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What is this place? (Oisín)

[=#993333]This place...is strange. I can't remember how I got here. There is a lot of magic, strange magic. And there are a lot of strange creatures. They look like deer. Only, some are odd colors, and some have weird faces. Almost...human-like?

They frightened me at first, especially the bigger ones. They still make me nervous.

And...I am one? I was shocked when I saw my reflection. Why does this feel so weird? If only I could remember something...something other than my name.

I do remember my name. It's Oisín. I don't know how or why that's all I remember.

And my legs feel strange. Especially one of the ones in back. Like something happened to it? But I don't know what. I have trouble walking, and especially running. I stumble and slide a lot, and I limp sometimes.

I'm so confused! I wish I knew where I am. I wish I could remember something! I don't know what's happening.

At least I managed to get close to one of those....creatures....deer... I'll just call them deer. He was blue. He was with a green one, that vanished. It surprised me when that green deer just disappeared in a puff of smoke! But the blue one didn't seem surprised at all. Instead, he looked sad. I didn't want him to be sad. So, I had to try not to be afraid, and I went over to him and sniffed him. He didn't look as dangerous as some of the others I saw before.

So, I walked with him, because it seemed almost as if he was asking me to follow. And I didn't want to get lost again, like earlier. So I went with him. And we drank from the stream.

Perhaps now they will take me seriously. (Melinoe)

[=black][b]I am finally rid of the tiny fawn body.

Earlier today, my body was still that of a fawn. It was a calm, quiet, peaceful day. Not many deer were around. And there was a thin fog in the air. A nice change from the usual bright sunlight.

I came across a skull-faced deer with straight, sharp horns that I had not seen before. I saw him bowing to the graves, paying respects, much like I do every day. How very interesting. Someone else who seems to understand. But I may be mistaken.

I watched him for a while. I watched as he fought another deer, chasing him away. More than once, in fact, for the same deer had come back a couple of times. A fawn started to bother me, following me, not getting the hint that I did not want to play, even as I shook my head at it. The skull-faced deer chased it away. He did not need to. I could have handled the situation myself. But, I suppose I am kind of glad I didn't have to.

After that, I decided to approach the deer. He was resting peacefully. I moved close to him, approaching cautiously. I am not accustomed to approaching other deer openly. But this one seemed different. And he intrigued me.

He stood up and bowed to me. I knew then that he had seen me, and there was no point in trying to remain hidden any longer. So I came out in front of him.

At that point, the deer he had been fighting earlier appeared again. The skull-faced one went after him. After a moment, I followed, wanting to see what would happen. They began fighting again. That moronic deer hit us both with spells. Was this some foolish means of attack? If that was the case, I don't know why he aimed a spell at me, but it made me angry. I showed him my displeasure, tried to tell him to back off. Clearly he didn't understand what I wanted of him. How very typical. He finally ran off, chased by the skull-faced deer.

A Quiet Night (Amary)

[=#9966cc]It was a quiet day. Or, night, actually. The daytime was filled with spell-spamming, with deer I hadn't met before, and some I have, though I don't know their names.

It was a little later on that I experienced nighttime in the forest for the first time. It's nice, actually, and peaceful. I noticed there were bats, too, like in the fog. But they don't bother me, unlike some deer that seem not to like them. Actually I think they're interesting.

It was night when I found Darkweaver and Bastilion...Yes, I finally learned their names. Darkweaver is the one who was part of the first fight I witnessed, though I think I actually met him as a fawn before that. We've gotten to be friends now. Even though I did see him fighting another deer, but I can't hold that against him. I mean, I don't even know why they were fighting. I've seen Virgil fight another deer, too, but I still respect him. I don't like fighting, but that shouldn't affect the way I think of someone.

Well, when I found Darkweaver, he was hurt pretty bad. I don't know what happened. Maybe he was fighting again, or maybe it was something else. I didn't think it would be a good idea to ask. Bastilion was there, too, like I said. It seems that he and Darkweaver are also friends. Since Darkweaver couldn't move very much, we just sat with him. Others were playing. Kaoori was there. She was sitting with us at first, but then she began playing with the others. I would have joined her, only...well for once, I didn't really feel like playing. I guess because I would have felt guilty, with one of my friends not being able to join in. There were several others that did sit with us. Which was nice.

Dancing! (Amary)

[=#9966cc]The dance was today!
I missed the first one, I got there and it had already ended. Earlier than it was supposed to, it seems. Oh well. I did some dancing with some others, anyway. Although there were only a few deer there that I know, but I don't mind, I like meeting new deer and making new friends.

When it was time for the second dance, no one was around. I felt disappointed. I was really excited for the dance! I love dancing! But I was kind of sad when no one showed up at first.

I saw Virgil and Baal, and since there was no dancing yet, I followed them around a bit. Poor Virgil, I could tell he wasn't feeling good. I wonder how he got sick? And then, I thought he was fighting with Baal, but when I tried to stop them, Virgil assured me it was just a bit of sparring. And something about dominance. I guess I don't really get it. Fighting is fighting, I thought. This wasn't fighting? What's the difference? Well, I guess I'm glad, because I like them both and I'd hate to think that two of my friends were fighting each other. That would be awful. But this "sparring" seems strange. But the "dominance" thing is even stranger. What's the point? All deer are equal, I don't see why anyone should be "dominant" over another.

Well, after Baal left, I stayed with Virgil some more, and after he fell asleep, I went to go dance with a couple of deer that were at the playground now. I've met one of them before, I think his name is Drache. Actually I think I've met the other one, too, but I don't think I ever got her name. Then another deer showed up, I think she's called Isis. And another deer that I don't know. So, there weren't very many of us, but we had fun anyway. I really enjoyed it.

The others left, and then it was just me and Drache. And that's when I sensed that one stag over by the lake.
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{||:.The Truth is Revealed.:||}~{Violence Warning}

[center]Apparanza weaved through the trees of the Forest, her dual-colored eyes searching for anyone she knew. The left eye was a celestial blue and the right was a fiery amber, and quite the sight. She had yet to meet any other deer with dual-colored orbs, but she didn't mind in the least. She liked being original. Even as a fawn she would attempt to stand out from the others by putting on a ring of purple flowers atop her head.

Ears swiveled back at the sound of a twig snapping. The silverine doe halted her trot and turned her elegant head equipped with two slender yet sharp antelope horns. She gazed into the shadows, seeing a faint illumination that could be nothing else than a pictogram. Ranza tilted her head slightly and bowed to the stranger, but was confused when the stranger didn't bow back.

The mysterious stag stepped forward out of the shadows towards Ranza, and she was mildly surprised to see a spiteful look in his dark eyes. He was entirely black, just jet-black, even his antlers. She had never seen a pelt like that before.

"Err, hello m'lord. Can I help you?" she ventured quizzically, wondering why he seemed unfriendly. She surely had never seen him before.
"No, Apparanza. But I can help you."
The silverine doe's eyes widened. "How do you know my name? Who are you? And how can you help me?" What did she even need help with? She felt completely fine. What was he talking about? Is he crazy? she asked herself.

The black stag rolled his eyes. "Silly doe. You only need to know me as your brother." He smirked. "I don't reckon you remember anything about your real mother, do you? Don't you want to know why she left you alone in the dark of night, vulnerable to death of starvation or being torn apart by wolves?"

Apparanza flinched at his harsh words, pinning her ears back slightly.

~Riddle me T H A T

Fools, all of them! (Melinoe)

(just a note: in Mel's profile I said she is capable of changing between adult and fawn forms at will, but I've decided she won't be able to do that until she actually grows up...so, for now, she is actually a fawn, though she acts mature.)

[=black][b]There were too many deer around the ruins. They're all fools!

It wouldn't have been a problem if they had showed the proper respect, or if they at least kept quiet, rather than fooling around like they were. I've seen deer come to the ruins to rest. This, I don't mind, as long as they don't show such disrespect to the spirits, and leave me alone.

First, there was that obnoxious fawn. Then, those two stags. I had seen them before, apparently sparring, as far as I could tell from a distance. And then they ran over here. One just sat down quietly. But the other, the striped one, just kept running circles around the graves like an utter fool! I told him to quit it. I told him to back off. He just laughed at me! How dare he laugh at me! My threats didn't phase him. Darn this fawn's body! How can anyone take me seriously? At least he finally calmed down, and sat quietly like the other one. Until more deer came. There were too many deer! I couldn't chase them all away. They weren't actually doing any harm, anyway. But I just wanted to be left alone. I slipped away into the shadows.
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