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Shaman Hunt (Story for a friend)

Warning – this story is graphic. Please read at your own risk.

This story is for my friend Nala_91 from Impressive Title. She asked me to write a story about one of her characters hunting Quad. I’ve been a little late getting it written but had the muse this morning to write it for her.

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Character strengths vs weaknesses chart...

Something I wanted to work on was making descriptions on how some of my newer characters would have certain strengths and weaknesses to each member of the Deadly Trio. This is a tentative list and I may need help explaining how certain characters could be effective against others.

The characters in question are:
Pema (Fawn Marionette, Wisdom)
Thich (Snake Plush, Strength)
Rumi (Undecided, probably going to be a Fox Plush, Agility)


Iugulare (Stoat Infection, Wisdom)
Anirapio (Dragon Alien, Agility)
Nekumbra (Spider Doe Mutant, Strength)

So here's what I have...

Pema is strong against Anirapio because Pema can tangle Anirapio with her strings. Keeping Anirapio subdued for a certain length of time will cause her to become malnourished and weakened due to her high metabolism. (Wisdom > Agility)
Pema and Iugulare are evenly matched because Pema knows Iugulare's weaknesses, but Iugulare is intimidating to Pema and can easily scare her to retreat. (Wisdom = Wisdom)
Pema is weak against Nekumbra because Nekumbra can cut her strings and puppet her with spider webbing. Also Nekumbra would relentlessly pursue Pema since she is a fawnkiller. (Wisdom < Strength)

Thich is strong against Iugulare because his body can absorb infection. (Strength > Wisdom)
Thich and Nekumbra are evenly matched because Thich could constrict Nekumbra just as easily as Nekumbra could trap Thich with spider webbing.
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Kaiga Painting Requests, anyone? (Open)

So I wanted to try my hand at Kaiga paintings, such as a Japanese landscape painting. I've always found them beautiful.

Here is an example of the kind of landscape.

So to request, please provide me with a screenshot from TEF to draw in this style.
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What needs to be said

This is directed toward everyone who was involved in the "Top 10 Heroes/Top 10 Villains" blog postings the other day, whether you posted on the blog or simply read what was going on.

What happened the other day was a mistake. I was reading a copy of Gameinformer magazine, that had video game top 10 lists, and it sparked the idea of voting for the top 10 heroes and villains from the Endless Forest. I wanted to draw a "heroes vs villains" artwork similar to this. But while I had started to work on this and get some support, someone decided to use the 'villains' blog to attack those who they had a personal qualm with. I understand that the deer in question isn't villainous, and I understand that what I did only made things worse. Things got out of hand real quick, and things were said that were simply unnecessary.

The blogs were taken down the following day, and I attempted to work with the information I had been given by writing a story instead of doing the fanart. I admit I did not understand Akuji's character well enough, and when Dag explained that the story I had written wasn't up to par, I removed it.

Since the incident occurred, I have felt nothing but grief. I began to question why I said and did the things that happened, and have felt both physically and mentally drained. What started as an idea to further my artwork turned into senseless drama. And for whatever reason, I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried to be more assertive with the situation. It was me spreading my wings for the first time. Now I understand it simply wasn't the right time to do so.

Therefore this is an apology to you as a community. I never meant to hurt anyone, and I never meant for the lists to be used as an attack. It could have been handled better.
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Japanese Postcards... (Four Left!)

So I went to this really neat antique thing today, and among the things they had there were Japanese postcards. I ended up with a whole bunch of them, kept my favorites, and gave some to my brother and mom.

So I had 13 left, and wanted to send them around to anyone who wanted one.

The ones without a big red X over them are available. Those that are X'd out have already been taken.

So that's #'s 2, 5, 6, and 13 I will update it each time one has been taken.

Here's closeups of them so you can see their details.

So if you'd like me to mail one to you, let me know on here that you're interested in one, and then send me an e-mail at lapras316@hotmail.com with your address, and I'll get it in the mail as soon as I can Eye
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Mind getting me a set? (done)

Hello everyone!

Well my little Pema grew up, so I wanted to make her a minideer so she'd still be 'fawnish' but would be distinguishable from fawns. If you've got the time, would you help me out?

I'm going to sit her on the hill with the mushroom circle that's close to the Ruins. Here is her pictogram.

In addition, I would love the real deer mask and butterfly antlers on her as well.

Thank you for any help Eye
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Is it...

It must be...


"What a beautiful slumber...

Yet it is time to wake up...


The little ones must be so delicate by now...



I barely remember what happened...before...

But it is of no concern..."

"Hunting season has begun again..."

Nekumbra is back in the Forest, and has forgotten the teachings she had from before.
She no longer has any desire to eat insects, berries, nuts, and so on.
She is back to her old ways of eating fawns.
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So about this hoard... (61 to name! Come post your deer's names!)

I did something funny on that Chicken Smoothie thing I've been obsessed with lately...

I started up a 'hoard' of certain pets. The ones I like have two different colored eyes (much like my character Pema).

Well I named each one after TEF characters. And I will name all the others I get the same way XD

Here's the group Eye

Alright well the problem I have is that I...had a hard time deciding who to name each of these after. All of these have yet to be named

Therefore, if you want to throw a character's name my way, I'll make sure to name one of my new pets after them. Keep in mind they won't look anything like your character, it is all about the different colored eye thing I like Eye


Currently named dogs -

Big Bunny
'Crying' Jane
Deadly Orchid
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There sure are a lot of December birthdays...

...including my birthday XD

Yep, I'm 26 today, December 30th. But hey let's wish everyone who had a December birthday a good one!

Did you see what I did thur?
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Originally created by Dinamo

If you could describe me with one word,
any single word,
what would you choose?

It may be any word, whether it be positive, negative, noun, verb, adjective, it's totally up to you.

You can post more than once if you need to.

And please be honest, for as Dinamo said, "A character can't be all nice, you know."

Thank you for your words.

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