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Updates and Daily Events for my Active Deer.

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Toxic Creed

Status: Offline
Health: 85%
Health Conditions: Recovering from his illness, his leg of course is still a bother where it gives him a limp. But his mind is plagued by guilt and the want to apologize.
Mental: 35%
Mental Conditions: Lonely, and seeking his former friend.
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'As the Days go by....'| Blog | Isis | No. 4


As the Days go by || Isis' Blog


November 1

'My stomach continues to beat me tired, yet I know inside is a gift from the Gods so amazing I can hardly comprehend. Please, grant our child the health and prosperity of many other residents living here...'

"Halloween has passed, and sadly enough I say that I missed most of it. The fawn I bear brings me so much joy and pain in the same moment, but oh how it is a blessing, our succesful bearing. I know that Virgil and I will spoil the fawn rotten. What a lucky one it will be. We both hope, and believe it will be a girl. Whether or not it will be loved the same."

"What a prosperous year it has been, yet finally it is drawing to an end. But much to my delight, for the winter air brings a joy unheard of! Im very aprehensive of it though, with all the new fawns coming, I hope they all make it."

"The snow is upon us now, which surely is a sign of a chilly winter as it has always been in my years. The light snow is great, but the real suprise will be waking up covered in it. My favorite weather, snow. How I hope this season will bring pure happiness, and few occasions of sorrow. I pray this to you, Gods."


October 4

'The rut begins tomorrow! I have mixed feelings of it, but I assure you I will be around.'

[=white] "How exciting! Halloween, the rut, goodness the forest is just bursting with excitment! Its got to be my favorite holiday, I really hope the Gods will pay us a visit."
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Leeadora is offline , Leeon is offline , Lady Masquerade is offline,Lady Adora is offline

(i'll be posting here there mood and health and when there online or offline XD)

leeon,Leea and Lady Masquerade are by the pond

Leea's mood: Happy
Leea's Health: 100%
what i did today: [=#cc99ff]"woke up and played with an adorable little fawn we had lot's of fun casting spell's on each other and prancing around the forest we then went to sleep in a patch of purple flowers.

~Riddle me R E V E N G E

What Have They Done to Cause Such Anger? (Oisín)

[=#993333]I have met him before, and though his visage made me nervous at first, he does not seem like a bad fellow. The one I mean is he who, I believe, is known as Ankoku.

As I said, he does not seem like a bad fellow. So I was rather surprised when I saw him atop the hill of the Twin Gods, seemingly attacking the statues. He was quickly joined by another, whom I do not remember having seen before. His appearance was one that I also found...unnerving.

The gods of this forest...are they not kind? I have always felt calmed whenever I am near them. Their presence, to me, always felt reassuring. I suppose this is not true for everyone. But, even so, I could not imagine what these gods might have done to inspire such anger.

Whatever the reason, this behavior did not seem appropriate. Surely this would only anger these gods. And as I have respect for them myself, I could not stand by and let this happen. I climbed the hill and asked the two of them to stop. They refused. I moved closer. I began to pray, asking the gods to forgive these two, even as they continued their assault. As I finished my prayer, my pelt turned white, a sign that they were listening, and I felt a small bit of power, the ability to pass on the blessing granted by the gods. I thought perhaps this would help them, calm their anger, allow them to feel the same feeling that these statues inspired in me. I only thought to help.

~Riddle me O F G O L D

These Strange Feelings (Amary)

[=#9966cc]I haven't seen Bastilion in a while. I really wish he was around more often.
My feelings still confuse me. I have friends I've known longer, and some that I haven't seen in an even longer length of time... But I think about him the most.

When I woke up today, Steele was beside me. I greeted him. I haven't seen him in a while, either. But when I sensed Bastilion, I nearly forgot about Steele. I ran to greet Bastilion. He was by the ruins, with Darkweaver. Seeing Bastilion, I felt really happy. I wanted jump, to leap. But why? Why do I feel differently around him than I do with my other friends?

I was shocked when Darkweaver suddenly turned into a fawn. He seemed frightened. So I stood by him. But, Rev was there, too, and I still felt like I wanted to watch over him. I did, a little bit, but I was glad when Saosin arrived to be with him, allowing me to go back to Bast and Darkweaver without feeling guilty.

The crowd near the ruins got to be a bit too much. It seemed to bother Dark, even myself a little bit. I guess I'm still not quite over the melancholy I had been feeling before, as normally I enjoy being with large groups. So, I asked the others to follow me, deciding to go somewhere less crowded. I headed to the birch forest, as there usually aren't a lot of deer there.

We sat for a while. I felt compelled to move closer to Bastilion. I leaned against him. He felt so soft, and warm, and there was something...almost soothing...about the feeling of his side rising and falling with his breath.

Then, Darkweaver returned to his usual size and left. I was confused, but soon Bast lay down again and I went back to laying against him. I...I felt like I could stay there forever... There is just something...reassuring...about his presence. And...safe. And more than that... I just feel...happier. It was if everything that had happened recently simply dissolved away.

Death and Life (Amary)

[=#9966cc]There have been so many deaths lately, it seems...
Tyerk...When? How? Why didn't I hear about it sooner? Why did no one tell me? Though I feel sad about every death I hear of, this is the first time it's been someone I actually knew.

I didn't know him very well, but I always liked him, and I hoped we could be friends. I'm certain we could have, with a little more time.

I remember that time in the playground... Thinking about it now brings tears... We were having fun. We played at "deer stacking". It didn't last long, but I enjoyed myself.

And now I can't believe he's gone... And, it's been a while, it seems. And I never knew about it. I had noticed I hadn't seen him around. But I didn't realize...

Then there's the stag that was called, I think, Wesker... I never met him. I may have seen him, but I'm not sure. They say...Darkweaver is...responsible... I didn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it. But now...I know... And it has me very confused. I have seen Darkweaver fight others...in fact, now that I think of it, I think I have seen him fight Wesker... But I never thought... I understand why, but I think there could have been another way. Or, maybe that's just a desperate wish... Even the Priest said sometimes there is no other way. I'm just so confused... I can't be mad at Darkweaver, or disappointed, but I am saddened. I don't know what to think of all this.

Why these things have to happen, why anyone has to die, I will never understand. I used to think this place was a paradise...death isn't supposed to happen here. But, now I know better. In a paradise, there would be no fighting, no death, everyone would be happy. I only wish everyone could be happy. I wish I could help everyone, that I could make everyone happy. Once I thought I could, but now I realize it is impossible.

Or is it? Maybe there is still a way. I can't lose hope...
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