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The Trial of the Battle Born (Story)

"He's just not ready. We've been patient enough, but he has yet to do his task.", the god-stag snorted.

"But he's done everything else we've asked of him. Maybe it's not the right time for him to fight Iugulare.", the god-doe replied.

A moment of silence. Michael sighed, "The longer he waits, the more innocent lives suffer her darkness. We must encourage him to take the necessary steps toward the final battle."

Auriea thought a moment, "Maybe he needs some...incentive..."

Michael tilts his head, "I think I know what you're talking about, but I don't know if he'd even survive the journey."

The god-doe smiled, "Come on, Michael, you're not giving Quad credit. He's lived some incredible moments in his life, and still walks and carries on with his life as if it were nothing."

"...Very well, we'll send him on the Trial...I only hope you know what you're doing.", Michael nodded.

Auriea reached over and kissed him, "I'm never wrong, remember?"


The antelope approached the gods' statues, and bowing down, he spoke to the stone on the hill, "You umm...you wanted to see me, Twin Gods?"

The stones responded, their eyes glowing, an slight blue aura emerging around them. "Yes, Quad. We have summoned you here to send you off on a very important task.", the gods' collective voices replied to him.

The blackbuck sat up, blinking a few moments, "S-sure, I'm alright with going somewhere else...what is it you need me to do?", he asked.

"Quad, we want you at the peak of your strength when you face Iugulare. This task is of the utmost importance, for accomplishing it will be among your greatest moments.", the gods replied.

Quad tilted his head, "Is...is this some kind of t-test?", he asked with a little stammer in his voice.

"Yes, Quad. It is known as the Trial of the Battle Born.
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(Non-TEF) Favorite books and stories?

Hey guys, Quad here. I might have mentioned that due to finding out I have a reading deficiency I've been really getting into listening to audiobooks. I've listened to a few so far and I really enjoy it because I apparently can understand what's going on in the story better when I listen to it rather than try to read it.

So I wanted to ask you guys if there were any particular books/stories you would recommend to get. As far as genres I like adventure, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, classics, and so on (Not a huge fan of romance). As far as suggestions I'll consider pretty much anything, but keep in mind that many of the audiobooks on iTunes are a bit pricy, so it may be a while before I actually get to them.

I'm going to make a list on here as well with what I've listened to so far, what I have purchased but haven't listened to yet, my wishlist, and what has been recommended.

Thanks for any recommendations Eye


Recommended Stories -

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
Christine by Stephen King
Desperation by Stephen King
Cujo by Stephen King
Cell by Stephen King
Under the Dome by Stephen King
11/22/63 by Stephen King
It by Stephen King
The Utterly Perfect Murder by Ray Bradbury
The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J. R. R.
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2nd Annual Rememberance Day (July 24th, 2012)

This is an announcement for an event I will be hosting on Tuesday, July 24th, the 2nd anniversary of my Dad's passing away. We will also dedicate this to those in the Aurora, CO shooting, our prayers go out to them as well.

Date - July 24th, 2012
Time - All day (I'll try to log into the Forest around 7:00 AM CST, and will most likely log out around 8:00-10:00 PM CST)
Place - Run's memorial near the Ruins (see below for a few screenshots of where to sit)
We prefer you sit around the light, and please do not stand/dance in the center.
No dress code, wear whatever you have on at the time.

Here is where we will be sitting at:

Look for Quad, and please feel free to sit with him as long as you'd like. Please keep in mind that I will not be at my laptop the entire time, but just being there with Quad if only for a little while is all you need to do.

If you guys don't mind, please take screenshots for me. And if you can't make it, please don't feel bad, I understand completely.


Another year has passed, and it feels like only yesterday when we were by Dad's side, both in the hospital and at home. We try daily to remember him, to remember little things he enjoyed, to spark memories about who he was and to keep our legacy burning.
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Muse, please!

Alright guys, I've been slacking on my writing, and I need your help.

I've got The Siege of the Forest and Secret World to finish writing, as well as a bunch more writing requests to start.

I totally need a muse right now. It can be anything at all - a good song, a beautiful picture, a short poem, even just a word of encouragement. Anything to get me pepped up and working on these stories!

*nuzzlenuzzle* Thank you for any responses!
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Tales from the Nexus - Secret World

Tales from the Nexus

Secret World

Requested by Kikistar2

Request your story here!

"Wake up, sweet one."

"...Hmm? Who is there?"

"Only a friend. A friend who has been your guardian for a long time."

"...Guardian? What exactly are you?"

"I know, Hex, you cannot see. But do you see the glow in your eyes? I will not nearly be as bright as the stars, but I hope my light is..."

"Ah...there you are...yes, I see your light...but...you're so tiny..."

"Yes...and there are very few who can truly see us. Please, I wanted to show you something...please come."

The doe sits up this night, on her usual spot on the big boulders of the Playground. She stretches and then begins to follow the tiny voice, the dim light just enough for her blind eyes to get a sense of direction. As she continues, she stops, looking around at the lights all around, "Are...are those all...?", she asks.

"Yes, fairies, not fireflies, and certainly not starlight.", the voice before her replied.

Hex's eyes only took in dim blurs of light, but she could see them - countless glowing creatures of all different colors floating around through the trees.

There were fairies in the Endless Forest, though invisible to most of the deer. They revealed themselves only to those who they thought could keep their secret. Hex was chosen for a simple reason - her eyes would not deceive her.

As she was led on, she encountered another there, who looked up to her. "You see them too?", Harry asked as the doe approached.
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Tales from the Nexus - The Legend of the Deer Giants

Tales from the Nexus

The Legend of the Deer Giants

Requested by Sicily

Request your story here!

"What? No, I am not fat! You're the fat one, tubby!", the pronghorn shook his head and stomped his hooves. A moment of silence, before he spoke again, "Oh no, not at all! I avoid those mushrooms so I don't get big and fat like you!" Another awkward silence, before the cervine huffed and floofed out his rump, "Well! When the humans come with their chainsaws and bulldozers to take you down, I won't come to the rescue!"

The pronghorn kicked the tree with his hind hoof before stomping off. A moment later, Pent was talking to another tree, "The nerve of that tree! I am certainly not fat!"

Auni was wandering by when he stopped, raising his head and looking over to the strange pronghorn. Tilting his head, he approached, expecting to see another animal there. To his surprise, the pronghorn was literally talking to a tree! "No? I did not consider eating those kind of pinecones. Lots of fiber?", he tilts his head.

"What in the world are you doing?", Auni asked Pent. The pronghorn doesn't reply, but rather, continues his conversation with the tree, "Really? How delightful! I'll have to find them!"

The deer cleared his throat, before saying, "Hey, weirdo! Why are you talking to a tree?"

Another awkward silence, before Pent spoke again, "...Yes, I know, I know, he won't leave us alone. I suppose I could...right...right...", before turning to the deer, "Yes? Do you need something? I'm kind of busy here."

"Busy? Busy?! You're talking to a tree!", Auni shouted.

Pent blinked, [=khaki]"Yes?
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Tales from the Nexus - Shippai

Tales from the Nexus


Requested by Pegasicorn

Request your story here!

The Bakku no kuronotsurugi...roughly translated to the Black Sword of the Buck, was one of many countless 'legendary' swords known throughout Japan. Said to be made of an exceptional quality and thought to be used by a well known warrior in a famous battle. Now in the possession of the Kuwaddo Clan, the sword was locked away and guarded by a single samurai.

Kinsha wanted that sword. Not only for the quality and history of the blade, but to prove his skills as a ninja. One samurai would be easy enough, the sword was as good as his.

He remained hidden in a tree, watching as the candle lights along the manor were snuffed out. Soon all that remained illuminated was the armory, where the sacred Black Sword was located. And inside, his adversary waited, the ninja could see him sitting in meditation before the sword

In actuality, Quad had fallen asleep, sitting upright and snoring. He never was the best at the night shift for this reason, but the Kuwaddo Clan never bothered to check up on him at night.

Kinsha took a deep breath. It was now or never, he took his first step down on the tree bark, and slipping he hit the ground with a loud thud.

Quad's eyes opened just a bit, he yawns and stands up. Walking to the entrance of the room, he opens the door and steps outside, looking out into the courtyard. Nothing out of the ordinary...a few small pagodas remained lit on this night, a full moon was out (Kinsha picked the worst night for this), and several fireflies buzzed around. The samurai looked around a bit, wandering over to the area where he thought he heard something.
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The Siege of the Forest (Story)

Reposted, please feel free to retrack


Eyestrike - Fight - Moose
Fawn - Flee - Swan
Maeve - Fight to Flee - Goat
Rutilus - Fight - Fox
Nathaniel - Surrender - Kangaroo
Kylar - Fight - Snow Leopard
Julianna - Surrender to Fight - Sheep
Donnovan - Fight - Horse
Mar Sart - Fight - Wolf
Darkweaver - Fight - Swarm of Hummingbirds
Sam - Flee - Okapi
Faraji - Flee - TEF Deer
Ludicer - Fight - Polar Bear
Leon - Fight - Mountain Lion
Zergarikiaka - Flee - Coyote
Auni - Fight - Snake
Kileah - Fight - Otter
Myszka - Flee - Skunk (Survivor role)
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Writing requests, anyone? (Slots Open)

I came up with this idea earlier today and wanted to see what you guys thought. I think it would be interesting and challenging XD...While I'm trying to keep my mind off of my job search, I wanted to offer writing requests. I will have certain themes and such you can choose from, so I'd like to see what you decide to pick.

Basically it will go like this - you pick one of your characters to be in the story, one of my characters to be in the story, a genre, and a theme for the story. I will try to come up with a variety of themes, so once one is picked I will cross it out (I'd rather not write the same kind of story twice, you know).

I'll try to make these first come first serve, but I might jump around a little. And as of right now the slots are limited to the amount of 'themes' I have, but I might close slots if I feel like I am getting behind writing them.

If you would like to know more about a particular character of mine, please feel free to ask. A few of them I haven't written about in a while so it would be nice to write a story with them included.

Sound good?
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Tameshigiri [Non-TEF pics]

Tameshigiri is the Japanese art of testing the quality of a katana by cutting a target. It was popularized in the Edo period (17th century) and is practiced today. There are a variety of targets that can be used for tameshigiri, including fruit, vegetables, milk jugs, bottles, and so on.

When I practice tameshigiri with my katana, I use milk jugs filled about half-way with water. I originally used plastic bottles but they sometimes are very thick and don't cut as well. I generally use the side stance and swing upward.

I've shown pictures of the result of my practice on milk jugs, but for the first time I have actual action photographs of my cuts.
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