Illrose; Ancient wings unfolding.

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May contain mature language/ violence.

November 19, 2020

physicalHealthy. x mentalGood.

Don't mind me, just found it a bit sad to see the broken images so had to fix them, maybe we'll visit the forest again one day. Hope everyone is doing good and staying safe ♥


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Yeah, me too. I believe I

Yeah, me too. I believe I find chasing other deer as funny as Illrose does. :')

No problem. <3

You, girl, need to go to

You, girl, need to go to sleep earlier.
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What? D: it's weekend now.

What? D: it's weekend now. 0=) lol.
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Haha, Pestilence {he doesn't

Haha, Pestilence {he doesn't have a bio YET} was the DotD pelt/Skull/Secretary antlered stag who kept pawing at the large frog-Illrose xDD

By Leuvr
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Aw, lol, great to know who it

Aw, lol, great to know who it was. :')
She actually had a lot of fun being a large frog. xD


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Yay. <3
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I'm glad Tally-bunny could be

I'm glad Tally-bunny could be of so much amusement for you all. xD
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Oh, she most definitely was.

Oh, she most definitely was. : D
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Seiji was relieved that Illrose got her mask and antlers back; now he can strut around as her look-a-like for some fun.

THAT LITTLE FIGHTDISPUTE-THING WAS FULL OF LULZ. He got a little scratched up from it, but otherwise was worth it. All of the random amazement+mooing was his way of taunting; as was the cower+emoteplz. > A< !! Seiji takes all fighting as "rough playfight" even if there's injury involved. He only gets serious if he's in his own set and is full size. [RANDOM FUN FACT HURR.] C8
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Yes, it was extremely fun.

Yes, it was extremely fun. <3
There's never a dull moment when Illrose hangs out with Seiji. :')

Yeah, Illrose feels a bit bruised after the battle, but she still think it was fun. And the cowering and running was just to taunt Gustiro and his company. x'D
I have to admit there was moments I just had to giggle, because Illrose and Seiji was so silly. xD

click! (:

click! (:
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Oh. <3

Do you mind if I add you to

Do you mind if I add you to msn?^^
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No, not at all. :')

No, not at all. :')
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Hey did you close the size

Hey did you close the size tags on Horseman's bio? Because after you commented it, my whole TEF page is like in small font. :\
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Whoa, really? I can't edit

Whoa, really?
I can't edit any of my comments on his bio now, I'm really sorry if I ruined everything for you. D:

It looks normal to me, though. *But I did notice the font from Illrose's bio was leaking. Perhaps that's why?*
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I don't think that was why.

I don't think that was why. :\ Because it's still in small font.

EDIT: Nevermind, it's back to normal now. x]
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Oh, good. I was really afraid

Oh, good. I was really afraid I had messed everything up for you now. <3

Awh, best friend? :') that's

Awh, best friend? :') that's kinda adorable. <3
(oh and nice redesign btw, I like the silhouette-picture of her :'D)
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Well, he is.

Well, he is. <3
And thank you. :'D
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Hihi. <3

Avocado looked at the dragon

Avocado looked at the dragon doe as she came back again. His whole body was bound with ropes which looked slightly too tight. They had to be damn uncomfortable to wear, but it seemed like he didn't have any other choice.
"Say" he said gazing at her with his unseen eyes hidden under the mask. "Don't you feel being used?"

[Just a little interaction; you don't need to reply if you don't wish to of course. I got inspired as Avocado met Illrose few times today and got very interested about her as he can feel she's a dragon as he had contact with these creatures before.
Btw he's talking about the rut. He thinks does are being used by the stags and let them do whatever they want with them. He just doesn't get the whole rut thing (he must be forgiven though, he originally was a human, it's hard for him to understand many things xD)]

hey i need you help with

hey i need you help with something. idk why im asking it here but i am. should i bring Cadaver into the rut?
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Estme; Something about this

Something about this strange deer had caught her interest, that's why she kept approaching him, studying him whenever she had him in sight. Her ears
pointed forward as he finally spoke. Illrose didn't answer immediately, just tilted her head slightly.
"Used? No, not at all." She finally replied, sounding almost insulted. Perhaps it could seem like it, from a strangers point of view, but Illrose didn't tolerate
everything from the rutting stags. She had her limits, and she allowed no one to cross those.

Oh, interactions are just fun. : D Yes, the reason why Illrose was interested in him, was actually because of the crying idol mask, she love the sound it
makes. And when she approached, she got curious about his behavior as well, that's why she kept coming back. xp

Lol, that is really up too you. ;p Poor Illrose wouldn't know which stag she should stay with if he came along. :')

Estme's a ninja. I had

Estme's a ninja. I had thought of starting an interaction out of the blue with Illrose just like that. xD oh well, expect one from me sometime soon :'D If you do not mind, that is.
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Oh, lol. xD No, I don't mind

Oh, lol. xD No, I don't mind at all. <3
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Track! I have her listed as a

Track! I have her listed as a friend on Rice's Rut page. :3
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Oh, nice. I am going to add

Oh, nice. I am going to add Rice to Illrose's relationships as well. :'D
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Just in case you were

Just in case you were wondering... That nameless fawn Gustiro seems to fawn over (no pun intended)... I think it is the same one/person that seeks Gustiro out often. Gustiro and I adore him/her/it. :3
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I remember that one. : D

I remember that one. : D Cute. n__n
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Oh yah! I forgot you already

Oh yah! I forgot you already met him! XD He taunted Illrose for fighting Gustiro that time!

That must be why he kept taunting at us tonight! He was probably confused by the two being friendly with each other. lol
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Lol, I had forgotten about

Lol, I had forgotten about that. xD I just remember seeing him with Gustiro. And I would totally understand it if he was confused tonight. :'p

And that poor mini, all of a sudden chased by both of them. xD
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I know! Poor mini. Great

I know! Poor mini. Great bonding time for Illrose and Gustiro though. I was so amused... XD
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Indeed. I have to admit I

Indeed. I have to admit I find everything that's happening right now rather amusing. xp And the rut hasn't really begun yet.

Why am i not tracking dis. ;;

Why am i not tracking dis. ;;
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Thankies. <3

"Interesting" he answered.

"Interesting" he answered. "Yet pointless."
He started to walk around weirdly, trying to make himself feel slightly more comfortable. The ropes that tied his body were too tight and seemed to be moving slowly as he walked. Like snakes. He stopped and looked at her unpleasantly.
"Deer are such unusual creatures" he continued. "Especially in this forest."
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"Apparently not pointless to

"Apparently not pointless to them." Illrose replied, while her white eyes followed him around when he began to walk. The ropes around his body seemed
to be very uncomfortable, but she didn't say or do anything. Didn't offer any help to get rid of them. If it was as easy as that, he would probably got rid
of them long time ago. Illrose gave a nod in agreement.
"Indeed they are." She replied, and took a quick glance around before she looked back at him.
"I guess you aren't really from here, then?"

"Well, not really." he

"Well, not really." he admitted. "I think I originally was a human. It's hard to say though, my memory isn't quite clear. It's like a fog. I can't see anything well, but I know it is there."
He paused for a while and pawed the ground a couple of times.
"Yeah, that sounds odd, I know. But I'm sure I had never been a deer before. What about you? I can feel something different about you."
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So, he had been a human. She

So, he had been a human. She had also had a human form before she came here, but that was still not her original shape. A slight smile appeared behind her mask.
"No, it doesn't sound odd. I had seen deer before I came here, in fact, deer was on my daily menu. I was a dragon." She paused, while her ears flicked at a faint sound in the distance.
"And I remember everything, as it was yesterday I soared high above the skies, with fire in my mouth and claws on my feet." She chuckled and shook her head, as to avoid getting

I see an Illrose =D

I see an Illrose =D

* double post glitch sorry

* double post glitch sorry

"Ahh. A dragon!" he sighed

"Ahh. A dragon!" he sighed deeply as if he had just noticed something. "I believe I have seen dragons before. Quite a lot of them, actually..."
Strangely enough, he seemed nicer. As if he suddenly started to respect her.
He sat down on the ground he scraped previously with his hoof.
"Feel free to sit with me, Dragon Lady, whenever you feel like it. I bet you are quite busy during this season, but I don't mind your presence. Don't mean to sound rude or anything, I just don't trust anyone here.

[that reminds me I forgot to add Illrose to the "Interests" in his bio, stupid me -__-'' -adds-]

The doe stares at her enemy,

The doe stares at her enemy, her eyes filled with fear and anger. Her mind races as instinct takes over. She lowers her head, prepared to strike if the dragon doe takes another step. Her hair-like fur covers her eyes, making her appear almost evil. She waits for her chaser to step closer, into fighting range. Come and get me you defiant freak.
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Bamboo; Lol. xD Oh, and I

Lol. xD
Oh, and I love your avatar. Cow. <3

Her interest grew immediately when she heard he had seen dragons before. Many creatures had never heard of dragons before.
"You have? What kind of relationship did you have with those dragons?" She asked curiously. Had he feared the dragons?
Respected them? Perhaps he had been a trainer or a slayer?
"You know, I think I will accept that offer, and keep it in mind." She replied, when she walked over and sat next to him.
"I do really enjoy the fighting that's going on, but we all need quiet moments sometimes." This stag didn't seem to be to interested
in fighting stags and collecting does, so she could probably get a quiet moment with him.

The skull mask made her breathing sound hollow, while she glared at the other doe. She had already been chasing her a while, so her own
breathing was quite heavy at the moment. And as if she could read the other doe's mind, Illrose all of a sudden charged, with her antlers
lowered and her ears down toward her neck.

"Mmm. Dragons... As I said,

"Mmm. Dragons... As I said, my memory is like a fog, I don't remember much from the past. But I feel some kind of respect to those creatures. I'm glad to meet you, dragons seem familiar."
He sighed.
"Haha, that's just so weird, isn't it? Anyway, what is your name Dragon Lady? Hope you don't mind if I call you like this?"

lol'z, and thankies :3 You

lol'z, and thankies :3
You know my deer Koji? /grey pelt, skull mask, big antlers/ He's curious about her Illrose, I would love to interact with her sometimes (seeing how when he did meet her it was involved with the chasing of teh buttons xP)
(o: how neat another dragon char about)

P.S. I added you to msn >3
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estme; "My respect for you

"My respect for you only grows when I hear you had respect for the dragons back then. It's enough of the two-legged creatures that doesn't."
She glanced sideways, looked at him for a moment, before she chuckled.
"No, I don't mind at all, but my real name is Illrose. What about your name?"

Well, I didn't know who it was, but I do now. x'D Oh, that sounds interesting, and I accepted your MSN request. :')