Holly on the Old Oak - Under the Mistletoe

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Holly on the Old Oak
Story 9

Under the Mistletoe

On a cold winter morning
Mouse awoke without warning
As a cold gust of wind had blown
As he sat under a tree
He didn’t expect to see
His antlers had caught mistletoe

Mouse bounced all around
To shake off the crown
But it would not fall from his head
So he gave up and yawned
And walked to the pond
For a drink of water instead

As he drank the cold drink
He didn’t seem to think
That anything would happen this day
But as he rose from the brook
A doe gave him a look
And began to walk his way

Aria Myst was the first doe
Whose eyes were all aglow
At the buck with the crown on his head
And without a moment’s waste
She kissed his cheek with haste
And then quietly she said:

“What a glorious day it is
To find such a handsome prince
Adorning the mistletoe
As your day has just begun
I wish you wondrous fun
And a kiss from every doe.”

Aria Mist walked away clear
And Mouse stood without an idea
Of what had just happened this morning
And as he went toward a pine
He was stopped by another hind
Who eyed his mistletoe adorning

Richter was exceptionally giddy
To see Mouse looking so silly
And she skipped around the hart
With a swift and loving kiss
His second gift was this
Another speech would start:

”Well isn’t this a surprise
I couldn’t believe my eyes
So my kiss was given to you
Where did you find it at?
And…oh, what was that?”

Richter ran off to see something new

So Mouse left in confusion
Finding somewhere in seclusion
To get the mistletoe out of his prongs
But for a third time he was seen
However this time by someone mean
Iugulare approached before too long

It was scary being in her presence
As the stoat was indeed infectious
But she was more curious than anything
And without warning she kissed him
Than spoke on a whim
Of what she had observed of the green:

”How foolish you appear
But it’s like that of all deer
So I might as well join in on the plight
But if I see you wearing that again
My infection will be your end
So you’d better get out of my sight!”

Mouse nodded and ran
And was in the open again
Where all the does could see his head
He was tired of the kisses
And not wanting any more wishes
He spoke to them all and said:

”I get it, I really do
The mistletoe is a clue
That love is all around this time of year
But after three kisses received
I will take my leave
Because love can be tiring on a deer.”

So he went back to bed
And resting his head
Mouse closed his eyes and slept
With the wind’s gentle blow
The crown fell into the snow
Mistletoe all around as he dreamt

So the lesson or the reason
Love freely given this season
Whether we truly want it or not
Wear the mistletoe on your head
And you will learn instead
That kisses are given without a thought

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Since I don't have Mall Santa

Since I don't have Mall Santa written yet, I posted this one instead today. Enjoy Eye

Ahh, I love how you wrote

Ahh, I love how you wrote this. Very poetic and cute.

Teeny Requite by Dapper.
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omgosh this is adorable and

omgosh this is adorable and you wrote in aria's personality so well in such a short part :3
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