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3D Printed Quad!

Hey if you wanted to see what one of those 3D Printed deer from The Endless Forest looks like, check mine out! I went with all white since Quad's such a devout zealot of the Twin Gods and all, and it's a pretty awesome little collectable to have! He does have a tiny bit of trouble standing and can be easily knocked over, but it's not a problem for me personally because I have him sitting up between the deer plush my friends made me several years ago.

Overall I'm very impressed with Shapeways' work! Happy to see one of my favorite games get so much love from the fundraiser too!

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Thank you to Tale of Tales and The Endless Forest Community

The advertisement on DeviantART that I saw which brought me to TEF

Quad's original look

Walking Meditation Hub

So, here's the link to the old posts about Dad and Mason passing away.

Please do not comment or bump them!

I don't want them to be bumped since this was 6 years ago.


An IRL Update About Dad (July 2010)
The post about Mason (August 2010)

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Art request for Youtube video thumbnails

So I always feel bad for asking for artwork on here, but I know you guys are some of the best artists I've ever seen and I wanted to propose a bit of a trade for anyone who was interested.

I'd like some thumbnail artworks for my youtube channel, and wanted to see if anyone was interested in making one or two for certain games I'm playing.

What you'd get in return would be, for one, I'd use the artwork every single time I uploaded a video of that game (I'll go into detail about a few of them where I'd like multiples though). But also, I'll include credit to you in the description and will happily include a link to your Youtube channel, art page, blog, or any combination of those. I think it would be a pretty awesome way to share my friends' art and get their name out there. I only ask that it is inked and in color, and both traditional and digital media is fine, but otherwise you can make it however you'd like. I'm presently using Cato's artwork of Quad for my profile picture on Youtube too.

If you need some good references of him too, Nala_91 has a good pic, as well as Ephra, or you can just model him off of a blackbuck antelope. He can also be anthropomorphic in the artworks or feral, whichever fits the theme.


So here's the games I'd love artworks of for the thumbnails. If you need any additional info on any of them, please let me know:

Most Needed -

The Endless Forest - Yep, believe it or not, I can use one for TEF!
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Non-TEF - Met a Luna Moth today (Image Heavy)

These night shifts I've been doing lately just keep getting more and more interesting. I can now scratch "holding a Luna moth" off my bucket list. Fidgety little guy, really soft though.
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Walking Meditation Event Hub (Next event TBA)


Date -

Time - - Countdown Timer
Keep in mind it is in Eastern Standard Time so you'll have to convert to your time zone. EST is Atlanta, Georgia, USA time.

Where to meet at - Twin Gods' Hill

Duration - 20 Minutes

Quad's Pictogram so you can find him


I've been trying to think of some interesting TEF footage to do for my Youtube channel, and I used to do these walking meditations all the time when I was a bit more active. So what I'd like to start doing is setting up some events like I did before where we stroll through the Forest, but recording them for my channel. I think it would be fun to see what everyone does

Anyway, this was the end result of it. Thanks to Amary who walked with me, it helped me a lot as far as testing this idea out.


So how does this work? Well it's actually pretty simple. Just walk with Quad and enjoy the Forest around you. You don't have to stay for the whole thing, just feel free to use it as a way to clear your mind while your deer walks. There's no major rules or anything about this, I'd just mostly say not to moo too much.
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Quad needs drawing practice! (14 Slots available, 2 Drawings Complete)

Heyo! Long time no see huh?

So I've recently decided to draw more, and actually am planning on writing a Pokemon GO story which I want to end up turning into a comic book. I also haven't decided where I will host the story at, you know I used to write a bunch of stories here but this one would be non-TEF so...yeah...I might write it on DeviantArt or something...

Anyhoo, as the title says, I need more drawing practice, so I've got some slots open here. Feel free to request any of the following -

- A human character (please provide details of what they look like, clothes, ect or even a reference would help. I need lots of practice with humans)

- An animal

- A Pokemon

- Two pokemon having a battle (Another one I'll need lots of practice with)

- An original character as long as you have a reference

Please do not ask for anything mature, gorey, ect. Also I'm going to have to ask that you don't request hentai or yaoi scenes please...

Here's an example of a bit of my most recent work. This is my main character for my Pokemon GO story

Also please be patient with me as I am going to be doing this between workdays. I also might not necessarily go in the order listed.

Welp, there ya go. Request away.

1 - Comen for Comen
2 - Draven for SingaReindeer (Reference)
3 - A shiny flareon that's rolled in charcoal to make herself look like an umbreon for Rya
4 - [url=https://scontent-mia1-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/13939473_10101200931955043_2104099041710794783_n.jpg?oh=1956e105e505fe64aac4657eea5276b1&oe=584B286A]Typhlosion vs.
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[Non-TEF] Anyone getting Overwatch?

Hey has anyone else preordered Overwatch yet, or otherwise planning on getting it?

I've been a bit obsessed for the past week and finally caved and preordered it. I also ordered a headset so I can do some voice chat when I play.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to add me on Battlenet and also who you're most excited to play as! QuadRaptor#1574 if you'd like (though a friend tried to add me the other day and for whatever reason we never got each other's friend invite, so who knows...)

And I'm most excited to play as Pharah, Soldier 76, and Genji as well as several others. It looks so fuuuuuuuun!!
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Any reviews on Sunset?

Hey there guys -

I've gotten into a bit of a weird phase with Steam, basically, I'm buying games like crazy for when I'm at my hotel during landfill jobs and whatnot. That and...I've become a bit of a Steam Achievement junkie XD

I have Sunset on my wishlist, and I'm pretty sure a bunch of you have played it, so I was wondering what you thought. I definitely plan to get it, but I wanted to see what sort of reviews you guys had for it. Basically I'm considering either getting it now or getting it another time and getting something different.

Thanks for any help on this.

Feel free to friend me on Steam if you'd like too!
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Snuffed Out - A Rock Hound Story (Chapter 5 up!)

The battle continues on, Quad and his friends fighting off Iugulare's Rock Hounds, and it seems like there's no end to the fight.

That is...until Noctuis shows up with his own 'rock hound' (It would be an Irish Elk skeleton with glowing white eyes) with it's own goal. It seems that Iugulare isn't the only one who can bring skeletons back to life, and Noctuis gave his creation one specific task - find Quad and end his life permanently.

Meanwhile, watching it all unfold, Rouen waits for the fated moment to happen, where she can finally claim Quad's soul after so many failed attempts. Little does she know that her own personal victory might lead to the end of the world...
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Would someone make me some new profile and siggy pics?

I really hate to ask about this but I had an idea for something but...yeah my art skills suck X3

I promise I'll do something to pay you back for it too.

This is what I'd like -

Profile picture - Quad looking downward to where the signature would be at (either with a shocked or worried look on his face)

Signature picture - Iugulare grinning as she and three or four Rock Hounds glare up to where Quad is in the profile picture

You can make it as serious or funny as you'd like, I was just looking for something where the two pictures matched in style.

Let me know what I can do in return too X3 Thanks guys
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