Illrose; Ancient wings unfolding.

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May contain mature language/ violence.

November 19, 2020

physicalHealthy. x mentalGood.

Don't mind me, just found it a bit sad to see the broken images so had to fix them, maybe we'll visit the forest again one day. Hope everyone is doing good and staying safe ♥


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Mwehe -tracks- :3 Oh and

Mwehe -tracks- :3

Oh and page 10 yay 8D
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Thanks. <3
And yay. :'D

(Oh congrats with the fawns

(Oh congrats with the fawns :'D)

"It doesn't help ignoring him. And besides, I don't know if I want to..."
He sighed too, feeling a bit more calm now because Illrose had stayed so calm.
"You don't believe, me, do you? You don't believe that He exists?", he said, looking up at her. Not angry. More like disappointed.
"What can I do to convince you? You're from another world, tell me a word I couldn't possibly know and I'll find out what it is. Something others here wouldn't know either. Be it whatever, I don't want you to think I'm going crazy. I'm done with that. Don't you think I thought that too? Even He told me I was."
He sighed and rubbed his forehead against her neck. At least she's not makin fun of me.
"And I think your presence is enough to keep him away. At least for a while. He only appears once I'm alone, but when he does - he won't go away. I think it's other's energies that keeps him away? I don't know, and I'm not completely sure either."
He closed his eyes. He had calmed down significally. "I could make him go away. It's not that hard, but a part of me... I know it sound's crazy, but a part of me wants him near. Heh... Yeah."
He felt some sort of discomfort coming back to him once he said those words. He was not able to locate the reason for it, but he felt it. He stayed calm though.

"Oh, you asked something,

"Oh, you asked something, yes? He he haven't noticed... wasn't important then, yes?" he snickered again before he calmed down a little bit.
"Well well then i won't do now... but.. hmm.. one.. one day i certainly will i guess... when i get bored or.. was weiß ich..."

(maaan...and i wasn't here.. at work or blah. congratz <3
...should i go on with the rp now anyways? since... it is all before she gave birth ^^)
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mini; Thank you. :'D

Thank you. :'D <3

Illrose gave a snort.
"Believe me, if I hadn't believed you, I wouldn't bother sit here with you right now, so don't give me that one." She broke off for a moment, before she shook her head.
"You don't need to convince me." She replied, and leaned toward him when he rubbed his forhead against her neck."
"Well, if my presence is enough to keep him away, you just have to stay with me." She smiled for a moment, but the smile slowly vanished.
"Yeah, it does sound kinda crazy, but I guess I'm no one to say anything, since I don't see the situation from your point of view." She shrugged for a moment, before she
sighed, and lay her head to rest at Kheirons back.

Illrose chose to ignore his first sentence, since it was obvious he would pretend the mentioning of Hannah had never happened. She looked at him through the skull sockets,
her face blank at the moment.
"If you do, that will be a day you regret. I really don't want to hurt you Jack, so please just don't do it." She said, before she slowly rosed to her feet. She could feel how the
fawn was ready to be born, and she wanted to get somewhere more safe before it happened. She wanted to get to the Twin Gods hill, one of her favourite spots.

Thank you. <3
Uhm, maybe we could skip forward a bit or something? I don't know, but I'm at least glad I finally got to rp with Jack. I had in mind to reply on your rp-blog, but I never got
around to do it. xp

"I'm sorry, I guess I'm just

"I'm sorry, I guess I'm just scared to come off as insane. I didn't mean to offend you, I really didn't. And thank you."
A faint smile was visible in the corner of his lips. He was glad she believed him. He could relax more now.
"It's a spirit by the way."
He didn't look at her but gazed at the horizon as he continued; "A pathetic one. You know why you can't see him? Because you are strong. I am not."

"He he he... oh there are so

"He he he... oh there are so many many days i regret... one more ... who cares? Hehe and.. oh if you don't want to hurt me... wouldn't it be worse for you if i force you to do.. yes? "h egave her a strange look, before he giggled again. He jumped up to his hooves "ah.. ah let's discuss this another time...I have things to do now, yes yes.. and you.. you have things to do now.. yes yes" he turned around and stormed off without a word of good-bye.
Some seconds later his voice echoed trough the trees "EICHHÖRNCHEN!!" (SQUIRREL!!)

yep we can ^ ^ just wanted to manouver him out of the way xD

oh and i am honest... for some resons i tend to abandon those rp blogs i make |D i am better in 'spontaneous' rp...

... so feel free to spam me wherever you like... on bios.. on the updates... xD
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Gnn I love the names so

Gnn I love the names so muchhhh <3

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mini; "You're welcome." She

"You're welcome." She returned his faint smile, and felt how he seemed to relax next to her. She followed his gaze toward the horizon, and made a snort.
"I bet you'll be strong enough not to see him as well one day. Unless you want to continue seeing him, of course." She looked over at Kheiron, still with a hint of smile on her lips.

Okay, be prepared for spamming in near future, then. <3

Thanks, I'm glad you liked them. I noticed the links wasn't working though, but they are working now. n_n

"I don't know. We'll see. I

"I don't know. We'll see. I can't really control myself enough yet."
He took a deep breath and laid his head on the grass. The anxiety had got to him, and he felt exhausted because of it. Wanted to sleep. Forget it all. Maybe he was crazy after all and it was all his imagination. What a relief that would be...
"Don't go just yet," he mumbled as he closed his eyes. "Not yet."

(I guess we'll end it here, it's gotten way longer than I expected already. xD but it was fun :'D if you're confused by anthing just ask xD And no, just to confirm; he is not hallusinating or anything. xD)

I missed the fawns? *weeps*

I missed the fawns? *weeps*

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What does Apocalypse look

What does Apocalypse look like? :3

(iammostlikelygoingtoattemptdrawingher *cough cough*)

”Congratulations dear. I

”Congratulations dear. I can’t wait to see them.”

Cadaver walked up to the

Cadaver walked up to the large wall that Illrose was usually sitting upon and thought for a moment. He opened his jaw wide and a beam of light, like a lazier, came shooting out of it. He burned a note of some sort into the hard, grey wall.

"My dearest Illrose, I have heard the news about your fawns and I wish to congratulate you. I am sorry I was not there to see them come into the world but I have been called away to my kingdom again to fight. I cannot wait to meet them upon my return to the forest. Till then, Cadious."

He closed his skull and turned his head, thinking he heard something behind him. He shook his head, probably just another fawn, and walked away from the wall to spread his mighty wings. He lifted them high into the air and thrust them back down into the ground. The force caused him to shoot upwards at an alarming rate before disappearing into thin air. He would return soon enough.
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mini; "No, I won't go." She

"No, I won't go." She muttered in return with a smile on her lips, still resting her head upon his back.

Yes, it was fun, and very interesting. :') Lol.

Yes, I'm afraid you did. :')

She look like a regular roe deer fawn, with a real deer face, not human face. :b And with a pair of candles on her head.
Oh. <3

"Thank you so much, Night. Well, they are pretty independent already, so I guess you'll stumble across them pretty soon."

Aw. <3

So I have already made a

So I have already made a silly minibio for Armageddon ^^
As I said it IS mini, but it will get bigger as he grows up (:
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Oh, great. :'b I'll make one

Oh, great. :'b
I'll make one for Apocalypse as well, soon. :b

Yeah, at least I got to tell

Yeah, at least I got to tell someone a little more about him. It is actually pretty well thought out, so things aren't just coincidences xD and just between me and you, I don't really like playing him like that. xD but I guess it works considering he doesn't like being in that state either? lol.
I am still considering making some sort of bio to this weird character btw.
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Oh, I really think you should

Oh, I really think you should make this character a bio. :b
And Illrose didn't exactly like to see Kheiron in that state either, lol.
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hmmm it seems like Illrose

hmmm it seems like Illrose like chasing my Flail i saw her done it many times xD her set is Skull mask, orca pelt, and the nub antlers..... this is her bio X i dont mind you chasing her shes used to it lol
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Oh yes, if the minis run,

Oh yes, if the minis run, Illrose will sure follow. xD
I thought I already had Flail under her relationships, but apparently I hadn't. :')
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lol yeah i see that xD yeah

lol yeah i see that xD
yeah that happens to me also x3
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" Hello pretty doe, i seem

" Hello pretty doe, i seem to have...upset you hmm? That stag was beaten by us..why yes...hmmhmhmh...i...couldnt stop! haha! " -Nameless doe

I call her nameless doe, she has no name. I beleive you met her? zombie pelt, real mask, noh antlers?
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

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Janet; xD Tenley; "Well, you



"Well, you weren't the only one who got me upset. Not that I don't appreciate your help, but I prefer to take care on my fights alone. I don't want anyone to believe
I play unfair with attacking several against one. But I look forward to see you again under other circumstances, I think we can get along quite well."

Yeah, sorry she got a bit rude, but she didn't like them interfering in the fight. xD
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Sorry i didn't know! She

Sorry i didn't know! She usually NEVER attacks anyone even if she is being attacked. She felt jumpy tonight though so she thought it was okay to jump in.

" Ah...well...pardon me! I was only trying to do you a favor..I always love meeting new friends along with old ones, catch you soon, dear! " Doe-
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

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Don't worry, it's just the

Don't worry, it's just the way Illrose is. No harm done. :b

"I know, and I do appreciate that, but know in the future I like to take care of my fights alone." She gave a nod, with a slight smile behind the skull mask.

Sorry if Umay seems like she

Sorry if Umay seems like she doesn't want to play, she was trying to look for her daughter since they're playing hide and seek and I have my pictos turned off too so 8'D So yeah, I'm also sorry for her walking away to continue searching. <3
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Oh, I know Umay has been

Oh, I know Umay has been pregnant, has she just given birth or is this an older daughter?
And it is okay. <3

She gave birth about a week

She gave birth about a week or two ago c:
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And I totally missed it

And I totally missed it happening. D:
Well, congrats to Umay, then. xp <3

Baww. Thanks

Baww. Thanks<3 c:

"Apocalypse radiates your

"Apocalypse radiates your essence." The stag stated. He was different since he returned to the forest. His mind was the same but his skull had changed. The points had become much sharper and much more weapon like. His eye holes had gained the ability to move, no longer stuck in their hell of happiness. His smile was still stuck on his skull though. But that was okay for right then he was happy to be back again.
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Faaaawnies~ <3
I hope I'll meet them sometime.
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Tekst "Hm, yeah, I bet she

"Hm, yeah, I bet she does." She replied with a snort, although she was smiling behind the skull mask. To be honest, she wished her daughter could be even more
independent than she already was...more like her twin brother, he didn't come running everytime he sensed Illrose nearby. Illrose looked at Cadaver's skull, and
the changes it seemed to have been through. It looked good on him.

Lol, you probably will. <3
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Huh... Illrose and Jergy make

Huh... Illrose and Jergy make about one of the coolest durrmonsters I've seen yet :B

...We need hats like the butterfly mask xD
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Lol, agreed. :'D Yes, the

Lol, agreed. :'D

Yes, the butterfly mask and skull mask looked quite cool together. xp
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The red stag dosen't bother

The red stag dosen't bother to get up, what with the shooting pains in his chest each time he dared to take a breath. "W-Why did ya help that bastard? Ugh..." he called to her, wincing a little as he spoke, as if it hurt.

It did.

((LOLHAI just wanted to tell ya to pay no mind to his journal entry and what it says about Illrosie... Seriously ;; ))
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Illrose perked her ears at

Illrose perked her ears at the sound of Jergens' voice. The red stag hadn't even bothered to get up. No wonder, it seemed he had been badly hurt during the fight.
"Why?" She called back, before she stepped closer and looked down at Jergens.
"Because I see Jack as a friend, for once. And I don't like a fight unless it's fair, and what I saw yesterday was not a fair fight. You were three or four against him?" Illrose stared at Jergens,
but had of course no interest in hurting him more. She was actually kinda sad it all had happened, because she had nothing against any of the involved. Ourania and Cry was someone she
had only met once or twice, but still played with. Jergens, she had decided was quite okay, after their playfight the previous night. And Sithrim...the father of her children. She hadn't
seen him since she gave birth to the twins, not until now. And still she decided to stay against them all to protect Jack, even though he probably was responsible for it all, and he for sure
wouldn't thank her for trying to help.

Oh, it just made me giggle, I love to involve my characters in drama. >)
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I totally didn't know you had

I totally didn't know you had changed of picto.. lol. So I didn't recognize you yesterday nor ... well til now :'D

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Oh. xD I was about to tell

Oh. xD I was about to tell you a while ago, when Illrose sat with Sith and Cry for a moment, but it seemed like Sith recognized her, so I didn't bother...guess I should have, then. xP
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Tracking. <3

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Thank you. :'D

Thank you. :'D <3
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Crybaby didn't do it because

Crybaby didn't do it because of her >__< I had downloaded the new ToT-version and tried to get the devout pelt and such (didn't work)... then I reinstalled the old one and blahblah... so I didn't really stop at others to greet at that time ;;
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Awh, okay, I was wondering

Awh, okay, I was wondering why he was naked, you see. :') Not that I or Illrose would have mind if it was because of her, but, good to know. <3
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I think I'll add you to MSN

I think I'll add you to MSN if you don't mind. :'D I can imagine Noe and Illrose having some humorous arguments. x3
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Oh no, I don't mind at all.

Oh no, I don't mind at all. :') Yes, indeed, lol. xP

If Kheiron ever disappears

If Kheiron ever disappears without saying goodbye, it's my network being unstable. xD It has happened a lot lately.
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Okay. <3
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(Oh look, a cursing warning~)

(Oh look, a cursing warning~)

"A friend?!" he spat, almost hissing his next words in undeniable spite. "Mofo needs to go curl up and die in that pit at the ruins. Fuckin' forest would be fuckin' better fer it." he winced, shifting himself so that he could stand on uneasy legs, for he loathed to be looked down upon. "Hell, girly. Go find some friends that won't bother to stag ya in the back. Then again... s'no wonder ya and Jack get along so fuckin' well..." he murmured, glaring at her through his mask. He had a hunch... a faint hunch, but a hunch nonetheless. He didn't that hunch, because, in a way, he actually kinda liked Illrose in some odd, somewhat friendly mannor.

((WHOOO LATE but no really, I'm glad I'm not annoying ya ;; I don't wanna be, like, a drama-queen here x3 Ffff... Hiding in rocks is fun... >3>;; ))
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"Don't say that! Didn't you

"Don't say that! Didn't you see the state he was in when you all fought him?" She asked, not angry, but with a sharp edge on her voice. Jack wearing
the crying idol mask usually meant trouble and unstableness, and attacking him in that state was not fair.
"Huh, I know how to pick my friends, thank you." Illrose got silent for a moment, while her eyes scanned Jergens' body. It was obvious he was hurt
as well, just as Jack had been when she last saw him.
"But I'm sorry you got hurt. I didn't really want to fight you, I just wanted you guys to stop." She shook her blood-red antlers in a resigned gesture.

Haha, Illrose gets really frustrated. Yesterday she couldn't convince Jack to come down from a tree, and today she couldn't convince Jergens to come out from the rock. xDD