Tameshigiri [Non-TEF pics]

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Tameshigiri is the Japanese art of testing the quality of a katana by cutting a target. It was popularized in the Edo period (17th century) and is practiced today. There are a variety of targets that can be used for tameshigiri, including fruit, vegetables, milk jugs, bottles, and so on.

When I practice tameshigiri with my katana, I use milk jugs filled about half-way with water. I originally used plastic bottles but they sometimes are very thick and don't cut as well. I generally use the side stance and swing upward.

I've shown pictures of the result of my practice on milk jugs, but for the first time I have actual action photographs of my cuts. My brother has a passion for photography and wanted to take the photographs of this while I demonstrated for him.

My brother is credited for these, enjoy guys Eye

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These are fantastic, that

These are fantastic, that sword must be sharp as anything.
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I noticed my eyes are shut at

I noticed my eyes are shut at the moment of impact too, I think that is because of the loud sound it makes.

I also use an Accusharp tool to sharpen the katana, it was a cheap alternative to using traditional whetstones, and has proven to be just as effective.

I need to get back to throwing my shuriken and kunai, but we moved my target to a spot I don't really like and am afraid of losing them.
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You show them water jugs

You show them water jugs who's boss! D8<

Joking aside...that is awesome.