Question from a newbie

Hello! I'm new to this game and everything to do with it, only recently discovering it and downloading both legacy and updated versions of the game. I'll cut to the chase and make my question brief.

How do you customize your deer? I see people that have like all kinds of colors and even deer skulls for faces, but I am stuck as a default/fawn. Can someone please explain? Tysm!

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Any luck on windows 11?

I've asked around quite a bit but I figured I'd also ask here!

At this point I'm pretty certain there is simply no way to get TEF running on my system, but I've also heard others on windows 11 have been able to run it fine, so there's obviously something about my particular system that's incompatible.

I have DirectPlay installed, the game is located in its default directory.

I can unreliably, sometimes, if I've rolled a nat 20, actually have the game stay open long enough to connect to the servers, but I'm unable to log in or even shift my camera around, which will cause a crash. =/

Usually the game simply launches, the "tale of tales presents" text begins to fade in, the game freezes, and it crashes.

I've tried every compatibility mode under the sun to no avail, and even tried running the game in a virtual machine running windows 7 with the same results.

Windows 11 Home x64
ROG Strix Scar 15 2022
12th Gen Intel i9-12900H, 2500 Mhz
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti
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Fawn lost in net-space

Nameless and abandoned by its gods.
Imgur compressed this quite a bit. : D ah well

My Friend Need Help

Today, I told my friend to check out TEF. She didn't end up liking it, so she deleted it. However, even after deleting the files and the app, it still shows up in her installed apps.
Is this common?
Is there a way to prevent this?
Is this a bug? (With the game or the computer?)

Fireflies and mist

An enchanting presence of twilight and fireflies has come over our beloved forest! How wonderful!

Fever dream come back to life!

Hello (again)! I go by Hammy online.
I had some vague memories of this game, playing it when I was very young. But honestly, up until now, I kind chalked it up to some memory of a dream or something. Turns out it was real! I never had an account back in the day, to this is both all familiar and so unfamiliar at the same time hahaha
Anyway, I'm just here as a little side hobby. Gonna keep an eye on this community as that Endless Forest reboot is coming out!
Also, I'll be online as a fawn, probably around now, for whatever time that is for you. See you on there!

no connection

Hi! Are the servers of the original game working now? I can't connect, it shows "No connection". News is loaded if you run "Settings.q3d".
P.S. Also I can't access the site with my old username-password.

Debian GNU/Linux - Wine - Lutris
The Endless Forest v.3.41 January 2012

cant log in game error

idk where else to ask and i've searched but can't find anyone else with my problem, whenever I try to log in in-game it says "!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DRD HTML 2.0//EN" under the LOG IN button. I have no idea what that means or what to do
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uhm... it's me again

so... a lot of you guys have wonderful skills of graphic art. i was wondering from what place i should start to create such breathtaking characters. maybe you can give some advice, such as link lessons and programms which you use while drawing on pc or laptop? i want to start from somewhere but i don't exactly know from where haha

i would appreciate this very much!
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