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So whose got superpowers? [The TEF powers list]

I'm really curious if there are other 'super-deer' out there in TEF. Basically if your deer has any kind of power (flight, healing, fire breathing, transformation, ect), list them and I'll update the list. If a power isn't listed that your deer has, just post it and I'll add it to the list. You can list non-deer characters as well.


Abiogenesis Abilities

Able to Kill Ghosts


Butt floofing

Cloud Walking

Control Plants

Elemental Abilities


Foresight/Fortune Telling


Heightened Reflexes and Dexterity

Laser Capabilities

'Liquid' body


Mind Control

Multiple Spectrum Vision

Necromancy/Soul Theft


Powers of Light

Spiriting/Spirit Walking

Super Genius/Superior Mind
Mar Sart

Super Strength

Talks to Koi/Dragonflies/ect



Tree/plant talking

Water breathing

Web spinning

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Restrained (Vent writing + art)

Warning - mature writing and artwork below.

If you want to know what all this is about, ask me on MSN - quadzilla7@live.com


I thought I was going to be something great.

I tried my best to be someone great.

But my efforts...they always were overlooked.

I've always wanted to be free.

I dream about it day and night.

Where I can finally spread my wings and fly without being held down.

I've waited for so long to live the life I've always wanted.

But I've been stuck in this old, musty cage for years.

I was fed, I was groomed, I was entertained.

But I was never free.

My antlers were broken off so I could never fight back.

And my spirit was equally quelled, my body withering with each passing day.

I've waited so long for this moment.

Where I was finally let out of this cell.

When the door was open and I could just run and never look back.

But it seems like the longer I yearn for my freedom, the longer it is taking to be released.

If only they would come...

...and set me free...

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My vow to you all

This goes out to you, whoever you are reading this.

There's too much hate in the world, so this is my vow to you.

I love you, regardless of who you are, and I am here for you when life gets rough.

If someone's giving you a hard time for who you are, talk to me.

If you need advice of any kind, talk to me.

If you're ready to give up on life, talk to me.

Don't ever give up on hope, there's always something to live and fight for.

If we had problems in the past, it's been long forgiven and forgotten.

Don't ever hesitate to talk to me if you need help or just need someone to listen.

My e-mail is lapras316@hotmail.com, and my MSN is quadzilla7@live.com.

Also feel free to post on Quad's Updates and Stuff if you prefer.

And remember, I love you.

- Quad
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Non-TEF - Video Gamers, I need some advice quick! (Got Skyrim)

I decided to trade in my DS lite + a few games, just debating what to get with the store credit. Keep in mind I am very late starting games, I can't afford to buy them when they come out new. I called earlier and found out I'd get $25 for the DS (which is understandable, since the DSi and 3DS have come out since), and I know Pokemon games usually pay pretty well, so I'm expecting somewhere around $40 altogether.

So I could get Mass Effect 2 and another $20-ish game (was leaning toward Prototype)...

Or do I pay about $10 more and get Skyrim?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Totem Pilgrimage (Mobile Zoo pics and video - Image Heavy)

Four years ago I traveled to Mobile Zoo, where I met an incredibly friendly mule deer who followed me around. But there were others there who I enjoyed seeing, including some highland coo, warthogs, and red deer.

Back then, I still hated tigers for the wrong reasons, and of course they have tigers there.

It's been four years, and twice I have been visited by tigers.

I've decided to go to the Zoo again, so I could look the tiger in the eyes, so I can face my fear...maybe so I can get some answers from one of my shadow totems.

This trip is both to face my fear as well as to visit my guide. In a way, this trip will be much like a personal pilgrimage for me, since I know quite a bit about totems and spirit guides.

The trip was sooooo worth it! I was sad to see they don't have the mule deer there anymore, but the red deer were friendly this time, and I got some pretty funny pictures as well as some video.

Got to see my tiger, I spoke with him a bit. He gave me a low growl, but I think it was non-threatening. Maybe he was telling me just not to worry so much.

I will tell you, aside from the deer, the bears were my favorite this time! They have these PVC pipe tubes that run from where you're at to inside the pen, and they're there for you to drop peanuts in for the animals. Wait til you see what the bears did, they were so smart!

They also had a really cool chimpanzee named Joe there who literally used a piece of bamboo to rake peanuts closer to him. I felt bad that they didn't put one of the PVC pipes there for him so he had to work a bit to get his peanuts. I kept trying to toss the peanuts into his pen but they kept bouncing on the fence and landing in the 'safety' area in between, so he used the stick to pull the peanuts closer to him.
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Non-TEF - Understanding the Tiger Within

If there are any typos in this, I will correct them later. I am writing this with difficulty in one eye.


Throughout my life, I have always been guided by animals. The Snake taught me not to be afraid of who I am. The Goat showed me the importance of having a positive outlook on life. The Deer gave me the vision of a beautiful world around me. The Hummingbird inspired me to follow my dreams. The Coyote taught me to lighten up and laugh more. And the Wolf helped me to never give up, even against impossible odds.

But there is one animal who has haunted me, who has stalked me from afar and terrified me when he shows his presence.

The Tiger.

I've never appreciated tigers. I've thought for a long time that they were overrated and often said how I thought they were ugly. It was really because of a local sports team that for the longest I despised, their mascot is the Tiger. So I hated tigers because of them. But there were other things. Much like wolves, I hated tigers because I did not understand them. I thought they were killing machines, mindlessly slaughtering prey for pleasure. I now know better.

Tiger has visited me now, twice. I have woken up in my room in the middle of the night, to be frightened to see a big tiger there, staring at me, snarling, creeping closer and ready to pounce on me and my dachshund. Both times resulted in me frantically running out of my room and shutting the door so the tiger would not follow me out. It would take me a while to come back to reality, to understand that there was no tiger in my room. I would tell myself that I was stupid for falling for the trcik my mind played on me, but after a while I thought about it, and shook it off. Anyone would have run if they saw a tiger right next to their bed.

After a day of thnking why the tiger has visited, I finally understood what he is trying to tell me.
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What's your defining movie? (Non-TEF)

Have you ever had one movie blow you away so well that you consider it a movie that defines you? Maybe you were on the edge of your seat through the entire movie, or maybe there was something in the movie that you just understood or could relate to very well.

It would be like how Avatar reminds me of my Dad because he asked to see it and it was the first 3D movie we saw in theaters; and how Lady in the Water reminds me of my Bro because he was speechless at the end of the movie.

So what movie defines you? You don't have to explain why, you can just say what movie or post a video of it. It can be any genre, any year (doesn't have to be a recent movie, can be an old one), can be foreign, ect...essentially it can be any movie.

So what's mine?

For a lot of things - it had Samurai, Dragons, Robotics, and many other things I totally dig, but also I was just on the edge of my seat and the story was simply incredible!

Have at it, guys XD
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So hey, does anyone live in or close to Pittsburgh?

The area I'm looking at moving to if I am successful in finding a job is about an hour away from Pittsburgh, PA. Particularly Morgantown, WV; Fairmont, WV; Bridgeport, WV; and Triadelphia, WV. Those offices are also connected with Pittsburgh, PA, so I will most likely be going back and forth between the two.

somewhere around here

Anyway I was wondering if anyone lived around this area, it would be kind of cool getting to meet a fellow TEFer.
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Transmogrification (Shortstory + Interaction)

The creation of the Supreme Talux...

Please note - This story, including Quad's transformation, will be a bit graphic.


It was a particularly warm afternoon, the scent of sweet grasses and pollen had filled the Forest. A quiet moment, aside from a few chirping birds above and buzzing insects underhoof.

It was a perfect day.

The blackbuck made his rounds, stopping by the Pond for a sip of water, wandering to the Old Oak for a moment, then going into the Birch Forest. He slowed his pace, the trees here were always among his favorites, and he would stop and look to their beauty, before looking down beneath them for any mushrooms. It was still an old habit of his, what he found, he ate immediately. There were times where the mushrooms had to be rationed because of Quad overeating them.

He sniffed one beneath a pair of strong birch trees. It wasn't poisonous. He knew it wasn't, the Gods do not keep harmful mushrooms in the Forest. He was savoring the scent of the fungus before delicately lapping it up, chewing slowly, swallowing it bit by bit, each delicious morsel making his mouth fill with flavor.

He was in paradise. This place, this Forest, was his sanctuary, as well as the sanctuary of many others.

As he swallowed the last bit of the delicacy, his nose picked up another scent, something sweet...something...different... He had never smelled this scent before, and it was close.

The blackbuck raised his head, taking in more of the exotic smell, locating it...following... He soon had a visual of something in the distance.

The small cluster mushrooms were a beautiful shade of blue-green, glowing just a little, an unusual sight...but considering what he had seen in the Forest, he simply assumed it was just a gift from the Gods.
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Quad's Updates and Stuff

Goodness! I can't believe Quad's almost 9 years old! I registered close to Halloween because I saw this on Deviantart:

And just wanted to know what the heck this Endless Forest was. Didn't know it was going to completely change my life, and that Quad would be a good friend to me for almost a third of my life.

Thanks for continuing to be an amazing community, guys.

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