Holly on the Old Oak - An Evil Christmas

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Holly on the Old Oak
Story 9

An Evil Christmas

Inspired by QuadRaptor

((For more info on some of the evilees in this story, refer to the Book of TEF Villains))

“So it’s Christmas Eve…”, her voice spoke in the cold. “It’s the night that all the pathetic deer will have their celebrations and festivals. And here we are, bored out of our minds.”

Iugulare stood up, shaking the snow from her infectious body. She let out a sigh that was visible in the air. Anirapio and Nekumbra sat by, thinking as well. “Well, what if we go hunting tonight?”, she suggested.

Iugulare shook her head, “No, it would be too tricky tonight. All the deer are gathered at the Twin Gods’ hill, so they’d be protected. Plus their many eyes would make stealth impossible.”, the stoat said.

“Well what if we had our own party, then…”, Nekumbra spoke under her breath.

Iugulare glared at the spider deer for a moment, and then said, “That’s not a bad idea. We could gather all of the others who hate the Twin Gods and their wretched deer, and have a great conference of darkness. Yes…that is an excellent plan. Good call, Nekumbra!”

The trio stood, agreeing on who to invite and where to find them. Within moments, they left the area, going to find the others to invite to the party. They met with the others one by one, and the invitations were out quickly.

“A darkness party? Hmm…”, spoke Renoir. “Sounds interesting…”
“I’m intrigued. Where shall we be meeting?”, Jorogumo asked.
“The old ruins, eh? What a perfect place for a gathering of dark minds.”, Illrose said.
“That sounds great! I’ll bring some snacks!”, Glow said excitedly.
“He…he…he…”, Jack cackled, “It wouldn’t be a party without me.”
“Anywhere away from those worthless excuses for deer is fine with me.”, The Collector said.
“You are inviting some of the most powerful forces in this Forest.”, the Lich King spoke, “I will be there to meet them.”

Anirapio approached Wesker, inviting him to the party, but Kaoori stepped before the skeleton stag, “Sorry, he can’t go. We’re going to the Twin Gods’ festival.” Wesker grumbled something under his breath, and then nodded, “Yes…I can’t come to your party.” Anirapio shook her head, “How pathetic…”, she spoke, stretching her wings and soaring into the sky. Kaoori nuzzled her mate, “Don’t worry about it. The Twin Gods’ festival will be much safer than anything they’re planning at the Ruins.”, she said.


The three waited, as dawn fell onto the Endless Forest. The Ruins were decorated with lit candles, and a few snacks were placed on the stone walls. “Maybe they won’t show up…”, Nekumbra said in a disappointed sigh. “Patience, Nekumbra. They’ll come.”, Iugulare replied. The only one aside from them that had shown up to the party was Darkweaver, who had been asleep on one of the stony walls.

Snap!, a twig was stepped on nearby. The three looked over to see a small group of creatures approaching them. Cay Lynn led the way, shouting, “I’m here! Let’s get the party started!” Following her were Zip and Victor. Zip smiled, “Hey look, they have rancid fish!”, while Victor immediately walked over to the sleeping Darkweaver and pushed him off of the wall. Dark hit the ground hard, waking right up and looking around. “Hmm? Is Wesker here?”, he questioned. “Wesker? No Wesker at this party, snoozer. Come on, you can’t be sleeping at a party. That is uncool!”, Victor snorted, raising his snout up in the air boastfully.

Following them were Glow, Vilnius, Sinker, and Renoir. As Vilnius and Renoir began to chat, Glow went to the snack table, bringing her own things to the party. “Are those poisonous mushrooms?”, Zip asked her. Glow grinned, “Yup! They’re my favorite…oh they have spiders? I love spiders, they’re my favorite too!”, she said, eating a mouthful of the arachnid snacks. Sinker went to the corners of the Ruins, getting comfortable and watching the others, while dreaming of Lynnet.

And more arrived after them. The Collector snuck in from the other side of the Ruins, nearly scaring Nekumbra when he whispered in her ear, “Why don’t you give me that pretty face, child.” Saint and Friend came next, the two of them going in different directions to meet with the others at the party. Saint immediately ran to Vilnius’ side, where Friend wandered over to Sinker, tilting his head curiously at the dreaming shade. Anyajog stumbled in, drooling when she saw the snack table. She went right over and began to sample the food. Following her was Illrose, who greeted the others and walked over to speak with Darkweaver.

“He…he…he…”, the familiar laugh of ‘Smiling’ Jack was loud enough for all of them to stop their conversations. He sat on one of the pillars, looking at the others curiously. He brought his own drinks for the party, dropping them off at the snack table before turning and looking at those at the party who were attractive in his eyes. While he eyed Iugulare curiously, Lucyfer came to the party next, speaking aloud, “I’ve got a headache, so nobody yell or else I’m gonna kill you.” Illrose eyed him, already itching for a fight. Cay Lynn nudged her, “Watch this.”, she said. As Lucyfer started to walk over toward the snack table, Cay snuck up and shouted, “Hey what do you think about the party?”, as loudly as she could. “That’s it! I’m gonna kill…”, Lucyfer began, when Illrose stepped in. “Fight me instead!”, she challenged. The two began to brawl, the others cheering and shouting with excitement. The Collector went back into the shadows, watching the little details of the fight eagerly. Renoir, Darkweaver, and Vilnius were becoming increasingly irritated by the fight, as it interrupted their conversations. Jack was wooping and cheering loudly, as was Victor. “What should we do?”, Anirapio asked Iugulare. The stoat rose up, “Alright, alright, knock it off!”, she ordered Illrose and Lucyfer.

And with perfect timing, the air seemed to grow bitter cold around them. They stopped and looked around as another stepped into the Ruins. “Oh, it’s the Lich King!”, Saint announced. The great armored stag looked to all of them through his glowing eyes. “And why wasn’t I informed that there was a battle going on here?”, he spoke coldly. “Err…come in, come in. We were just getting it settled.”, Iugulare spoke to him, glaring at the two fighters, who ceased and walked off in other directions of the party. The Lich King walked into the crowd, being stopped by a curious Glow, who grinned widely at him. “Hi, I like your eyes!”, she said to him eagerly. The Lich King, humored, let out a chuckle and replied, “I like yours too, I suppose…”

Behind him was Jorogumo and Red Queen. Nekumbra’s eyes widened as she saw another spider deer, and she went to greet Jorogumo. “Welcome to the party. We have blood drinks over by the snack table.”, Nekumbra spoke. Jorogumo bowed her head politely, “I would love one.”, she replied, and as she stepped into the Ruins, her antlers got tangled by one of the branches of the trees. “GAAH F*#@& GODD*MNIT JOO MUTHAF…”, she began to curse, when looking around and seeing the others staring at her. She straightened up, cleared her throat, and strutted to the snack table where Nekumbra was waiting. Anirapio greeted Red Queen, who bowed in return. “I don’t really know anyone here…”, she spoke, but walked in to see who she knew.

On the other side of the Ruins were many of the Organization XIII members. They were invited but they didn’t go into the main part of the party. Instead, they had their own meeting. Axel and Roxas licked away at bars of seasalt icecream, watching the others in the main party. “Look, there’s The Collector, Darkweaver, Illrose, even the Lich King is at their party…”, Axel pointed out each of the creatures who were on the other side of the Ruins. “So why aren’t we in there?”, Roxas asked. “Mmm…too tricky. Besides, we’ve got our own plans for tonight. Got it memorized?”, Axel smirked.

Xigbar was staring at the attractive females in the crowd. “Oooh, look at that one there, Xaldin.”, he said. Xaldin was too busy trying to stab a piece of fish with one of his lances, and distracted, he looked over to see who Xigbar was talking about. “That is a giant spider, Xigbar.”, Xaldin spoke.

Demyx sat on one of the pillars, strumming away at his sitar. He noticed Xemnas and Saix off to the side, Saix was secretly writing Xemnas a love poem about how much he detests the moon. Xemnas, unaware, was eating a pickle. In the darker parts around the Ruins, Vexen was stripping away his fur, Marluxia and Larxene noticing out of the corners of their eyes and starting to laugh at him being strange.

Back at the party, the last invited stag stumbled in – Totlecatl. He tilted his head curiously at Friend, “Huh…”, he said, walking away but keeping his eye on the odd stag. “Is this everyone?”, Anirapio asked. Iugulare didn’t see Wesker at the party, but she ignored it, “Yes, this must be it.” As Anirapio was about to speak again, she noticed Glow walk up to her. “So…eat any fawns lately?”, Glow spoke with a grin. The dragon stared down at her curiously, but said, “Yes, I had one before I came here.” “Oh! May I feel it within you?”, Glow asked immediately, pressing her face onto Anirapio’s belly. The dragon was slightly startled, but laughed a little, “You must enjoy eating them too, huh?”, she asked. Glow nodded, “Oh yes. They are so delicious, and I love feeling them wiggling inside me.”, she replied.

The Lich King shook his head. “Those two are so odd.”, he spoke. “Yeah…I prefer my meals dead.”, Darkweaver replied. Victor shook his head, “I’m more concerned about those two.”, he said, looking over to Jorogumo and Nekumbra. The two continued to sip blood drinks and talked about spider things. Nearby was Cay Lynn, who was also sipping on blood and chatting with the two spider deer. “So I was wondering, where does the silk come out?”, she asked. Jorogumo stood and spoke, “I would show you, but then I would have to kill you.” Cay slunk back, “Err…nevermind then.” Totlecatl nearby approached them, “It’s best not to ask questions like that, my friend. Most don’t live to see the day, so you’d better count yourself lucky.”, he spoke, walking away to have a word with Lucyfer.

“Ah, I am bored already…”, Jack spoke. He broke out the blueberry wine and walked around, stopping by the Red Queen. “How about some wine, my lady?”, he asked. Queen shook her head, “No thanks. I do not need anything you have to offer.”, she replied. “Hrmph…”, Jack chuckled, and taking a deep gulp of the wine, he said, “Pity. I have plenty to share.” Illrose approached and took the wine away from Jack, drinking it herself. Jack tilted his head curiously, “My my my, you must be a growing girl…he…he…”, he cackled.

Darkweaver was chatting with Sinker, who was close to the snack table. He devoured a good bit of the leftover food, belching loudly. “Hmm…”, Sinker thought aloud, “That strangely reminds me of her…oh my Lynnet…where is your heart?” “Hearts, huh?”, Vilnius stepped in, “I can easily find you a heart.”, he said. “Thanks, but I only want her heart.”, Sinker replied. The Collector was listening in to their conversation, “Such love…but what a fool. He wastes his time longing for someone he cannot find.”, he spoke to himself. “Ah well, this was interesting but I will let them continue their antics without me.” The spectre slipped into the darkness, vanishing into the night without any of the others ever noticing.

The party continued on through the night. The collection of evil and dark minds did not know that upon one of the nearby hills watched the Twin Gods. Their party had ended earlier, and they stared curiously at the strange event going on at the Ruins. “Should we break this up?”, Michael asked Auriea. The god doe shook her head, “No…let them have their fun. They are not hurting anyone tonight.” “It looks a little suspicious…”, Michael began to say, but then nodded, “but I will trust you. I suppose even their kind should be allowed to celebrate the season.” The two vanished, never being seen by the partygoers.

Tonight would not only be a night for those who were kind and good, but even those with dark minds and hearts would have their own party. It would be perhaps the most evil Christmas celebration they would ever get to have.

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Stop spamming! xD
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Tracking this... So looking forward to it :'D
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I'm trying to decide about

I'm trying to decide about this one for today...should I torture you guys and post it at 10:00 (like I should be doing)...so do I give this one to you early too?

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I want it early! D:

I want it early! D:
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Early! >w< We want evil! >w<

Early! >w< We want evil! >w< *nuzzle*
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Iugulare: "Don't listen to

Iugulare: "Don't listen to them! This is an evil story, so you gotta be evil and post it late! Way way late! Maybe even TWO HOURS late! Ha!"

Anirapio: "Yeah, what she said! And I'm hungry!"

Nekumbra: "Oh! I thought I saw a sweet little fawnie other there."

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*has a giant lol

*has a giant lol XD*

Raleigh: *pouting because he didn't get an invite*
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Story's up. May the Twin

Story's up. May the Twin Gods have mercy on our souls! XD
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Xemnas, unaware, was eating a

Xemnas, unaware, was eating a pickle

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...know what?
...we should start an event like this at christmas in the forest |DD
*needs to dry her tears from laughter now*
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I'd actually be up for

I'd actually be up for participating in an event like that! Maybe we could actually set it up, I love the idea!

nice story ^^ i agree,, it

nice story ^^ i agree,, it could be awesome with a xmas event for all the evil deers ^^ buut,, then i would have to log in and out all the time since i have 2 'good' deers and 1 evil.. but i would deffently(?) be participating in such an evil event Smiling

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Haha well i don't know if the

Haha well i don't know if the 'good party' would happen. But evilees would certainly be welcome!

XD haha that was awesome. I

XD haha that was awesome. I love how you portrayed Glow and RQ <3 I had fun reading this c:.

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I liked this one too! I feel

I liked this one too!
I feel spoiled to be in your stories ^^;
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“That is a giant spider,

“That is a giant spider, Xigbar.” I laughed so hard at that! XDD This was a real treat to read, loved every moment of it! >w< And I'm actually happy Raleigh didn't get invited, he'd find himself out-matched by everyone in there, not to mention his hemophobia when it comes to the snacks TwT''
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Thanks guys! Kao - But...you

Thanks guys!

Kao - But...you deserve to be in my stories! And Kao and Wesker are fun to write about!

Chickenwhite - Haha I loved writing that part! And don't worry, Raleigh has a great role in First Flight, I think you'll really love reading it!
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Ohh, damn you, now I can't

Ohh, damn you, now I can't wait even more! >w< I'm looking so much forward to it, you won't believe it TwT''
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Hey not too far away, just

Hey not too far away, just gotta wait until tomorrow afternoon/night. Eye
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Oh wow, I loved reading this,

Oh wow, I loved reading this, you portrayed Illrose so well. And the others as well, of course. <3

If this becomes an in-game event at Christmas, I'm definitely joining. :'D
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True... But it's such a long

True... But it's such a long time awaaaay TwT *childish whine*
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Perfect&hearts; *Speachless*

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Totally forgot about this! :c

Totally forgot about this! :c Gosh I love it. (: It was so eviiilll. C<
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X3 Thanks! It was so fun to

X3 Thanks! It was so fun to write!

Quote:Jorogumo bowed her head

Jorogumo bowed her head politely, “I would love one.”, she replied, and as she stepped into the Ruins, her antlers got tangled by one of the branches of the trees. “GAAH F*#@& GODD*MNIT JOO MUTHAF…”, she began to curse, when looking around and seeing the others staring at her. She straightened up, cleared her throat, and strutted to the snack table where Nekumbra was waiting.

Just killed me.
And I'm like, three days late on seeing this. It was so fun to read, all of it!


this is tfo btw. so you dont get confused x)