Illrose; Ancient wings unfolding.

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November 19, 2020

physicalHealthy. x mentalGood.

Don't mind me, just found it a bit sad to see the broken images so had to fix them, maybe we'll visit the forest again one day. Hope everyone is doing good and staying safe ♥


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"Umm... I guess my name here

"Umm... I guess my name here is Avocado. I don't know very much about myself, but I know I'm called Avocado here, even though I bet that is not my real name. Quite. Confusing" he replied calmly.
He looked at her curiously, though his eyes couldn't be seen under the crying mask.
"How did you actually end up here?"

[the 6th page virginity is all mine!]
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"Avocado." Illrose repeated

"Avocado." Illrose repeated his name just to 'taste' it, to hear how it sounded in her own mouth.
"I like it, even if it's not your real name." She then said, with a slight smile on her lips behind the mask. But the smile disappeared by his next question.
"I don't really know, but my theory is that a group of magicians sent me here after they trapped me when I was a dragon. Or they killed me, and some great
force decided to let me be reborn here. Either way, I just remember being trapped by those magicians, and then I woke up in this forest as a fawn." She
tried to keep her voice calm, as if she didn't care. But the truth was, anger rose inside her every time she thought about what had happened back then.

D: .... lol xD

Nacadia's brow furrowed as

Nacadia's brow furrowed as the doe charged at her, she held her ground, she wouldn't let the dragon have her way today. She reared, her ears pressed tightly against her head, with a blow surprisingly strong for a doe her age and size, her hooves came down onto the doe's skull mask. Even if it didn't break the mask it should still give her a major headache. That still didn't stop the dragon doe from knocking her back about five feet. Nacadia gasped for air as the hit had left her breathless. She coughed a few times and shook her head before turning back to her attacker. She ran around behind the doe, and struck at her left thy. Her hooves crashed down on the beasts leg. Nacadia had never fought before, but it was hard to tell from that blow.

((sorry for abrupt stop, my mind went blank.))
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Illrose could feel how the

Illrose could feel how the hooves of the other doe struck down on her skull with a surprising force that made pain shoot through her body. Her legs almost gave away beneath her, but
she forced herself too continue the attack until her antlers hit the enemy. She came to an abrupt halt then, breathing heavily from the short, but powerful attack, with pain throbbing
in her skull. Illrose then forced the pain aside, and lifted her head, just to late to notice that Nacadia was behind her. And before Illrose could turn around, a new pain struck in her
leg. Anger flashed in her white eyes as she snarled and threw her own body around to face Nacadia before she lept forward, aiming at Nacadia's neck with her jaws.

Dude, who was that mini

Dude, who was that mini yesterday? xDD I seriously have no idea, it didn't show up on the map. (or, another picto showed up there, a sec. gen, and this wasn't a sec. gen picto) It just ran up to Kheiron and followed him around xD
Kheiron was happy though Ü
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Lol, I think her name is

Lol, I think her name is Kii-Chan. n_n

Edit: No, it's not her xD

Edit: No, it's not her xD That's the picto that showed up on the map, but it's the wrong picto.

Oh, and I think your italic is floating? xD
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The screenshots here say it

The screenshots here say it is her. :b

And yeah, it was, thanks. xD

Huh, the screenshot of us

Huh, the screenshot of us doesn't show up o.o oh well, I believe you xD

(and hahaha, dramadramadrama ftw? Kheiron thought of Illrose as his protector and when she befriends the deer he wanted protection from he just gets really frustrated xDD)
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Gah, I don't see it either

Gah, I don't see it either now, but it is there. xD

Lol, I know. Illrose just wanted them all to be friends and play, and she got sad when Kheiron walked away, although she should have foreseen that. x')

Yup, that won't happen. xD

Yup, that won't happen. xD he's actually not scared of Gustiro (because he don't think he will attack him if Kheiron doesn't provoke him first), he just doesn't trust him. No worries though, even if he might keep a distance from Illrose when she's around Gustiro he'll come running to her again when she's alone^^ he's the forgiving kind of type.
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Well, that's good to know.

Well, that's good to know. Illrose don't want to lose her best friend because she's acting weird and silly right now. x) <3
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Kick me for prying, but I

Kick me for prying, but I happened to overlook this. C8 That's really wierd; the picture was showing up yesterday. ; n;
Indeed you were right, it was actually Kii-chan. CB She also has a glitched picto, and her glitched one differs extremely from her original 2nd. Gen pictogram. (Which reminds me to ask someone to grab a screenshot of her and the way her ingame picto looks 8D; ) I reuploaded the picture which seems to be fine now, but just incase it doesn't-- I'll include a nifty little link to that same picture. <33

This is how it appears for

This is how it appears for others (: good to know who you are btw! Kheiron really enjoyed your company. <3

Snow: I think Illrose finally managed to find a solution that made everyone happy :'D
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Thanks Rhiiza. :'D minimuuh,

Thanks Rhiiza. :'D

minimuuh, yeah, at least she found a solution that worked this time. x')

"Magicians..." he repeated.

"Magicians..." he repeated. "We may come from two different words, but I can understand you frustration. Magicians are idiots*. They know nothing and do nothing, because magic does everything for them. Haha, lazy bastards."

*hahaha, you know what, currently I'm roleplaying with "Avocado" (under his real name ofc) in one RPG session which is quite concerned about dragons (it's title is "Troubles with dragons" btw) and there is one damn annoying magician there who is just... an idiot. He's like "I won't do this, because I'm too kewl |: " xD
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"Exactly." She replied,

"Exactly." She replied, almost surprised that he had the same view on magicians as she had. Still, it was almost embarrasing
that she - a mighty dragon - had managed to get lured into the trap of those idiots.
"Well, it`s not much to do about it now, other than trying to find a way out of here, and back where I really belong." Oh, if
she just could escape this forest! She would have loved to see the face of those magicians if she returned.

Really? That`s awesome! xD Stupid magicians. xDD

"So you wish to escape?" he

"So you wish to escape?" he asked quietly as if he wanted to keep it secret. "Seems like you're not the only one, Dragon Lady."
The ropes on his body moved slowly, yet nervously. They didn't want him to talk about this.
"I hate it here" he continued ignoring the uncomfortable lines. "But somebody wants to keep me here. By force."
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"Yes, I do." She replied with

"Yes, I do." She replied with a short nod. And for some reason, it didn`t surprise her that Avocado seemed to wish the same.
It could seem they had some similarities. She glared down at the ropes around his body when they moved, and a low growl
escaped her throat, as if she felt threatened by them. She then looked back at Avocado.
"May I ask who that is?" Illrose asked, almost carefully as if not to offend him in any way. But she had a feeling this `someone`
also had something to do with those ropes.

lol that "jerk" was Euyru,


that "jerk" was Euyru, my Demon char

xD I was hoping he would be in your updates

o_o the war of the sitting spot begins!

OH I also made you a cow icon
It doesn't move... but, I wanted to make it anyways Moo
Reminded me of calf :3

Nacadia's eyes grew wide, no

Nacadia's eyes grew wide, no very wide, with fear. She was already sensitive about her neck, she didn't need this too. A burning sensation filled the two scars on her neck as she began to cry out. A sharp high-pitch call left her throat, though it was cut short by the harsh grasp of Illrose's teeth. Blood began trickling down her neck as she kicked at the doe in fear, she almost wished the call had woken her demon. Black droplets of water dripped from her eyes, one landed on the other doe's mask. Nacadia then thrashed her head out of the doe's grasp, in a swift motion she turned around and kicked both of her hind legs up at her neck. Her green-blue hair was sticky with blood, some of the blood had splattered the white of he muzzle. Her neck was a no touch zone. A personal place. Illrose had defied everything. This fight has just gotten personal.

((sorry for replying so late, i suck at remembering stuff. oh and yea i just had to end with that cheesy of a line XD ))
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Bamboo; Lol, I had a feeling

Lol, I had a feeling it was your deer. :`) I`m sorry Illrose didn`t interact more with him, but I wasn`t really paying attention to the game when she sat on the ruin. xD

And oh, that cow is so cute, thank you very much. <333 *putting cow up as avatar right away*


Her teeth sank into the neck of her enemy, and the taste of blood filled her mouth. She remembered back in her `dragon days`,
when she had loved the taste of blood, loved to feel the warm fluid on her tongue. Now it just tasted horrible, but she didn`t let go
of the grip on Nacadia`s neck, not even when Nacadia screamed, not until the other one ripped herself loose. A low growl
escaped her chest when Nacadia hit her in the neck with her hind legs. Illrose backed away immediately to avoid the
kicking hooves, only to feel how her own hind leg barely was able to keep her weight, and pain stung through it everytime she
tried to step on it. But she tried to ignore the pain as she continued to back away, and then lowered her antlers as a warning
to Nacadia. The short but painful fight could end here, if Nacadia didn`t do anything stupid to wake her anger again.

Aw, it`s alright. n_n

Nacadia lowered her head and

Nacadia lowered her head and opened her mouth, she took a deep breath into her lungs and spoke. "You are a dragon. Don't think I can't handle you. You're nothing but a tyrant to me." There was almost nothing to the words. No voice, hardly any sound, just air. This was the first time in months she had actually made words come from her mouth, though they were barely audible, they were words. "I suggest you leave now. Unless you wish to be useless to the rutting males." The air in her words was chilling, slicing the silence around them like a hot knife in butter. A frozen stare left her eyes and gazed into Illrose's. "Your move beast."

((none of this damage actually has to happen, its just practice for me really))
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" Pleasant afternoon with ya

" Pleasant afternoon with ya Illrose. I really hope to spend more of these. " -chuckles-


Very late track c:

Very late track c:
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lolamad911; Illrose just

Illrose just glared at the other doe, unimpressed by the words that probably was ment to provoke her. She then snorted, and a cold grin appeared on her lips.
"It was you who came to me. I suggest you leave!" She replied in a sharp tone. She tossed her head, but didn't move further, neither closer or away from Nacadia. She just stood there, with three of her feet
firmly on the ground, and the wounded hind leg slightly lifted in the air. Her eyes were locked onto the other doe, which she now saw as a new enemy after this encounter, just waiting to see what
Nacadia would do next.

Oh, but it's just fun, so I think Illrose will be a bit slow when she enters the forest tomorrow. xD

"The pleasure was all mine. And indeed, I do too." *nuzzle*

Thank you. :') <3

The ropes calmed down a

The ropes calmed down a little after Illrose's growl.
"Whoever it is... is gonna pay for this. Mh, indeed, I have no idea who brought me here, but I think I can contact this person somehow... In my dreams. Oh, I know, it sounds so weird, but it's hard to explain really. There is some kind of a bond between me and them. I can feel it. That's why I have these ropes."
He sighed deeply. There was some frustration in his voice, but it kept calm all the time.
"Anyway. I believe I can get rid of them one day."
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Illrose remained silent while

Illrose remained silent while she listened to Avocado. She glared down at the ropes again, but they seemed to have calmed down now.
"Hm. I hope you get rid of them someday. I really do." She then said, in a quite low voice. She knew the feeling of being trapped, and she didn't want that for Avocado.
Not that she really knew him, but still. She kinda liked him already.

"Mh... Here comes the stag*.

"Mh... Here comes the stag*. I'd better be going now. Hope to see you again, Dragon Lady..."
Avocado vanished into the Forest.

So I ended it here mostly because I'm out of ideas for a good reply now. Hope you don't mind?
Buuut feel free to interact with him anytime you wish to 8D

* Gustiro - I forgot this interaction was some kind of a retrospection :'D
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Illrose lifted her head at

Illrose lifted her head at his words, and looked at the red stag that approached them, not looking to pleased that she was with another stag.
"Yeah, hope to see you again, as well." She replied, and followed Avocado with her eyes until he disappeared.

No, I don't mind, I was kinda out of ideas as well. But they should really meet up again sometime. :')

Nacadia's sides heaved

Nacadia's sides heaved quickly. Her heart was pounding, she wasn't used to so much physical exertion. Her legs were shaking, she really did not know what to do. With a sigh of minimal relaxation she laid down. It was an open opportunity for Illrose to completely murder her, but she didn't care. She closed her eyes in pain, a slight wheeze slipped from her mouth. She really didn't want to fight anymore. It would get them nowhere at all, just right back here. "Illrose you are a beast, kill me if you wish, but mark my words, if you do, you'll regret it." The doe whispered, as she spoke more blood seeped from her neck wound and onto the dark green, melancholy grass.
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Illrose just felt like laying

Illrose just felt like laying down, and let her throbbing head and leg get some rest. But no way she was going to do that while Nacadia was still around. But it was as Nacadia had read her mind when the other doe
laid down. Illrose felt a jolt of satisfaction through the pain, knowing the other doe was tired and in pain as well. She glared down at her, and stomped one of her front legs, as if she longed to crush the skull of the
doe lying in front of her. A cold, but still faint smile curled her lips.
"Beast is not the worst thing I've been called. And yes, I can kill you..." She then broke of with a sigh. She was hurt and tired, and although she had a strong dislike toward Nacadia, she had no wish to kill her. She
just didn't want to have to look at her anymore.
"But not today." She therefore finished, before she turned around and slowly began to walk away, not even trying to hide her limping. She was heading toward the pond, a place where she had been lying in the water
several times already, to let the water cool her wounds.


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Illrose: "The jerk is back on

Illrose: "The jerk is back on my spot >("


Hn... Perhaps it was my spot

Hn... Perhaps it was my spot >3
pfff Euyru trying to cause more trouble...
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"It's MY spot."

"It's MY spot." *growls*

Lol. xp
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Lagging very bad... argh.

Lagging very bad... argh.


Nacadia smiled as Illrose

Nacadia smiled as Illrose walked away. She wasn't sure, but she felt as though she had won. Her first fight had gone well

The stag stood on the hill. His eyes focused on Illrose and the stag with her. This angered him slightly, he had no idea why though. The scales on his neck shuttered as he turned and walked to the ruins.
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Sithrim; Awh.

Awh. <3


Illrose raised her head just in time to see the familiar stag heading for the ruins. Quickly she rose to her feet and followed after Cadaver. It was a while since she had seen him
now. Her wounds from the fights with Nacadia and Reed was healing, so she was able to run to catch up with Cadaver.
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"That 'friend' of yours is

"That 'friend' of yours is really a moron. If I were you I'd suggest him a checkup with his hormones huh... he's a bit neurotic isn't it? -chuckles- Anyway, have I told you already how hot you look today? If I did, pardon my reiteration. In fact now I was thinking of going to sleep... I need to rest these muscles of mine, ya? -blinks an eye and nuzzles- Ya can stay, ya can go. Your choice, babe. "

♥ :3
Gonna do some stuff around and probably go to sleep because I need it too. So yeah I'll leave Sithrim on while all this happens. (:

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"Hey, don't talk about him

"Hey, don't talk about him like that, he is nice." She replied, not really angry at Sith. In fact, if it hadn't been for the oncoming rut, Gustiro wouldn't even be considered a 'friend'. But it was like their past
and all the bloody fights was wiped out of her memory at the moment. She then smiled, and laughed.
"No, you haven't. And thank you, you look pretty good yourself." She blinked at him, before she rose to her feet, water dripping from her gray fur.
"I'm to restless to sit still at the moment, but sleep well. You have to save your energy for later." She smiled teasingly before she nuzzled him back, and then walked up from the water.

Okay. <3

The dragon stag turned his

The dragon stag turned his head to look at her, her sleek grey fur shimmering in the sun light as it danced across her slender yet muscular back. Her eyes were glistening as she looked at him. These things, he had never paid much attention to them before, why now, do they appear so clearly to him? What was happening to him? He stopped walking and moved his large, muscular body to face her. His wings fluttered a bit as her true overall beauty became visible. Even her scars from countless battles her beautiful. "Illrose..." He felt a strange feeling bubbling up inside of him. He couldn't manage to say anything else. It had been to long since he had heard her voice. Too long.
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The hind leg wounded by

The hind leg wounded by Nacadia did still hurt a bit, so Illrose was relieved when Cadaver turned to face her. She continued to trot, though, until there was only
a few meters between them. Then she stopped, while her eyes scanned Cadaver's muscular body, and the mighty wings attached to his back. Her ears pointed
forward at the sound of his voice, and a barely visible smile curled her lips.
"Hi Cadaver." She replied, while she took a few steps closer, and then gave him a light nuzzle, glad to see him again.

hey, i'll get back to this in

hey, i'll get back to this in a bit. im about to leave my house to hang with a friend. we have a few problems to work out.

Her voice was like an angel singing in the heavens. How he had missed her while he was away. Slowly he craned his neck down to nuzzle her. Her fur was soft against his skull and his smooth emerald scales. A low rumble left his chest as he stood there, enjoying the moment. His long curly tail lay still in the soft grass as they stood. "Hello." He said admirably. He was so glad to see her again. After a battle out of the forest she was his salvation. "I've missed you."

((I think I will put Cadaver into the rut. He seems up for it.))
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Illrose let her eyes close

Illrose let her eyes close when Cadaver nuzzled her back. Her silvery gray fur brushed against his scales. She didn't move away again, just stood close to him,
enjoying the warmth from his body.
"I've missed you as well. Where have you been?" She asked, without opening her eyes, or moving at all.

I see you did. Make things very interesting, for sure. :')

The stag's head remained

The stag's head remained rested upon the doe's well toned neck. He lightly lifted and repositioned a leg before he spoke again. "I was out of the forest. My kingdom has been at war for a hundred years now. I must leave here every now and then to help defend it." The stags scales shuttered at the mentioning of the word war. He shuffled his large, red wings into a more comfortable positioning along his back. He was tired, but only slightly. A few new scars could be seen, lining his white fur, just below the scales. "But I am here for now. And that's all that matters."

((i decided to change his fur color from green to white. I think it makes him look more amazing.))

Cadaver's body began to shake

Cadaver's body began to shake as a cold breeze came and hit the two of them. Being cold blooded was not good here. A light flame began to flicker in the back of his skull. "Illrose come with me." He began walking toward the great oak tree. It was a sanctuary. It can hold heat.
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Illrose listened to what he

Illrose listened to what he said, but didn't reply at first. He made it sound so easy to leave this place. How did he do it? And why couldn't she? At least she hadn't succeed in finding a way yet.
"When you leave the Forest....are you a real dragon again then?" She asked, and lifted her head from his back while she backed away a few steps, so she could look on his face again. She touched
one of his wounds lightly, before she nodded. He was here. With her. Without a word she followed him when he told her to, and her ears flickered when she noticed they were heading for the
Old Oak. She didn't really like being there, the 'song' from the great tree was annoying. But she could handle it for a while, when she was with a friend.

I love his new look. : D
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tracking is Illrose preggo

tracking Smiling is Illrose preggo yet? Dinah will lay off once she is.
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Thanks for the track.

Thanks for the track. <3
No, she isn't, but it won't take long now. :b Kinda, she just haven't realized yet. And she will wear the DotD antlers through her pregnancy, so you'll understand if you
see her in-forest with those antlers. And she will be sure to avoid Dinah as well. :b