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Carnegie Museum of Natural History (Featuring...an Irish Elk! Also image heavy)

So here's a bunch of pictures from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, PA. Enjoy guys Eye
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(Semi-TEF) If you had a super power...

Just had a couple of thoughts and wanted to see what your responses are.

1 - If you had a super power, which power would it be?
2 - How would you get your power?
3 - How would you use your power?

4 - Do any of your characters have this power?
5 - If yes to #4, how did they get their power?
6 - If yes to #4, how do they use their power?


My responses -

#1 - If you had a super power, which power would it be?

I would have the power of healing by touch.

#2 - How would you get your power?

Either by mutation (I.E. X-Men), or being given it by either an alien, divine being, or Native American shaman.

#3 - How would you use your power?

I'd first want to heal my relatives of anything that ailed them. I would then become a traveling healer and go around the country using my power to cure anyone I could.

#4 - Do any of your characters have the same power you picked in #1?

Quad can weakly heal wounds with his Grand Talux powers, but his powers are more used to burn away Iugulare's infection on victims. Victor does have the power of healing by touch.

#5 - If yes to #4, how did they get their power?

Quad's Grand Talux powers were given to him by the Twin Gods, as he is their champion and savior to face Iugulare and her infection. Victor's powers were given to him by a Native American shaman, who gave him the gift as a form of compensation for him being born mute.

#6 - If yes to #4, how do they use their power?

Quad's light burns away Iugulare's infection, and can be used both as rays of light and as light bursts depending on the circumstances. Victor heals anyone he sees that is injured by touching them with his face or body.
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Holly on the Old Oak - A Christmas Wish to the Big Zombie Deer

Holly on the Old Oak
Story 12

A Christmas Wish to the Big Zombie Deer

The little one poked her head through the snow, looking left and right. She thought she heard someone close, but not getting a good visual of anyone, she stepped out a bit farther. Annabel did not consider to look upward, where Nekumbra was slowly descending on her using her spider silk. "Oh what a pretty dear you are...", the spider spoke, licking her lips. She was just about to pounce on Annabel when Illrose called, "Get away from her!"

Nekumbra detached and landed just above Annabel, and reaching down, she was about to deal the fatal poisonous bite when the much larger Illrose charged at her. The spider doe was struck by the elk's antlers, causing her to hover in the air a moment before striking the snow-covered ground. Illrose stood above Annabel, and Nekumbra, now shaken and disoriented, got on her spider legs and fled.

The doe looked down to the younger one, "Are you okay?", she asked.

Annabel looked up to her, "Yes...what was that though? I didn't even see her...", she replied.

Illrose sighed in relief. Nekumbra didn't bite the young doe. She replied, "Her name is Nekumbra...you must never go near her, she is a dangerous monster. Understand?"

Annabel nodded, but continued to stare at Illrose. The elk wasn't sure why she continued to stare, before the young doe spoke, [=#AEA9DB]"That face and those antlers are pretty!
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Holly on the Old Oak - An Endless Forest Nightmare Before Christmas

Holly on the Old Oak
Story 11

An Endless Forest Nightmare Before Christmas

A big gathering was being held near the Pond of the Endless Forest. There, several spectators watched and waited for a play to start. There was a big stage that was set up by the Twin Gods, and several actors behind the scenes getting ready. The fawns and other various members of the audience had a small piece of paper with them that listed the cast for the play:

Announcer - Daenir
Jack Skellington - Seed
Sally - Thickett
Oogie Boogie - Darkweaver
Doctor Finklestein - Mar Sart
Mayor of Halloween Town - Silun
Santa Claus - Pathweaver
Lock - Mabli
Shock - Castallion
Barrel - Foxbrow

Stage Hands - Quad; Pema

Just as they would finish reading the names, Daenir walked on stage. "Hello everyone, and welcome to today's play of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas! Now I need to make a few things clear - this is a retelling of the story, so many details were omitted for time allotment. In other words, if you want to see this story in it's entirety, go find a human who knows what The Nightmare Before Christmas is and they may be able to show you the original film. Alright? Enjoy the play, everyone!", he announced, and turning, he found his narrator spot.

Quad and Pema in the back of the stage pulled the ropes, and the red velvet curtain opened.
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Holly on the Old Oak - The Advent Calendar

Holly on the Old Oak
Story 10

The Advent Calendar

Michael and Auriea were working on their Abiogenesis powers when they came up with an interesting idea for the holiday season. They wanted to try a new event in the Endless Forest where once a day, a deer was given a gift, but they had to give this gift away to someone who needed it more than they did. The Twin Gods called it the Advent Calendar, and it would begin on December 1st and would last until December 25th.

The Advent Calendar would appear magically before the first person to receive a gift, and they would go find someone who needed the gift they were given. The person who received that gift would then be the next to give a gift, and so on. It was both an experimental event as well as something nice for some of the inhabitants of the Forest. December 1st came, and with it, the first day of the Advent Calendar began...

December 1st

Waterstar was walking along, about to get something to eat when a slight breeze caught her attention. She looked to the east and saw a beautiful thing that had never been there before, with gold trim and many strange boxes. As she approached, the first box opened, and a gift sat on the inside - a snow globe. Waterstar inspected the gift, and read the message there - "This gift is for a friend. Find the person who needs it most."

So she took the snow globe and looked around. There wasn't anyone else around at the time, but as she kept going, she noticed a deer who was looking to the sky. "Hey umm...are you looking for snow?", Waterstar asked. Knrs looked over to her, and gave a slight nod before returning his eyes to the sky.
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Holly on the Old Oak - Under the Mistletoe

Holly on the Old Oak
Story 9

Under the Mistletoe

On a cold winter morning
Mouse awoke without warning
As a cold gust of wind had blown
As he sat under a tree
He didn’t expect to see
His antlers had caught mistletoe

Mouse bounced all around
To shake off the crown
But it would not fall from his head
So he gave up and yawned
And walked to the pond
For a drink of water instead

As he drank the cold drink
He didn’t seem to think
That anything would happen this day
But as he rose from the brook
A doe gave him a look
And began to walk his way

Aria Myst was the first doe
Whose eyes were all aglow
At the buck with the crown on his head
And without a moment’s waste
She kissed his cheek with haste
And then quietly she said:

“What a glorious day it is
To find such a handsome prince
Adorning the mistletoe
As your day has just begun
I wish you wondrous fun
And a kiss from every doe.”

Aria Mist walked away clear
And Mouse stood without an idea
Of what had just happened this morning
And as he went toward a pine
He was stopped by another hind
Who eyed his mistletoe adorning

Richter was exceptionally giddy
To see Mouse looking so silly
And she skipped around the hart
With a swift and loving kiss
His second gift was this
Another speech would start:

”Well isn’t this a surprise
I couldn’t believe my eyes
So my kiss was given to you
Where did you find it at?
And…oh, what was that?”

Richter ran off to see something new

So Mouse left in confusion
Finding somewhere in seclusion
To get the mistletoe out of his prongs
But for a third time he was seen
However this time by someone mean
Iugulare approa
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Holly on the Old Oak - Mall Santa

Holly on the Old Oak
Story 8

Mall Santa

It was the day before Christmas and Santa was running late. He was missing some gifts for some of the good little fawns (and younger deer) of the Endless Forest, and time was running out to get their gifts finished. While he was too busy to go to the Forest himself, he went into the Reindeer stables and said aloud, "I need a volunteer to find out what these good little boys and girls want for Christmas!"

The Reindeer looked to one another, before Dasher stood up, "Sir, I will take care of it." He approached Santa and was instructed on where to go and who to speak to, and without another moment to waste he was on the North Pole's runway, running as fast as he could and taking flight. Dasher was among Santa's fastest Reindeer, and he was also very proud to help when last minute tasks needed to be done.

It didn't take him much longer to reach the Endless Forest, and looking about, he scanned the place for a deer suitable to play the role of 'Mall Santa'. It was customary for Santa Claus himself to come to gathering places around the world, letting the little boys and girls tell him what they wanted for Christmas so he could make their wishes come true. The same was often done in the Endless Forest, but of course a deer was designated for the job since...well...humans aren't usually seen around the place.

Ozzie was wandering the Birch Forest, not really going anywhere in particular but just enjoying himself. He was about to find a nice place to sit when all of a sudden he noticed a caribou that seemed to land out of nowhere. Tilting his head, he approached and asked, [=#9400D3]"Hey are you okay?
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Holly on the Old Oak - Pema and the Broken Toy

Holly on the Old Oak
Story 7

Pema and the Broken Toy

This is the journal of Pema, the marionette. The date is December 24th, 2012. I am reciting the day’s adventure to someone who can write, since…well…I can’t really hold a pen using these stuffed hooves of mine.

I was asked by the Twin Gods, Michael and Auriea, that someone needed my help this day. I did not know what they meant by this, but I accepted and was sent on my way. Using their powers, the gods transported me to an unknown place. It took me a moment to realize where I was – it was a traditional toy store, one that made toys like myself by hand and not through a factory or anything. I barely remember when I was made, but I know I was never on a conveyor belt…

This place was dark. It looks like wherever I am, it is night time. It’s really cold here too, I can even see my breath in the air. I checked the ceiling of the place, there was very little my strings could catch onto. Good thing too, I don’t like being tangled up.

I noticed a lot of boxes here, it looked like they were empty. There must be some purpose about all of this, I knew this place was different. Most toy stores wouldn’t be set up like this. This looks more like some kind of factory than a store.

I heard something coming from one of the boxes. There was a word on the box, something I didn’t want to read… ‘Defects’. I looked in and to my surprise there was someone in there! It was a stuffed cat plush, it looked much more like a big cat but I wasn’t sure what variety. But he was crying in the box, all alone. And then I saw why – he was missing his front right arm.

“Hello there, are you lost?”, I spoke to the cat.
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Holly on the Old Oak - Frozen

Holly on the Old Oak
Story 6


“Look at me, look at me!”, Dampir laughed as his hooves slid along the frozen Pond. Iendoe chuckled as she watched him and a few others sliding around on the ice. ”Oh, careful!”, she called as Dampir nearly collided with Leonardo. “Oop, sorry there!”, Dampir called. Leonardo sneered, “No problem, just watch where you’re going.”, he replied, and noticing a group of does on the side of the Pond, he stood up on his two hind legs and posed for them as he slid.

“…zzzZZZThis is interestingZZZzzz…”, Radio spoke essentially to himself, as he tried to step onto the Pond himself, his long legs nearly slipping in a humorous way. As he finally got his hooves onto the ice, his legs slid and he landed on his stomach, “…zzzZZZOwwZZZzzz…”, he groaned, trying to stand again. Iendoe tried to come onto the ice herself, slipping at first but then getting the hang of it. She slid slowly along the Pond, as Leonardo and Dampir circled around and avoided running into her.

Roxanne had gotten the hang of the ice, and slid over to Radio to help him up. ”There you are.”, she said. “…zzzZZZOh thank youZZZzzz…”, Radio responded, and kept his legs still as he moved more to the center of the Pond. Roxanne smiled and moved around Radio, nudging him enough to get him at a good, comfortable speed. She then went to Iendoe and did the same thing, getting her and Radio at the right speed to where they could skate together.

On one of the willow trees, Kinsha watched quietly, twirling a kunai on his hoof. He wasn’t going to partake on the skating, but felt like watching the others have their fun.
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Holly on the Old Oak - The Legend of the Candy Canes

Holly on the Old Oak
Story 5

The Legend of the Candy Canes

It was a chilly night in the Endless Forest, and Isaita couldn’t sleep. She started to pace back and forth, trying to settle, but the cold made her uncomfortable. A bit annoyed by this, she started wandering aimlessly through the Forest. There were deer all around, sleeping in their favorite places. She accidentally bumped into one with a hoof, who sat up and moaned, “Hey, watch where you’re going!”

Not responding to the deer, she just kept going, hoping she would wear herself down to be able to sleep. As she walked, she noticed someone else was awake too, standing around idly. He was a small brown goat, with a pictogram that read ‘Victor’. ”Hello there…can’t sleep either huh?”, she asked the goat. Victor turned, and smiled to the doe with a nod. ”Victor? That’s an interesting name. I am Isaita.”, she said, wondering why he didn’t say anything. The goat nodded again, not saying a word but blinking a few times as he shifted his weight. There was a bit of an awkward silence, before the doe spoke again, ”You don’t…talk, do you?” The goat opened his mouth as if to speak, but nothing really came out. He demonstrated that he was mute, but that he understood what she was saying. ”Oh…you really are…oh I’m sorry.”, Isaita immediately responded. Victor silently laughed and nodded.

The doe was about to speak again when something caught their eyes, and looking to the distance, they noticed an odd glow. Victor was so curious that he had to go toward it, and Isaita followed him, wondering what they were seeing herself.
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