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screenie dump, Sept. 2011

So...I got rid of the screenshots I'd been collecting, because there were just too many of them, and I never got around to uploading them. So all I have now is just from this month. In fact, most of them are just from the past couple of weeks. And it seems I didn't take as much as I thought.

Still somewhat image heavy, though.

screenie dump #01

numbered just so they don't all have the same title
image heavy, and all that

edit: I just realized I forgot some older ones. Oh well. Don't feel like going through them now. Maybe I'll post them later.

Screen Dump 0! Image heavy!

I need to start numbering these.

You Are My Heaven

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Massive Screenie Dump part 3: Oisín (image heavvvyyyy)

part 1
part 2

And finally. Oisín's screenshots.

"read more" are your own risk

Warning: May contain mass quantities of Cute.

Massive Screenie Dump part 2: Melinoe and Amary (BIG images, likely computer killer!)

part 1
part 3

More dumpage. Some of these are actually before the zombie party.

"read more" at your own risk

Massive Screenie Dump part 1: ZOMBIE PARTY (likely computer killer BIG IMAGES)

part 2
part 3

God. I have so many screenshots that I FINALLY got around to cropping and uploading. Although, actually, I'm missing my screenshots from 3.3...which I have saved in a separate folder, so they're probably in there, but I really don't feel like going through them all. Maybe at some point I'll see if there are any that are too good to leave out...


I am posting three separate blogs of screen shots, because there are so many, even though it's just the ones since I downloaded 3.4. I just take way too many screen shots. And this is after getting rid of a bunch that were shots of basically the same thing.

Starting with the Zombie Party. A bit late. But, as I said, I only just finally got around to actually uploading them.

There are a lot. So click "read more" at your own risk.

Again [Oisín]

It's been more than a year since I met Poltergeist. Soon it will have been a year since I first realized my feelings for her. Though it is still a few months before the day that I finally confessed my feelings.

It seems strange that it has been so long. She is still so often in my thoughts, although the pain is not nearly as great as it once was. In fact, I hardly notice it any more, except for when something reminds me of her. And even then, it doesn't hit me as strongly as it used to.

Already I seem to be falling for another. Actually, I had just slight feelings for two does for a while. But it is only for one that those feelings are quickly increasing. I hesitate to say it is love, for I don't feel it has quite gotten that far yet. Still, it surprises me somewhat, for I had not thought this would happen so soon.

I have reason to believe she may have feelings for me, as well. Though I can't be certain. But I still think it might be better to wait, at least a little while, before I tell her. I want to be absolutely certain of my feelings first.

The trouble is, I am not certain that I'm not still in love with Poltergeist... But I have to move on some day, one way or another. I suppose I should tell her about Polt, too... She knows we were friends, but I don't know if she knows any more than that... She deserves to know... I am just not sure how she will feel about it... Perhaps I am simply worrying too much.



Inspired by Scythe, Kaoori, and other people. This is basically a listing of all my deer and a short description, with bio, ref, and picto links. I already have an updates blog, but I am doing this mainly for my deer that I don't, or rarely, play in-forest. I decided they don't really need bios, but I'd still like people to know about them and be able to recognize them.




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10/10: leaving information here for next year (assuming there will be a rute next year)
9/22/11: I will be recycling this blog from last year, to use for this year's rut. I am leaving Phoenix's entries from last year.

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