Illrose; Ancient wings unfolding.

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May contain mature language/ violence.

November 19, 2020

physicalHealthy. x mentalGood.

Don't mind me, just found it a bit sad to see the broken images so had to fix them, maybe we'll visit the forest again one day. Hope everyone is doing good and staying safe ♥


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Aw, lol. x'D Unfortunately,

Aw, lol. x'D
Unfortunately, Illrose is not much of a 'loving' creature. xp

But I can see he gets love other places. :b ( can't help but laugh when I see a butterfly pelted deer running in the distance and nuzzling random deer, lol.)
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-slinks about- OH HO HO.

-slinks about- OH HO HO.
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Oh, hello.

Oh, hello. <3

"it would appear that we are

"it would appear that we are rather popular this morning" The stag whispers while looking around at the company that had joined the two while they laid in the grass.
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"So it would seem." She

"So it would seem." She replied with a small chuckle, looking at the other deers, before she gave an relaxed snort. It was good to finally see Cadaver again.

I'm sorry about Illrose fell asleep for a long time, I had unexpected visitors and had to go. x')

its fine. sry for leaving so

its fine. sry for leaving so abruptly, an update popped up on my screan and the game shut down. im not sure why. but when i tried to get back on it wouldnt connect. :/
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Aw. D:

Aw. D:

sorry for laying so much. im

sorry for laying so much. im drawing a new character. his name is going to be Toby. Toby the warthog. XD he is adorable.
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Haha, no worries, Illrose

Haha, no worries, Illrose likes to just sit with Cadaver. n__n Oh, interesting. :'D
And I'm sorry she suddenly took off, she just had to find that fawn with almost the same picto as her. xD

XD i love it when that

XD i love it when that happens ^-^
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Lol. :'D

Lol. :'D

I'm sorry I just disappeared

I'm sorry I just disappeared like that, I had to do something suddenly and I wasn't really in the mood for being in-forest anyway.
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Aw, it's okay. Illrose and

Aw, it's okay. Illrose and Kheiron will get the chance to catch up later. ;p
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Tsk, tsk, Illrose is causing

Tsk, tsk, Illrose is causing more trouble again. XD

Hello again, that mini you were chasing was actually another one of my chars named Buttons. She's so scared of Illrose, but I actually don't mind the drama. =3 Just make sure you give her a break form time to time.

By the way, your char makes me want to make a dragon char of my own. Illrose is cool.

Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")
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Don't know what you're

Don't know what you're talking about...Illrose would never cause trouble, would she? >D

And, I'm sorry, I didn't know it was your char. xD I clicked the picto on the map a couple of times, and I just got 'page not found', so I didn't have a clue who she was chasing. x')
And of course, she shall avoid to chase her constantly. <3

Well, do it then, dragons are awesome. And thanks. :')

can cadaver nickname her

can cadaver nickname her Illis? im not sure why, but i kinda like it. or just illy. or rosie XD or something different every time?
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I can never imagine Illrose

I can never imagine Illrose would respond if someone called her Rosie. xD

I think Illis would work best. :b

XD okay

XD okay

Kheiron and Illrose is gonna

Kheiron and Illrose is gonna dance forever D8 xD lol
Let's just say they're catching up.
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Lol, yes, they have a lot to

Lol, yes, they have a lot to catch up with, it seems. x'D

Yes, obviously x'D they're

Yes, obviously x'D they're dancing in rhythm with the music I'm listening to, lol
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Lol, they were dancing in

Lol, they were dancing in rhythm with my music as well. :b
And Illrose fell asleep, that's typical her when she's dancing. xD

aw :'D btw, I'm almost

aw :'D
btw, I'm almost certain Illrose didn't use to dance before when she was pretty new here. Am I right or am I confusing her with some other deer?
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No, you are quite right.

No, you are quite right. :b
She doesn't really like do dance, but it's okay in small groups or with friends. :')
But if a stranger begin to dance, she most likely will ignore it, and not join.

(aww poor Ill got tired now?

(aww poor Ill got tired now? : < xD)

I ttly deserve a cookie for noticing she doesn't usually dance. >8D
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Lol, yes, I had to leave for

Lol, yes, I had to leave for a moment, so I figured I'd let her sleep meanwhile. :')

And yes, you do. : D *give cookie*

sorry if I don't respond

sorry if I don't respond right now, I'm a biiiit busy. brb.

Kheiron kept her company while she was asleep. <3
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Okay. n__n Yes, that was

Okay. n__n
Yes, that was really sweet of him. <3

(sorry it took so long xD) if

(sorry it took so long xD)
if I suddenly disappear, it's my network connection being shut. I'll be back though. (:
also, why did you decide not to keep the other deer you had?
/spamming you with questions
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Aw, okay. n_n Nah, I kinda

Aw, okay. n_n
Nah, I kinda figured out one deer was enough for me, at least for now.
And then Illrose was of course the one I wanted to keep. :b

Yah, that's what I'm thinking

Yah, that's what I'm thinking too. If I get another deer, I'm afraid I won't give them equal attention and neglect one of them, and I don't want that. So I'm just sticking to Kheiron :'D (and, as a little spoiler to you; there's another deer I'm developing that is important to how Kheiron has evolved as a character. I'm thinking of making a "bio" of this character sometime not too soon. Not because I'm going to play him or anything, but rather as an explanation to Kheiron's personality)

I hope I made you curious now.
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That's exactly what happened

That's exactly what happened to me, the only deer that was active in the end was Illrose. xD
Oh, yes, you definitely made me curious. o__o

And if you wonder why Illrose just went and lay down in the middle of the fighting, it was because I had to leave for a moment again. And of course when it finally was some action. >.> xD

aw, that's fine, I'm not

aw, that's fine, I'm not paying too much attention today anyway xD that's why I keep laying down. Sorry D8
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No problem.

No problem. <3

(No subject)


Aw come on, two against one? Dx that was unfair. Kheiron had to interrupt.
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Illrose really appreciated

Illrose really appreciated it, altough she don't want Kheiron to get hurt. :') And that deer with Gustiro ( Dinah Moon?) really pissed her off. xD

And I laughed when Kheiron - I believe it was him - cast the spell on Illrose and made her identical to one of the other deer there. x'D

Yeah, that other deer angered

Yeah, that other deer angered Kheiron too xD it was... annoying and just got in the way. xD
(the deer, not the player, lol. I don't take anything personal on TEF :'D)

Yup, that was Kheiron. He was actually gonna spellspam Gustiro, but Ill got in the way. xD I had to laugh when both Ill and the other deer ended up with the same set.

I think I should play Kheiron more often without his mask. I just LOVE how the face look with the noh-pelt. One of the reasons I chose that pelt, actually. <3
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Exactly. xD ( and of course

Exactly. xD ( and of course the deer, not the player. :') I just think it's all fun, but Illrose doesn't. xp )

Lol, that's what I thought. It's always funny when things like that happen. x'D

Yes, it looks really nice. <3 Illrose miss her antlers and her skull mask, but at least she have antlers proper to fight with now. :b

I would actually think she'd

I would actually think she'd wear the black, small antlers considering they were part of her earlier set. But then she wouldn't be able to fight Gustiro, haha.

Sorry I left you alone with a sleeping Gustiro, but I got reaaaally tired. xD I should go to bed. /long day has been long. Hey, wait, you should go to bed too. D8 it's late. xD
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No, after she got used to the

No, after she got used to the zombie antlers she doesn't feel comfortable with the little ones, they make her feel naked or something. xD
And yes, she need proper antlers to fight Gustiro. :b

Aw, it's okay, Illrose just had to run for it when he woke up, lol. xD She loves to surprise him when he's sleeping. :') Yes, I probably should, but I'm not tired. D:
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... *track* My stag Umberto

... *track*
My stag Umberto doesn't like Illrose much... but all the drama is entertaining for me at least! xDD
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Oh, that is the one defending

Oh, that is the one defending the minis? Good to finally get a name on him too. :')
Illrose didn't like it when he began to chase her, but I thought it was funny. xD
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Seiji laughs at semi-naked

Seiji laughs at semi-naked Illrose. 8D
If you wanted, I could send you her set data? C8 I'm not sure if it will work, but there happens to be a grey pelt under Seiji's; OH HO HO.
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Poor Illrose. Gustiro keeps

Poor Illrose. Gustiro keeps claiming all the minis to chase. Gustiro chased that mini earlier today that's why he went after her that time.
And then Illrose goes and tires Gustiro out by chasing him. lol Thank you for being so amusing. :3

Illrose can chase Nacadia

Illrose can chase Nacadia when ever she is on. i have her on right now.
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Rhiiza; Illrose doesn't think

Rhiiza; Illrose doesn't think it's funny. D: She's really sad she has lost her mask and antlers. x')
Hm, I don't think it would work. I have already tried to download the zombie set spelldata, and that doesn't work. But we can try, perhaps that does work. <3

Gustiro; He had? She had actually chased that mini earlier as well. xD Poor mini, lol.
And yeah, she had to chase someone else when she couldn't chase that mini. Sorry she tired him out, though. D:
No, I should thank you, it's always much fun ( at least for me xp) when Gustiro is in-forest. n_n

lolamad911; Oh, that's good to know. <3

did illrose lose her mask and

did illrose lose her mask and antlers?

edit: Nacadia is sitting in the pond with Celeste right now, ya know if you wanna come get her
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Ah, the joys of twinship. I

Ah, the joys of twinship. I want to make a Doppelganger character now. 8C
It's just a suggestion; you never know what might work and what might not. o Ao
If you don't mind, I could try and send it to you via MSN? ONLY IF THAT'S OKAY D8;; Just say the word.
She'll have to forgive him eventually, however when his immature genes are kicking in. 8D
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Yes, she did. I had to

Yes, she did. I had to reinstall TEF, and now doesn't the zombie set spelldata work. >.>

Yeah, found her, as you probably figured out. lol. xD

Edit; Rhiiza ninja'd me. D: I think they look adorable as twins. <3 :')
Yes, you could try to send it, I'm willing to try everything or else Illrose will have a deeply depression if she doesn't get her skull mask back. D:
My msn is in the top of her bio, as you probably have seen. :')

yea, the entire time i was

yea, the entire time i was just sitting there smiling. the only thing i said was a few giggles and the word Happy

edit: thanks for waiting. i wasnt looking when i ran into de drinkplats