Diary Entry

What a Day (Oisín)

[=#993333]I find myself with a mother and a father. A family... A familiar feeling. I know I once had a family, before. Something...happened to them...I believe... It feels good to have one again.

Master Scape... Or, I should say, Father... I want to thank you for being there for me when I was new to this world, for teaching me, protecting me, while I struggled to make sense of everything around me. If not for you, I would still be afraid... Well, I admit my fears are not yet gone, but they are diminished. I even enjoy things now that I once feared. Also, I thank you for your patience, knowing it must not be easy for one with so much energy to wait for a fawn with a bad leg. You also showed me how to have fun.

And, of course, I cannot forget the one I now call Mother. Even yesterday, you comforted me. You helped me forget my worries.
Though I was not born in this forest, I could not have asked for better parents.

Although...some of this feels familiar... Clearly I have been influenced by those that taught me, but I think that there is more to it... It might have something to do with the feeling I have always had that I once lived elsewhere, even to adulthood, which would mean that I have essentially grown up twice, in which case I must have learned things the first time around as well. It is a strange thing to think of... I have heard of others having had past lives. Maybe it is the same for me.

~Riddle me L O S T

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