he was staring.

He stopped in his movements,

He stopped in his movements, turned half around again. A strange smile on his lips "Wer?" (who?) he asked and giggled again. "You need to be careful, yes?" he changed the subject again "you always need to be careful, hear me, yes?" for some resons his voive had a somehow treatening tone now.
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mini; "He is real, but you

"He is real, but you are the only one able to see him?" Illrose was skeptic now, and she didn't even try to hide it.
"I'm sorry, Kheiron, but I'm just getting more and more confused." She shook her head. Actually she wanted to ask him if he had gotten his head checked
lately, but that would be a very cruel thing to say to ones best friend. So she just kept her mouth shot.

Illrose's ears flicked when she heard the laugh, even if she couldn't see anyone. And that laugh did belong to Cadaver, no doubt. She blinked, but hid her
surprise when Cadaver became visible again.
"I was wondering why you left all of a sudden. That is a neat trick you've got there." She smiled slightly, glad that he had decided not to leave just yet.

Ninja'd again xp

Illrose tilted her head when he switched language again. And despite his giggling she understood she shouldn't have asked about this Hannah. She stood still
now, just looking at Jack, with a vain smile on her lips. Still her ears was flipped back toward her neck at the words that sounded like a threat.
"I am careful, don't worry." She replied. A part of her wanted to repeat the question, but she remained silent. Perhaps another time.

He floped down, seememed he

He floped down, seememed he needed arest now "Sooooo~ and who is the father of that little brat, eh happened in this rut thin i gues, yes? hehe" he asked incredible blunt... for him the last minutes of their conversarion obviously nerver took place.
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Illrose was still full of

Illrose was still full of energy, and she really wanted to prance around some more...still, on behalf of her tired feet, she almost gave a sigh of relief when she carefully
sat down, freeing the legs from the weight of her body.
"His name is Sithrim, and yes, it happened during the rut." She replied shortly. She never liked to talk about that, about how that stupid rut had affected her enough
for her to get pregnant. Normally she would never even think about being with a stag that way. She shook the thoughts out of her head, and looked back at Jack.
"So...who is Hannah, really?" She asked after a little pause, before she even thought about it, since she didn't really intend to ask more about that now.

"So so. Sithrim Sithrim" he

"So so. Sithrim Sithrim" he replied... he remembered hearing that name once or twice somewhere. However, he hadn't been affected by the rut anyways... for him it was just an opportunity to 'play' a bit.
He perked his ears as she repeated the question for a few seconds he froze...
..then he suddenly snapped at her "She's dead, dead DEAD!" his face was close to hers now, he glared at her with an insane look, before he lent back again. He looked completely relaxed again "hmm not worth to talk about, yes, yes... he he.." replied calm and again with a slight smile on his face.
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She gave a nod. At least she

She gave a nod. At least she was glad she had chosen Sithrim, when she first should be with anyone. When she repeated her question, Illrose looked at Jack carefully,
carefully enough to see how he froze for a moment, and she wished she had never asked again. She flinched when he snapped, but her face remained motionless as she
looked into his insane features, his face close to hers for a moment. She then swallowed slightly.
"I'm sorry." She said truthfully, and quickly decided not to mention Hannah again, whoever she had been. She then grimaced as she felt a kick inside her stomach, the
fawn had been doing that a lot lately.

"Hm sorry? Sorr? 'baut what

"Hm sorry? Sorr? 'baut what eh?" He rose an eyebrow, he thought he just saw her srew her face... probably this was just imagination.... or it had something to do with the fawn inside.... He started to grin again, his eyes went down her body, stared at her stomach. Somewhere inside his mind suddenly a voice bagun to whisper You shouldn't be here. he shook his head, looked in her face again "Fighting like its mother, yes? he he.."
You shouldn't be here Jack again this whispering You want to hurt her, yes? That's what you want. Yo shouldn't be here Jack. She will be a mother soon. he shook his head again. forced the whisper to silence "heh.. funny, funny.. most does in your condition would beat the crap outta me to get me away from them... he he" he remembered Night Shade all of the sudden and started to snicker

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"About asking. I shouldn't

"About asking. I shouldn't have done that." Illrose shifted her legs a bit, tried to find a more comfortable position to sit in. She then gave something between a laugh and a snort.
"Clearly. It don't want to stay in there much longer, it seem." Not that she minded, she would be glad when she was done with the pregnancy. For a moment she glared down her
own large stomach. It was surprisingly large, actually. But she then looked back at Jack, tilting her head slightly.
"Well, you haven't given me any reason to beat the crap out of you yet. And please don't do it either, I don't think I can sustain to do it at the moment." A smile was visible in the
corners of her mouth, while she casted a curious look at him, wondering why he all of a sudden began to snicker like that.

This is bad, this is

This is bad, this is bad...
He knew Illrose enough to know what she was thinking.
He made up his mind; he had already said too much, and he didn't want Illrose to think he was going insane. Why not just come with the whole story...
"I'm telling the truth! How would I even know what a human is if he didn't tell me! You can't imagine stuff if you have no knowledge of it in the first place. See, I even asked you if you were from another place! How would I know there was another place if someone didn't tell me! He knows everything!"
He paused to catch his breath. Lowered his head. He did not like that he had told her this much already, but he had to keep it going. "He is real, I promise... I mean, his voice even vibrates as he talks. That doesn't happen if you hallusinate!"
He stopped again. He hadn't planned on it but he had to think for a moment. Evaluate.
"I haven't seen him in a while though... But he'll show up soon. He always does when I'm... like this."
He looked up at his friend again, first with despair but then with anger. "It's your fault. You shouldn't have asked me about this! It is your fault!"
Then he slipped back again. Sighed. "You think I have always been like this? No. He did this. He did this to me. Showed me... horrible things. I want to be the old me... The one that always had a smile to show the world and didn't know about any bad stuff. Ignorance doesn't really get you anywhere, but it makes you happy. But that was what got me into this situation... I am just getting more and more like him. Oh man, what if... What if he's trying to make me like him... So that he can... take over me? Is that even possible? Please say it's not... No, no..."
He cowered and moved closer to Illrose as if to use her as a shield. He felt safe near her.

(i'm obviously writing a book here, haha)
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"I don't doubt you are

"I don't doubt you are telling the truth, Kheiron." Illrose replied, tried to stay calm, unlike Kheiron who seemed to loose it completely. She didn't say anymore
right away, just listened to what Kheiron told her. It was all very confusing, no doubt, but she didn't want to abandon him or call him crazy. No.
"Ok, I'm really sorry I asked." She said with a sigh, and nuzzled him when he moved closer to her.
"I know I can't see him, but I will still try to protect you. If he comes, ignore his words and ignore his presence. Stay focused on me, okay?" She didn't know what
else she could do to help, not against an invisible 'enemy'.
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Congrats <3
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"Thank you."

"Thank you."

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If only the pictos would

If only the pictos would spread... >___<

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Awh. D:

Awh. D:

Oh mai gawd, congratulations

Oh mai gawd, congratulations<333! 8D
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"Thank you." *nuzzle* :'D

"Thank you." *nuzzle*

:'D <33