The Petal Dance

The Drowning Soul

you shouldn't have to sell your soul in black and white. [VIC]



he/they. older adult (40s). picto.
BAN pelt / skull mask / kirin antlers.
quiet, easygoing, sociable.
as slow to anger as he is to forgive.


- almost certainly some form of vampire, though he doesn't seem to hunt in the forest...
- ...or if he does, perhaps he preys only upon nameless deer that no-one would miss? perhaps he leaves them wounded but alive and lets them fade out of the forest as if asleep. who can say?
- he will probably sniff you to greet you, particularly if you're injured or there's something otherwise interesting about you to him. it's more out of concern/curiousity than hunger, don't worry.
- body language and positioning are important with him; he'll often place himself in archways/entrances with his back to his company. it's a measure of trust (which he extends easily until given reason not to), and a show of protective instinct. he's used to taking care of large groups of people.
- you're always welcome to sit close to him. he doesn't initiate contact very often himself, but he tends not to mind if other deer do.
- he's just as disappointed as you are that you can't cast spells on him.
- tends to move like he's in some degree of pain; it doesn't seem to affect his mobility much, and is only really apparent when he gets up after sitting for a long time. he'll hiss through his teeth or be very stiff and slow for a few seconds, moving with a sort of heavy, lumbering gait.
- there are scars dotted around his body, but his fur is so thick and glossy that they're more or less covered by it.


Nothing at the moment. He hasn't found anything to catch his eye yet - nor a safe place to stash things away in.

Kuskeller - Bio

all of the stars align for you


"on high"

peacock antlerslong maskmagpie peltmini deer
discord : albatrossinq

type : lesser demon
age : ?
sex : sexless
pronouns : she/it

pelt of downy feathers
four-toed bird feet on front legs; scaly, opposable fingers
old wooden mask; mural of a white deer under a sun
very particular about hiding its face
appreciative of shiny things, keeps a stash somewhere in the forest
can play the flute (i.e. when dancing, hidden behind the mask)
snores like a hummingbird
wears pictogram on a signet ring

a demon cast from its underworld realm has taken residence in the forest. beholden to no one, the fae goes by harun. it is a shapeshifter and a sneaky thing, known to ambush unsuspecting forest-dwellers with polymorph magick. it most enjoys mischief and welcomes a playful companion, demonstrating an affinity for birds and birdlike creatures especially.

the mask is an heirloom sought by marsa. when harun stole it from heaven she was banished by the other demons for being too much of a nuisance.


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The Wolf

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