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Dragonflies and More [Pega's updates]

Dragonflies and More

You've entered the updates page of Pegasicorn, better known as Pega.

BLOG POSTs and DEER STATUSes will be posted via comments. This will also make it easier to know when I last updated if you're not tracking this, as the comments will keep track of the time.

Main Entry Last Edited: July 19, 2017
-let's start fixing some broken images...
-and cleaning up some old/other broken things (so much dust 8|)

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IRL Deer Photography

As you may be aware, I take a lot of screenshots in the forest and upload them as "candid" photos (also known as wildlife photography).

What you might not have known is that I do a little photography in real life.

So for your enjoyment, I've decided to upload two sets of zoo/park deer that I have taken:

Set one = Mobile Zoo, Alabama, USA.

I will divide these into two "groups" - the whitetail deer and the mule deer.

Whitetail deer - these deer were shy and never came close except when being fed. There were several does and at least one stag.

Mule deer - there were actually two of them, but one never got up. The other, however, was the friendliest deer I've ever met. He followed me around, constantly stomping his feet and looking around. I got to feed him peanuts, and later learned that he'll lick your hand if you reached into the cage.
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The Forest Frolic (comics) - Archive

Welcome to...

This entry will house all images pertaining to the fan comic, this may also include random sketches never making it into the final strip. The newest addition will be added at the bottom.


1) First Abiogenesis
2) The Life of a Fawn - (Alternate Version - The Joys of a Fawn)
3) Casting Spells
4) The Angry Fawn
5) Learning to Fly
6) The Phase One Stag - (Original Version)
7) The Endless Forest at Night
8) Just Another Day
9) For The Love Of Candles
10) The Downside of Air-Sitting

Methods used:
Brush/pen and Ink (old school dip pens) and sometimes a simple brush pen
Corel Painter X (color)
Adobe Photoshop 7 (lettering and touch-ups)

(EDIT 2016: Fixed the dead links. If a link isn't working or something doesn't look right, let me know!)
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