Illrose; Ancient wings unfolding.

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November 19, 2020

physicalHealthy. x mentalGood.

Don't mind me, just found it a bit sad to see the broken images so had to fix them, maybe we'll visit the forest again one day. Hope everyone is doing good and staying safe ♥


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Kheiron is like a dog to Illrose, hahaha. He follows her everywhere. xD oh and he got Jergens out of the rock :'D only for a slight minute though, but he got him out eventually. 8D
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He tilted his head, lips

He tilted his head, lips pressing into a thin line for a brief moment. "Did ya not see the 'state' that I was in during that fight?" he asked simply. He could, only vaugely, recall that he had attacked both parties when his own mask had gone missing thanks to Jack.
"Heh, cute. Fer the record, I could care less about yer 'friend pickin' abilities' because to me, they suck. Royally. Smiling bastard seems like the type that would nuzzle ya one sec then bite ya on the neck in the next." he muttered, watching her look over him with wary, cautious eyes.
"Sorry? Apology not accepted. Don't stick yer snout into my buisness with that mook. He deserves every fuckin' hit I give him." he snorted, already in a bitter mood to begin with.
And now for the hunch...
"Ya tend to chase mini deer alot, don't ya...?" the red stag locked his own dull brown eyes with the dragon doe before him, narrowing them as he dug a front hoof into the soil below.

((Baw D': Poor Illrose ;; So neglected x3; ))
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Mini; Lol, Illrose likes her

Lol, Illrose likes her little Kheiron- dog. xD And she wasn't as patient as him to get Jergens out of the rock. xp


Illrose snorted.
"I was busy trying to keep you guys from killing each other." She replied. It had been quite the chaos, and at the beginning she wasn't even sure if Jergens and Jack were
playing or fighting. They acted like crazy, both of them.
"Well, hopefully he knows that trying to bite on my neck is a bad idea." She said, with a hint of a cold smile on her lips. She had already warned Jack once, but she
doubted he had taken that warning seriously. Illrose didn't reply to the next thing he said, though, because deep down, she know Jack probably deserved it all. Then she
tilted her head, a moment confused by Jergens' change of subject.
"Only if they run." She replied while the smile grew a bit wider.

Yeah. D: lol.
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True. Although this was the

True. Although this was the second time that both of them had really gone 'all out' on eachother, there had always been other deer nearby that would at least try to pacify the whole situation. If left alone, the two of them probably would have eventually killed eachother.
Jergens snorted, expression hardening all the more. "I still wouldn't trust him. Bastard leaps before he looks." he muttered bitterly, stating what he thought to be so obvious.
Her response to his question only made his hunch even more plausible. Granted, he had been a bit rash a few days ago when he had inwardly accused her... and being near her only helped to remind him of the fact that, at least to him, she wasn't all that bad.
But still. Priorities.
"Small buck. Blue. Roses on his antlers. Tiny. Blue eyes. Rosine is his name, although I think ya might know that... I think ya might've... 'encountered' him at one point, thought can't say that I'm sure..." he shook his head, grimicing as he managed to lower himself back to the ground, a bit dizzy in the head.
"The point is, I like ya gir-... Illy... But attacking my mate is only gonna get ya a special one-way pass to Hell's Highway." he threatened, lips curling into a casual grin despite the severity of his own remark.

((She's so awesome, though :'D Ffff... <3))

"Uh, Illrose... We've been

"Uh, Illrose... We've been sitting here for a while and, well... Uhm... You'll protect me, right? Because I think we're sinking..."
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"I can understand why you

"I can understand why you don't trust him, but I chose to do until I get a reason to do otherwise." She said calmly. Sometimes she wondered why she even bothered to take
Jack's side. Especially when he usually caused the trouble he got in, not to mention he most likely wouldn't do the same thing for her. No. But still, she could easily remember
one of her first days here in this forest, as a young fawn. Jack was one of the first she had met, one of the first she had called a friend. Illrose shook her head as if to
get rid of the thought, and listened to Jergens. Nowdays, the only minis she had been chasing were does, but she could faintly remember chasing a buck once. He hadn't
been her original target, but he had been around one of the other minis she was chasing.
"Yeah, I think I might have, but that is a long time ago." She shrugged, before raising her eyebrows in surprise.
"That one is your mate?" She smiled for a moment.
"Don't worry, I haven't seen him in a long time, and besides, I'm not 'attacking', I'm just chasing. They aren't fun anymore if they stop." The smile was still on her lips, as if she
hadn't even notice his threat. The true was, she was more surprised to hear him admit he liked her. Perhaps he one time could accept her apology then, and they could hang around
again, as they had done a couple of times before all the recent drama.

Oh, long post. o_o Awh, thanks, I'm glad you think so. <3 Your characters are awesome as well, especially Jergens, of course. <3 And L'oreal, she's cool. x')

Ninja'd by mini. xD
"Of course, I'll always protect you. And we are not sinking, silly. It's just your imagination going berserk."

Haha, that screenie made me giggle. x') And you edited Illrose's eyes? They look cool. <3

"Uh-huh... If you say so....

"Uh-huh... If you say so.... And thanks..."

Yup, I did. :'D
Btw Illrose's new picto is damn hard to find in-forest sometimes. xD
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"You're welcome." *nuzzle* I

"You're welcome." *nuzzle*

I like it. <3
Haha, it is? Well, maybe Illrose like to play hard-to-find. Lol. x)
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"That's just stupid." he

"That's just stupid." he stated at what he thought to be a ludicrously weak explanation. After all, it was Jack. What was there to trust?
Her next answer only made the smile on his face grow wider, exposing teeth. One, I don't fuckin' care how long ago it was. Two, to Rosine, there ain't much difference between the two. Stay away from him, ya fucking scare the poor bastard." he practically commanded, his ears swiveling around in intense, concentrated semi-circles.
Well... Yes... he did 'like' her, but only as a faint aquaintence. Because of his own life as a human, realtionships with other women had always been rather difficult for him to make. His own friendsip with Jorogumo was more due to being a complete fluke than anything else.
In other words, he still didn't quite trust the dragon doe.
It would be a long time before he could.

(Fuh... Gracias, but L'or is just high. x3 Baw... I'm sorry that Jergy is acting like such a douche around her ;; ))

Haha thank you.

Haha thank you. <3
And yes, several times when you're online I just can't find you, haha. xD never happened with the other picto.

Illrose is making it hard for Kheiron to approach Jergens, haha.
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Illrose's eyes narrowed for a

Illrose's eyes narrowed for a moment.
"You call me stupid?" She asked, almost wanting to snarl at him, but she didn't. Not a good idea to snarl at someone you just had been fighting and tried to get along with again.
She then shook her head at his statement. Clearly, they had different views on Jack, different experiences with him.
"Don't tell me what to do! If he runs, I'll chase him, no matter if he is your mate or not." She replied, now with a rather cold edge on her voice again.
"You can rather tell your little lover not to run away from me, then I won't chase him, or scare the shit out of him." Illrose shifted her feet, before she sat down in the grass. She
didn't chase all minis she saw, not at all, she actually had a couple of friends who were minis. Night Shade and Celeste.

Hah, high or not, she's still cool. x') And don't be sorry, it just make things more interesting, lol. <3

Edit; Stop being a ninja, mini! xD
Lol, I'm sorry she's hard to find, never thought of that when I chose picto. xP

Haha, yeah, sorry about that. xDD

But ninjas are cool. Lol,

But ninjas are cool.
Lol, it's nothing to be sorry about xD it's just fun to do a little hide-and-seek now and then. 8D as for Jergens, Kheiron is just really stubborn so he won't leave anyone who runs from him alone until he gets a proper response from them. xD with Illrose nearby, he just gets a bigger challenge 8D
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Pirates are cooler. Haha. xD

Pirates are cooler. Cool
Haha. xD Perhaps Illrose sometimes is like a dog that follow Kheiron around as well. xp
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Despite his unusually foul

Despite his unusually foul mood, he couldn't help but smirk at that little gem of a statement. "Yup, stupid. Really. At least I can tell who's ready to rip my guts out, and who isn't." his tail dully thumped against the ground, agrreeing with himself.
Although Illrose's next statements made him inwardly freeze. If in better health, minus the split ribs, he would have outright attacked her, but as of now, his tongue was the only real 'weapon' that he had in stock. "Chase him, then. I'll know who did it, and I'll be sure to pass by a little 'visit' to ya. I don't really give a shit how good ya are at fighting, I'll fuckin' beat ya down fer messin' with him." he grinned, speaking with a low growl despite his own... 'non-threatening' facial features.

((Hokay, ffff :B))

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This time Illrose just glared

This time Illrose just glared at him, not even bothering to reply. And she pressed her ears to her neck at his clearly threat. This conversation was heading in a totally
different direction than she wanted, and she tightened her jaw too hold back a sharp reply.
"Fine then, I'll leave your precious mate alone. There is enough of others to chase." She murmured, and looked away to avoid Jergens to see her clearly irritated expression,
still with her ears flat. But she resigned, didn't really want to have Jergens as an enemy. But on the other hand, how could it be possible to be something else to him, as
long as Jack was her friend? Illrose sighed, and looked back at Jergens.
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He nodded, restraining the

He nodded, restraining the urge to sigh in relief. He knew that Illrose would make a nasty enemy, and Lord knew Jack was enough to deal with right now.
"Glad to hear it.~" he softened his smile, tail whapping against the ground in delight. "Don't chase my kid, either. She looks like a mini since she already has her antlers, but she's still a baby." he added, remembering to add in his own daughter as well. Can't forget Peony's safety as well.
He watched her every move, still cautious.
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Illrose tried to find a more

Illrose tried to find a more comfortable position to sit in, and stretched out one of her legs in front of her. She then looked at Jergens, surprised to learn he had a kid as well.
"You don't have to worry about that. I never do anything that can harm children." She stated. As a dragon she had learn to respect the young ones, they were the future, after all.
And some of that respect was still in her, like some kind of an ancient instinct.
"But perhaps I should know what she looks like? I mean, if she look like a mini I don't want to chase her on accident." Illrose got silent for a moment, before she laughed.
"I have to admit, you surprise me, Jergens. I don't know why, but I imagined you to be the 'lone wolf' kind of guy, and now I get to know you both have a mate and a kid."

Yeah, sorry for a long

Yeah, sorry for a long spampost, but I thought you might will find it interesting. :')


“That friend of yours wasn’t easy to get pass. Good thing she left eventually, her mentality is damn strong. What’s her name… Illrose? Twas impossible to break the barrier.”

“Yeah… I know. Illrose. I knew she would have to leave in the end. She couldn’t be watching me all the time, she’s a busy deer.”


“I’m sorry…”

“Is that why you told her?”


“Because she’s so strong?”


“Betrayer. You have me. You don’t need anyone else. Why? I don’t get it. Why was she so lucky to get to know our secret? Why is she so special? I’ve told you before to stay away from her; she can easily hurt you if she has to. She’s doing my job.”

“Why? Because… Because you’re not around all the time. I need someone else when you’re not around.”

“And you are - once again - missing the main thing here, X. Are you dumb on purpose? You know you don’t need anyone but me. You could’ve waited. Run away - because you were not that weak. You were not so out of your mind you couldn’t wait before you burst out with all your personal problems. If you were; I would be there. I am always there when you don’t know what to do with yourself. You did – on purpose – tell her because she has something I do not. You could’ve waited, but decided not to. Why?”

“I… You’re … Because she’s… She forced me. She would have been angry or worried if I didn’t tell her. She already knew something wasn’t right. She forced it out of me!”

“Oh, but little X… My little X… You could’ve used your imagination? Make her believe you are insane? Make up a story she wouldn’t believe? Huh?”

“I… No… I couldn’t lie to her. I wouldn’t want her to worry over me or believe I am insane. She’s my friend… And she’s physical. You’re not.”

“Oh, is that it? Heh… Should’ve thought so. She’s warm… And strong, and you can actually see her eyes as she watches you? Right. Okay. Fine.”


“I can see her fawn. What’s her name… Ap… ocalypse? Right? Do you know what that means?”

“It doesn’t actually surprise me…”

“Of course it doesn’t. I can’t see the other brat though. He’s stronger. Too strong for me. You better not ditch me like that, Kheiron! I could get hurt and want a new friend, y’know? Lonely? Maybe I should mess up her precious little daughter. Make her worry herself out of her mind and make her stay away from you? Damn, I’m frightening intelligent even in this state! What do you think of that, X? Wonderful!”

“Stop that.”

“You’re not very fun to make jokes with. You see right through them. You spoil the fun. Stop that. I am right, though. I could do it. I just don’t want to.”

“Why are you always like this? You’re hurting me. You don’t want to, so stop it!”

“Oh, you. You know why. I have to.”

“But there should be another way. I am getting stronger, why can’t you keep up with me? It would be so much better…”

“I am working on it, dear. I am working on it. It’s easier said than done.”


“Yes, yess... Give me some time, alright? I’ll figure it out. Relax. Meanwhile, you should figure out a way to get rid of that attitude. I don’t like it. You’re completely different before I approach you, then you change. I’ll disappear as fast as I appeared! You’re pushing me away! I don’t like it, X. I need you.”

“I don’t mean to… I swear! I’m guess I’m just protecting myself… From you. You hurt me.”

“And it doesn’t have to be like this. I could get a physical appearance…. I could go back! I could roam this place again! You and me, we’d be like a deadly duo!”

“Really? Well…. Yeah! Yeah! Can you do that…? W… Wow… Yes..! Yes! You have to. I would never betray you again, I swear!”

“You sure swear a lot. But I like that smile you got there! I don’t know how to, but it is possible! You and me. Just you and me. I’d never leave you again, little X. You and me.”
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Wow, I love it, I love all of

Wow, I love it, I love all of it. :'D
I think it would be interesting to see him ( it? xp) in-forest. :bb
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His grin slowly unfurled

His grin slowly unfurled itself, taking on a more somber, almost serene look. "Yeah, well. Gotta settle down sometime, right? Cept' I'm still me. Ain't the 'Jergens Way' to 'settle down', heh..." he chuckled, cut short by the pain of the quick breaths he took in.
"Uh yeah... She's kinda purple, right? With these little flowers in her antlers... uhm... she has curly fur... like mine, y'know?" he stumbled over the description, his own vocabulary limited to just the simplest of words.


Lol, thanks :'D their

Lol, thanks :'D their relationship scare me though. It's just weird, hahaha. But I'm beginning to like this character more and more. :'D
And yeah, I'm thinking of that. but I need to figure out a way for that to properly work out first. xD and I should get him some sort of a biography before I do so. Hm.
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Ginger; Illrose snorted, but

Illrose snorted, but smiled at the same time.
"I don't have any needs to settle down just yet, but I guess you're right." Not that she could see herself in that position, with a mate and kids and everything.
The children she had now was so independent she barely saw them now and then. Illrose then gave a nod.
"I'll be sure to remember that." She said. A kinda purple kid with flowers in her antlers.

He should definitely get a bio. :b I think it would be awesome, but of course you'll have to think things through, so it's your call. n__n

" that your name?

" that your name? H..hello. You are very nice company to sit next to... I hope I see you again sometime."

Yep. That's a Puzzle that Illrose is sitting next to. <3

And a track! Laughing out loud
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"That is indeed my name,

"That is indeed my name, hello to you too. And thank you, you are welcome to sit with me anytime you feel like it."

Awh, I didn't realize it was Puzzle. To bad I had to leave, I think that's an really interesting character. :')
And thanks for the track. <3

"Mn. I am relieved to hear

"Mn. I am relieved to hear you do not think less of me for my actions by the pond today... But do understand. The stag that the one in your company fought today is known as the Lich King. I grant to him my services whenever I am useful to him. Otherwise, I would not have been there... Though I cannot honestly say I understand why I was in tow when this all happened, seeing as all I could do was stand by and guard fawns... Hmn."

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Illrose gave a snort. "I

Illrose gave a snort.
"I don't care who he is. As long as he refuse to greet others, he is not worthy to have 'King' in his name." She replied. She would love to teach that stag a thing or two about manners.
"And why would you grant your services to someone like him?" Illrose tilted her head, confused, before a slight smile appeared on her lips.
"What you did there by the pond was a very important job, though. Guarding the fawns, I mean."

The small doe was quiet while

The small doe was quiet while Illrose gave her reply, ears rotating here and there while she took in the remarks, feathers raising slightly at the memories of the cold air that seethed from the aforementioned stag's very being."You are a strong creature," Crux began, "And you deserve your pride. I do understand how this lacking regard would bother you. As for myself, I do not expect so much on my own part - and furthermore, I have seen how he acts. I can see that he holds himself in high regard - but there are many in the forest who do so, who positively demand the full attention of others, and who would impose upon everyone else with these massive egos of theirs. The Lich King has not at all done this to me, and that in itself is something that piques my interest. While I do not, perhaps, get the respect I would from many others from him, I am not forced into showing it myself. I choose to, and in doing so, I can prove myself as useful to someone who holds himself high. Perhaps you can see why this would interest someone such as I, who lacks the strength and cunning that so many possess...?" A pause, and a bow of the head to Illrose. "Do not misunderstand, however. I would not let myself become involved in these battles of his - I only offer a watcher's eye. And perhaps, as you said... If I am, now and then, where the trouble begins, I can offer a buffer of my own to the chaos, even if only for the little ones." She then looked up to the dragon-doe, her amber eyes solemn, yet not at all biting in gaze or otherwise. Perhaps she herself was not exactly certain of why she kept now and then under the wild and bitter stag's command, but her current reasoning felt as sound as any she could think of.

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Illrose tilted her head

Illrose tilted her head slightly as she listened to Crux's reply. To be honest, she hadn't quite expected to get an explanation like that, and it all made sense.
"Hmm. I understand, but it's still a shame that a smart doe as yourself has become a servant for someone like him." Illrose smiled down to the smaller doe.
"When that is said, I'll also let you know you clearly have my respect now. It's a pleasure to finally met someone who for certain have her mind intact still." Not that the other creatures of this forest were dumb,
but from a dragon's point of view; deer wasn't creatures who could think and talk, they were stupid animals who's only purpose was to become food for a hungry dragon.

I don't think you've seen it

I don't think you've seen it yet, so here's a link. (:
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No, I hadn't. o_o Thank you

No, I hadn't. o_o
Thank you for requesting Illrose. :') <3

Haha, well, I can't draw

Haha, well, I can't draw myself so when people wants requests, why not request for others. :')
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It was very nice of you.

It was very nice of you. :')
Again, thanks. <3

Crux gave a faint chuckle,

Crux gave a faint chuckle, beak dipped slightly into her chest feathers while she again raised her head. "I do know the feeling. A little sanity here and there is indeed a comfort. I am glad to have met you as well for such a reason, Illrose. As for my circumstance, it is one I have chosen to have been placed into. Hopefully I am not wrong in placing my faith in my ability to stay sharp of mind to keep myself and others in line as much as I can, hm? And to perhaps handle what issues may come my way." She shook her head, giving another rather amused chuckle. "But nevermind me. Do know if I can likewise be of service to you, that I gladly offer as much in the same sense. I may not be a great fighter such as yourself, but I do know how to apply my energies in the best possible means, and if I can be of use, it would be my pleasure to do what I can for you." Her stance laxed a bit, now firmly planting all four hooves into the ground, as though she were drawing her stability from the earth below. She was sincere, and that much was obvious; and she was now being purely appreciative of the respect shown, offering to return it in the best way she knew.

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Illrose nodded her head, the

Illrose nodded her head, the movement making the shadows of her massive antlers dance on the ground before her.
"I'm pretty sure I'm not in need of your services at the moment, but I'll keep it in mind if it should be necessary." She smiled behind the skull mask, a content smile brought on her lips
thanks to the fog and to the howling that echoed through the forest. This was indeed a time of the year where she felt she was in her right element. Not to mention the arrival of Velocity.
He brought a special aura with him, and Illrose loved it.

Illrose didn't like that deer

Illrose didn't like that deer sitting on her love, eh? :'D I don't think her message got through to it though, haha. Kheiron thought it was hilarious.
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Haha, no, she didn't. She

Haha, no, she didn't. She thinks they should show Velocity respect, even when he is sleeping. x'D

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Yeah, that's what I thought. xD
you know i always get anthrax's it's a madhouse stuck in my head when i see the title of this bio
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xD You do? It's part of a

You do? It's part of a lyric from Gothminister. :b

It is? Huh, looks like I'm

It is? Huh, looks like I'm learning something new every day. I'm not familiar with Gothminister, so yeah. Always got me thinking of madhouse. xD

Oh, and I will make a bio for that character. Was actually gonna do it some days ago, but changed my mind right before I pressed the 'save'-button. xD I didn't want to put up an unfinished bio. Will probably have it up sometime this week though.
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Yep, the song's name is

Yep, the song's name is Sideshow. :b

Oh, sounds interesting. :'D

" was nice to sit

" was nice to sit by you today. The undead one...he scares me. aren't scared of him. You're very..." He searches for the right word. It was seemingly hard to grasp, as if it was a concept never discovered until now. "You're very brave." He finishes, exhaling and looking up at the taller grey doe. He thinks for a minute. Considering and understanding. Then, he speaks. "You're a missing piece, Illrose. Bravery. That's what you are." He nuzzles her and nods; the acknowledging of a piece that has been found.

Lol if you don't know what I'm talking about, his storyline is here. ^^
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It was very nice to sit with

It was very nice to sit with you as well. And Velocity...despite his size I don't think there is anything scary about him." She smiled at the smaller deer, tilting her head in
curiosity when she waited for him to finish of his sentence. She then frowned behind her mask.
"I am? Well, sounds good." She gave a laugh, not really sure what he was talking about, but she didn't really mind either. She still liked to hear others think of her as brave.

Actually I do know what you're talking about, and I feel honored that you made Illrose one of the missing pieces. <3

-is too tired to think of an

-is too tired to think of an intelligent reply-

You're welcome! I'm glad there are more deer to add to his 'list'. I haven't played him enough recently. >.<
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Lol. xD You should definitely

Lol. xD
You should definitely play him more, and it will be interesting to see who the rest of the pieces are. : D

I will try. So far he has

I will try. So far he has Crybaby as 'gentleness' and Illrose as 'bravery'....but that's all. >.<

♥ I will stop spamming the bio, now. xD -tracks-
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*Track* Are you the stag who


Are you the stag who were following Talla, btw ?

Avatar by Awentia, signature by Wildflowerdeer
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Wetterhound; Lol.

Lol. <3

Thanks for the track. n_n

Illrose have been chasing Talla sometimes, but not lately and certainly not today. n_n
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Okay, thank you ! ^^ A deer

Okay, thank you ! ^^
A deer with Illrose's picto was provocate & chased Talla, so Umay, Solaya & him had to fight. c:

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Really? o_o That's not good,

Really? o_o
That's not good, at least not for Illrose if they believed it was her. xD

I found Illrose's fawns

I found Illrose's fawns playing in the pond-mud. Just thought you should know Eye