Muse, please!

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Alright guys, I've been slacking on my writing, and I need your help.

I've got The Siege of the Forest and Secret World to finish writing, as well as a bunch more writing requests to start.

I totally need a muse right now. It can be anything at all - a good song, a beautiful picture, a short poem, even just a word of encouragement. Anything to get me pepped up and working on these stories!

*nuzzlenuzzle* Thank you for any responses!

Song: Disturbed ~

Song: Disturbed ~ Stricken

Very ... interesting lyrics~
not sure if it is your music taste though ;P
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Soundtracks always get me

Soundtracks always get me thinking when I need to write. I recommend anything by Two Steps From Hell. They write beautiful soundtracks.
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All Pathes Eventually Cross
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Thanks guys, I'll check all

Thanks guys, I'll check all these out in a moment and hopefully will get back to writing *nuzzles everyone*

Kileah - I'm kind of a music connoisseur, I like a lot of different kinds of music and always love finding new bands. I don't own any of Disturbed's albums but I do like their music, especially love the cover of Genesis' Land of Confusion Eye

*purrs* land of confusion is

*purrs* land of confusion is sooo great, the video is awesome <3
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Thank you all for the music,

Thank you all for the music, these are great and I'll definitely be listening to them while I work on these stories.

I wanted to share a few of my current song obsessions with you as well in return, enjoy Eye

hu hu i see songs of me

hu hu i see songs of me liking! x) and for some reason I'm starting to think of the kapitan in romantically apocalyptic xD
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Alrighty I definitely plan to

Alrighty I definitely plan to work on the stories tonight. Any more muses for me? I'll happily take anything. Eye

hmmm sureal art work? that

hmmm sureal art work? that always makes my mind spin a little. ;P