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Soundtrack to Your Post-Apocalyptic Life

Taken from here

Here's mine -

Overall Theme for the Apocalypse - Daughtry - Maybe We're Already Gone ((The theme suggests that maybe the humans have already lost the fight, maybe our time is already over. No hope of rescue, only gotta move forward, survive as long as we can...))

First Zombie Kill - Asia - Light The Way ((Lit gasoline-dipped arrow struck the first zombie, setting them on fire. Watch the zombie run into the crowd flailing and engulfed in flames.))

Chased by the Horde - Meatloaf - Everything Louder than Everything Else ((A running scene involving a lot of screaming, while uncontrollably shooting a machine gun randomly, that hits everything from light bulbs and glass to cars and gasoline pumps, causing big explosions))

Forced to kill loved one - Jake Owen - Apple Pie Moonshine (("You always made the best apple pie...with moonshine as the secret ingredient...", last words before I blow their brains out))

New Love Interest - Bon Jovi - Seat Next To You ((As in, "Mind if I have this seat next to you?"))

Final Stand - Fall Out Boy - Don't you know who I think I am ((Heck yeah I'm a samurai ninja cyborg assassin who just bashed your faces in with nunchucks! One line fits the next song though..."They say quitters never win, but we walk the plank on a sinking ship..."))

I (think) I made it through...
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Learning to Walk Again - Tarot Cards

Inspired by part of my RP event, Learning to Walk Again..., I wanted to do some Tarot Card artwork for each of the characters involved in the roleplay.

Hex predicts the outcome of a fight among Quad, Martisol, Pathweaver, Foxglaive, Pema, Darkweaver, and Iugulare vs Noctuis, and after the prophecy she refers to each character, including herself, as one of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards:

[=purple][i]“No. The High Priestess is mistaken. This night will not end in defeat. I have faith in the Magician, though he will cower in fear before Death, he is not alone in the fight. For the Empress shall be a selfless defender, and the Hierophant in his glory will not back down, even in the face of Death himself. The Fool is there in his brilliant foolishness to trick Death and cheat him in his own game, and there even the Hanged Doe will keep their hopes and faith from dying. Even the Devil will come and stand by their side to fight.”

"And when one light is extinguished by Death’s cold grasp, the Magician will blossom into the purest flower of life, and with his magic he will be untouchable from the darkness.
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The Lost and Found

This will be worked on soon, it'll be a bio/index page for Pema, Thich, and Rumi

Themesong - "Into The Sun" by The Parlor Mob

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Fanarting and other stuff (Latest - Infectious Little Stoat)

Yep, gonna be posting random fanart here. I'm always open to suggestions and requests too.

Just some Iugulare art

An attempt at LilyBlue's Alexandria. I wasn't sure the shade of her face so I did two different attempts.

"She's a pillow, she's a pet, she's a Pema Pillow Pet!"

XD speedpaint of Ourania using Pema as a pillow Eye

"Melt With Me" featuring Teradeer and Iugulare

Just a funny idea about Nekumbra having a weird pregnancy craving for animal crackers. And yes, that is a baby bulge in her tummy


Fanart of Mr. Sanguine's Heika

"Friend Love", Valentine's gift for Dannii of Rutilus and Quad

How Anirapio drinks her coffee in the morning

Anon's 1


To-Do list and Requests -

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Corny Commercials (Non-TEF)

After a discussion with a few friends, I thought this would be pretty funny... I don't want this to get out of hand though. So yeah...

When you watch TV, have you ever seen a local commercial that was so corny it just made you laugh? Post em up here so we can see how silly they are XD

Here's some from my area:

And these tax service commercials have been consistently corny:

Post away Eye
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Learning to Walk Again... (RP Event)

I know I still need to finish Ebony and Ivory, but I wanted to start this RP up. Anyone can join in.

The scenario is that Noctuis, the infectious owl, attacks Quad and damages his brain. The RP will involve interacting with him in this state as well as trying to find a way to cure him.

Official Themesong:


He had been stalking the blackbuck for quite some time. Patiently waiting for the right time to strike. The antelope was an obvious threat, and he now knew why Iugulare had so much trouble taking over this world.

Noctuis accepted the challenge. Quad had to be nullified, in one way or another, if he was to be successful in his own conquest of the galaxy.

The night was just beginning, and Quad settled in on his pillar at the Ruins. Above on the stone structure was the infection, he glided in silently and watched as the blackbuck closed his eyes for the night. "Hoo...Hoo...", Noctuis' quiet calls gave an ambiance of the surroundings. Quad ignored the sound, as he had heard owl calls often at night.

In one strike, Noctuis was on him. He grasped his claws into Quad's back and immediately began to bite him in the back of the neck. "Wh--?!", Quad tried to call, but his voice was immediately muffled by an infectious white wing, wrapping around his face to silence him. "Too easy.", Noctuis chuckled, the wound on the back of Quad's skull now open enough for the virus to enter. The blackbuck struggled and writhed to break free, but his oxygen cut off, he slowly lost consciousness, his body going limp and sliding off the pillar. He hit the ground with a sickening thud, and Noctuis let go of his body.
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Spirits in the Wind - Requests

Hey guys, so lately I've been drawing group pictures of animal guides. If you're not familiar with how they work, please feel free to read a little about them here.

Essentially, animals are always trying to speak to us. Some animals are signs of good luck, some animals warn of danger. Many of them appear in our lives and even our dreams to teach us.

If you are familiar with your animal totems, I wanted to offer to draw them for you. I've drawn mine as well as FaunGrae's totems so far. All I really need to know are what animals you associate with, and either a scene or season to use for the background.

If you don't know your totems, here are some good guidelines as to which ones may be your guides and totems:

- Your favorite animal, one you love dearly, is often a totem. Even if it was an animal you appreciated in your childhood, they may have been protecting you.
- Any animal you see in your daily life that often visits you.
- Any animal you see in dreams often, or even any animal that randomly appears in a vision.
- There is a Native American zodiac that identifies an animal close to you.
- You can also include animals you have a difficult time with, especially animals you are afraid of. They are there to teach as well.

It helps to be observant of the world around you. Maybe you see an animal all the time and just never realize they're there for you.
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Testing something...

Just wanted to see the different font sizes on here. I plan to do something with this later.
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"When she loved me..." ~ Thich's History

[center]For many nights, Thich has a reoccuring dream. He does not understand this dream, and often forgets it when he wakes up. The snake plush shrugs it off as nothing and continues on his way as a living, breathing snake in the Endless Forest.

Little does he know...this dream is about him...when he was a little girl's favorite stuffed animal, before he ever lived in the Endless Forest.

The dream is always fuzzy, and many details have been lost to amnesia, but the dream shows the same images again and again...

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