[ world spinning 'round ] Keith&Illrose

what a monster, what a devil
these are the things that mother told you to avoid
and yet you can't stay away
you were born to rebel

She's a monster, an absolute monster of a doe, if she can even be called that. If he didn't know better he would have thought her a stag, a great masculine beast, pumped full of testosterone. But she's not, not really. She's just an antlered doe, right?

In comparison, Keith is absoloutely miniscule. He's only a smidge taller than your average forest miniature deer, and scrawny as hell. To fit snugly atop these factors is his lack of antlers; not even a prong or a stub to be found. Christ, he's tiny compared to her. So small.

Funnily enough, he doesn't really mind. Illrose is gentle with him, despite the fact that she could crush him, if she wanted to. He should avoid getting on her bad side. Those antlers aren't the last thing he wants to see before death, nor are those hooves. Plus, he likes her. She's alright. Good company, really, and admittedly, Keith's missed her a bit.

What saddens him is that whenever he finds her, she's always alone, sitting in the same place each time. He doesn't know what significance the poppies hold for her but he knows they must mean something. You don't spend your days sat in one particular spot for no reason.

There are tons of deer in the forest; he's never seen it even close to empty. Why, then, is this great giant always alone? He just can't figure it out. There's something lonely about her, too, he thinks; something that she doesn't show to him. At least he can make her laugh, though. There's always that.

Illrose is good company, Keith thinks, and he should probably tell her that, he realises. He should tell her that he doesn't understand why she's always alone, and he doesn't understand why she's always covered in scratches and bruises, but he doesn't like it. Not one bit. He should tell her all three of these things.

Maybe another day, he thinks. Maybe when she needs it more.

So instead, he rolls over, too-long legs all over the place, grumbling and grunting as he shifts against the great doe's side. He complains, tells her to budge up a bit, but then burrows closer anyway, a bundle of scruffy black fur curled into a grey abyss.
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Awh. ♥ Both Illrose

Awh. ♥ Both Illrose and I have felt rather down lately, so thank you for cheering us up, both with this and with Keith's company in-game.
Thank you. ♥
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Keith, he's awesome... Really

Keith, he's awesome... Really enjoyed reading this.

Oh you guys

Oh you guys ♥

SnowSauria; no problem, man ;u; I was sort of struck with inspiration and I figured you deserved the results, so y'know. I feel selfish because it's sort of just Keith's thoughts but fsfdfd it's the best I could really do ;;" I always find those two adorable inforest and yes. ♥

Saosiiin; Glad you think so ♥ c': Thanks bundles asdf~
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Np. :* I don't usually read

Np. :* I don't usually read tef stuff, but you have such variety in your writings, and I was actually familiar with these characters already, so yeahhh... Keep it up, it's great.

sdfsdf ;; that's really

sdfsdf ;; that's really brightened my day, thanks so much ♥