Illrose; Ancient wings unfolding.

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May contain mature language/ violence.

November 19, 2020

physicalHealthy. x mentalGood.

Don't mind me, just found it a bit sad to see the broken images so had to fix them, maybe we'll visit the forest again one day. Hope everyone is doing good and staying safe ♥


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Have you though up of names

Have you though up of names yet?


7th page is mine.

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For the fawns? Yes, I have

For the fawns? Yes, I have thought about a name for mine but I don't know with Estme, who will be playing the other fawn. n_n

Woho. <3

The empty skull floated in

The empty skull floated in front of his neck, this became clear when he turned his neck to look back at her. He simply nodded back at her. When he became cold, it was hard for him to speak. He trembled as he walked. He could take it no more, he hadn't yet set up the spell for eternal warmth, it was necessary for him to survive in winter. He began to sprint toward the tree, his head down as the flame began to surround his skull, he opened his wings wide, they appeared to grow larger with one final push he lifted slightly off of the ground. He glided faster than any deer could ever run, to the oak, then once inside turned and watched Illrose from the entrance. Good, she was still coming. Now he just wanted to impress her, just knowing she was watching he wanted to make her want him. He lifted his head to the top of the inside of the tree and opened his skull. The flame that now danced all around his body was pulled back into the mouth of the beast and with a large burst was shot upward at the inside of the tree. Not hot enough to catch the tree on fire but hot enough to warm him and his companion when she arrived.

((Caddy had a short hissy fit XD Happens when he is cold. Thats why he get covered in flame. oh, and i will have a drawing of his official new look (not in game) up soon))
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Illrose frowned slightly when

Illrose frowned slightly when Cadaver suddenly rushed to the Oak. What was the hurry? For her, the snow felt only soft against her fur, and the chill in the air was pleasant. She had
always enjoyed the winter, but her dragon form had handled the cold well. Illrose stopped abruptly at the entrance of the great tree, as she watched the flames surrounding
Cadaver's body and then withdrew into his mouth before they shot upward the tree. Her eyes sparkled in the light of the dancing flames, and she could feel the heat wave brushing
against her fur. She was used to flames, and didn't fear them, so she walked calmy inside the Oak. She gave Cadaver a light nuzzle.
"Impressive." She said, with a hint of a smile in the corner of her mouth. She then sat down, and looked at the snow falling calmly and silent to the ground outside.

A light, grey-black smoke

A light, grey-black smoke billowed around the white of his sleek, medium length, white fur. He stood looking closely at Illrose's horns? Where were they? Come to think of it she had been acting weird too. Less, her. He walked over to her and placed his nose slightly under her stomach. Something was up. He could tell. He lay down next to her, slightly confused, and placed his head atop her back. He shifted his legs a little bit before finally answering her question. "Yes, when I am out of the forest I am a dragon again. But it takes an incredible amount of magic for me to get in and out of the forest. And for me to return to my dragon form. I could be a dragon right now but only for a minute or two. The magic throughout this forest is greater than mine. And I have to constantly battle that magic everyday. Its a very tiring process, but it makes me stronger which is good." He sighed and hesitated a while before asking, "Illis, are you..... gravid? "
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Her eyes were fixed on the

Her eyes were fixed on the snow outside, but Cadaver still had all of her attention. She could feel the closeness when his nose was under her stomach, before he lay
down next to her, and she then felt the weight of his head upon her back. Illrose lay her own head down, close to his body, with a small sigh. She then listened as he
answered her question, and hope rose inside her. He could leave this forest and regain his dragon form. That meant it was possible, she just had to find a way to do
it herself. Perhaps she had to try to practice her own magic, or something.
"I want to see you in your dragon form one day." She said, after been lost in her own thoughts for a moment. Either in this forest, or in another place, she wanted to
see what he really looked like. She wasn't prepared for the question he then asked her, but she just gave a slight nod.
"Yes, I am." She replied shortly, not exactly happy about it.
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Meeee doinnn' philosophy

Meeee doinnn' philosophy homework. HUGA. B( -bricked- So if Sithrim falls asleep it's that he philosophed too much. haha (:

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Lol, okay.

Lol, okay. <3

Another sigh, this time with

Another sigh, this time with sadness. Who knows, it may be his, but it's unlikely. Highly unlikely. He knew he had lost her. His hope seemed to drain from his body, his medium fur darkened to a deep, rich grey color. He placed his wings down on the ground beside himself. Upon hitting the ground they grew smaller, taking up less space. "Whose is it? If you don't mind me asking." He placed his head slightly higher on her back when he asked her the question. He grew slightly more depressed when he asked. She was his, but not anymore.
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Illrose had a sinking feeling

Illrose had a sinking feeling in her stomach, and she felt that she had let Cadaver down, disappointed him big time. But she had never promised him anything, had she? No. Then
why did she feel that she had cheated on him, and been with Sithrim behind his back? She blinked, and her eyes moved from the falling snow outside, to Cadaver's face as she
lifted her head and looked at him.
"Sithrim. The blue stag you fought at the playground, remember?" She leaned closer to Cadaver, with her skull resting against the fur on his neck.
"I'm sorry." She then said, almost whispering, although she really didn't have anything to be sorry for.

Hope you don't mind a track.

Hope you don't mind a track. xD Crux has seen Illrose a few times, and has been sat on by her when she's fallen asleep on that wall in the ruins. She's keen on giving the spot up to her, though, haha. :D

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Lol, Illrose had to go to the

Lol, Illrose had to go to the ruins now and check if Crux was the one I thought it was. :b Illrose have noticed Crux around as well, and she
appreciate that Crux let her have the spot on the ruins when they're both there. Illrose tried to invite Crux to sit with her one time, but with no success. x)







/has a ded

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Mwahaha, yes she is. >D

Mwahaha, yes she is. >D

Hehe, she's a little skittish

Hehe, she's a little skittish when it comes to the wall in general, a stag a while back drove her and a friend off kinda roughly, so she's not too sure about sharing the space. xD; I'm sure after a while of seeing her around, though, she'll be more comfortable. :>

Dull grey fur, seeming about

Dull grey fur, seeming about ready to fall off, quickly lightened again. It seemed to glow around his body. His body got warm, really warm. He shot up from his spot next to Illrose and out of the tree, just in time to save her from a blaze of anger and depression that engulfed his entire body. These flames were hotter than anything he had generated before. He let out a roar, loud and pissed. He was mad, yes, but not at her. He was happy for her, she had chosen a strong stag and was wise about it. But he was mad, still. Most likely at Sithrim. Or maybe himself, for not returning sooner in order to win her heart over. Again the flame around his body was pulled in through his mouth and nose. He shot it right at a pair of doves flying in a clearing. They fell to the ground, a faint smell drifting from them. He trotted over to them and grabbed both by the wings and then back over to Illrose. Gently he placed them down in front of her, before laying down next to her again. "Here it's cooked, no blood. You need protein if you are going to bare a child. Tell Sithrim I said parabens. I doubt he'll know what it means so you can just say congratulations." His fur returned to a dull grey color as he picked up his bird and swallowed it whole. "Also, I'm happy for you. And sorry about just now, when my emotions get mixed with my magic I combust, but being a dragon I simply redirect it. You may see multiple burn marks around for a while. As to seeing me in my dragon for, sure. But only if you tell me yours."

((wow, i wrote a lot of pointless stuff. sry))

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LOL Parabéns. I do know what

LOL Parabéns. I do know what it means : P ))

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Illrose rested her head against his neck, at least until she noticed how his fur seemed to brighten, and it felt hot against her skull. She jerked her head back, just seconds before
Cadaver rose to his feet and were gone. Slowly Illrose got to her own feet, and she walked over to the opening out of the hollow Oak, shocked that her friend had taken off like that.
In the distance she heard the roar, filled with anger, and again she got that feeling that she had let him down. She was about to go out and go looking for him, when she saw
Cadaver returning. So, she just laid back down inside the Oak instead. She frowned at the birds that landed in front of her, knowing that she didn't really like meat anymore. Not when
she was a deer, at least.
"I'll pass the message." She replied, before she bent down, and ripped of some of the meat on the bird. She swallowed it, before she decided to follow Cadaver's example, and took
the rest of the bird in her mouth, swallowing it whole.
"Thank you. I am really sorry it all makes you feel this way. But if it makes you feel better, Sithrim and I do not love each other. He already have someone else. And I would have
shown you my dragon form, if I just knew how to morph back into a dragon." She replied, and smiled slightly at him.

No, you didn't. :')

Lol, I had to search to figure out what that word meant, although I kinda figured it was congratulations. x')
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I got disconnected and I

I got disconnected and I don't think I am reconnecting right. : (
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Awh, yeah, I figured that was

Awh, yeah, I figured that was the problem. :/
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=O Woa, wait how did she get

=O Woa, wait how did she get pregnant, if you don't mind me asking.
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")
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Lol, she was with Sithrim

Lol, she was with Sithrim during the rut. xD
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Sorry about running off,

Sorry about running off, Celeste is so fleeting, she runs over, hops around and spellcasts Illrose, listens after a few minutes, then runs right off again. xD

I sort of become the deer I'm playing...

He licked his emerald green

He licked his emerald green scales with his long pink tongue before turning around to face his companion again. This situation had actually sparked a new love for her. She had a bad side, a sexy bad side. Just now with fawns in the mix. Oddly enough he liked that. A lot. We was pissed, but it mixed with his rutting hormones and made for bad timing kinky. He wanted to be serious but it was hard to hold himself together. He stared at the ground a moment. Gathering himself, he realized how out of place he was right now, an instant killjoy. Perfect timing. "Describe yourself."

((okay so im in a really odd mood, like super happy. so yea this is what i got XD))
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CelesteLune; Lol, that's what

Lol, that's what I like about Celeste, she is everywhere. xDD And the spellspam chase has me laughing everytime. x')


When the silence fell between them, Illrose fell into her own thoughts. She did really look forward to the fawn were born. Right now she felt so sensitive about everything,
she got sad for things she really wouldn't care about, and watching fights just made her upset, when she should have enjoyed it. It was because of the pregnancy, she thought.
Everything would go back to normal as soon as the fawn was born, she hoped. Cadaver's voice broke into her thoughts, and she blinked, as if she had forgotten he was
there. Illrose then lifted her head and looked at him, while she smiled slightly.
"Describe myself? Do you want me to describe the one I usually am, or the one I am now that I am pregnant? I thought we had spent enough time together for you to know
who I was."

Awh. x'D

"I want to know who you think

"I want to know who you think you are. Not who I think you are."
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Cadaver's words made her

Cadaver's words made her think. So much seemed to have change since she first entered this forest, when she as a fawn woke up by the Twin God statues.
"I'm the dragon that loves to destroy beings and places, the one that sweep down with fire and destruction, and make everyone flee in fear. I destroy everything in my path,
and I care for no one, apart from myself." That was the one she had been before, and the one she again would be when she wound a way out from the Forest.

This is a moment when the

This is a moment when the dragon would have frowned. He shook his head and sighed, that just was not true. "Illrose, I don't think you understand. You have changed since you came into the forest. You have become a kinder more gentle creature, and you think it's a bad thing? It's not. It's a good thing. I too was once a vicious and terrible creature. But I have come to accept the new me as become used to this place. You do not change when you are out of the forest, you are still the same in your coração (heart) and your alma (soul) has begun a new path. You must live out who you are, and accept the changes that come. Be the better one. Not the badder one." Cadaver stood and looked at her, his eye holes peering into her soul. "My dragon awaits me, and yours may too. If you're lucky your soul will catch with mine and we may be able to fly as reptiles together. Will you join me?"
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Illrose grind her jaws

Illrose grind her jaws together while she glared at Cadaver. Because he was right, and she hated it. Yes, she had changed, and she didn't like that.
"I do understand. And you are wrong. Yes, the forest have changed me, but it has changed me into something I don't really am. I won't accept this, and when I find a
way out of here, I will find a way back to myself." She replied coldly, before she rose to her own feet. She then tilted her head, and sighed as she calmed down a bit.
Then she nodded.
"I guess I can try." She walked slowly out of the Old Oak, and first now realized it didn't snow anymore. Still, the forest seemed quiet.

Giant hooves made the ground

Giant hooves made the ground tremble as the dragon stag walked from the oak, slightly swaying his long neck from side to side. He held his wings out and made them grow to their largest size. He stopped walking once he knew there was enough space for him and Illrose to become dragons. He turned around to face her. "Different bodies react differently to my magic, but being that you are also a dragon you should be okay. Are you affected by fire in your current state?"
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holy crap why am i not

holy crap why am i not tracking this? xD
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lolamad; Illrose took in the

Illrose took in the sight of his large, majestic wings, before she realized he had turned around and talked to her. Quickly she looked back at his face, barely catching his words.
"I have never encountered fire in this form, so I don't know." She replied.
"But I'm willing to take the risk." A barely visible smile curled her lips behind the mask. She was willing to take any chance to be able to take her dragon form again.

Lol. <3

"You seem... different."

"You seem... different."
Kheiron looked at his friend with some sort of suspiciousness.
"I mean, more different than you've been lately. You even smell different. I didn't recognize you at once."

So yeah, here it is. Told ya I would do a little interaction with her sometime. xD oh and yes, I actually didn't recognize Illrose at once because of her new antlers.
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Illrose had to smile at her

Illrose had to smile at her friend's suspiciousness.
"It's probably because I'm pregnant." She calmly replied. She had been quite freaked out when she first discovered it, but after she had been talking to Sithrim,
and he had seemed to be happy about it all, she felt more content. She wasn't sure what Kheiron would think about it, though, and as her best friend,
his opinion meant a lot to her.


He glared at her. It had not

He glared at her. It had not come as a surprise to him, but still... Illrose? Pregnant? Okay... Interesting.
"Pregnant? I... I did not know. That explains it. I guess Gustiro is pleased, then. He seems more driven by instincts than any of us, so he'll probably like the thought of his genes running through a... new generation. I guess."

(yeah, yeah I know Sithrim is the father, but Kheiron doesn't xD)
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She watched her friend's face

She watched her friend's face closely after she had told him what was going on. It could seem he had the same thoughts she had had when she first realized
she was pregnant. Illrose then tilted her head, still smiling slightly, although she had no clue why.
"Then Gustiro would be disappointed, cause he is not the father." She replied.
"Sithrim is." She then said, before Kheiron even got the chance to ask.

"Sithrim?" His voice sounded

His voice sounded way more surprised than he wanted it to.
"I thought... I mean, I haven't seen you around with other stags than Gustiro during all this rut-stuff..."
His eyes blinked a few times. "So he's not the father..?"
Oh man, he hadn't prepared for that, and for some reason - he did not like it.
He turned his voice back to a more calm tone.
"Makes you want yo pat yourself on the back, right? Good job, Illrose!"
Oh, the sarcasm.
He knew Illrose so very well. He knew she wasn't really the type for being a mother. He knew she wouldn't like the thought of being pregnant.
He knew he was being incredibly rude about it.
The thing is, he was still angry at Illrose for abandoning her best friend for a rutting stag - a stag that had been both her arch enemy and her friend's enemy - so he had thought that this could be some sort of in-your-face to her. Like, "that's what you get", or "what comes around, goes around". Karma.
But no. Sithrim? Kheiron did not know him. But he had to be better than Gustiro. No one could be a bigger nitwit than Gustiro.
Heck, Illrose would probably not regret anything with Sithrim.
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I just had to pop in to say,

I just had to pop in to say, Minimuuh, that post was epic-sauce. Nicely written. :3 ::Spies on you all, all creepy stalker like or something.::

Haha, your comment made me

Haha, your comment made me smile :') thank you <3
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She tilted her head

She tilted her head slightly.
"But you haven't really seen me a lot during this rut- stuff, now, have you?" She replied. Well, she had been with Gustiro a lot, true enough, so she understood
why Kheiron would assume that he was the father. But she had been with Sithrim a lot as well, even before the rut week itself, when they both had begun to be
quite affected.
"No, Gustiro is not the father." She said. Then her ears fell back when she heard the sarcasm in Kheiron's voice. She could hear that he was angry at her.
"Shut up! If I hadn't known better, I would have believed you were jealous." She snapped back at him. But she did know Kheiron wasn't jealous. They were just friends,
nothing more, so it had to be something else behind his anger. Illrose backed away a few steps, and glared at Kheiron for a moment.

And yeah, agree with creepy-stalker-Gustiro. :b

The dragon reared, his wings

The dragon reared, his wings spread across the landscape of trees. He mumbled a few short words and flapped his mighty, red, wings, a powerful wind began to pick up and circle around the two deer. He pulled his wings inward, so they too were enclosed in the wind circle. "Here is where the fire comes into play. Now you have to do this carefully, and no matter what, just stay close to me." He struggled to stay louder than the wind. The stag stepped closer so that Illrose was standing next to his side. He hit the wall of wind heavily with three large, red, blasts of fire. The ball began to grow around the two deer, Cadaver's body soon grew with it. He began morphing. His hooves changed from being cloven and small to large, sharp and long talons. His skull grew longer and pointier, with teeth sharper than an obsidian arrowhead. The majestic tail that flowed just above his hind quarters became long and and covered with scales, accept for the very end where there was still a bit of curly fur. The spines that hovered above his neck slid from their place inside of his neck to their proper position above it. They stretched all the way down his back now, some wrapped around his ankles as well. Spikes began to grow from the dragon's skull, giving him a very fierce look. His wings became giant. A hook-like claw stuck out from the bottom of each corner of his wing segments. Last but not least, the scales upon his neck began spreading and multiplying, soon his entire body was covered in spiky scales. He stood, inside of the fire and wind cocoon, as a dragon.

((You know i was thinking. Nacadia and Illrose are both pregnant. I think by some twist of fate, they should befriend each other. Im not sure how yet, but i think it would be cool. they were friends for a little while before i said illrose could chase Naca. just an idea))

”Jealous?! Hah! It’s a good

”Jealous?! Hah! It’s a good thing I’m not controlled by own instincts and still welcome my friends with open arms when they come crawling back to me after leaving me behind!”
His eyes burned into Illrose’s. Had she been that blind?
He quickly turned around as if to hide his anger and murmured some angry words to himself with clenched teeth; “Why are all my friends so extremely stupid..!”
Well, except for him and Raleigh, he thought. But I can’t reach him at the moment and Raleigh has probably had a mental breakdown and ended his misery long ago. Why, why…!
The rage built up inside him, and he didn’t know if he could handle himself.
He suddenly hit his head hard against the nearest tree to snap himself out of it. Stood still, leaning his whole weight on his head. His eyes wide open.
An extremely loud snort – and then he closed his eyes and tilted his head another way as in despair.
With a thud he sat down. Crouched – still with his eyes closed - suddenly looking so very vulnerable.
“Don’t ever do that again. Don’t abandon me, Illrose.”

(pfff he's such a dramaqueen)
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lolamad; Illrose tried to

Illrose tried to catch the words he mumbled, but it was impossible. But the words had their effects, and a strong wind began to circle around them. Illrose listened
carefully to Cadaver's words, and gave a nod in return, to make it clear she had understood. A smile appeared on her lips at the sight of the mighty, deadly flames
that mixed with the wind, surrounding them. She could feel the heat, but she wasn't afraid. She then noticed how Cadaver began to change form next to her, and for
a moment she panicked. How did he do it? And why didn't the same thing happen to her? She closed her eyes, and tried to remember the dream she had been having
a while back, when she had dreamed how her dragon form broke free from the deer. She tried to remember the feelings, tried to remember the fight to escape
this form. But nothing happened. Illrose opened her eyes again, and saw that Cadaver now stood as a mighty dragon next to her.
"I don't think I can do it." She had to yell at him to be louder than the wind and the roaring fire, and she felt how the desperation grew stronger. It was as if this
was her only chance to ever return to her dragon form again.

Normally I don't think Illrose would have been keen to befriend Nacadia after their fights and such, but now she is pregnant and more sensitive, it could work. :b


His words hit her in the face, as if he had punched her. She backed away from him even more, before she almost gasped as he hit his head against a tree. Then she just
stood there, for a long time, just staring at the now so very vulnerable stag that was her best friend.
"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry." She whispered, and hurried to sit down beside him, while her skull brushed gently across his head, where it had hit the tree.
"I really didn't know what I was doing. I don't think anyone affected by the rut did. It was as if our minds were shut down, and our bodies took control. i wasn't strong
enough to fight that affect, and I'm really sorry I abandoned you, Kheiron, it was never my intention." She looked at him, her eyes almost begging for him not
to be angry at her anymore.

He didn't move when he heard

He didn't move when he heard his friend sit down by him. Laid still. A small jerk was all he responded with when he felt the touch of her skull against himself.
He looked the other way when Illrose spoke to him.
"It's okay."
He sighed. There were some kind of surrender in his voice, like he didn't care anymore.
With a sudden inhale, he stretched his front legs and sat up.
He looked down on the ground between his front legs. Frowning. "I felt it too. Not as much, of course, but I felt it. Got more aggressive. Sort of. Maybe my reaction to this all is also because of the rut. Some sort of after-effect. I don't know. I'm sorry if I'm making all this so much bigger than it really is. Maybe I'll look back at it and just laugh about it someday. Oh, you see? I'm rambling. Sorry."
A small, but visible smile curled up on his face when he said those last words, and he took a glance at Illrose when he did. The smile told her she was forgiven.
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What Kheiron said made sense.

What Kheiron said made sense. It would have been weird if he didn't got affected by the rut at all, even though he wasn't participating.
"You do not make this bigger than it is. I had no right to treat you like I did. After all, you are my best friend." She smiled in relief when she saw the
smile on his face. He wasn't angry at her anymore. And she would make sure she didn't give him another reason to be.
"Well, the rut is all over now. I haven't felt much since I realized I was pregnant, so let's just hope everyone else has calmed down as well."

The dragon shook his head,

The dragon shook his head, she wasn't clean enough for it to work. The flame enclosure soon dissipated from around them and the dragon stepped back a few yards. He craned his neck downward, the tip of his beak rest on the ground as his eye holes became even with Illrose's eyes. "You need to free your mind. Clear your thoughts and your soul will gain space to grow, your body along with it." Cadaver turned to face the opening on the opposite side of the pond. "Even if you are not flying you can still feel the sensation of flight. Do you wish to join my for a joy ride over the forest?" The dragon spread his wings out and turned his neck to look at her, waiting for a reply.
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The air around her felt chill

The air around her felt chill and unwelcoming when the flames and mighty wind disappeared. She had to lift her head upward to look at Cadaver, even though
he lowered his head to look at her. Illrose followed his gaze when he looked at the other side of the pond.
"I do, but I want to try one more time first. I will try again and see if I can make it." The determination was clearly in her voice, as well as seen in her posture.
She wanted to try again, and this time she would make it. She could feel it, and her heart began to race with expectation in her chest.

Oh yeah, that was right.

Oh yeah, that was right. Still pregnant, still pregnant...
"You beginning to feel anything yet? The pregnancy, I mean... I don't know much about stuff like that but I would guess you feel it. Don't you?"
He looked up at her with big eyes. He was a bit worried, he had to admit that. With her getting a fawn to look after... would she even have time for anything else? Would she even care for anything else?
Only time will show.
Probably, he decided. But maybe not as much.
And it worried him.
He was a bit sceptical about it all.
Don't get too attached to others, Kheiron... In the end, you can only trust yourself anyway.

(sorry for poofing... my

(sorry for poofing... my internet including telephne died for a few minutes... no idea what this was |D)
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Mini; "Oh yes, I feel it.

"Oh yes, I feel it. It's really hard to explain, but it's almost as I can feel it growing inside me. This faint tickling inside my stomach." She had to laugh, cause
it sounded kinda stupid, but it was the best way to explain what she felt at the moment. Not to mention that she was getting bigger, it was already visible that
her stomach was growing, even though one could think she was just getting chubby. That - she thought - was the worst part of the pregnancy. The big stomach
that would make her heavy, slow and clumsy. Defenseless. She snorted, and shook her head to get rid of the thought, before she looked at Kheiron and smiled,
almost giggled.
"Perhaps the child will call you uncle Kheiron."

Yeah, I figured. :/ But you're back now. <3...although Illrose isn't exactly interesting company at the moment, sorry 'bout that. xp