Illrose; Ancient wings unfolding.

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May contain mature language/ violence.

November 19, 2020

physicalHealthy. x mentalGood.

Don't mind me, just found it a bit sad to see the broken images so had to fix them, maybe we'll visit the forest again one day. Hope everyone is doing good and staying safe ♥


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You're very welcome! : D

You're very welcome! : D

O0o0oh, you re-did this

O0o0oh, you re-did this pretty well 0.o

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Thank you. :')

Thank you. :')<3
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Hai. (:

Hai. (:

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Oh, hello. : D

Oh, hello. : D
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A track &hearts;

A track ♥
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:') <3

"Hello beautiful, I saw you

"Hello beautiful, I saw you at the ruins and I happened to notice the way you looked at me. I too was born a dragon, I too am confused in this forest, I too feel the need to destroy. You're beautiful, miss. I hope we will see eachother again."

Hi ^-^

omnomnomnom "Sqirrel!" xD

omnomnomnom "Sqirrel!"


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Lolamad91; Ghost glared at

Ghost glared at the stranger. She had looked at him? And how did he know about her life before she came here?
"And who are you, if I may ask?" She replied, as a cold smile curled her lips behind the mask.

Hello. :')


"Don't you dare try to eat me you big, fat...!" *Running and squeaking*


"Hahaha! my name is Cadaver,

"Hahaha! my name is Cadaver, I saw you at the ruins and began freaking out because of how beautiful you are. You simply bowed to me then lay back down. I jumped up to the wall and studied you very hard before sleeping. It's very easy to tell you are a dragon, but then again so am I. I am a reader as well as a monster. I can read you like a book. And you are a very nice book indeed."
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Ghost's ears flicked as she

Ghost's ears flicked as she listened to this stranger...Cadaver. Of course, she had noticed him by the ruins, but not really paid more attention
than giving him a proper greeting. She hadn't been aware of him studying her either, something she didn't like at all. Neither did she like the fact that
he apparently could read her very easy, while she had no clue who or what he really was. She didn't like this situation. But there was still something
that caught her interest.
"You are a dragon, you say? How come you are in this forest, then?"

"I came to find my old love.

"I came to find my old love. Her name is Nacadia. She is a mute because of what her demon father did to her. I thought the was beautiful as a demon but I am sure she is even more beautiful now. But unfortunately I cannot find her. And I actually don't want to anymore. Now I have found another love, this child is like a daughter to me." -Cadaver lowers his skull- "But unfortunately she was adopted before I could get to her." -The stag picks his head back up and acts like his pain had never happened- "I once was great, but now I am lost, what about you what's your story? How did you end up a D.A.D.? (drangon among deer)"
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He gave up his life as a

He gave up his life as a dragon for someone else? Ghost would never have done that, not even for someone she loved...did she even have the ability to love? She tilted her
head, curious about this child Cadaver was talking about.
"Who is this, the one you are talking about?" She asked, before her white, piercing eyes seemed to darken like a thundercloud, and she could feel anger rise in her body.
"I am trapped here." She replied shortly, almost snapping. "Sent here by some magicians that had tried to catch me for ages. They finally succeeded, it seems."

The stag stares into her

The stag stares into her eyes, rage seems to pour from his body. He cannot believe this doe thinks he left his dragon hood by choice. "You think I would leave that magnificent body and soul, for a lover?!?!? I have never felt so insulted! You really think I am that much of a fool?!?!? I have more knowledge in my battle spines than you can even think of! Large spines rip thru the scales on the stags neck and seem to float above it, giving him a mohawk. "I had to come and get her! Inside of her vocal cords is the..." [/] His words fade. His wings stop moving. The spines above him fall back into his neck and the scales recover the wound. "Oh, my, well I am very sorry about that. I'm just really touchy on that subject. The fawn i speak of in none other than Pandora, I absolutely adore her.

I really like this writing ^-^

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Ghost wasn't prepared for

Ghost wasn't prepared for this sudden anger, and it hit her almost like a solid wall and made her taking a few steps back, without thinking she did so. Not because she feared him,
she just did it instinctively. She stroke her ears back as a warning, just in case he had in mind to attack her. But then she lifted them again, listening to the sentence he never fulfilled.
"I'm sorry, I misunderstood your situation then." She replied with a nod, accepting his apology. And then a short smile crossed her lips.
"Of course, I could have guessed it was Pandora you were talking about." She knew Pandora, had also met her, but the fawn had been sleeping all the time. It seemed a lot of deers in
this forest adored the fawn.

So do I. : D Ghost has an RP blog, we can continue the writing there, perhaps? ^^

Did Ghost run around with a

Did Ghost run around with a skull mask and zombie antlers?
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Yep, she did. :b It's her new

Yep, she did. :b
It's her new set. n_n

Oh^^ did she try to tell

Oh^^ did she try to tell Kheiron something? I think she tauntet him? o.o and I think I saw a head tilt too. I was busy so I didn't pay much attention nor did I bother react, but I saw a fawn who seemed to make weird actions so it could be the fawn you responded to and not me. /dunno
(I'm just curios xD)
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No, she didn't taunt, I

No, she didn't taunt, I think. If she did it was my bad, perhaps I hit the wrong key. xD But yes, she did tilt her head, because she
thought it looked funny the way his head was sticking up from where he sat. x'P

oh xD I didn't really pay

oh xD I didn't really pay much attention so it was probably just me who didn't see clearly what she did^^
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Hihi. n__n

Hihi. n__n

hey meany, you stole my idea.

hey meany, you stole my idea. I was gonna have cadaver have the skull head and giant antlers. XD XD cool beans man great minds (and dragons) think alike. <3
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Mwahaha, Ghost knew, and

Mwahaha, Ghost knew, and hurried to change set before Cadaver. >D

No, seriously, sorry. xD But yeah, great minds ( dragons) think alike, it seem. :')<3
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I owe you a comment on your

I owe you a comment on your bio. So here it is. My Havak met your Illrose the other day! =D
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Lol, thanks. :') He did?

Lol, thanks. :') He did? *goes to check bio*
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I believe it was her. =\ The

I believe it was her. =\ The picto looks like the one you're using now for her. =D
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Yes, as I just posted on your

Yes, as I just posted on your bio, I remember now. :')

"It is very very good to see

"It is very very good to see you again. Your beauty still amazes me. I will be honest, I have slight feelings for you. I can see it now." The dragon stags wings fall to his sides, his black eyes searching hers. His soft, curly, tail wraps around his front right leg.

Little animals? I don't see a

Little animals?
I don't see a pictogram on the deer that's chasing Talla. xD

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Lolamad911; She smiled

She smiled slightly at the sight of Cadaver. After she learned he was a dragon as well, her respect for the stag had reached a new level.
"It was a pleasure to met you again as well, Cadaver." She replied, before the smile faded behind the mask.
"But I have to admit I have no feelings for you. At least not yet." She then said. She respected him enough to be honest with him.

Ammy; Lol, I'm sorry, it is my deer who is chasing yours. xD If you want me to quit, just tell me, but Illrose sure think it's funny to chase her. :')

N'aw, it's fine ^^. She's a

N'aw, it's fine ^^. She's a shy deer, I expect her to get chased around. I usually find it fun, but she'll probably never let your Illrose go anywhere near her if Illrose chases her a lot. xD
If I sometimes am very slow to respond, it's because Australian people are having difficulties with TEF. Sometimes deer just run on the spot for ages and then suddenly they start moving again.

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Oh well, I don't think

Oh well, I don't think Illrose will bother that she'll never trust her.
She'll just probably think it's hilarious to have someone to chase around from time to time. xD
Lol, okay. :'p

Okey. I thought as much, but

Okey. I thought as much, but some deer chase her around and then the next day think she'll be fine with them. I've had deer chase her multiple times and laugh at her and then get sad when she cowers at them a few days later.
8D S'okay, lots of deer find it hilarious.
I am wondering who the other deer with zombie antlers is. I like knowing who is chasing my TalTal. XD

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The one with zombie antlers

The one with zombie antlers and kabuki pelt?
I don't know who it is, but Illrose had several fights with it. It seemed he/ she got angry when she chased Talla. x')

*Nodnod* Yeah, it chases


Yeah, it chases her, but then seems to fight others when they chase her. 8D It's probably trying to be nice, that's what I think. Talla thinks it is dangerous.

Rock powers 8D!

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One of the stags ears flicked

One of the stags ears flicked forward, he was content when at the doe's side. Though something about her still confused him. "You, cannot fly can you? I noticed while we were chasing that little twerp that you did not fly." He stops, waiting to see if she takes off after it again.
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Ammy; Lol, Talla got a lot of

Ammy; Lol, Talla got a lot of deer to protect her, that's for sure. x')


Illrose couldn't help but smile when he mentioned that mini deer they had been chasing. Her body did still wear the marks from the several fights with those who
had tried to protect the little deer...fools. Then, she shook her head.
"No, I don't fly. To be honest, I don't like to fly unless I have my wings and my true body. Only then do I feel really safe in the air." She replied, and smiled slightly.
By instinct she then listened to the air, as if trying to figure out where the little deer was hiding now. But it was enough chasing for today. Her body had to recover a bit.

xD She didn't know some of

xD She didn't know some of them. She's lucky, sometimes no one she knows is in the forest and that's when those who like to make her flee attack. That happened once before and she was badly hurt by a few bullies. They know who they are >D Some deer she didn't know tried to help (Of course, ages after she was nearly immobilised completely), all they did for Talla was make her think they were trying to kill her too 8D.
T'was fun. <3 ^^

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"I dont care who you

"I dont care who you are......leave Talla alone!!!". He growls.

Hi there, d*** Demon absolutely exploded on you, im so sorry. He tends to do that when he loses his patience. I'm glad Celeste showed up and stopped Demon, otherwise Demon would've kept attacking probably. Demon may not like you, but I really like your bio, and I LOOOOOVVVEEE dragons, they rock.
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Tracking. c:

Tracking. c:
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Ammy; Aw, poor Talla.

Ammy; Aw, poor Talla. xD
Illrose doesn't really want to hurt her, though, she just think it's funny to chase her. x')
Lol, it was hilarious. :b


She snorted.
"Are you a friend of that brat, or do you just wanna play hero?" She snarled back, with her ears pinned back.

Lol, no worries, I just think it all was funny. :') Don't think Illrose liked it though, when she all of a sudden had to fight three different deer on the same time. xD
Yay, dragons. And thank you. <3

ok so last night i had a

ok so last night i had a dream that Illrose and Cadaver were chasing talla. but they were all in a glass container and i was just sitting there watching them. it was weird. XD
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Oh lol, that sound like a

Oh lol, that sound like a weird dream. x'D

lol random jumping much? xD

lol random jumping much? xD
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Random jumping and spinning

Random jumping and spinning made me dizzy. xD
It looked like they were dancing some kind of weird dance, lol. x')

lol Kheiron is glad to have

lol Kheiron is glad to have Illrose on his side when that angry stag is around xDD she has big, scary antlers to hide behind. Laughing out loud xD hope you don't mind :'D
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Lol, poor Kheiron. x'D Of

Lol, poor Kheiron. x'D Of course I don't mind, it is her the stag is angry at anyway. xD

yeah I figured xD Kheiron

yeah I figured xD Kheiron just thinks all the fighting is fun though :'D he provoked the stag on purpose, he WANTED a response. xD he's all like "YES this is FUN! SHIEEET THERE HE COMES, RUUN D8" xD lol he's not fighting because he's angry, he just like to see how far he can go. 8D
he's like a kid playing "ring på spring" (lol hva heter det på engelsk? o.o)
and I'm pretty sure the player of the stag is IC, right? xD
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Lol, yeah, I kinda understood

Lol, yeah, I kinda understood that. It was funny to see how he sneaked up behind the stag, and then all of a sudden came running and hide behind Illrose. xD
Har ikke peiling på hva det heter på engelsk, hihi. xD
Yep, they're IC, so no worries there. :b