The Endless Forest Witches (Halloween Story, finished)

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3 Votes - Herla (SightHoundLady)
1 Vote - Dillon (BrokkenSaint)
1 Vote - Nebel (mismatched)
3 Votes - Honeyfur (Honeyfur)
4 Votes - Umay (Pinkpaws40)
1 Vote - Medea (CelticMystress)
1 Vote - Marie Antoinette (Bayleen)
2 Votes - Kerrigan (Zergarikiaka)
1 Vote - Sorrel (Freyja)
2 Votes - Illrose (SnowSauria)
3 Votes - Deadly Orchid (DEERTH)

I'm in a writing rut, so I need some volunteers XD!! This will not be canon so your deer does not have to actually be a witch or evil or anything, hehe! Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in, even if you don't know me well.

Roles I need:

Witches (Does only) -

~Nekumbra (QuadRaptor)
~Herla (SightHoundLady)
~Dillon (BrokkenSaint)
~Nebel (mismatched)
~Honeyfur (Honeyfur)
~Umay (Pinkpaws40)
~Medea (CelticMystress)
~Marie Antoinette (Bayleen)
~Kerrigan (Zergarikiaka)
~Sorrel (Freyja)
~Illrose (SnowSauria)
~Deadly Orchid (DEERTH)

Witches Familiars -

~Foxbrow (PLK217)
~Cay Lynn (z.m123)
~Brighteyes (Cicadia)

Fawn Victims -

~Bodhi (QuadRaptor)
~Christoffer (Bluejay17)
~Ta (Cicadia)
~Bii (Cicadia)
~Ciel (Faustt)

Adult Victims -

~Tails (Trigger_Mortis)
~Tulio and Miguel (Alinaquil)
~Lady Bones (CelticMystress)
~Kamikaze (Bluejay17)
~Gehirn (Misako)
~Anjali (Anjali)

Angry Mob (adult stags and does) -

~Marco Jene (Fishbiscuit)
~Juniper (Alinaquil)
~Luis (Alinaquil)
~Savior (BouncyDeer1)
~Brynhried (Freyja)
~Silun (PLK217)
~Oblivion (Selruil)
~Leviathann (Selruil)
~Foxglaive (Foxglaive)

Paranormal Investigator -

~Cypher (Kumiko)

Thanks everyone, and I'll hope to get this written by Halloween! This will be a gift to the community Eye


Lotus leaf and fish scales, boil.
Oleander petals and dried wolfsbane, toil.
Into our witches' cauldron they go.
Through this Endless Forest our magic flow.

Apple seeds and fur from devout deer, boil.
Droplet of blood and salty Idol tears, toil.
Into our witches' cauldron they go.
Through this Endless Forest our magic flow.

Add the eyes of newborn fawn, ooohh
What’s it gonna do to you?
Shall we scare and fright you too?
What's it gonna do to you?

Tongue of a wolf and frog legs, boil.
Unfallen Old Oak acorns and raven feathers, toil.
Into our witches' cauldron they go.
Through this Endless Forest our magic flow.

Thorns of a black rose and crow's beak, boil.
Raven's bloody claws and lilies from the pond, toil.
Into our witches' cauldron they go.
Through this Endless Forest our magic flow.

Add the butterfly pierced from flower spar, ooohh
What’s it gonna do to you?
Shall we scare and fright you too?
What's it gonna do to you?

Rock shavings from Deermuda, boil.
Flesh from the Big Zombie Deer, toil.
Into our witches' cauldron they go.
Through this Endless Forest our magic flow.

Eye of striped snake and rust from cage bars, boil.
Mushroom circle mushrooms and wax from melting candles, toil.
Into our witches' cauldron they go.
Through this Endless Forest our magic flow.

Add the stalks of lily from the valley, ooohh
What’s it gonna do to you?
Shall we scare and fright you too?
What's it gonna do to you?

Twelve does chant in unison, each dropping the items into a boiling pot in the center of a hidden place. The fumes are thick and glowing green, the boiling brew of strange items radiates a strange aura around, illuminating the trees, showing their faces as they cackle and grin. Nekumbra stirs the pot with her spider legs, protected from the intense heat and side-effects of touching the brew. Here are others who drop their findings on cue:

Herla brings the lotus leaf, fish scales, oleander petals and dried wolfsbane, her smile contagious to the others who grin as well.

Dillon approaches and adds the apple seeds and fur from devout deer, difficult to obtain as the spell wears off quick.

Nebel carefully drips a droplet of blood and some 'tears' from the Crying Idol.

Honeyfur cackles as she tosses in two eyes from a newborn fawn.

Umay proudly offers the tongue of a wolf, frog legs, acorns unfallen from the Old Oak, and raven feathers.

Medea gives to the brew the thorns of a black rose, a crow's beak, a raven's bloody claws, and lilies from the pond, from her collection.

Marie Antoinette approaches and adds the butterfly pierced by the antlers of a sparring stag.

Kerrigan hastily throws in some rock shavings from Deermuda Triangle's rocks, as well as a piece of flesh from the Big Zombie Deer.

Sorrel is the one who brings the eye of a striped snake and rust from the cage at the old Ruins.

Illrose boastfully gives some mushroom circle mushrooms and wax from melting candles.

And finally, Deadly Orchid offers the stalks of lily from the valley.

Circling around were their familiars - Foxbrow, Cay Lynn, and Brighteyes, all laughing and making the air swirl and rush as if they were creating a hurricane there.

The twelve witches continue the chant during the entire offering, their song is loud and booming throughout the Forest. The scent from the boiling cauldron is oddly pleasant considering the strange ingredients for the brew.

What they planned tonight, no others knew or dared to even ask. Only the Endless Forest Witches knew what horrors their magic would create. Nekumbra was the last to give her offering, and she turned and called the fawns to approach...


Earlier in the day, the investigator began to notice some odd things happening around the Endless Forest. A doe watched a flower spar intently, and then picked up something and trotted away. Others were collecting odd things such as flowers, water, even catching and killing frogs for their body parts.

Cypher knew something was going on. He was the first to start looking, and it was soon when he found Illrose pulling up the mushrooms around De Drinkplaats. Close by was Brighteyes, who spotted him and cawed loudly.

"Illrose? What is the meaning of this?", Cypher questioned at once.

"Putting your nose where it does not belong...pity, Cypher. It is a shame you haven't figured it out sooner.", the great doe replied.

Cypher, sensing he was in danger, turned and ran, but by then Illrose had begun to mumble a strange chant, and opening her eyes, a burst of strange magical power hit Cypher. He hit the ground with a thud, writhing and shrinking in size. Soon he realized he had been turned into a mole, and he tried to adjust to the little body.

Brighteyes glares at the little creature hungrily. Illrose looks to her familiar, and immediately says, "Go on. Go get your lunch."

The great bird let out a screech and took flight, his eyes locked onto the prey. Cypher's survival reflexes went into effect, he raced through the Forest on his little legs. "Think! Think!!", he screamed at himself, the black monster nearly on him.

"Moles! Moles bury themselves!!", he had the revelation that saved his life, and quickly using his front paws, he dug into the soft earth and disappeared underground. Brighteyes landed on the spot where he had buried himself, and scratching at the ground, he could not seem to break the dirt and catch the mole. Disappointed, he took flight and headed back to Illrose.


"A droplet of blood...hmm...should be easy enough to find a donor.", Nebel spoke to herself, looking around. A whiff of a scent catches her nose, and she begins to wander close to the Old Oak. Stopping, she peeks in and sees a slumbering Tails within. "Perhaps too easy...", she chuckles, and sneaks in toward him.

The sleeping stag kicks in his sleep. He mumbles something that makes Nebel stop her approach, "Mrrh...pinecones in bed...I would like pinecones in bed...", and rolling over, he continues to snore. Nebel creeps forward toward him, trying to consider a way to extract blood from him. Curiously, there is a pinecone close by to the sleeping stag. The ghost smiles, and picking up the pinecone with her mouth, she hovers over the stag, a gentle whisper spoken even while gripping the pinecone, "Here is your pinecone, my child. But I need something in return for it...", and reaching toward his back, she jabbed him with the tip of the pinecone. Tails cringed, but remained asleep, though mumbling something else, "Oww...must have slept on a pinecone..."

Nebel stepped out of the Oak, the stag's blood on the tip of the pinecone in her mouth. Pleased, she rushed off to the cauldron with the ingredient.

"Too easy!", she cackled.


"Oh Twin Gods, please hear my prayer. Please hear my prayer. Please hear my prayer...", Anjali chanted to the statues on the hill. The stag's ears twitched, about the time his fur began to glow white. He heard someone approach, but did not expect to be slammed in the side.

The stag rolled down the hill, his white fur now tarnished with grass and dirt. The attacker pounced on him, her eyes staring into his as she grinned, "I require that nice fur of yours...please stand still, this will hurt." Dillon's teeth sunk into Anjali's shoulder, who cried out and struggled to break free. The white fur was ripped off along with a chunk of skin. Anjali's screams were deafening, and with the devout fur secured, the doe fled.

Anjali's arm was going into shock as he looked at the fleeing doe. "Wait....wait!", he cried. Dillon slowed and looked back at him. "It didn't be like this! The Twin Gods would...have given you the white pelt!", he called.

Dillon laughed, "Silly stag, I do not serve your gods.", and racing off she vanished.


"Come here, little koi...", Herla spoke softly, her hooves dipped in the shallows of the Pond. "Come here...", she speaks again. The fish are reluctant to swim anywhere near her.

"I said...come here!!", her voice boomed, a swish of her front hoof and a splash as a koi flew into the air from the other side of the Pond. It fell toward her, and the hedge witch snatched it from the sky, shaking the aqueous creature viciously in her jaws.

Close by was Silun, who watched as the doe snapped at a fish in mid-air. "What in the world is going on?", he questioned to himself, when out of nowhere he felt a nudge on his hoof. Looking down he saw a mole that stared back at him.

"Curious...I've never seen one like you in this Forest before...", Silun spoke.

"Silun, it's me! Cypher! I was transformed by a witch!", the mole cried as loud as he could. Silun peered down at him closer, now noticing he was wearing a strange outfit for a mole - a black fedora on his head, a black vest with a grey tie, and even a little black mask on his face that circled his eyes.

Silun tilted his head, "A witch? What an odd thing, I doubt there are any witches in this Endless Forest.", he replied.

The mole pointed toward the water, "Over there! She is one of the witches!", Cypher immediately called.

Herla turned to look at them, koi still writhing in her mouth. She then ran in the opposite direction, her body seeming to disappear in a cloud of blue smoke.

"She...she's gone...", Silun said, surprised, then turned to look down at little Cypher by his hoof, "So what do we do now?"

"My friend...I propose a witch hunt!", the mole announced, a smug look on his face.


"Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear about this.", Honeyfur spoke to a crying doe, "What a terrible loss it must be to give birth to a stillborn fawn."

"Yes...yes...I was deeply saddened that the little one did not wake up.", the mother said, quietly sobbing. "I cannot bear any more sorrow. My throat is sore from crying so much...", she spoke softly, more to herself. Honeyfur's ears caught the words

"Oh yes, yes, what a terrible loss...", Honeyfur repeated, but in her mind, she was smiling. Perfect! At least now I won't have to kill a newborn for their eyes!, she thought. She then immediately called, "Oh Foxbrow! Foxbrow!"

Close by was a young red doe, who popped up from seemingly nowhere. "Yes, my lady? I mean....Honey...fur?", Foxbrow asked.

"This dreary mother needs an escort to the Pond. Would you kindly take her?", Honeyfur ordered.

"Yes, yes. I will take the dreary mother to the Pond. Come along, dreary mother.", Foxbrow replied, in a rather odd way. She led the doe away, giving Honeyfur plenty of time to extract what she needed.

The doe, using the antlers on her head, quickly but carefully popped out the eyes of the newborn. She gently picked them up with her mouth, and soon vanished in a cloud of green mist.

The mother doe, led away by Foxbrow, would not realize that she had been abandoned in the Forest by her 'guide'. Scared, she would return to her fawn, only to find the horrible desecration that was performed on the stillborn child.

Empty eyesockets stared up at the mother. A cold wind brushed past her as she sobbed now in anger.


The doe hurried away after watching two stags fight in a flower patch. She did not know what they were fighting over, nor did she really care. She only wanted to keep it safe.

Of course, Marie Antoinette was not looking where she was going, and bumped into a doe, the broken butterfly on her snout flying off.

"Oh dear! Oh dear! Where did it go?", Marie began to question hurriedly.

"Do you mind watching where you are walking?", Leviathann spoke, rather annoyed that she was bumped into. Now seeing the strange doe hovering around, looking for something, she asked, "And what are you looking for that is so important?"

"The butterfly, the butterfly, I just had it...oh dear...", Marie kept repeating, scanning around the ground for the insect.

Tilting her head, Leviathann soon noticed that there was a monarch butterfly on the side of her body. She turned to look at it, and was surprised to notice it appeared to be dead. The wings were torn pretty badly, as if it had been impaled. "Is this your butterfly?", she questioned.

Marie looked to the little insect on her side, and immediately said, "Yes, that's the one! Thank you!", and quickly picked up the delicate, deceased butterfly on her snout like before.

Leviathann tilted her head again. "Now I'm curious. What do you intend to do with a dead butterfly?", she asked.

"Oh nothing...nothing at all...", Marie said, and turning, she ran off in a different direction. The doe seemed to disappear in a blur, and Leviathann started to become suspicious.

"She didn't even apologize for bumping into me...", she spoke to herself.


"Umm...hello there? What are you doing?", Gehirn politely asked, his eyes locked on a strange doe doing something unusual. He watched her bite and gnaw on some rocks close to the Playground of the Birch Forest.

The doe, startled, stood up and looked to him. "Please, do not bother me. This is proving to be very difficult and I simply must concentrate.", Kerrigan spoke, and then returned to gnawing on the stones.

Gehirn tilted his head, "...You're kidding, right?", he asked.

Annoyed, the doe stood and began to chant some words in a strange language, staring at the great stag. When she finished, Gehirn started to feel unusual, as if he could not control his body. He took several heavy steps toward the rocks that Kerrigan had been chewing on, and sitting, he could not control his head, his antlers scratching on the stones and making a painfully loud screeching sound.

"What is this?! What is happening?! Why can't I...?!", Gehirn kept shouting, but Kerrigan shushed him, "Hush! It will be all over soon! I told you not to bother me but your kind never listens!"

When she was pleased with the results of him scraping his antlers on the rock, the stag was forced into standing and turning toward one of the boulders of the Playground. "Now be a dear and go knock yourself out for a while.", Kerrigan spoke, and at once Gehirn's body ran and headbutted the massive stone, the stag collapsing and fainting from the impact.

Kerrigan picked up the shavings of the stones that Gehirn was forced into scratching with his antlers. "Ah...Deermuda Triangle, your mysteries never cease to amaze me.", she spoke, and turning, she vanished in a cloud of violet smoke.


"I'm starting to think we're lost, Miguel...", Tulio spoke, "This area is unfamiliar, probably even uncharted."

"Would you relax, Tulio? So we may have taken a wrong turn somewhere, we'll find our way back to De Drinkplaats sooner or later.", Miguel nudged his partner.

"...Or we could ask her for directions...", Tulio said, noticing a strange doe seemingly in the middle of nowhere, speaking to herself in a frustrated way.

"Bah! They expect me to find both a crow and a raven? In this wretched place? All I see are pathetic little sparrows!", Medea ranted, spitting on the ground and stomping around even more. Then her eyes locked onto Tulio and Miguel, and a toothy grin emerged on her face. "Ah, what have we here? A crow...and a raven!"

"Miguel...I think we should run...", Tulio said, gulping and slowly backing away.

"Let me handle this...", Miguel said, and approaching Medea, he greeted her, "Hello there, my lady! I am Miguel, and this is Tulio...and they call us Miguel and Tulio!"

"Miguel and Tulio...the raven and the crow! Let your ebony feathers grow!", Medea chanted, and waving her hooves, the two stags before her began to shrink, their bodies morphing into that of black birds.

The two tried to escape, but Medea's hooves slammed on them, holding them down. "Now...I need the beak from the crow...", she said, staring at the bird that was Tulio, "...and the bloody claws from the raven...", she then turned toward the bird that Miguel had become.

"Uhh Tulio?", Miguel said with his beak.

The crow, Tulio, gulped and said, "...Yeah Miguel...?"

"If we die from this, was your idea to ask her for directions!"


Kamikaze was awoken by a sudden screeching noise. Sitting up, he realized there was a strange doe rubbing against the bars of the cage he was sleeping within, the one inside the Ruins.

"Miss? Miss! Why are you using the cage to scratch your back?", Kamikaze immediately asked the strange doe.

Sorrel stopped and turned to him, "Nothing you should be concerned with, go back to sleep.", she spoke.

The young buck tilted his head again, and then playfully began to rub up against the bars himself.

"S-stop that! What do you think you're doing? You could get hurt, foolish one!", Sorrel snapped at him.

The young Kamikaze turned to her, "But it looked like so much fun! And besides, you were doing it!", he said in a cheerful manner.

Sorrel grimaced, noticing the young deer's back was bleeding. "My oh've hurt yourself, and you don't even notice it or care. Listen, do us all a favor and stop imitating others! Now...sleep!", she spoke, waving a hoof. Kamikaze soon toppled over, sound asleep.

Sorrel shook her head, and then picked up the scraps of rusted metal she had been working on removing from the cage. She walked off alone, stopping to consider the young stag's health, but then shook her head, deciding that his back would heal and that he was not in mortal danger. She vanished soon after, leaving little trace of her presence there.


"The valley is empty of these lilies I needed. What a shame...what a shame...what a shame...", Deadly Orchid spoke, sitting in a place where elusive plants would grow. "It is too late in the year. What shall I bring for the offering? Perhaps...", she began, when someone seemed to appear close by, ""

Lady Bones stopped and noticed the strange doe sitting alone. She was going to continue walking when she heard a voice in her head tell her, "Come here!"

She turned and looked at the lone doe again. And walking toward her, she began to ask "Did you call for me?"

"...Yes...yes I did...", the doe replied.

Before Lady Bones could realize it, vines underneath had entangled her. The vines were strong and numerous, squeezing her body and engulfing her quickly.

"Help me! Please!", Lady Bones cried. Deadly Orchid just stood there and watched. The vines burrowed into their prey, and began to absorb her blood, the red body fluid seeping down them until they reached the ground.

"Enough. Release.", Deadly Orchid spoke. The vines immediately vanished, Lady Bones hitting the ground hard, bleeding from several puncture wounds where the vines had entered.

"Wh...why...?", she questioned the other doe, weakly. As her head began to rest on the ground, lilies started to grow around her. Their petals were red, the color of her blood.

"Sacrifices must be made to get what we want.", the other doe spoke, and picking the lilies, she ran off, vanishing in a grey mist.


"This shall be an easy task. Quite a boring task, if you ask me...", Umay mused to her familiar.

"What are you proposing? I am up for a race to the top.", Cay Lynn replied to her witch.

"A race, you say? Ah yes. We shall see who can collect these acorns from the Old Oak first...", the witch agreed.

"Then what are you waiting for? You can't beat me, haha!", the familiar replied, and immediately ran toward the Old Oak. Umay expected her familiar to start the race without her, so she bolted as well. The two jumped into the air at the same time, both landing on the Old Oak...sideways. They turned to one another for a split second and then raced to the top, defying gravity as they ran up the side of the Oak.

"You can't beat me! You can't beat me!", Cay Lynn boasted, gaining an edge over Umay. The witch mumbled something and then seemed to disappear, teleporting a ways up the side of the tree. "No fair! That's cheating!", the familiar cried.

Umay chuckled, "Who said there were rules to this competition?", she replied, and raced forward onto the limb of the great tree. She was the first to arrive at the oversized acorns of the Old Oak, the winner of the race.

Cay Lynn soon caught up, out of breath, "...C-cheater!", she accused Umay. The witch laughed, "Now now, don't be a sore loser!", she replied, and kicked the acorns off of the limb.

On the ground was Foxglaive, who had heard the commotion but wasn't sure what was going on. One of the giant acorns fell and bonked him on the head. "Owww!! What happen?!", he moaned, then looking up he managed to dodge another acorn that was about to fall on him. Soon after the two who had raced to the top jumped off of the Old Oak's limb, landing on the ground with such an impact that the area shook. Foxglaive jumped back, astounded at the two who had suddenly appeared before him. "Who you is?! Why you make sky fall?!", he questioned them at once.

Umay and Cay Lynn looked at each other, and then back to the stag. They didn't speak a word, but instead grabbed the two Old Oak acorns and vanished into a cloud of black smoke. Foxglaive ran at them, but they had disappeared right before his eyes.

"Somebody set me up the bomb!!", he gasped.


"My sweet dearies, the time is nearly at hand. Won't you love to join us in a celebration of darkness? It will be quite fun, I assure you!", the spider doe, Nekumbra, spoke to the group of fawns who were in her presence.

"But Grandmother Spider...shouldn't our parents come with us?", Christoffer asked.

"Oh-ho-ho sweetie, your parents aren't invited to our party! They would ruin the fun!", Nekumbra chuckled.

"But why? It's scary here without our mothers to protect us!", Ta voiced.

Nekumbra approached the little one and stared at him with her black eyes, "That's the point, little're supposed to be scared today. But all in good fun."

"Bodhi, I'm frightened...please...please don't leave me.", the blind Bii whispered to another fawn.

"It's okay. This one is right here by your side. Here...", Bodhi spoke, and letting one of his vines gently wrap around Bii's body, he continued, "Now you can't lose me."

"Where are you taking us, then?", Ciel asked Nekumbra.

She rose up on her spider legs and looked to all of them, "Follow me and I will show you. This way..."

The fawns reluctantly followed the spider doe, with no mothers to protect them.


"Everyone, please settle! Now, we have a situation at hand...", Cypher announced to the others, still as a mole (though a well dressed mole). He stood on Silun's snout as he gave the speech. "Our Endless Forest has been harboring witches!"

"Witches? Preposterous! They don't even exist!", Brynhried exclaimed, some of the others agreeing with a "Yeah!" or "That's right!" after.

"You're a talking mole! How else can this be explained other than witchcraft?", Juniper rose and spoke.

"Yes, that I am. Now, I know of at least two of the witches - Illrose and Herla. Who else saw someone odd in the Forest today?", Cypher questioned.

"Marie Antoinette ran away with a dead butterfly earlier!", Leviathann called.

"Dillon...Dillon ripped out some of my fur...", Anjali spoke, still in pain from earlier. There was a patch of fur missing on his body.

"I saw Honeyfur running off with eyeballs in her mouth!", Marco Jene called.

"And there was Nebel, who was at the Old Oak with a bloody pinecone...", Luis spoke.

Gehirn, with a pounding headache, spoke, "Kerrigan...took control of my body..."

"And I saw Sorrel wandering off with scraps of metal from the cage at the Ruins!", Oblivion shouted.

Nearby, they saw two birds approach, a crow carrying a raven, both bloodied and deformed. "Her name was Medea...the one ripped off my legs...and poor Tulio's mouth...", Miguel cried, the two birds collapsing in the center of the place.

"Squirrel deer threw acorns at me! Pictograms said Umay and Cay Lynn! I still have lump from bread pain!", Foxglaive exclaimed.

"I was witness to one of these events. There was a doe who was caught in vines and drained of her blood. I recognized the other...Deadly Orchid...", Savior called.

"That does it! This has gone on long enough! We have to find these horrible witches and repay them for their misdeeds!", Leviathann announced.

"Yeah! Let's rip their legs off and beat them to death with them!", Oblivion suggested.

"Would someone please think of the fawns!", Marco Jene called.

"Speaking of the fawns...where are they?", Brynhried questioned.

They all looked around. There were no fawns around.

"Oh no...we should hurry...", Juniper spoke in shock.


Lotus leaf and fish scales, boil.
Oleander petals and dried wolfsbane, toil.
Into our witches' cauldron they go.
Through this Endless Forest our magic flow.

Apple seeds and fur from devout deer, boil.
Droplet of blood and salty Idol tears, toil.
Into our witches' cauldron they go.
Through this Endless Forest our magic flow.

Add the eyes of newborn fawn, ooohh
What’s it gonna do to you?
Shall we scare and fright you too?
What's it gonna do to you?

Tongue of a wolf and frog legs, boil.
Unfallen Old Oak acorns and raven feathers, toil.
Into our witches' cauldron they go.
Through this Endless Forest our magic flow.

Thorns of a black rose and crow's beak, boil.
Raven's bloody claws and lilies from the pond, toil.
Into our witches' cauldron they go.
Through this Endless Forest our magic flow.

Add the butterfly pierced from flower spar, ooohh
What’s it gonna do to you?
Shall we scare and fright you too?
What's it gonna do to you?

Rock shavings from Deermuda, boil.
Flesh from the Big Zombie Deer, toil.
Into our witches' cauldron they go.
Through this Endless Forest our magic flow.

Eye of striped snake and rust from cage bars, boil.
Mushroom circle mushrooms and wax from melting candles, toil.
Into our witches' cauldron they go.
Through this Endless Forest our magic flow.

Add the stalks of lily from the valley, ooohh
What’s it gonna do to you?
Shall we scare and fright you too?
What's it gonna do to you?

The offerings were added to the brew, stirred and glowing green that illuminated the Forest. The familiars circled around, creating winds much like a hurricane. The witches continued the chant during the offering, and soon it was time for the final sacrifice. Nekumbra was the last to give her offering, and she turned and called the fawns to approach.

Bodhi held onto Bii, the first two to approach, with Ta, Christoffer, and Ciel behind. The group slowly moved toward the boiling cauldron, with Nekumbra behind so they could not escape. They stopped at the glowing pot, all five shivering in terror.

"And now, little will see the true meaning of Halloween!", Herla spoke to them.

"Stop right there!", a voice tiny yet booming shouted. The witches turned to find a group of deer approaching, with sharpened antlers and candles on their heads. Cypher, still a well-dressed mole, led the mob to the witches' lair. "This has gone on far enough! Release the fawns or we will boil you in that pot!", he called.

"Let's boil them anyway, they deserve worse!", Oblivion shouted.

"Leave our Forest alone, you witches!", Luis called.

"Stop! You do not understand! We're only having fun!", the witch Honeyfur replied to them.

"Yes, and besides, the little ones are going to get a special treat on this Halloween!", Kerrigan added.

"Don't you mean you were going to get a treat? We already know, you were going to boil them and eat them, weren't you?!", Leviathann accused them.

"Boil the fawns? Oh heavens no! We would never eat your fawns, especially since it's Halloween!", Sorrel replied.

"Then...what did you plan to do with them?", Savior asked.

Nekumbra smiled, "Well, since you have rudely invited yourselves here, I suppose you can join in on the fun too, hmm? Just watch.", she spoke, then turned to the fawns, "Okay, little ones. Now all you need to do is take one little sip from the cauldron. I promise, it won't bite."

The fawns looked to one another. "It does smell good...", Ciel spoke, and stood up over the cauldron, looking into the glowing brew inside. Bodhi and Bii did the same, both taking whiffs of the aromatic smell. Then Ta and Christoffer were looking in.

The five fawns reached in and lapped up some of the glowing brew. The pot shook at once, and the potion burst into a cloud of green smoke that rose to the sky and began to spread. The fawns backed away, giggling and watching in amazement. Soon the sky was filled with green clouds, and glowing green rain began to pour upon the Endless Forest. The trees were soaked and began to glow strange neon hues. Glowing mushrooms filled the land. The pond turned a glowing blood red. All around the magical rain transformed the Forest into a hauntingly wonderful place. All around there were strange candies for the fawns to eat, gummy mushrooms, sugar pinecones, and even other exotic treats that they have never tasted before.

Even those who had been hurt during the process had been given back that which was taken. Cypher was turned back into a deer, as well as Tulio and Miguel, who seemed to magical heal from their wounds. Anjali's fur regrew, Tails' back was healed, even the stillborn fawn was given new eyes and was magically brought to life. Gehirn's headache vanished, Lady Bones was feeling better, and all of the angry deer who had come for revenge were now giddy with excitement over the place.

"So after all that happened, this was really all for fun? Witches aren't really as bad as people make them out to be?", Tails questioned.

"Of course we're not that bad. I mean, yes, we take what we need, but we give back what we took and with even more rewards than before. It all was for fun, as we said!", Illrose replied.

"This one loves Halloween! This one loves the witches! They make the darkness fun!", Bodhi spoke with glee, while eating a gummy mushroom.

"Yes, little dearies. Eat your fill of the treats we have given. And remember our promise to you - Witches are keepers of the darkness, and witches may borrow and hurt to obtain what they need, but you should never fear them, because they really are kind and make things right in the end. You should never fear the darkness, for the witches are there to oversee it and make sure that things are scary but fun. So keep your eyes out for us when we work our magic, for you never know...we may bring you thrills and treats!", Nekumbra spoke to them all.

The deer ran off to see what scary wonders the witches had brought to the Endless Forest. The fawns danced and played in the glowing fields, and the adults drank from the 'blood' water and laughed at one another when they had blood mustaches on their lips.

And up in the sky flew the twelve witches, riding on broomsticks and cackling as they watched the deer below. Their familiars appeared as bats and crows who followed them in the moonlight. It was here when the witches sang one last song for their 'victims':

Tried and true, our magic brought to you,
Terror and fright on this Halloween night.
Watch the sky and see the witches fly,
And remember our promise, always kept honest.
We keep the dark safely through, we take for our brew,
But we give back more to those who we adore.
We love to watch you fright and play this night,
For it is our favorite holiday, and so we now say:
Happy Halloween to all the the little fawns out there!
Aivilo's picture

This looks neat x3 Tracking

This looks neat x3 Tracking for later.
Your ability to constantly find new things to write about always surprises me, "writing rut" or no. Wish I could do that, lol.
Sighthoundlady's picture

Throws my little Hedge Witch

Throws my little Hedge Witch your way.
Kumiko's picture

A witch hunt you say? You

A witch hunt you say? You can't have one of those without a paranormal investigator!
quadraptor's picture

Switched Zephyr out for

Switched Zephyr out for Nekumbra, I think she'd be more fitting for the role.

SHL - Thanks XD!! Wee a hedge witch is perfect!

Kumiko - Oh geez, I have a paranormal investigator now haha! Thanks!
BrokkenSaint's picture

Perhaps my Dillon could be a

Perhaps my Dillon could be a witch?

[Edit: fixed the link]
trigger_mortis's picture

If you need an innocent adult

If you need an innocent adult victim, feel free to use my Tails 8B
mismatched's picture

I'd like to make Nebel a

I'd like to make Nebel a witch (: even though she's a Drude, I feel like this would be a good opportunity for a ghost like her to have interaction haha.
quadraptor's picture

Got you all added! Trigger -

Got you all added!

Trigger - I have an idea for the 'adult victims'. I think they'll just be poor souls who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thanks for the suggestion XD
Honeyfur's picture

Hehe, it'd be interesting to

Hehe, it'd be interesting to see Honey as a witch, her being the complete opposite of one and all Cx

I'm excited to see the full story! It sounds really interesting c8

You can use my Marco Jene if

You can use my Marco Jene if you'd like!
If you do use her, I'd like for her to either be an adult victim or part of the angry mob; whichever role is more entertaining for you to write.

Hmmm if ya like, you can have

Hmmm if ya like, you can have Tulio and Miguel be the victims and feel free to have Juniper and Luis in the angry mob.
Their bios are in my siggy btw Eye
quadraptor's picture

Got them added, thanks! Hehe

Got them added, thanks! Hehe I'm going to have some fun coming up with a way to victimize Tulio and Miguel XD

Ahaah, this sounds

Ahaah, this sounds interesting. 8D
Have an Umay witch if you like. B)

Here, have Medea as a witch!

Here, have Medea as a witch! Because that's what she is. Eye

Lady Bones is telling me she's sick of being the bad guy right now, so she wants to play a victim! Hahaha have fun with that Quad! Also her bio is a little scarce right now, if you need help with anything you got my contact info! (:
BouncyDeer1's picture

Savior,as a angry mob =)

Savior,as a angry mob =)

Thank you Kaoori for this drawing!Natali looks beautiful =D
quadraptor's picture

Mystress and Bouncydeer - got

Mystress and Bouncydeer - got you two added! Thanks!

Also I need random items for the Witches Cauldron! Feel free to suggest and I may use your ideas! *evil cackle*
Bayleen's picture

Wow this looks so badass and

Wow this looks so badass and fun XD Can Marie Antoinette join as a witch? :3

As for the Cauldron, I guess they would need disgusting and creepy ingredients and such? X3 I suggest something like the "eyes of a newborn fawn" or "rotten flesh from zombie deer &/or BZD deer" and "wax from melting candles" XDDD if that's what you're looking for haha!
quadraptor's picture

Got you added, and those

Got you added, and those ingredients are great, thank you!!
Zergarikiaka's picture

For a witch, maybe you can

For a witch, maybe you can use Kerrigan? <3
Now that her picto grew up I can finally use her anyway.. (RIGHT in time for halloween too!)
If you need more info on the character than there is here, you can probably get it on google. XD

Loved your previous halloween stories. I know this'll be awesome.
Freyja's picture

Sorrel would make a great

Sorrel would make a great witch!

And if you need more adult victims, or even moar angry mobbers, maybe Brynhried? Only if you need extras by the closing time.
Kumiko's picture

Suggestions for the

Suggestions for the cauldron:

- Lotus leaf
- Droplet of blood
- Scales of a fish

Sounds like you need more

Sounds like you need more fawn victims - Christoffer?

And you can use Kamikaze for an adult victim (I think you might have fun writing about him - he is literally insane XD)

As for cauldron ingredients:
-Salty tears from the Idol
-Floof from a devout, or some kind of fur (has to got and used quickly before it disappears Eye)
-Shavings from each rock from the deermuda triangle.

... Half-assed ideas because I just got up >.<
snow's picture

Oh, interesting. Illrose as a

Oh, interesting. Illrose as a witch, perhaps? If the slots aren't filled already. xD
Mis's picture

Need some more adult

Need some more adult victims?
I guess I can offer my Gehirn. I mean, he may be a big dude but women are his weakness. I'm curious as to what you'll be coming up with! ^^
DEERTH's picture

I can haz a place with

I can haz a place with witchez?

Well, this is Deadly Orchid. Drawn by Mr.Sanguine.
There's not a bio up for her, but she'd might be a very nasty doe for the story, that's for sure! <- D
Deadly Orchid is a carnivorous deer, with an orchid parasite growing on her body. That orchid steals life from Deadly and often can grow quickly around her neck to strangle the doe in someway, when hungry. Deadly Orchid is meant to eat smaller animals and insects, but may eat a bigger animals, as well. Can drink blood, too (fits for the story xD ).
The picture isn't much coloured, but I can tell the fur on her backlegs is as it is coloured. Deadly's eyes are blue and her fur ranges from mainly yellow colour to striking streams of red colour. Her hooves are much of a black-red and the orchid vines are green. Well, and in spring and in especially summer, these vines are with bloomed flowers on them, but in Halloween time, the vines look like dead. She's pretty scary, to think that. <)
Her personality, when she's not hungry, is friendly and sweet, but when hungry, she's like a mindless beast. She can be secretive, seductive and very clever. Has sharp teeth, and is strong when in a fight.
But in your story, you can change these personality traits a bit. She's not actually necessarily evil, but I'd like to see what Deadly Orchid will be like in your story. Smiling

Edit: Oh, and suggestions for the cauldron:
Thorns of a black rose.
Apple seeds (poisonous, when eaten too much).
Stalks of Lily of the Valley.
Oleander petals.
Dried Wolfsbane.
Eye of a striped snake.
Spider venom.
A raven's bloody claws.
A crow's beak.
Scales from a mysterious beast.
Tongue of a wolf.
Call me Deery. Smiling
Dragon Scroll.
Avvie by me, siggy by Saosin

PLK217's picture

Just got an idea - Foxbrow

Just got an idea - Foxbrow can be a famulus of the withces. I still see her hopping around, grinning and giggling. And luring the mob by tricks into traps.

Anyway, some of rare items for the Cauldron:
Unfallen acorns of the Old Oak
Water from De Drinkplaats, spat out by a nameless deer
Rust from the inner side of the Cage bars
Butterfly pierced by antler during flower sparring

And they should stir it with a spoon made of Bar of Doom and boil it on the fire from the Abio firelines.

For now I'll just suggest

For now I'll just suggest some items Smiling

~ Frog legs
~ Raven feathers
~ Mushrooms from the mushroom circles
~ Lilies from the pond
~ Koi tails
Mr.Sanguine's picture

Oh my god this looks like so

Oh my god this looks like so much fun

I can't really think of anywhere to stick my characters rofl. But if you want to include them in any way or have any ideas, surprises are fun ='D

As for items, Mr.Sanguine could donate a feather if you like~
quadraptor's picture

Got everyone added (will look

Got everyone added (will look into Mr. Sanguine's characters in a moment, I will totally use some of them)

I am stunned that there is so much popularity in this! It was a random idea haha!

Alright everyone, I have plenty of witches, but I really need fawns and angry mob members! If you have someone that can fit in please let me know! They're pretty vital to the story!

I may start writing soon, and plan to finish up by Halloween.

Mr. Sanguine ~ I wouldn't want him to lose one of his feathers though, I've got plenty of thoughts for the cauldron. I wanted to ask, though, what you do to donate a feather to him? Zephyr would love to give him one of her superultrafashionable peacock feathers Eye

z.m123's picture

Cay can be a witch familiar.

Cay can be a witch familiar. c:
PLK217's picture

Well, if you're short of some

Well, if you're short of some roles, feel free to use my Silun as well.
But he would probably the be least angry member of the mob though.
cicadia's picture

Hmm...Brighteyes for a

Hmm...Brighteyes for a witch's familiar? Maybe Illrose's, if one had to be chosen.

Have some mob deer:

Have some mob deer: <3 anndd <3!

If you wanna use them, of course. c:
quadraptor's picture

Alrighty, got you guys added.

Alrighty, got you guys added. I'd love some more fawns if possible!
cicadia's picture

You can have Tatata and Bii

You can have Tatata and Bii for fawns if you'd like. :3
Foxglaive's picture

Quadraprot! You have helped

Quadraprot! You have helped me greatly, please let me be of helping you if I can, yes? Perhaps I will join the mob? In my study of witch culture, I learn that one method that witch is susceptible to is dropping house upon them ... in case this is helpful for your fiction. I saw it in documentary.
quadraptor's picture

Thanks guys! I started the

Thanks guys! I started the story today but if you still want to throw a fawn or an angry mob member my way, I'll include them!

Hope you guys like how this starts out, EEEEHEHEHEHHEEHHEEEEEE!!!!
Anjali's picture

Could my Anjali be an adult

Could my Anjali be an adult victim? :3
quadraptor's picture

You got it! *plots what

You got it! *plots what mischief to do to Anjali now XD!!!*
Bayleen's picture

-pops in to read first

-pops in to read first part-

I loooooooove this already xDDD =D ♥
quadraptor's picture

Wrote some more tonight,

Wrote some more tonight, featuring Cypher, Illrose, and Brighteyes Eye
Sighthoundlady's picture

Haha, this is looking good

Haha, this is looking good Quad! Poor Cypher, turned into a mole and offered as a meal for Brighteyes! And even as an “evil” witch, Herla still has an infectious grin, lol.

Can’t wait to hear more!
Kumiko's picture

Quad, I spit my drunk up all

Quad, I spit my drunk up all over the place.

At first, I was surprised you made Cypher seem so confident and demanding - then he ran. That's just what the the ol' chap would do. Ah and being turned into a mole to have a giant bird attack him; I'm sure that's up on his list of worse nightmares.

What amuses me even more is that Illrose and Cypher just met the other day and it was not on the best of terms because he was being curious and annoying. Haha.

This is so exciting Quad,

This is so exciting Quad, very well written, keep it up. (:
snow's picture

Haha, the interaction between

Haha, the interaction between Illrose and Cypher were perfect. xD And Illrose suits to be a witch too. :b

I look forward for more!
Zergarikiaka's picture

030 I knew it, I knew this

I knew it, I knew this had the makings of something epic. <3
Mis's picture

Ooh nice and tense! Love

Ooh nice and tense! Love Illrose here, so evil XD
quadraptor's picture

Added a little more

Added a little more Eye
Sighthoundlady's picture

LOL, these are some violent

LOL, these are some violent witches. They take what they want and suffer no fools!

Loving it Quad. Can’t wait for more!
quadraptor's picture

Hehe I'm planning on writing

Hehe I'm planning on writing Herla's part for those fish scales. Just imagine a doe sinking their teeth into a fish and shaking it back and forth like a dog would, there's your inspiration X3