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The Demon Diaries: Chapter One

The Beginning: A History of Demon's Birth

Everything must have a start, and that too includes a particularly well-known individual called Walter. Or as most people refer to him: The Demon Gazelle.

When it began, the surrounding world was dark. Vision was impossible, yet hearing was not. The call of birds could be distinguished, accompanied by the soothing trickle of running water nearby. So when Demon awoke for the first time, the sounds could be identified with vision and his life could begin.

The first sounds were the birds high above in the air. The second sounds were of his hooves as he took his first steps. The third noise was his call, which echoed throughout an almost deserted forest.

Almost? Well, it seemed so, because there was no other living deer around. Not even another asleep just as he had been. Still, smaller critters: squirrels, frogs and birds, were all busy passing by, doing just as they had done when the world was formed. The stag watched with curiosity and amazement as a small amphibian passed him by, hopping and croaking as if everything were normal. But how could they be normal? The land was empty..

On the second day, Walter awoke once more to the sounds of the birds in their nests, the croaking of the frogs and the running of the water. He was bold this time; his feet took him out from between the trees, and out into a bright clearing. From here, his eyes could see that the world around him was beautiful and at peace; the running water he knew so well could be seen running into a pond. Keen to explore this paradise, the young stag wandered forth, and indulged himself in the water of the river.

What a delight! The water was neither too cold nor too warm, but a refreshing temperature. He drank from the river for a few seconds, then ventured further downstream to see this pond better. He noted the bridge along the way, and for a moment, stopped to look at the structure.
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