mini Fanarts

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See the picture under the cut~!!! c:

Left to right, in row by row:
Kaoori, Phobos & Honeyfur, Illrose
New Moon, Troy (fawn) [and Apparition]
Saosin & Ravynn, Quad, Esclave
-->l chars (c) of owners

I drew this because, [A) I wanted to practice drawing deer and [B) because it was my small way of saying "thanks" not only to these people, but the entire community for making my experience here wonderful and amazing!

I sort of did these specific characters because these aren't neccesarily people I've grown close to, to be honest, but oddly enough I've been stalking tracking their bios ever since they came into existence xDDDD -trollolololol-
I just think these people deserve it because I think they've been here quite a while on TEF.
But hey, if I could get all the characters of the community, I would draw every one of them!!! xD

So, I hope you guys have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving =3 Love y'all!!!
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le bumping because I want

le bumping because I want people to see this xDD
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Awwwww this is so sweet!

Awwwww this is so sweet! Thank you for drawing Quad! Happy Thanksgiving to you too *nuzzles*!
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This is adorable!! Kaoori

This is adorable!! Kaoori looks so cute. ^^ Thank you for including her!
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Again, I really like these,

Again, I really like these, thank you for drawing Illrose! :'D ♥
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No probs guys xDD <3333

No probs guys xDD <3333
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Fgsfds, omg, thank you! <333

Fgsfds, omg, thank you! <333 These all look adorable, especially Illrose >w< I must say, you've come a long way since I last saw your drawings >w<
Not to mention you've got a wonderful curve down on Esclave's neck! <3
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OMGKLASHFLIWE Thank you soooo

Thank you soooo much, that means tons to me xDDD
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Aww, you're welcome! >w<

Aww, you're welcome! >w< *huggles back* And I only speak the truth, man~ >w<


8DDDDD I LOVES IT! *attacks*
Thank you so much!! (((((:
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xDD Hehe, thank you!!! Oh,

xDD Hehe, thank you!!!
Oh, and if you ever want Pain to go in-forest for him, just let me know on my Character Updates blog :3 I have lots of characters in-forest w/ people so it makes it easier if people just tell me if someone is available to go in-forest or not xD
heh, by the time I was done with New Moon I remembered that he had the key antlers -____-# meh, my bad!
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GAH, this was unexpected! Thank you for drawing HF, especially with Phobos cB <333
All these drawings are gorgeous and adorable! <3
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Lol Troy is being stalked?

Lol Troy is being stalked? :'D
Thank you for drawing him!This was unexpected,he looks so cute! <3

Thank you Kaoori for this drawing!Natali looks beautiful =D
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i love Troy's face ^^

i love Troy's face ^^